The Feel Of Health

Posted: June 22, 2011 at 9:36 am

Do you want to know what motivates me the most to continue a healthy lifestyle? It’s not the number on the scale. It’s not the way my butt looks in jeans, my arms look in a tank top, or my legs look in a skirt. It’s not the time I can achieve in a race. It’s not the number of push-ups I can handle. It’s the feeling – the feeling of health. Knowing how good I feel when practicing healthy habits will get my butt off the couch and get those veggies on my plate every time. You know what I’m talking about…and just how addicting that feeling is.

By the end of my vacation, I certainly felt happy about all the time I had with family. I relished the opportunity to not cook dinner every night and to indulge in an abundance of frozen yogurt. However, I also didn’t feel as healthy as normal – still good, but not quite as energetic, strong, and fresh. Wanting that feeling back had me hopping right back into my regular habits. I gotta say – the feeling of health feels good. Just two days of my standard meals and workouts has catapulted me back to that rejuvenated essence of health. I feel like screaming how good I feel at the top of my lungs! Just as this salad screams “healthy and scrumptious” at the top of its lungs.


In the mix, I have white beans, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, onion, avocado, goat cheese, mango, and Annie’s Naturals honey mustard dressing atop super fresh lettuce. When I say super fresh lettuce, I mean super fresh. Straight from my sister-in-law’s garden.


Who needs a green thumb when you have loving family only 2 minutes away? 😉

Another thing I don’t need – meat. While I still like grilled chicken or steak with my salads (and eat meat without worry a few times a week), I don’t have to have them anymore. And I have finally convinced Peter of the same! When I originally planned this meal, he asked if there was chicken involved. But then, HE suggested beans and the cheese as our protein sources when I brought up our grocery budget. Score for the budget opening Peter to more vegetarian meal options in this household! The veggie packed meals definitely contribute to my feeling of health.

Just as workouts that make me want to die from their hardcoreness add to my feeling of health. I completed one of the toughest strength workouts I’ve had at the gym in awhile yesterday. The workout focused on my back and biceps, with some legs and abs thrown in for good measure. I felt sore by the time I left the gym. Mission kick-my-own-butt = accomplished. 

Move Reps Weight
assisted pull-ups 10, 8, 6 45 # assistance
oblique twists with a medicine ball 15, 15, 15 per side 6 # medicine ball
stationary barbell lunge 12, 12, 12 per leg 40 # total
inverted row 8, 6, 8 bodyweight
rear delt dumbbell raises 10, 10, 10 10 # per hand
back extensions / glute squeezes 15, 15, 15 bodyweight
one arm dumbbell row 10, 8, 8 25 #
dumbbell bicep curls 10, 10, 10 10 # per hand

Give this one a shot for a fantastic Pull Workout (hamstrings, back, and biceps). Or mix and match some of the moves from my push workout I shared yesterday to score a full body workout that will make you beg for mercy. Let me know if you use any of it!

Well, time for me to hit the ground running. Quite literally, in fact. Catch you later!

  • What screams healthy to you?
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56 Comments to “The Feel Of Health”
  1. I am also a fan of vegetables galore. I just immediately feel better knowing that I’m flooding my body with the proper nutrients. My mind gets clearer and I can focus better, and I usually sleep better too. I’m totally going to do a post on what switching to a whole foods diet has done for me. This is awesome, I completely relate to this! I crave veggies. It always insults me just a little when commercials say “it’s too delicious to have vegetables in it!” or some variation 😛

  2. That is a great workout! I may incorporate some of those moves into my routine today!

    I think living in balance screams health to me. Eating when I am actually hungry (not just bored) and keeping active are important but so is finding fulfilling things beyond exercise and food. That’s why I moved. 🙂

    I’m completely out of balance right now as I attempt to build a life for myself with nothing more than a resume and a few boxes worth of stuff but I know everything will work out as it should.

    • Tina says:

      Agreed that health includes so many other aspects. And you know I believe you are doing the right thing! 🙂

  3. I know my life screams healthy when I come home straight from the gym, still sweaty, and whip up a seriously fresh and seriously delicious dinner, whether it’s salad or fish or grille chicken. I like to eat it while my body’s still pumping hard, then take a long shower afterward to get all the sweat, grime, and food prep off me. That’s when I feel healthiest!

  4. nice workout tina! i feel the exact same way about health and living a healthy lifestyle- i 110% agree 🙂

  5. Katie says:

    I crave that feeling! I am the same way after a vacation – it always feels so good to get back on track. A really vigorous workout always makes me feel SO good and really healthy.

