How I Have Come Up With 900+ Blog Posts

Posted: July 29, 2011 at 7:00 am

I’m a wordy gal. In high school, I got the stink eye from teachers talking or writing notes to friends. In college, I chose Spanish education as my major because then I could learn another language to rattle off my thoughts and have a career where I would stand up and talk all day. I now have a husband who I drive crazy with the whole talking in bed thing. I have a mini-me I chat with all day…even if it must come in a high-pitched squealy voice while pretending to be a pig. This girl can talk.

Despite knowing all these things, it still somewhat surprises me that I inevitably find myself with more I can say. When going through my pages and pages of old posts to come up with my 7 links choices, I realized exactly how much I can talk. Write? Talk? Whatever. There’s a lot there. While many posts run along similar veins – daily life, body image, workout ideas, oatmeal – I still haven’t run out of different posts to share. How?!

beach blogging…

Ideas For Posts” Draft 
I have a running list in Windows Live Writer of blog topics that pop in my head. Should I admit that list has over 30 bullet points? The random ideas that cross my mind get stored away so I never run out of writing material. Although my fingers apparently can’t keep up.

I have a few different series of posts that I have picked up for the blog, which helps me always have a post ready for writing. I have done series such as 30 Days of Self-Love in the past and the Strenghts Out Loud more recently. I have also posted regularly my body part exercises (like the recent one on ab exercises) and participated in WIAW.

Don’t Say No 
If I find myself thinking a lot about something, even slightly uncomfortable topics – like menstrual cycles, feeling fat, or binge eating – I write. I don’t say no because I’m unsure how others will respond or worry what others will think about my vulnerabilities. In fact, I thrive on such posts because I know those posts that dig a little at the things many of us think but have difficulty putting into words need to come out. 

Have An Overall Blog Focus 
I blog about life and attempting to keep balance with my eating habits, fitness goals, and enjoying it all in the process. I will always have something to talk about on those general themes because every day involves them. Knowing these are the main focus of my blog, I can seek out fitting topics – creating a new healthy dinner or snack idea or whipping up a  new workout routine.

The Everyday Stuff Counts 
Every post doesn’t have to be rock-star inspiring material. In fact, it shouldn’t be because then things get a little overwhelming. I take the stress off myself and know that simply divulging my life makes for fun, worthy material as well. The common interests bind us all together after all. I personally prefer blogs where I can get to know the person behind the blog more, and that style naturally suits me as well. So I will happily put up posts with my cute kids, mommyhood moments, or simply crazy life snapshots – like that time Walmart made me cry. If you’re going out and living life, there will be something to blog.

He Gives It To Me 
Above and beyond all of that, though, my blog comes from Him. I actually start off most weeks thinking what in the heck will I blog about this week??? Then, by Tuesday afternoon, I find myself adding to that never-ending list I mentioned earlier. I fervently pray over my blog. I pray for God to use me and this blog to share my life and messages He has for me. And without fail, He has given me things to say. Not to go crusading around in an attempt to get people to believe what I believe…not in the slightest. He gives me the words to hopefully bring a smile to someone’s face, act as a shoulder for someone to lean on, or be an understanding heart for someone who needs one. I do believe every word and every message - no matter how big (overcoming binge eating) or small (singing “Can’t Touch This” in my head during workouts) - comes from Him.

  • If you have a blog, where do you find inspiration for topics?
  • Are you talkative, quiet/reserved, or a mix of the two?


54 Comments to “How I Have Come Up With 900+ Blog Posts”
  1. Coco says:

    I’m like you, I start the week wondering what I will write about, but then by Monday evening it seems I have enough posts to schedule into the next week! I love the general focus of your blog and the specifics that you tease out. I appreciate all the time and energy you pour into this!

  2. I agree with you–I love reading the blogs where you get to know about the bloggers life, not just the food they eat and the workouts they do. That everyday stuff is important!

    I’m very talkative and I always, always, always have something to say!! It can be annoying to people sometimes because I’m always trying to fill the silence to avoid the whole “awkward silence” thing, but I need to learn that not all silences are awkward! Despite all of that, I can be very quiet sometimes–I’m usually quiet when I’m intimidated. So for example, if I were meeting my friend’s parents or something, I may be kind of quiet at that time.

  3. lindsay says:

    I am always amazed at your wonderful posts and topics. GOd is using you to do great things Tina! Answered prayers for sure.

  4. i’m actually pretty quiet and reserved until you get to know me and then i won’t be quiet! i think it’s easy to draw upon life and the random experiences to come up with topics though…and i totally have a running list too!

  5. Lee says:

    I’m like Heather above, I’m quiet and shy until you get to know me.

    When I don’t have anything to post about, I post pictures of my dog. Lol. People seem to like it though.

  6. I’m so glad you so much to talk about because I look forward to your posts everyday 🙂 Love how you pray to God about your blog. He’s listening 🙂

  7. Kim says:

    Love your blog! I just started blogging and find myself mostly writing about what goes on in my daily life. My kids are older, 14 and 18, so I feel like I can include them a little more. I want to get to the point of writing more in-depth posts and am working toward that!

