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Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow

Whew! I tell ya it’s a load off that I haven’t gotten any flack for my post from this morning. In all honesty, talking about things like blog money (including a general idea of how much I make personally) made me more than a little nervous. I believe in opening discussions and when I get enough questions on a topic, I’ll give in eventually and open up my big mouth. Mum’s not usually the word around here.

This morning, I headed out early to get my run on. Fall is definitely coming. I felt a little chilly in my Champion tee and running shorts as I started my run.

Still in the dark. I didn’t expect it to be relatively dark out! Luckily it brightened up quickly, since I’m not a fan of running in the dark. With my propensity to have a wild imagination, it never bodes well. I spend more of my run picturing creepy men in the bushes than worrying about the numerous boardwalks I could trip over. And we all know the boardwalks pose a more likely risk. Klutz to the extreme, right here!

I am incredibly thankful that today’s six mile run was a recovery run. Normally Wednesdays call for a speedier run, but this week focused on an easy pace.


I ran the six miles at my steady pace, knowing I wouldn’t have managed any faster. My body was not happy with me on this run. I would even venture to say this is the first time I have ever felt any pain on a run. My right calf and IT band felt abnormally tight, in an almost to the point of painful way, the last couple of miles. Not okay!

It sure gave me a reality check. I have not been too good about stretching and foam rolling lately. I know I simply cannot let that part of my training slide if I want to stay in top function and adequately care for my body.

When I really started thinking about it, I realized that I have only been stretching at the end of classes at the gym or the end of my workout DVDs because it is included in the workout. I haven’t been focusing nearly enough on stretching my body out after runs. And I need it the most then!

So, after my run today I made a point to stretch well. I did some of my favorite stretches immediately following my run and then came home and bonded with my foam roller and special stretching weapon – the rolling pin.


I even broke out some yoga poses when I had the chance sans kiddos. Let’s hope my body will feel like one piece again soon and not the broken pile of “ow-ies” it feels like right now. And that I can actually stick to my goal of stretching more. I may just have to add it to my daily to-do list to make myself do it. The satisfaction of crossing something else off my list could be just the motivation I need to get ‘er done. Winking smile

  • How often do you stretch?
  • Do you ever add unnecessary things to your to-do list just to feel good about crossing them off?

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Stretch It Out

Thanks to studios being too expensive and the gym’s class schedule, I currently have no yoga in my life. I have also tried doing workouts, which I love, but that too presents a problem. I won’t mention any names *cough cough Makenzie* but yoga doesn’t work too well when you’re used as a mountain to climb mid downward facing dog.

I miss the feeling of a great stretch that comes with every class. I hate having tight muscles and that happens so easily for me. That is why I have made a strong effort to keep up with stretching despite yoga not currently fitting in my workout routine. I don’t see any reason to have excuses for not stretching and caring for my muscles, especially as I get more involved with running.

I make a point to stretch for 5 solid minutes after every workout. During this time, I usually stick to the standard stretches.

mh295 stretch 6 stretch 7

I also sporadically stretch throughout the day. I will do my favorite yoga poses that I feel give me a good stretch in all the right places while chilling on the floor with the kiddos.

I can downward dog over Braedon and make silly faces at him…until M decides to use me as a mountain, of course.

stretch 2

I will go into a kneeling crescent lunge or pigeon pose…

stretch 1 stretch 3

Makenzie thinks its funny when I foam roll and we take turns together.


It’s only an extra minute here or there, but I think it adds up. Every little bit counts, right?

Question of the Evening – How do you fit in stretching?

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