How To Crash At 8 PM On A Saturday

Posted: October 24, 2011 at 6:52 am

Good morning! Did you all have a fabulous weekend? I sure hope so! We had a great time around here. Although, exhausting!

I kicked off the weekend with one of my final long runs before Savannah. That means in less than TWO WEEKS I will be running my first half marathon!!!!! 

The run went really well. I did 12 uneventful miles.

Uneventful is a wonderful thing. I dressed well enough for the weather so I didn’t die of cold in the 40 degree weather (go ahead and mock me, you Northerners!). I kept a steady pace. I had no pain and didn’t battle any mental walls to finish. I just trod along until I finished and it felt fab-u-LOUS.

The only downside I had was that I think I tied my shoes too tight. The top of my right foot hurt – no stabbing pain, just tender – for the rest of the day and part of Sunday. So, odd.

Do note, however, that running 12 miles and then having to turn around right away to prep and throw a toddler birthday party is no small task. I had just enough downtime for breakfast, an ice bath, and a shower, before I had to break into party mode for the birthday girl.


I didn’t have too much to do because I managed to pick the perfect snacking arrangement. We had:

Flower Cheese Crackers (wheat thins with cheese cutouts using a mini flower cookie cutter and finished off with a mini pepperoni)


Fruit & Pink Dip (berry Chobani Champions yogurt with grapes + strawberries)


Princess Party Mix (random assortment of kid loves – popcorn, pretzels, and pastel colored marshmallows)


Spinach & Artichoke Dip (my mom’s special dip she offered to bring – OH. YUM!)


It turned into the perfect spread for the perfect birthday party day at the park.


The kids snacked, ran around, and fed the ducks.


Then, came time for the special cake!!! Sadly, I didn’t get a great shot of it…but it was a princess with a cake dress made to look like Belle’s on top of a cake “stage”.


Makenzie was in love. Go figure. Winking smile 

All in all, it was a perfect party and I had such a great time! But, man, it wiped me out! I literally crawled into bed right after laying the kids down. Then, promptly slept for ten hours straight. Oh, how I would love to sleep ten hours every night!

  • What was the most tiring thing you did this weekend? And, then…what was the most relaxing?
  • What is your favorite kind of dip? Mine is my mom’s spinach & artichoke dip by far!!! I ate two very hefty servings on Saturday and wish I had more!

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58 Comments to “How To Crash At 8 PM On A Saturday”
  1. What a fun party! M looks adorable in her little tutu skirt. So sweet!

    Great job on the run – and I agree, this weekend made me so so tired.

  2. Lauren says:

    What a little princess! 🙂 So glad the party went well and congrats on a killer run.

  3. Khushboo says:

    Ah what cute eats- especially the flower cheese crackers! THe most relaxing part of my weekend was sitting by the poolside listening to music and just hanging out with my friends- I felt like I didn’t have a care in the world and was in a total state of zen all weekend 🙂

  4. lindsay says:

    way to go MOM! bonus points for being so clever with snacks. M looks so happy, and thats the most important.
    I don’t think we slept at all this weekend. Races, friends in town, NZ rugby world cup at 4am, POOPED!

    I would have crashed at 7:45 if i could have

  5. Kara says:

    I think you’ve described the hardest part of being a mom and a runner. Sometimes you just want a nap after a ran, but kids rarely let you do that. When I get home from a long run, it’s pretty much go-go-go as soon as I walk in. I’m lucky to squeeze in a shower! I sometimes fantasize about when my kid will be a teenager who sleeps until noon on Saturday and won’t even notice that I’m gone. 🙂

    • katie says:

      Ha! You are so honest to admit that!! =) I sometimes have those same thoughts – but then I feel so ashamed for wishing their childhood away. I think it will be here before I know it and I’ll be sad it went so quickly.

      • Kara says:

        I don’t see as wishing their childhood away, I see as forward planning on when it will be a good time to train for a 100 mile race. 🙂

        • Tina says:

          Haha! And I do the same thing. Hate it, but the young years are hard. Although I bet a parent of a teenager would tell us to count our blessings now. 😉

  6. Brittany says:

    I looovee that cake!! Super adorable. Yummy eats. Looks like a wonderful weekend 🙂 Great job on your run!

  7. Lee says:

    Looks like a fun day. I would have definitely crashed at 8pm too! Happy Birthday Makenzie!

