How To Celebrate

Posted: November 7, 2011 at 5:01 pm

In case you’re just now getting the chance to catch up, I thought I would clue you in on the awesomeness that was this weekend:

And you better believe the fun didn’t stop there. I had to celebrate such a great experience! In other words, I had to eat some good food and drink some beer.


After crossing the finish line, I went off to find Peter and then headed over to the party area to eat a banana, gulp down two water bottles, stretch out my sore legs, and grab my free beer. Totally understandable for shortly after 10 am, right? Winking smile

We hung out for awhile in the sun trying to warm up a smidge and listening to Carolina Liar perform.


Don’t think I have heard of them before, but I liked their music well enough.

Eventually my hunger started kicking in, so Peter and I got up to walk around and find a place to eat. Don’t ask me how my legs managed to walk around for an hour before finally setting on The Distillery for lunch.


The Distillery was my kind of place…


Although I don’t hate on the Blue Moon.

Immediately after getting seated I asked the waitress for a recommendation on what to order for a drink. You all know I crave beer hard core after long runs and I had no shame in getting another. She asked if I liked coffee and then recommended the Founder’s Breakfast Stout for a beer.


It did in fact taste very similar to coffee! I sipped it over the course of my meal, in between huge gulps of water. I was thirsty! And hungry.


I ordered the Savannah chicken salad which included fried chicken, caramelized onions, sweet potato fries, tomatoes, cheese, and mixed greens. The interesting combination worked really well. I loved the caramelized onions on it!

Once we finished lunch I wanted nothing more than to head back to our hotel room for a nap, which is just what we did. As soon as I got back in the room, I tossed on some pajamas and crashed in bed for a couple of hours. I probably could have slept even more, but had an important date with some super awesome friends to get to.


Paula, me, Julie, Michelle, Allison, Meghann, and Katy

We met up at the Moon River Brewing Company, a haunted pub in downtown Savannah, for a celebratory dinner.


Paula and Michelle had run their first full marathons. Allison had run her second marathon and killed it. Julie had rocked out a sub 2 hour race. Katy came back strong in this race after some injuries earlier this year. And Meghann helped her brother Ben achieve an amazing PR in the full. We all had great days and deserved a fun night on the town!

Which, of course, included another beer. Call me a lush if you want, but a few beers over the course of an entire day ain’t no thing!


This time I went very “hoppy” with a Swampwater IPA. Loved every sip!

Although, not as much as I loved all the conversation!



moon river brewery 052

For my dinner, I ordered the only thing that sounded perfect. A big burger!


The black and blue burger with some fries. It wasn’t the best one in the world (slightly dry), but I didn’t complain. I had reached the super-hungry stage of post-race and devoured 3/4 of my plate. Only 3/4 because I had to save room for the second part of our blogger date.


Love you Meghann for the funny pose for my picture! And the action shots from everyone else. Can you tell we like our ice cream?  Winking smile 


For the record, if you ever go to Savannah, you must get Leopold’s ice cream. Unbelievably creamy and delicious!

Sadly, from there, we had to all head our own ways and say goodbye. The night (heck – the entire weekend!!) flew by way too fast. It certainly was a fantastic experience. How could it not be? A weekend away with my husband. Killing my first half marathon. And fun with great friends. That’s a weekend to remember and the perfect way to celebrate. Smile

Speaking of celebrating – I never announced the Champion Sports Bra giveaway winners. Guess I shouldn’t have said I would over the course of a traveling weekend. Please forgive me! Now, without further ado, the winners for the Champion Sports Bras (using the random number generator from are:

#154 – Liz @ Little Bitty Bakes and #98 – Heather @ Better With Veggies !!!! Congrats! Please email me so we can get you all squared away!

  • What’s the last thing you celebrated? How do you like to celebrate?

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46 Comments to “How To Celebrate”
  1. Um…guess the last celebration was giving birth? 5 months ago? Sheesh. But I had plotted for MONTHS about getting a ham hoagie…and that was FANTASTIC. Though, I must say your celebration might beat it. 😉 Looks like fun!

  2. Gosh, you’re such a lush! 😉

    I think you celebrated in a fantastic manner! I always crave lots of vegetables right after I run, so I can totally get your lunch!!

  3. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate such a fantastic accomplishment!!! I know you probably still are rockin that high.

  4. It looks like you had a perfect weekend! I laughed at your “call me a lush if you want…” comment. No, having more than one beer in a day does not qualify you as a lush! ha ha 🙂

  5. Congrats on your wonderful 1/2 marathon, I ran my first 2 years ago and had a complete blast! I am itching to get out there and train for another now that my baby has arrived and I am starting to run again and reading your posts from this weekend for sure got me excited at the prospect!

