May Blogger Lessons

Posted: June 2, 2010 at 6:00 pm

I started last month off with a post on some random things learned over the course of April. It was a fun post to write, so I have decided to continue my “Lessons of a Mommy Blogger” monthly post. May included lots of lessons – both big and small. It was a great month!

1. Running Shorts are Awesome!

1544827.jpg (220×220)

I know I’m not a runner, but that doesn’t change the fact that running shorts are extremely comfortable for working out in. I bought a few pairs at the beginning of the month because it started getting warmer and my old workout shorts were kind of really old. From not having underwear riding up on you thanks to the built in undergarment to how flattering they are, I fell in love immediately. Maybe one day I will actually use them for a run.

2. Friendships change.


I’ve learned that as we age and pursue different things in life, friendships will naturally alter as we do. That’s not to say they are any less worthy, simply that they are different. I also learned that friendships with those whom we have more in common are very fulfilling and that new friendships can grow fast. Em and I are already becoming great friends ever since learning we lived less than 30 minutes from each other. I had tons of fun today Em!!

3. Writing more seriously is TOUGH! I haven’t disclosed this yet, but I got contacted a few weeks ago about writing a freelance article for the June/July issue of the online magazine Faith & Fitness. I was given a lot of support and learned quite a few things. I look forward to continuing to grow in my writing and hope to continue writing in places other than the blog. We’ll see where it goes. And I will be sure to link to the article I wrote once it is available. 😀

4. No A/C isn’t as bad as it sounds…until bedtime.

2008_air_conditioner.jpg (718×892)

We have been without A/C since last September. It was cool enough then for it to not be a problem, but the past month things have started to warm up a lot (hello 90 degrees outside). I was worried it would be a sauna in our house. Thanks to an attic fan, fans in every room of the house, and little carpet it hasn’t been uncomfortable at all. Well, except for a few random nights where it’s pretty muggy. I like to sleep with it cool and it has been hard sleeping in warmer temps. We’re trying to decide what to do about the A/C….there are lots of things to consider with our current unit.

5. Pregnancy symptoms hit FAST!

1925.jpg (240×192)

One day I was fine, the next I was not. I should have been more aware of this since I’ve been there before, but it still hits as a shock. Another good lesson that comes from this…you really learn to go with the flow. I have learned to fit in workouts where and how I can and that it’s okay if I can’t stomach vegetables all the time. Things will be balanced out soon.

6. Going along with #5…when pregnant, I can choose not so healthy meals over and over and over. And not get sick of it like I would before…or care because it’s the only thing that sounds good.

IMGP4093IMGP4453 (Large) IMGP4311 IMGP4323 (Large)

I showed you before how meals like the above were a common part of my weekend, but I was still able to go out to lunch today and order some heavier stuff again. Em & I met up at a really neat restaurant called The Flying Biscuit. I ordered the black bean & corn cakes with feta, sour cream, & tomatillo sauce and had some of their famous grits on the side.


Odd combo, I know. It was good though. The cakes were a teensy bit dry, but had good flavor. I did scrape all the feta off too. I don’t like it and it’s a no-no during pregnancy. The grits and biscuit were amazing. I’m glad I listened to her and got them. It was a wonderful lunch and we had lots to talk about as usual. I already can’t wait to see her again.

7. Peter rocks! The man knows me well. He got me the new camera AND surprised me with a 90 minute massage in May. I am still loving the camera and can’t wait to continue learning how to use it better. I also really can’t wait to cash in the massage sometime soon.

8. Many of us have body image issues from time to time.


Thanks to all the comments on my post about body dysmorphia it became very apparent that we can relate to each other on not feeling our best physically on occasion. I love the support we can give each other through the blogging world. I have come a long way, but it helps to know that when I do face it there are other gorgeous ladies who can understand and help. I can only hope that those types of issues are reduced in the future.