  6. Angela says:

    Ooh great workout Tina! I feel healthy when I’ve had a good week of strong workouts and fresh, nutritious food. Lately, that has meant big salads with tons of colourful veggies and different proteins – sometimes chicken or tuna, but lately, like you, I’ve been including vegetarian options like white or black beans, edamame, tofu, and protein-packed whole grains like quinoa. So good, and no need to cook!

  7. That salad looks delish! I need to remember to add some fruit in my salads. 🙂 Today’s my third day back from vacation and I’m already feeling back to myself. I think that shows that I was able to indulge, but didn’t go overboard since I was able to bounce right back! That’s what I call a win win situation!

  8. I love it – the FEELING of health. There is nothing like it. Everything looks brighter, tastes sweeter, feels lighter… it’s the best!

  9. I love the feeling of health too. When I’m eating well, getting plenty of rest and some great workouts, I feel so strong and motivated that it really puts me in a good mood 🙂

  10. I feel the same way about health! I love it when I “feel” healthy. There’s really no better feeling.

  11. Totally agreed! And you’re right, it is addicting. What a good thing to be addicted to. 😉 Even if I was at my “happy weight” and could eat whatever I wanted without gaining, I would still want to be healthy simply for the way it makes me feel. Although I might have a smidgen more chocolate because that makes me feel good too 😉

  12. Yes! I know exactly what you mean. I had that feeling last night as we ate grilled veggies & tofu with homemade wheat bread on the side. I just felt HEALTHY and loved it 🙂

  13. I couldn’t agree more! I’m so glad I learned the power of using feeling healthy to motivate to make good decisions rather than being a certain size because I probably wouldn’t be as dedicated to healthy living while preg 🙂

  14. Kara says:

    I also cut out meat to save money 🙂 We have meat probably once a week. Now if only cheese was cheaper… 😛

  15. I love that when you are already in good shape coming back from a vacation or “break” doesn’t take so long. Congrats on feeling so good! 🙂

  16. Mrs. Fish says:

    Great workout! My husband has been warming up to a diet with less meat! We haven’t had it in three days and he keeps saying, “I love how good I feel.”

    Feeling and being healthy is the best!

  17. When I was first making peace with food, I spent a lot of time noticing how my body felt after meals. I could definitely notice a difference depending on which kinds of foods I chose to nourish myself with.

  18. Jess says:

    Such a great way to put it – the feeling of “health.” Kind of hard to describe but that feeling is unmistakable and irreplaceable.

  19. Nice workout! I’ve played around with push/pull workouts before, too. It’s always fun to change things up. I think healthy to me is just balance. I don’t have as much trouble eating right and workout out as I do finding balance between all of that, work, family, friends, boyfriends and time for me…to just do nothing alone. That’s where I struggle.

  20. The feeling of health/wellness is what it’s about!! No doubt. Brightly colored foods from nature scream health to me.

  21. jobo says:

    TOTALLY agree! I was just remarking on how I view food differently now than I ever used to. No longer so attached to it as a source of ‘joy’ per se but as a source of FUEL. And that salad looks SO GOOD!

  22. Lisa says:

    Exactly the reasons I like being healthy.It’s amazing how quickly you can feel it when you haven’t been.

  23. Megan says:

    That’s great you convinced Peter to focus on other sources of meat, I wish I could convince my husband and my father the same thing. Dinner has to focus around meat, that’s just how it works for them. I’m trying to mix in some non-meat dinners, and it works sometimes, but not all the time.

  24. Yep– isn’t it amazing how after only a few days of indulging, you can really *feel* a difference? You’re so right– that’s better motivation than all the scales and tight jeans in the world!

  25. I completely know what you mean about feeling healthy. I strive so hard to feel like that as much as I can! It usually takes me 2-3 days to start feeling good after coming back from vaca too.

    I did some assisted pull-ups at the gym today and those things are hard!! I’m trying to get better and stronger at them!

  26. That salad looks fantastic! 😛

    Great workout!

  27. I love that Annie’s mustard. So good. Love the idea of using it with this salad, especially the white beans. while I love my vacations and do my best to stay on track with healthy eating (since we mostly cook in), there’s always that feeling of “aaahhhh back on track” when you get home again.

  28. I’m glad you squeezed in a good workout. That always makes my day a little better.

    I think green smoothies screams health to me. It’s healthy, sure, but drinking one makes me feel like a health super hero.

  29. I love all of your workouts! They are the perfect mix for me and help me to vary my weight routine 🙂

    Nothing screams healthy to me like a salad packed with fresh fruit and veggies. To me, you just can’t beat the healthy feeling ya get when you consume a salad!