  8. Katie @ Raisins&Apples says:

    I want to have a princess party! With salsa…lots and lots of salsa

  9. we shot a wedding in dallas this weekend, and i have to say that i am STILL exhausted! yesterday was a busy day of travel and that couch was looking mighty nice when we got home 😉

  10. It looks like such FUN! I especially love the photo of Makenzie looking at the geese. Beautiful!!

  11. Woohoo! 12 miles! You’re going to school that half-marathon. Little M looks adorable in that picture. She is really just too cute. I ran ten over the weekend. I am also building for a half. It is still a month away but I may have so not so secret plans I still need to blog about which is why I am building so fast. Oh the suspense! Anyways, have a great Monday!

  12. Congrats on the 12 miles and the bday party! The cake looks amazing 🙂

  13. katie says:

    I love the birthday party pics!

    The crackers are such a cute idea! Love!

    Her cake looked so pretty too! I love Belle, she is my favorite disney princess!

    Happy Monday girl! xo

  14. Congrats on the run! I’be been having pain on the top of my foot too… it’s so weird and I have to take 1-2 days off from wearing shoes in order to get it under control again.

    Looks like a great b-day party! 🙂

    • Tina says:

      I’ve been looking it up and apparently there is some lacing technique that will take the pressure off to help it feel better. Who knew tying shoes could cause such problems? LOL

  15. Sounds like the party turned out nice – looks like it was a lovely day too. And nice job on the run THEN throwing a party!! I ran 14 then had to go to a baby shower. I was sound asleep by 9pm and slept almost 12 hours.

  16. Strong work on your run! It looks like you did a great job planning Makenzie’s party too! She looks so cute. That spinach artichoke dip looks absolutely amazing. I’d definitely say that’s one of my favorite kinds! I also love 7 layer Mexican dip!

  17. Tina says:

    It looks like the party turned out great, I love that cake! For me there is something about onion dip…it’s addicting!

  18. what a cute party! i’m sure she loved it!

  19. jobo says:

    Tied your shoe on too tight? that is so odd/funny! Sounds like an ouch though. But awesome job on conquering 12 miles AND a birthday party! Damn! Most tiring for me? surprising myself by running 9.5 miles of Jess’s half marathon on Sunday! Felt great though!!

  20. That cake is SO adorable…and M’s outfit! What a great party!!

  21. Awww, M’s birthday outfit is so cute!!! Congrats on your last long run!!

  22. Aw what a great party for such a sweet birthday girl! My favorite dip is NEW (to me)! My friend just brought it to MOPS this week, and it was AWESOME. It was pumpkin, and cream cheese, and walnuts, and you dipped apple slices in it, and it tasted just like caramel, and…I could keep rambling on about it. INCREDIBLE.

  23. First of all, major kudos for getting your long run done before a toddler birthday party! Super mom! Beautiful setting, adorable little girl and cute cake. What a great day! Favorite dip? Used mainly for fruit… Greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter and a little bit of honey. Tastes like peanut butter flavored cream cheese frosting. Yum!

  24. I don’t know how you do it! After a 12 mile run, it would take me HOURS to recover and be motivated to do anything! But you are going to blow that half marathon out of the water!!!

  25. Aw, the birthday girl in her tutu is so stinking cute 🙂 I don’t know how you did 12 miles and then threw that party. I pretty much end up on the couch the rest of the day after anything longer than 10! Impressive! I spent most of the weekend sick, on the couch, but the most relaxing was taking a slow walk yesterday in the perfect weather for about an hour. So gorgeous outside this time of year.

  26. cheryl says:

    i have pretty much permanent bumps on my feet tops b/c i know i tie my shoes too tight. i have narrow heels and a wide toe-box so i use a “heel lock” lacing and overcompensate when i tie too. i did well for years with nike vomero’s but def need to change since the black toenail are back, even with being limited to my gimpy walks.

  27. What an adorable idea with the cookie cutter and the cheese – LOVE it! (i will be stealing that one) Thanks in advance! My weekend was fun filled, busy best friend time in Houston – today and tomorrow will be filled with errand running, workouts and blog fun then we are off to Spain!
    xoxo from Houston

  28. Hmm.. the most tiring thing was probably re-organizing our entire office (ie. going through every single peice of paper and throwing out junk, moving funiture around, etc). But it was well worth it -felt amazing to finish! Most relaxing thing: Friday night– pint of Ben and Jerrys Red Velvet & DVR’d revenge. Definitely!

    As for Dip – i LOVE Taco dip. One bite of that crack and I can’t stop!

    The thing that you said about your foot–the same thing happened to me! So weird! I got new sneaker and I think I just had them tied too tight but I was nervous that it was my tendons being inflamed – so be careful, make sure to get anything foot related checked out! I had to get orthotics a few years ago and they’ve saved me!