9. I don’t get as upset about judgmental comments as I expected I would. I had my first judgmental comment this past month (it related to Makenzie and my parenting). I thought I would get more offended by such a comment, but I didn’t. I believe it is because I trust I am a good mother and do not allow others’ opinions of me to determine my own self worth. I feel confident in who I am as a person.

10. Trust God.


‘Nough said. 😉

  • What is something you learned during the month of May?
  • Do negative comments affect you at all? How do you respond to them? I actually intended to respond to the one I mentioned, but then time got away. I don’t think I need to defend myself on my blog, but I do kind of regret not responding (in a calm, appropriate manner) to the comment.
  • What do you love to workout in?

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29 Comments to “May Blogger Lessons”
  1. Great post lady!! First of all – LOVE those shorts – only wear them! And I love the Flying Biscuit – i’m all for their hummus sandwich which I ask for in a wrap! Yes, friendships evolve and grow for sure… and sadly some don’t withstand the test of time. So sorry to hear about the AC – hope you guys figure it out soon. Maybe while it’s getting fixed you can get your 90 minute massage? 🙂 I hate judgmental blog comments – i’ve only had one and it was SO rude and then got nasty (like cursing at me and calling me names). I forget sometimes that it’s just just my bloggie friends who read it! In May, I learned that being a good friend to someone doesn’t make them one to you… had some rough “friend” problems this past month!

  2. Morgan says:

    Congrats on the freelance gig, that’s so exciting!
    I agree about 5 and 6! One minute you feel fabulous, next…BAM! Plus the food, oh the food. I can’t believe the things I eat and feel no guilt for. It’s kind of awesome!
    I learned in May that if I just relax, and have a little faith, things will work out however is best. Patience really is a virtue!

  3. Running shorts are, in fact, quite awesome. I think I really need to invest in a few more good pair.

    And I’m kinda jealous of all the crazy-good food you’ve been eating recently! LOVE corn cakes…

  4. Shannon says:

    That’s so excited that you’re doing some freelance writing! Congrats!

    May sure was a big month for you!

    I wish I lived near you and Em…I’d love to join you both for a lunch date!

  5. Jessica Lee says:

    i LOVE running shorts too. i have pretty much every color of nike tempo shorts. i like the underarmour ones a lot too. they actually fit the best!

    all those foods look so good though. random? yes, sometimes but always tasty!

    negative comments affect me sometimes. depends on my mood. if i’m feeling sensitive then of course. if i’m feisty then i brush them off.

    i learned in may that i need to get off my butt and stop feeling sorry for myself and DO things!!

  6. Congrsats about your gig! Haven’t experianced 5 and 6, but I’ll take your word for it. As for your Q’s:

    In May I learned to chill out and de-stress. Also to try hard and then you won’t fail.

    I usually vent to my Mom about negative comments, and if I can, comment back and say “That comment you left wasn’t very nice. I’d appreciate if you didn’t leave them again.”

    I work out in whatever I can find!

    (PS- in your last post M was (and is) sooo cute!!)

  7. homecookedem says:

    I had SUCH a great time with you and M today!! Makenzie is EVEN more precious in person than in pictures!! Oh my goodness, I could just eat her up!! And I know I said it before, but I’m seriously impressed with how good she is, so laid back and easy-going!! You are an amazing and loving mother to her and I can’t imagine why anyone would criticize your parenting. If anything you should be praised for all that you do to raise a healthy, happy child of God.

    I love those nike running shorts!! Actually I haven’t bought any new ones since I gained weight after I got married so I don’t currently have any that fit, but I need to go and pick some new shorts up. They are super comfortable and they don’t ride up like other shorts do, haha! 😉

    Have yall considered a window AC unit in your bedroom? I know they’re terribly unattractive, but we have one and it has totally changed our lives. We could never go back.

