Right Back On The Wagon {Giveaway}

Posted: November 8, 2011 at 8:06 am

After a weekend full of celebrating (!!!) hearty food, lots of beer, ice cream, and pumpkin pie fudge, I felt ready to get back to my more normal way of eating today. I loaded up on many of my standard healthy eating favorites yesterday.


Oats for breakfast, Love Grown granola and Larabars for snacks, egg sandwich for lunch, and quinoa for dinner. Delicious!

I also felt really antsy to get in a workout. My legs were no longer sore, but I knew I needed to hold off on a run, so spin class it was!

I planned to take it really easy, but I should have known that my favorite instructor would pull more out of me. I actually credit her a lot with increasing my cardiovascular and my leg endurance during her tough workouts. She never fails to take me past my comfort zone. I truly think spin class helps my running. And I’m not just sucking up because she reads the blog either. Winking smile Hi, Sophie!!!

As always, it felt so great to get right back to the normal go of things. I keep way more motivation that way and I know it’s all part of maintaining my healthy habits. Which I am all about, especially during this time of the year with the numerous events and celebrations that happen.

Last week, I had the chance to sit in on a video chat with Bahar Takhtehchian, the senior associate health editor for SHAPE magazine.


Bahar shared lots of tips on remaining healthy during the holidays, including some of my favorites:

  • When you know you will have a heavier dinner out, make sure to choose healthier options during the day.
  • Focus on satiating foods that include fiber, protein, and healthy fats – such as some almonds and an apple – for snacks before big meals out, so the chance of overeating decreases.
  • Get in whatever activity you can, because even 20 minutes can go a long way!
  • Splurge on the things you can’t get throughout the year. If it’s not special, is it really worth it?
  • Remember positive mantras like “Do I want a moment on the lips, or to take care of my body for a lifetime?” <—or something like that Winking smile

I really enjoyed the chat. It covered many ideas I already knew, but it never hurts to reinforce good habits and gain that extra bit of motivation before such a busy and food laden time of year.

In fact, SHAPE magazine and Fiber One (the sponsor of the chat) have teamed up to help YOU as well. One lucky winner will receive:

  • a one year subscription to SHAPE magazine
  • a yoga mat
  • a stability ball
  • a water bottle
  • a pedometer
  • Fiber One brownies


As usual, there are two ways to enter:

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment on this post sharing either: how you stay healthy during the holidays OR your favorite snack for on-the-go.

Optional Extra Entry: Share this giveaway via any of the share options at the bottom of the post. Leave a separate comment letting me know you did so.

Giveaway will end this Thursday at 10 PM EST. Winner announced on Friday (promise! and remember to check if you won the Champion giveaway). No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

Good luck!!!! Can’t wait to read all your tips! Smile



340 Comments to “Right Back On The Wagon {Giveaway}”
  1. Erica says:

    During the holidays I like to stay on my plan but created an edited version of holiday treats 🙂 I also get in an early morning workout to burn extra calories just in case I don’t survive temptations. My go to snack is string cheese: yum!

  2. I think the key is to not freak out too much over the holidays in terms of eating (something I am working toward). Yes, we’ll probably eat more. Yes, we might not be as active. But none of this should make us feel bad about ourselves! We’re eating more because the food is DELICIOUS and we’re celebrating! We’re not as physically active because we’re too busy watching Christmas movies with our relatives or catching up with friends! Being kind to ourselves is one of the best tricks in the bag.

  3. Every year I make sure to sign up for a race that happens in January or February, so that I have to be in training mode during the holiday months. The strict exercise combats all of the indulgent eating that happens around the holidays.

  4. shayna says:

    favorite snack on the go – fruit!

  5. Kate says:

    I tweeted!

  6. Kate says:

    My favorite on the go snack is a baggie full of Kashi Go Lean – can’t beat the fiber and protein!

  7. Chelsea M says:

    Staying in shape is really tough when mom is making all your favorites! I like keeping a variety in my workout: running, strength training and yoga keep my mind focused and looking forward to my next workout.

  8. Amy says:

    My favorite on the go snack is a perfectly crisp honeycrisp apple!

  9. Amy says:

    I also tweeted about the giveaway!

  10. alex says:

    i just add more vegetables to my meals… not a very good tip but i have gotten a few good ones from other comments!

  11. Sarah S says:

    during the holidays i try to save room for the things i REALLY want (like dessert) and take smaller portions or skip the things that aren’t as unique and special to me. my favorite to the go snacks are usually fresh fruit, beef jerky, and lara/luna bars. i rarely eat beef jerky or these bars unless i’m traveling or “on the go”, so i kind of look forward to them as a special treat when traveling or having extra long days that call for emergency snacks!

