5 Minute Tropical Ice Cream

Posted: August 13, 2011 at 9:14 am

Another long run is officially on the books!


Yippee skippy! I had another 9 miles to tackle today and I made it happen. I headed out a bit earlier than normal and visited an area of roads I haven’t run in awhile. The hills! Oh, the hills!!! Including the hill I so lovingly reference as the “hill of death”. You see it there? The entire mile of hill between miles one and two? I loathe you hill of death.


Let’s just say I played it smart making it at the start of my run so I had a nice downhill slope at the end of my run. I’m glad I managed to push through this run on my own because earlier this week I had considered meeting up with a local running group to face the run. Too bad when I looked at my schedule I realized the timing wouldn’t work.

This morning I had to get out the door, complete my run, and book it home immediately to shower and eat before some plans today. I  know the first time I go with the running group I want the time to actually meet and talk to other runners in my area. You know. Be friendly. So – giving the running group a shot will just have to wait.

What shouldn’t wait? making this for breakfast. Or snack. Or dessert.

tropical ice cream 3

I had it for a snack the other day and determined it would make a perfect post-run treat this morning. I was right. I’m all sorts of refreshed now…just in time to go spend a couple hours with more toddlers than I can count. Jealous, no?

Tropical Soft Serve

tropical ice cream 2

  • 1 container pineapple Chobani, frozen and thawed enough to scoop out
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen mango chunks
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum

Toss all in a food processor and let it whirl away until it creates that glorious soft-serve consistency. Garnish with your favorite toppings. I opted for Love Grown Simply Oats granola and some chopped mixed nuts.

tropical ice cream

Fall in love and eat it every day to hold onto the last weeks of summer…or to cool down enough to lessen the increasing desires for fall to arrive. Whichever.

  • Are you holding onto summer for dear life or ready to kick it out the door and welcome fall instead?
  • How are you getting active today?

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36 Comments to “5 Minute Tropical Ice Cream”
  1. I love fall, but I’m not quite ready for summer to be over.

    That looks like a perfect post-run snack!

  2. Tropical soft serve sounds like such a great twist on banana soft serve (the only kind that I’ve tried… so far 😉 )

    Congrats on your 9 mile run & conquering the “Hill of Death”

  3. Alexandra says:

    Great run! That hill of death sounds brutal though. But yum that ice cream looks like the perfect pick me up! 😀
    Activity-wise, I’m taking a rest day today. I had a big weight lifting day yesterday accompanied with walking around a theme park for hours, so my legs are jello haha!

  4. Khushboo says:

    Great run, and nice going on the killer hill! I was SO close to bail on my workout this morning but am really glad I ended up going: after a warmup on the cross trainer, I headed to the weights session and boy do I feel it now!

  5. Jess says:

    That is genius Tina!! I have GOT to try this!!! And no, I’m hanging onto summer for dear life, it’s my favorite time of year!!

  6. Mmm, that tropical “ice cream” sounds super!
    Today I’m going for a swim after an intense strength-training session!

    I love everything about Fall, so I welcome it with open arms. Lattes, pumpkins, leaves, crisp air, boots, jackets, the whole she-bang!

  7. Tina!! That sounds SO good!! I need to try it!

  8. Kimberly says:

    Hi Tina!
    I don’t comment much, but I read your blog EVERY day and really enjoy it!! I just have to say that breakfast looks AMAZING!! What a great idea 😉

  9. Congrats on 9 miles Tina!! That is no joke!

  10. Lee says:

    I could do with temps in the 70s instead of the 90s but I’m not ready for jacket weather yet. I’m a total cold-weather wimp.

  11. Congrats on the run and the Hill of Death!! 😀
    Tropical Soft Serve??? mmmmmmmmmm. That sounds like an amazing snack.

