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go with the flow

FFF Featured Blogger (chosen from your comments): Keeping Slim and Getting StylishI think the title says it all! Laura blogs about excellent healthy dining ideas and has fun fashion favorites mixed in here and there. She had a great post earlier today about food choices too.

Today I have really just gone with the flow. It all started after Power class. I had a sudden urge to come up with workout split ideas for after the baby comes. I know I still have around 12 weeks left, but I couldn’t help it! I sat down at my computer and typed up the splits I found myself brainstorming during Power class.


I cannot wait to get back to my favorite workouts and plans! And please note that this is just a random list of rotations and plans I have used before of varying difficulty and set-up. I have no order whatsoever to the above. I simply felt inspired to jot down possibilities of things I’ve done before that I enjoyed for me to pull from when I get back in the gym after this pregnancy. You will just have to wait with me to see how these play out in my future workouts. 😉

Moving on. I maintained that go with the flow attitude for my food today as well. At lunch I felt a tad bit of nausea again, which leads me to think its just a part of this pregnancy. I craved a simple lunch and a few things leftover from the birthday party this weekend. I had a throwback to school days with a PBJ sandwich, sliced apple, handful of chips, and a soda.



Then, a few hours later I craved something sweet. Dang you artificial sweeteners! Luckily, I still had my small square of pumpkin bread from the pumpkin patch on Saturday. Who am I to have saved such a delectable treat for 4 days?!


And who am I to have only eaten half because I realized I wasn’t really hungry and wanted to save some for later?


Lastly, I felt inspired to go with the flow on a topic tonight as well. Quite…literally. Meghann posted about not having her cycle for the past year on her blog today. It really touches close to home for me because I didn’t have my cycle for awhile as well, thanks to nursing and then jumping right into the intense training for my fitness competition. It bothered me greatly that my body did not function properly, especially knowing we wanted to conceive another child.

As soon as my competition ended, I took steps to try to bring my cycle back. For me, that meant not working out at all for a month and then limited workouts for awhile after that. I had to gain weight, which I would have done regardless coming off of show weight. It went further than that, though. Due to wanting to conceive right away, I had to gain weight to get back to the size I was when I got pregnant with Makenzie. A huge mental battle ensued, but I now feel so blessed that I took care of the problem sooner rather than later. Only a few months of competition training affecting my cycle caused a lot more trouble conceiving the little man than we likely would have faced otherwise.

I leaped for joy when my cycle returned. In my opinion,a functioning menstrual cycle is an immense blessing and something we should not ignore or gloss over. Also, we should not wait to consider it an issue until trying to conceive. I can tell you right now that waiting that long is waiting too long. I have many friends who have been through so much to figure out their fertility and the thought that some women out there simply don’t care about it breaks my heart. Also, fertility is not the only reason to be aware of our cycles. They can signal a hormonal imbalance or other issues that affect so much more.

I do not intend to share the steps I took to regain my cycle as advice, because different people face different issues with different remedies. Nor do I post this as a way to say Meghann isn’t doing enough. I commend and admire her for sharing her struggles and can tell she whole heartedly wants to resolve them. I desired to post my experience and thoughts on this topic simply because I want to declare the importance of this aspect of our health as women. If you face this, please work hard and act proactively for an important part of your health. You don’t ever want to wish you had done something sooner.

  • Do you consider your visits from Auntie Flo a blessing? Have you ever seriously thought about your cycle or considered reading books like Taking Charge of Your Fertility?
  • Do you like creating workouts or does it stress you out? It’s one of my biggest hobbies. I love it!
  • Don’t forget to ASK ME ANYTHING for the Q + A series I’m doing in Nov!

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BBT Works for Me

***Warning: If you are a male reader or a don't care about the nitty gritty girly details reader, you may want to skip this pots.***

I have mentioned a few times about some natural tools to track your monthly cycle. Since coming off the pill about 3 years ago, I have become a big advocate of not using hormones in our bodies. I think contraceptives that use hormones will often mask our body's inner workings and hide problems that may be occurring. I believe it is best for us to be knowledgeable about our bodies and how they function. And this information becomes very useful if you ever have to take a closer look at your fertility, hormone levels, or any other related health factors.

I understand that we all have to choose the method that works best for us. But I also stand by the fact that knowledge is power and hope to share some information you may not be aware of otherwise. This method of naturally tracking cycles is called Basal Body Temperature (aka BBT) charting. There are many online charting tools you can use, that will help determine the various phases of your cycle. My favorite is called Fertility Friend. And although the site is geared towards trying to conceive, this method could still be effective at preventing pregnancy when you time intercourse and use other non-hormonal contraceptives during particular phases of your cycle.

Now, how does it work? The charting itself is pretty simple. You simply take your temperature (a digital thermometer with a reading to the 100th degree is best) first thing in the morning upon waking. It is best to get the temperature at around the same time each morning, before rising, and after a solid few hours of sleep. [Source]

You then input the information into a graph type chart each day, either online or manually. After an entire cycle your chart will look something like this.

If you notice, there are two distinct parts of the cycle. Within these two distinguished sections there are four important things to consider. The start of your cycle is your menstruation. You are generally not fertile during this time. During this time, your body secretes a hormone called GnRH that signals your body to secrete the hormones to stimulate follicular development in your ovaries.

After menstruation, your body enters the Follicular Phase in which you release more estrogen to begin thickening your lining and preparing your body for a possible pregnancy. In simple language, this is when your body prepares to release an egg. The estrogen levels cause your BBT to be lower. These lower temperatures help distinguish this phase of your cycle and when ovulation occurs.

Ovulation will approach when there is a surge of estrogen that causes the production of Luteinizing Hormone, the hormone that causes the release of the egg. After the egg is released, estrogen levels drop dramatically and progesterone begins to dominate. With the decrease in estrogen and rise in progesterone, your BBT also shifts accordingly. Your temperatures will rise at this point.

Chart of All Phases


You can determine ovulation using temperature charting by distinguishing a distinct and sustained shift to higher temperatures. For example, in the Follicular Phase your temperatures may consistently be around 97.5, but after ovulation your temperature would be above 98. Even though it seems small, you should be able to recognize a clear difference in temperature levels over the course of your cycle. And ovulation can be pinpointed as the day before you see the temperature rise.

After ovulation your body is in the Luteal Phase. This lasts for an average of 12-16 days until your next menstruation. It is the waiting period for a possibly fertilized egg to implant and begin growing. If you conceived your temperatures would stay higher, otherwise you would see a drop that signifies progesterone levels decreasing and the start of your next cycle.

I know it sounds like a lot. But it is really useful and interesting to see. You will begin to notice that your body will ovulate around the same time every month, if not the same day each month. Really knowing your body and how it works can provide enough information to fit your current needs and wishes, without having anything affect your hormones. I plan to always use this method until the hubs gets the snip snip. I know this may not be for everyone, but I can certainly recommend it from my own experience.

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