  8. I never run out of things to say either! Some call it a curse, I think it’s a blessing. 🙂

  9. Holly says:

    Inspiration for topics usually come from pictures. I’m not the greatest writer, but if I have a series of picture to use, I can usually pull something together!

    I am a chatty cathy as well- thankfully my job at the gym lets me gab almost all day, and by the time I get home, my word bank is MOSTLY used up, so my husband doesn’t get an ear full 🙂

  10. Really long car rides are really good inspiration for me. And showers. 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Haha! Good one! Seriously…what is it with showers? I will always get ideas for posts in the shower too. In fact, that’s where the thought of this one came to me. Haha!

  11. I am very quiet and reserved — although depending on who I am with, you may never realize that I am quiet. I am very much influenced by who is with me.

    I also keep a running list, but usually I just write about what happened that day — sometimes it ties into something else, and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t force it and I don’t do things just to have something to blog about. I used to do that (trying recipes, etc) and I’m just not into that. I want to enjoy this process (and I do, as long as I stay true to myself)

  12. I love you blog Tina! I look forward to reading it everyday, you are such an inspiration.

  13. When I first meet people, I can sometimes be quiet. I like to think it’s because I’m assessing the situation. Because after you get to know me? I don’t stop…

    I hit my 603rd today- Over 600 posts? Seriously…. how did that happen??? I’m breaking out in hives trying to figure out my 7 posts… lol

  14. jobo says:

    Congrats on 900+ posts 😉 I find that random inspiration for blog posts in interesting ways, could be an IM convo with my sis, or something M said, or something I’ve just been ruminating on. And if I don’t have much to say, I won’t blog. You seem to fall into that camp nicely! (even if you always do have something to say! hehe!) XO

  15. You really do always have awesome posts…so whatever you’re doing works wonders! I think I’m more quiet and reserved…but I find that I’m more “talkative” through writing- I think I’m able to express myself better than if I were speaking!

  16. Khushboo says:

    I’m the same in that I write down topics as and when I think of them! I have a “Blog Memo” on my Blackberry that is filled with lots of blog ideas- very handy for those days where the juices aren’t flowing. Lately it seems that I am thinking faster than I write so i guess you could say I’m quite talkative…or in this case, write-ative!

  17. I love a good recipe or workout, but I really enjoy getting to know the person behind the blog 🙂 For me, I find inspiration from everyday life. If I try to force myself to think of a topic, I stonewall without a doubt. But if I just live life, it all comes pretty easily! Have a great weekend, Tina!

  18. Jess says:

    Wow, 900?!? I started blogging around the same time and thought the fact I was about to hit 500 posts was pretty cool. You steam rolled me! HAHA. I love it – and love your advice/how you blog. I always have a running list of blog topics/thoughts that I jot down in my iPhone notes app. But more often than not, the posts just come to me, out of the blue, during a run, whatever. I don’t usually struggle to figure out content and that’s why I love to blog so much! It’s just me. Writing. Sharing.

  19. Mellissa says:

    I always have a list of post ideas going and its amazing how quickly you can get to hundreds of posts. I am actually not a talkative person and am not really on my blog but I do work on being more sharing.

  20. I love this! I feel the same way starting out my week wondering what the heck I’m going to write about. I also have an ongoing list, and often feel like I have too much to say! I love sharing not only my food/fitness, but my life. I also like the blogs (much like yours!) where I can get to know the person behind the healthy lifestyle. 🙂

  21. This post comes at such a perfect time — I just blogged today how I have no new ideas for posts (or very little).. Thanks!

  22. Rebecca says:

    Hi Tina – I’m so glad I found your blog and I love that you always have new posts 🙂 It’s awesome to see God speak His truth from your posts – it takes courage and a firm faith to be able to share our vulnerabilities. Thanks for the daily inspiration 🙂

  23. Thanks for this post – I like seeing the behind the scenes work from successful (and happy) bloggers. I’m really enjoying your blog and hope to get a chance to read some of your past posts. Wanna come watch my kids so I can have some blog reading time? 🙂

  24. Wow that’s a ton of blog post you’ve written! Go Tina! 🙂

    I’m usually more quiet, but when I’m around people i know the real me definitely comes out! 🙂

  25. I wish I could write WHILE I was working out, because that’s when my head is the most clear and ideas just start flowing…like ten at a time.

  26. ahhh I’m the same way! =) I think I have nothing to blog about and then I glance into my draft folder and realize i’ve come up with like 10 posts randomly. In the shower and before bed are my jackpot idea times.. i have to write notes in my phone and once lept out of the shower to find paper and a pen! =) true story

  27. I love this post!! I started blogging as a “food blogger” posting recipes and the like. Then, I realized that I wanted a place to journal my thoughts, express ideas and share who I am, so my blog has shifted focus a little bit. I love your point about not saying no. I think I need to listen to that one a little more. While I am confident about posting in some areas, there are certain other areas where I’m not. This post has given me something to think about! Thanks so much!