  29. Carly says:

    Congrats on a great weekend. As for the foot pain… not to scare you, but that’s what it felt like last year when I had a stress fracture (which is strangely bothering me again with no running…). When did you get new shoes?

    • Tina says:

      Uh-oh! I don’t like the suond of that. LOL

      I have been wearing these shoes since late May. I have another fresh pair waiting for me. shhould I go ahead and switch? I jsut didn’t know if it would be too soon to wear new shoes to the race?

      • Carly says:

        Well… How has it felt running since the long run? Have you run yet? I would just be very careful on your next run and be aware of ANY pain at all. If you feel pain, call it quits. It could have been too tight shoes, but just be careful. I unfortunately started hurting on a 2 miler 3 days before my half which certainly wasn’t enough to truly assess the situation and I ended up injured. Just listen to your body and if that foot even hurts a little quit the run, ice, relax, and try the new shoes!

  30. She looks so adorable!!! Awesome job on the run! And good luck in two weeks! The most tiring thing I did was my 8.5 mile run with chelsey (so many hills!) and the most relaxing was going apple picking; I miss being out of the city, it was so nice!

  31. Awww, she looks adorable! (And super happy) I’d be worn out too though. I think just one of those activities would have been plenty for me!

  32. Mackenzie looks SOOOO cute in her bday outfit. Adorable!

  33. What an awesome run…and an awesome party…and the most adorable picture yet of your baby girl!!! It looks like you had a great weekend!!!

  34. Jess says:

    Aw!! You throw a mean 3 yr old bday party!! Such sweet and cute food ideas!! I love it! Also – great job on that 12 miler, you’re going to have a GREAT race in two weeks! As for me? The thing that left me the most pooped this weekend – my race. Holy wow. I’m totally dragging today!! But it was SO worth it 🙂

  35. what a little sweet heart!! She is so cute:) She is also so lucky to have her mom throw her a party like that. I bet she had a blast:)

    That is a weird place for pain during a run! Maybe too tight/too loose shoes? But yeah, sounds like an exhausting (but fun!) day!

  36. I love the cake! My favorite dip is 7-layer dip. Mexican food gets me every time.

  37. Mac says:

    You are super mom! Getting ready for a party after a long run like that is definitely no easy task! Most tiring… worked 11 hours on Friday. Most relaxing…went for a 5 mile run early Sunday and laid down to rest and took a nap 🙂

  38. Great time on your run!!
    Is your mom willing to share her recipe for that dip? It looks (and sounds) really good : )

    • Tina says:

      I have the recipe somewhere. I’ll try to find it or get it from her again to try to post it. It is soooo good. Not healthy by any means (well there are veggies in it LOL)…but soooo good!

  39. Great job on your run! I love the flower crackers and cake. 🙂

  40. I love throwing kids parties. They’re so much fun.
    I’m a huge fan of a dip that contains cream cheese with salsa, black beans, and cheese. It’s fantastic and I could eat a whole dish by myself. Not that I have, but I could!

  41. Dorry says:

    The cheese flowers are TOO CUTE. Love that idea! I worked Saturday and Sunday so that was kind of tiring, but I love my job so 100% worth it. Hummus and guacamole are my favorite dips – easy to make and delicious.

  42. Great job on 12 miles! And on throwing a wonderful Princess Party! You are much better at party planning than you give yourself credit for!

  43. Woo well done on the 12 miles! So exciting about your first half marathon, I’m sure you’re going to do brilliantly 🙂
    Makenzie looks adorable! And your children’s party food looks fabulous 🙂
    Favourite dip? Definitely guacamole!!

  44. Caroline says:

    Wow, those flower Cheese crackers are cute and a fun way to get a healthy snack! I love how creative you were with the food!

  45. What a cute party! And I LOVE your wheat thin and cheese flowers! So stinkin cute! I actually pinned it on my Pinterest! lol (SarahSmilz) Already getting ideas for my daughters 1st b-day! (She’s only 4 months though…that’s the sad part lol). And I Love that you ran 12 miles the morning of her party! You are my role model! 🙂 Amazing! 🙂

  46. Amy says:

    Happy Birthday Makenzie!
    Way to go Mum as well, that looks like a wonderful birthday party for a little princess 🙂
    Well, I didn’t run 12 miles but I did do 4.5 and then went for a swim and then Pilates class and then the next day helped my family to move 4 cubic metres of dirt into our front yard (I am wicked with a shovel!) then I crashed on the couch for a nap 🙂

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