  30. Cindy says:

    I totally agree with this post!! The feeling of health is a big reward that comes with eating right and exercising. This is my first time leaving a comment on your blog and I have to say Tina your a big inspiration to me. Thanks for showing us that living a healthy lifestyle is not hard it just takes a little commitment and creativity. I am pregnant right now and like you hope to follow what you did after my pregnancy. To take my time and get to my happy weight. Thanks so much for your blog!!

    • Tina says:

      Thanks so much for reading…and commenting now. 🙂 You all honestly inspire me each and every day. I love sharing my life with you and appreciate your words of encouragement and support with this comment. I know you will succeed at your post-pregnancy goals too. We all can! 🙂

  31. Khushboo says:

    Great post and I could not agree more! The feeling of health is possibly the biggest reward of a healthy lifestyle! I feel healthy every morning after a good workout followed by a bowl of oats to refuel!

  32. That salad looks fantastic! I love honey mustard and I never would have thought to add mango, but that’s a great idea!
    To me feeling healthy is knowing you’ve worked hard and stayed on track and as a result you feel energetic, rested and full of life! If I feel healthy, then I also have a much more positive and bright attitude!

  33. Jill says:

    Another great post! I love the feeling of healthy too! The more comfortable I get in the kitchen cooking healthy meals, the more I realize that ALL those convenience foods I used to tell myself I was making due to lack of time…..well- that was just an excuse! I love preparing healthy meals for me and my family! That just SCREAMS health to me! It is even better when my daughter says the food tastes good! Win-Win!!

  34. Great post, I love that feeling, so motivating. I can just feel it in my body. I feel happy, optimistic, healthy.

  35. I agree, there’s nothin quite like jumping head first back into healthy living…it just feels GOOD!

  36. The feel of health for me would be a trip to the grocery store to load up on produce and lean meats–followed by a huge salad using some of my purchases. mmm

  37. Mandy says:

    Yummy! I give you credit for all these vegetarian meals! We aren’t so good about that in this household ;P

    • Tina says:

      I swear we eat either red meat or vegetarian. It makes me laugh because its kind of viewed as two opposite ends of the spectrum. LOL

  38. Helen says:

    I love salads also! I can happily consume a meal void of meat. I usually have some form at dinner since my hubby can’t have a meal without it, but a lot of the meat we eat is venison that he has provided us with. I feel better eating that since it is healthy meat, free of crazy hormones/crap that meat is pumped with, and it is provided by the husband himself.

  39. Dorry says:

    what screams healthy to me is hydration, fitness, real food, and sleep!

  40. Michelle Caputo says:

    Hi Tina!

    I’d loveeeee it if you can help shed some of your knowledge with budgeting? My husband and I are trying to get on track with our finances and you seem to really work it! Any advice would help!!

    • Tina says:

      I will look into doing a post about that. I still feel like I’m learning so much and that I don’t have much to share…but you’re not the first person who has asked for a post on the topic, so I guess I should oblige. 😉

      I will say that is a GREAT resource we use. We use his pre-made budgeting spreadsheets to help us lay out our spending.

  41. Ela says:

    Been crazy busy/on the road, missed your vacation posts, but I love this! It’s awesome motivation, how you feel–better than any other. Glad you’re feeling more like your mojo self.

    I’ve been doing long bike rides and eating lots of fruit, feeling great.

  42. rofomom says:

    Thanks for sharing this…I’m the same way. When I get out of my usual eating/ healthy routine, I don’t feel as well. That un-well feeling is what motivates me to get back on track every time 🙂

  43. I get the feeling of health when I’m well rested, I’ve worked out, and I’m eating healthy- but still having a small indulgence 🙂

  44. Your photo’s look amazing! Yummy. I feel better than ever when eating water rich fruits and veggies!

  45. I love the feeling of being healthy too. Just knowing I am treating my body well is enough reason to bring a smile to my face! We are only given one body in this life, we might as well make it worth it!

  46. Fresh fruits and veggies, hard earned sweat and getting enough sleep scream health to me. Feeling good is more motivating than other goals, but short-term goals help me get to that point of feeling good. 🙂

  47. Oh that salad looks yummy!! For me healthy is all about my portion control and making sure I get my Shakeology in at least 3 times a week. I can always tell when I have been without my shakes to long as my energy levels tend to plummet.

    I can’t wait for the Farmer’s Market to start next week. 🙂

  48. Koko says:

    I totally know that feeling of coming back from vacation and just craving healthy food- it makes you feel so good to get back on track. That bean/veggie mix you made looks amazzzzing!

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