  28. Everything you said is why I love your blog…you speak with such honesty and it’s so comforting to know I’m not the only one that’s experienced certain struggles.

    I find inspiration for topics based on struggles I’ve been through and simple funny things that may have happened to me that day. For instance, one day I talked about my issues in having athletic amenorrhea, and then one day finding a grey hair! I want my blog to have balance with some funny, lighthearted topics, and some with issues I’ve been going through and topics related to overcoming my disordered eating. I also want to discuss our experiences trying to get pregnant, my journey once I’m pregnant, and then thereafter. I’d like to think I’m helping someone in some way that may be going through the same things I am and to let them know they’re not alone in this.

    I’m a mix of talkative and quite/reserved. On my blog I’m an open book. Much more talkative and outgoing through the blogging community than in person. In person I’m much more shy and quite, always have been since I was little. It’s much more easier for me to express my voice and thoughts through writing than talking. See, I practically wrote an essay for this comment! 😉

  29. teresa says:

    I have also wondered how you do it! Sometimes I see more than one post in a day and they’re always interesting and uplifting somehow.
    I hope you’re making an income from this is that’s something you would like because you are definitely worth it and you’re putting in the effort and giving out something worthwile.

  30. Being new to blogging, I’m always afraid that some of the topics I want to write about won’t be interesting enough for people. I love your confidence in your own voice because it gives me strength to write the things I really want to talk about. That they aren’t just trivial.
    I hope you never stop talking!

  31. So glad you posted this! I’m a visual person, so I always have to have lists and have things planned. I have one list of posts planned out by days, one list of series ideas and one list of other random thoughts. I love planning out posts and ideas for the blog!

  32. I just started my own blog a few days ago, and it is hard to think of things to write about. I think part of the problem is that I don’t go out and do much because I love being at home with my family. But, I think as time goes on I’ll start to open up to the blog world and be comfortable to talk about anything. I do love blogging and meeting new people with interests like mine, but as a newbie it’s scary too! This was a really good and helpful post though! Helps me realize that there are things to write about, even if it isn’t fascinating or really emotional. Thank you!! 😀
    Have a great day! Hope you check out my blog

  33. I love that you post about the uncomfortable things too. I think it makes you more relatable.

    Im naturally a very chatty person. My mom says that I learned to speak early and havent shut up since. I think that definitely helps with blogging. Its very rare for me to run out of things to say.

  34. Love the green on those NB shoes! So pretty! I also keep a running list/drafts of posts or blog topics!

  35. I have a running idea list too! That’s mostly for topical posts. Basic posts I always do are race recaps for sure!

    My career path has been in writing, so blogging come very natural to me. I have the most trouble writing posts in my head. I write an amazingly worded post while I’m in the shower and then I get out and it’s so hard to type it out sometimes!

    Writing … it just happens!

  36. I’m actually more of a quiet person. That doesn’t go well with blogging, so I don’t post that often. I sometimes feel like my life isn’t that interesting. I go to work, I run, I eat simple meals, that’s all. But I love challenges, that’s why I started running and writing last year, two things that I’m not naturally good at. I think it’s important to leave your comfort zone once in a while.
    I admire your creativity and ‘wordiness’!

  37. David says:

    Wow, “blog what you live, don’t live to blog”. That’s great. I came across your site with a faith and running search. Very clever posts and good thoughts.

    As to your question, I think that coming up with posts is really hand and hand with a prayer for purpose to the blog. We have the opportunity to provide encouragement, scriptural insight, motivation, a laugh, His love, motivation, on and on. If we maintain perspective and remain passionate about our interests, following Christ and running, I think the content will flow regularly. If He has other plans for serving Him, then it will not.

    Have a great weekend.

    Jeremiah 12:5

  38. Stephanie says:

    What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing your ideas for keeping the words flowing.

  39. […] journey back to fitness! Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginWhen going through where I get blog post inspiration, I failed to mention my exercise sessions as a prime source of material. Long runs, especially. […]

  40. LOVE this post (as usual). I actually have a list in igoogle running with all the random stuff that pops into my head.

  41. […] Today’s tips come from Tina of Faith, Fitness, Fun! […]

  42. Like you, I have a list. And it is very long! But, I’m not always inspired to write. That’s the tougher part for me. I have tons of ideas but I need the creative mojo in the moment, if that makes sense. I actually also like to have several drafts written at all times. So mine are not always timely with my life. Yesterday something happened that I knew I would write about. So today I got up (early as always) and typed away. But I have several other posts timed for the coming weeks so I know this one will wait to see the light of day.

  43. Andre Gines says:

    Web sites worth going to…

  44. Appreciate this post! I’ve been thinking of thibgs to blog about and the Dont say no helped. 🙂

  45. injure says:

    Hello, after reading this awesome post i am as well happy to share
    my experience here with friends.

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