  12. Yocelyn says:

    My favorite snack on the go is fruit or nuts. Easy, doesn’t damage in my purse and will satisfy my sweet or salty tooth.

  13. Yocelyn says:


  14. Erica says:

    In order to stay on track while attending all the parties during the holiday season, I let myself enjoy special treats at gatherings instead of indulging in those that aren’t favorites. I also try to focus on chatting and catching up with friends and loved ones instead of focusing on the food.

  15. Kristen says:

    Actually, fiber one cereal is my go to on-the-go snack!

  16. VanessaG says:

    During the holiday season I try to enjoy my favorite foods that I only get once a year, like casseroles, pies, fudge, etc. I enjoy it and then eat my normal healthy foods the rest. Of course, I exercise as well. I better everything in moderation is best. Don’t go overboard and don’t deny when it comes to food.

  17. i stay healthy by squeezing in some sort of workout everyday. even if it’s just a walk with the dogs, getting out there moving will always help!

  18. tracy says:

    my favorite go to snack isn’t really healthy but it does satisfy my sweet tooth:) animal crackers and sugar free pudding. yummy!

  19. rachel says:

    Everything in moderation, LOTS of water, do something active every day–which can include playing with your kids. They need to move too!

  20. Amanda says:

    I am on the go all the time, so I love snacks that I can just throw into my purse. Fiber One bars, fruit and cereal bars, almonds, and wheat crackers are some of my favorites. I eat yogurt pretty much every day, and string cheese or Laughing Cow cheese are great too.

  21. Jodie says:

    I tell myself I can have one plate and put on it what I want. When I limit myself to one plate, I find I take what I really want and dont feel unsatisfied, reaching for more.

  22. Stephy says:

    During the holidays I make sure I exercise extra early in the morning. This way I don’t have to worry about it and can spend my time with family/doing other holiday things. I also up my water intake and if I know I will be indulging at a party I choose foods that are light, and water/nutrient rich to fill me up earlier in the day. At the party I will eat only foods I truly want and are worth it (no deprivation), homeade shortbread yes! store bought sugar cookies, no.

  23. Katie says:

    My favorite on the go snack is a banana! Pre-wrapped, portioned and everything 🙂 I also like to take time to work out in the mornings – it seems to set me on the right pace for the day, and when I have worked out I tend to not overindulge.

  24. Elena says:

    Favorite on the go snacks – I have a few!
    Zone Bars
    Fiber One Bars
    nuts and cheerios in a zip lock (yes I look like a 2 year old)

  25. Jenny says:

    The most success I’ve had over the holidays was making a promise to myself to run every other day – holidays were too crazy to work out on a normal schedule. It helped keep me sane, my family was greatful, and my improved mood + calorie burn = weight loss by new years!

  26. Jenny says:

    Also, shared on facebook! (best holiday snack: chocolate peppermint stick luna bars or leftover honey ham with sliced cheese!)

  27. I try to keep my workouts going strong and look forward to one or two things to eat, not everything. Savor it, love it!

  28. My favorite on the go snack is almonds mixed with dark chocolate chips! Cheap and fast ‘trail mix’!

  29. I just tweeted about this giveaway!! 🙂

  30. Fav snack on the go lately has been a banana and a handful of sesame coated cashews.

  31. Just shared via Twitter

  32. Rachel says:

    My best tip for staying healthy during the holidays is to eat everything in moderation. Eat what you want on the day of the holiday, and then the other days, just live your normal healthy habits! I truly believe people gain more weight during holiday times because they think they have a free pass throughout the holiday period. Leftovers are what will get you the most I swear! Indulge sometimes, but not too often (that’s always my trick even when it’s not the holidays!).

  33. Mary says:

    I drink lots of water in place of more sugary drinks! i also make little sampler plates of all the sweets i want to try verse letting my aunt serve me a generous slice of each pie.

  34. Efka says:

    Hands down banana!

  35. Suzanne Trenney says:

    Grass fed organic yogurt with blueberries and walnuts

  36. Hillary says:

    My favorite snack lately has been string cheese and an apple.

  37. Ashley says:

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I love to stay healthy during the holidays by baking some of my own healty dishes to take with me to my relative house. That way even if they have nothing healhty to offer to eat, Ill have something to nosh on. Plus it keeps me full and away from the dessert table.

  38. I try to get outdoors and do some kind of activity to help me get thru the holidays healthy. It could be a walk at the park or a hike during the weekends, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a rigorous or structured workout.

    I also try to make healthier bake goods with to parties. I know that there are always indulgent desserts at parties and I like to bring a healthy option for myself and for others who would like to eat a lighter dessert.

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