  6. Samantha says:

    What a fantastic way to wrap up the weekend! Super jealous I didn’t go to the race. Especially now that I know Carolina Liar was performing! Love that band, and would’ve loved to meet you guys IRL.

  7. Kelly says:

    I like how you celebrate…remind me to run a race with you in the near future! 😉

  8. Yvonne says:

    First off, congratulations!!

    Secondly, you’re not a lush – you’re my kinda girl!

    And that salad looks and sounds fantastic. I’m gonna have to put that on my “must eats” list.

  9. and now I really want ice cream….haha 🙂

  10. I could never call you a lush… especially since I did the same thing and definitely didn’t run a Half before hand. 😉 If you liked that coffee stout, you should check out local brewer Wild Heaven’s Ode to Mercy. It’s incredible.

    Congrats again!

  11. Celebrating with a beer after a race is a given. I say drink up, no judgments!
    I love IPAs. They’re so my favorite.
    Now you make me want ice cream! Now!

  12. I celebrated the LSU and Saints wins with 2 big bowls of ice cream yesterday. 🙂

  13. Ahahahaha. Fobsessed. Beer + ice cream recovery FTW

  14. There’s a restaurant a block away from my college called The Distillery, and it’s one of my favorites! What a coincidence…must be a lucky name! Their turkey burger is mouth-watering.

  15. Ela says:

    Congratulations! And it’s great that you celebrated in such style.

  16. lindsay says:

    Now thats some serious beer. My husband would like that! so glad you celebrated and then some. hehe.

  17. congrats again on the race! And that sounds like some good celebrating to me, anything that ends in ice cream is a plus!

  18. you rocked that race! a big burger & ice cream were well-deserved. hope you revel in your success for the rest of the week! : )

  19. What a great way to celebrate!! I love food and friends after a big race. Oh and lots of sleep and maybe a beer or two 😉

  20. congrats on completing your first half Tina! your weekend sounds like it was so fun and definitely one you will never forget!:)

  21. No Yuengling, Blue Moon, Killian’s, or Stella Artois?!?! I’d be a sad girl!

  22. That looks like a perfect way to celebrate! I feel like the salad you ordered at The Distillery was made for me!

    Congrats on your race; you earned those beers!

  23. Hilary says:

    Burger, fries and ice cream = perfect post-race meal. That’s what I had after I ran a marathon!

  24. jobo says:

    3 beers – NOT a lush. Just saying 😉 That sounds like the PERFECT day of celebrating and meeting up with friends. you look so happy in every pic. Love it. and now intensely want a huge ice cream cone!!

  25. Emily says:

    Congrats on your half-marathon!!! Looks like you had an amazing experience from run to ice cream 🙂

  26. AMAZING JOB, CONGRATS!!! Beer after a run is always a great choice, in my opinion 🙂

  27. Amy says:

    I hope you are super proud of yourself and how much you have achieved. Not just 13.1 miles but every single step, every single day that it took to get to that finish line.
    You are a champion my friend 🙂

  28. Beer, burgers, and blogging buddies. What an awesome day! Oh yea… there was that half marathon too… you must be on such a high right now.

  29. Khushboo says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with crazy cravings after a long run! Mine seems to be cake or anything stodgy and sweet! Sounds like you had the perfect celebration, which you deserved :)!

  30. Rachel says:

    TINA, im so happy for you! for finishing the half marathon and under two hours! amazing! i still find it so cool that you did that.

    i cant even run half of what you did… i think i could only do 3 miles before feeling like im about to die from exhaustion. no idea how u did 13…

    awesome stuff!! 😀

  31. Tina- CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your first half marathon! I’m so excited for you! I think you should keep celebrating this week. You got such a great time! Yahoo!
    Sounds like you had the PERFECT weekend!
    PS- you’ve inspired me to try my first ice bath. I have one planned for this Sunday after my race. Eeek!!! I may need some tips. 🙂

  32. […] will end this Thursday at 10 PM EST. Winner announced on Friday (promise! and remember to check if you won the Champion giveaway). No purchase necessary. Void where […]

  33. Looks like such fun…glad you had a good time. That’s the way to celebrate!

  34. Rachel says:

    Hey Tina! I’m so impressed with your time in the half marathon. I ran my first one a few weeks ago and finished in 2:10. But I would love to become as fast as you. What training plan did you use?

    • Tina says:

      I loosely followed the Smart Coach plan from Runner’s World. I did 3 runs a week – one speed/tempo session, one moderate paced 5-6 miler, and one long run. I loved it that way! 🙂

  35. peacebeme says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah!

  36. […] despite what you see in this post by Tina or this post by Meghann, I did in fact have my eyes open at dinner. See? […]

  37. domain says:

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    Keep up the great writing.

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