    Trust God. I couldn’t have said it better. 🙂

    I’m already looking forward to our next meet-up! I want you to choose the place next time!! 🙂 Just let me know a good day and time for you because as you know, my summer schedule is very flexible!

  8. I hear you on the A/C. We went without one downstairs for several year. We have a very old home (1890) so it was designed to stay cool(er). It was ok during the day, but thank goodness we had an A/C upstairs where the bedrooms are. So far I have not had any negative comments (knock on wood). It seems so odd to me that you would ever have any!

  9. I love this list! I have learned that staying sane during a crazy hectic project is mildly hard to do.

  10. Lee says:

    I love The Flying Biscuit. Especially the biscuits.

    I wear those shorts when I’m just lounging around but I have problems with them riding up when I run.

  11. Mellissa says:

    Running shorts are super comfy! As for lessons learned in May, I need to SLOW down. Working 50+ hours a week and have lots of activities going on leads to on tired girl.

    On to negative blog comments- I ignore. I don’t feel it is fair to give someone so negative so much attention. They thrive on it! The people who go around the internet saying mean things have nothing better to do.

    Workout clothes- I have to workout in a tank top, I hate the constricting feeling of other shirts and either shorts or pants.

  12. I’ve seen you with lil’’re a fantastic mama and she’s a great little girl! 🙂

    I’ve yet to get a nasty comment on my blog, but have gotten some on O2. I try not to let it get to me and move on. We each know the truth within ourselves.

    I also just discovered a love for running shorts!!! They are so great! I love to wear them when outside with the dogs in this hot georgia heat!

  13. Kati says:

    Hmmm…I don’t know what I learned in May! But I’m kinda with you on the friends thing. People I thought I’d be friends till the end with can dwindle away. And ONLINE friends that I’ve never even met before can be totally amazing! Tonight I worked out in Target workout shorts and a tank top :> But the point is that I WORKED OUT! ha ha.

  14. What a lovely post! I seriously enjoy reading your posts, so I can see why you’ve been contacted for a freelance article. Awesome! Can’t wait to read it 🙂

  15. great post! so many great thoughts
    congrats on being contacted to write!

    neg comments. i get my share. they come in spurts. i have foudn then when i stop posting food and post more life, i get less neg comments. there are alot of lurkers out there w/ mental and food and ED issues and that’s what they live for…to rip or criticize someone else. very few ppl are bold enough to say, i think your hair is ugly or i think your move to CA is dumb or whatever but it’s easier for them to say xyz about food choices. That said, yours was about parenting. I would have been pissed. Very. B/c that’s something both you and i hold near and dear…our children and parenting and i woulda been hoppin’ mad about that one!

  16. I learned a lot in May, actually. I learned that I have to be fearless and let go of my anxieties. I learned that I have to stop second guessing myself and instead assert myself. I learned that little problems really aren’t losing sleep over. 🙂


  17. How fun!!! I love this. I kind of hit rock bottom in a few ways in May, and I think that I learned a lot about how to cope. Nothing serious, but you know how things culminate into a huge breakdown? Sort of like that. But it was actually really positive because it was the tipping point I needed to change some things in my life!

  18. Awesome post! I only discovered running shorts about two years ago. And now I don;t know how I was running without them. It’s so amazing to look back on the past year or even the past month, like this, to see what new things you learned or tried. Good for you for not letting the judgemental comment get you down. Like you said – you know what kind of mother you are, so comments from people who don’t know you well should not get you down at all.

  19. Yay for the freelance gig! That’s fantastic!! I have to work on trusting God more. I know He’s the one in control, so why is it that I want to try to handle things on my own?