  12. I want more summer! The weather around here has been lousy since June, so I’ll relish every single hot and sunny day, before the cold and gloom of fall begins.
    Today is a rest day for me, but the family and I took a trip to the farmers’ market earlier today, which means lots of walking. I love that market! I always have a hard time controlling myself in front of so much fresh, yummy, and cheap produce, though.

  13. What a genius soft serve recipe!

    I’m ready to say bye to summer! Here where I live, we haven’t even been in the 80’s all summer, so why not bring on fall and it’s pretty colors, pumpkin spice lattes, and corn maizes!

  14. Today is usually my rest day! but I think I’ll help my mom with gardening and walk to the library 🙂

  15. mango and banana with chobani in a soft serve! Need you say more? haha <3

    i think im half holding onto summer and half excited for fall. I am enjoying what is left of summer tho.. but partial to fall..sooo it's hard to say 🙂

    • Tina says:

      I’m right there with you. Love summer…but fall is my favorite season. I wish we could have a month of summer, a week of winter to play in the snow, a month of spring, and the rest of the year fall. 🙂

  16. That looks amazing! Congrats on the long run girl, you’re awesome 🙂

  17. Andrea says:

    I am so envious of your outdoor runs right now. It’s way too hot for me in AZ to knock those out quite yet. Good job!

  18. I am holding on to summer for as long as I can! I start classes at 9am the day after HLS!!! 🙁

  19. Not gonna lie, I kiiiind of want this in mah belly.

  20. I always try to live day by day and enjoy what I have today, ie: summer! BUT!!!! I looooooove fall season and I’m so so so so excited to welcome it in my tinily short lil arms!! 😀 I didn’t realize that it was my fave season until I met my fiance, and it is his too haha. I think I could talk about it all the “comment” long but I wouldn’t want to bore you Tina. Have a blessed day~~

  21. I had a hill of death today too. Though my mileage was considerably less than yours, only 3 for me. But the hill still killed me! Great job on the long run!! Happy Saturday!!

  22. Great run and good for you for conquering the hill of death. Hills are no joke! Plyo workouts are coming in handy!
    I finished my 12 mile long run today and it was fantastic. So glad I got it out of the way before the rest of the days plans take over. Have a great weekend!

  23. The Georgia heat inferno can leave NOW. Ready for cooler weather.

    As for workouts, I hope to get in a solid four miles tonight!

  24. I’m never sick of summer – hence me living almost on the equator! Just got back from a killer morning of surfing…totally spent right now – nap coming on asap…rode the best I have done so far – totally rocked it! xoxo from Trinidad

  25. I just recently started reading your blog, and I love it! It’s very inspiring and encouraging. I appreciate that you’re not afraid to share that your faith in your blog and that you make it such a priority in your life.

    Also, that “homemade” tropical icecream looks fabulous! Definitely trying that one! 🙂

  26. Brittany says:

    That looks amazing! thanks for sharing the recipe I will need to try it asap. I ran 5 faster thank usual miles today because I was short on time! It felt great & I’m actually way too excited for fall. This heat is awful and everything about fall is perfect!

  27. Bari says:

    Way to go on your long run! Awesome pace, too 🙂

    Someone else posted about freezing chobani. I totally need to try that!

  28. No matter which way I head around my house I have at least 2 “hills of death” for every run.

    I am ready to boot summer out the door for fall, I love fall. Helps that my birthday and anniversary are both in November.

    Getting active, my neighbor asked if we could go for a walk with the kids – 4 kids, 2 double strollers, 4 miles of hills 🙂 It was awesome.

  29. I’m both crushed and thrilled that summer’s almost over. On the one hand, I’m absolutely dreading the last day of my summer job (Friday). I love love love my work, and even though I expect to be back next summer (and a couple times before next summer, hopefully), it’s still heartbreaking to leave and say goodbye to my work friends. On the other hand, summer ending means that school is beginning, which means that I’ll finally be able to spend some high quality time with my school friends for the first time since last December. I’m ridiculously excited about that 😀

  30. um, you’re a genius. i am definitely making this fro-yo for dessert tonight!

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