  20. What a great May recap! I am sorry you got a negative comment…I honestly can not imagine someone ever wanting to say one thing negative to you. And it blows my mind that it was about your parenting skills! That really shocks me. I am glad you didn’t let it affect you though…that is the mark of a confident person. (something I wish I was)

  21. Jess says:

    First things first – totally jealous that you only live 30 mins from Em! How cool! AND now that you mention it, I’ve never tried running shorts but you’ve convinced me it might be time to give them a whirl! 🙂
    As for negative comments – agree with Kelly on this, shocks me that anyone would dream of neg’ing you on your parenting skills, seriously. I’m glad you didn’t let it affect you either!!
    And for what I learned this month? That my husband’s lay-off from work was probably the best thing that ever happened to us!! 🙂

  22. Rachel says:

    In May I learned that I do not manage my money well. I had a ton of social comittments to attend on top of my monthly bills and it was a struggle to make ends meet. I ended up skipping grocery shopping and relied on convenience meals which were unhealthy and honestly didn’t save me any money whatsoever.

    Negative comments are one of the biggest issues in my life. They affect me GREATLY and I do not know how to fix it. I know it shouldn’t matter what other think, but for some reason I put great emphasis on others opinion of me and get deeply hurt when people have negative attitudes towards me. I must fix this.

    My favorite thing to workout in is matching outfits. I feel sassy and put-together.

  23. I love how running shoes having the undies in them! So helpful! I usually work out in those and a t shirt or capris and a t shirt.

    Luckily, I haven’t got a negative comment yet. Knock on wood though. Hopefully, I’d just let it roll of my back.

    I learned in May that life is so much more enjoyable when your mind isn’t occupied with food and how many calories you are consuming.

    I learned that I’m a catch and I deserve more affection and showcases of love in my relationship. Which, we talked about and Sean has stepped up to the plate.

  24. Holly says:

    I loved reading the things you learned…especially about making new friends (Em is SUCH a sweet heart!) and trusting God. AMEN. 🙂

    I still am in shock that May is over! I definitely have started to learn more about trusting myself around those foods that were once “forbidden” to me. I am realizing that they are only “the enemy” or “bad” if I let them be – which I am trying hard not to.

    Negative comments DEFinitely affect me – I really hate being so sensitive. Knock on wood, I’ve never received a direct one. I can’t imagine where that commenter was coming from talking about your parenting – it’s easy to tell from your blog that you are an AMAZING mom!

    I love to work out in a tank top (long please!) and my Under Armour capris.

  25. Denise says:

    Congrats on your offer to write. That is very cool.

    I don’t have any running shorts, they seem too short and of course I don’t like how my legs look 🙁

    In May I learned that I need to lighten up is several areas of my life.

  26. I LOVE my running shorts! Built in underwear totally rocks. I think it’s amazing that you’ve learned to listen to your body and feed it what it need and can handle.

  27. Katie says:

    Love the last point! GOD IS GOOD! WOOO HOOOO! 🙂 I just want to tell you once again that I just love your blog, and the truth it shines to the world!!! 🙂

  28. ellie says:

    I love posts like this- looking back and reflecting is awesome. I spent summers in NYC with AC and agree 100%- it’s bearable until bedtime! Congrats on the writing gig! so exciting 😀

    “I feel confident in who I am as a person.” <- I LOVE this.

    I try not to let negative comments get to me if they are from someone I don't know. If it's someone who knows me well, it sometimes hurts but mostly I try to see their point of view and figure out if there is truth/helpful feedback in what they are saying.

  29. Susan says:

    Love this post!! First, I’ve been trying on running shorts but haven’t bought any yet. I guess I haven’t found the perfect pair yet, as they just bunch up and create a very PG-13 situation. I usually workout in longer, more fitted shorts and a Lululemon tank-top. NO cotton. I will never go back to old t-shirts now that I’m spoiled with sweat-wicking fibres 😉

    I’ve only gotten a few negative comments, and really, can’t be bothered by them. They come from people who obviously don’t read the blog every day, so their comments are often based on a false sense of knowledge. Also, the ones I’ve gotten have been really badly written. I can’t take it seriously, nor do I want to take my time to rebut for someone who isn’t genuinely concerned or bothered by something.

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