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Posted: July 11, 2010 at 2:27 pm

Hi wonderful friends! How have your weekends been? Mine has been fabulously low-key. Things have been so busy lately I needed some time to relax. When constant fatigue and headaches plague you, a weekend with nothing to do is your best friend.

Saturday included no plans besides hitting up the gym in the morning and accomplishing a few of the chores I too easily push aside during the week. Success. I did Power in the morning and felt energetic afterwards for about 2.2 seconds and rounded out the day with some laundry and cleaning all around the house. A crazy thought, though, was that I almost could have been in a bad accident.

I didn’t leave the gym right after Power because I stopped to talk to a friend/instructor who just got engaged. This put me leaving a few minutes later than normal. As I was leaving the gym I heard sirens blaring and when I pulled up to the light for my street there was a bad accident (looked like someone was T-boned) that had JUST happened. I don’t necessarily believe it would have been me if I left like normal, but it still makes you consider how different situations are connected and intermingled all around us. You never know when one moment could end in a completely different outcome than it could have otherwise.

rman10550l.jpg (400×313)

I don’t believe in predestination, but I do think that certain things happen for a reason. I believe we have a choice, but may feel pulled towards choosing a particular path or decision for a purpose. Even meeting a reader like I shared on Friday applies. It was a last minute decision for our playgroup to meet at that Chick Fil A, but I think there was something to it. After the stuff Stacey (the reader) & I shared later that day in email, I can’t help but wonder if there is some reason we met. Or another example is how Emily & I were only connected through the blog even after going to the same high school and living so close to each other. But then we were able to support each other with our trials and then share in our joys together. We found out we were expecting kiddos on the same exact day. There’s gotta be more than chance to that.

Whew. I didn’t mean for that to carry on so much. I guess I’m saying that you just never know. Be open to new things, people, and opportunities. There’s no telling where it will lead you, but if it’s following your heart, gut, or in my mind God, then it will be a great journey. I was not intending to get that heavy. So I 'will shut my mouth here and end with what this post was supposed to be about. My first baby bump picture!

IMGP5188 IMGP5190

I’m 3 months along now (about 12.5 weeks) and cannot believe how much that bump has popped already. They don’t lie when they say you show quicker with the second one. Or that you show sooner with a short torso. I’m blessed with both so I get to already sport the bump. I know I still have LOTS more growing to do, but just from comparison to the last time it seems like it's popping out so much faster. I love it though. Something about carrying and growing a child makes me feel so beautiful and confident. And exhausted. I have never felt so tired in my life! At least when I was pregnant with Makenzie there was time to rest. Now not so much. She doesn’t allow it. Instead of Chinese water torture it is Makenzie suck the energy from your life torture. So greetings from me, my growing uterus, and the plum that currently inhabits it. Less than 2 months until we find out if “it” is a boy or a girl!

  • Do you believe things ever happen for a reason? Or that one moment can change the outcome of other things you wouldn’t have expected?
  • What is the most tiring thing you have ever done? I think it is a cruel joke of irony that pregnancy drains you of energy so much, but caffeine is a no-no for pregnancy. Almost as cruel as craving sushi but not being able to eat it. I might have just a little bit of experience with that right now.

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18 Comments to “bump, bump, bump”
  1. You look so cute with your itty bitty bump! 🙂

    Scary about the car accident- I sometimes wonder myself how things like that could all just be linked somehow in some sort of plan… eery…

  2. homecookedem says:

    There was definitely more than chance that connected you and me!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!

    LOVE the belly bump picture!! So much fun!! And I can’t wait until you find out if “it” is a boy or girl!! If it’s a boy he can be my boy’s BFF (wait, do boys have “BFF’S” haha) and if it’s a girl she can by his girlfriend! I swear at nighttime I feel like I look 6 months pregnant!!!!! haha!! 🙂

  3. Jessica at EatDrinkBreatheSweat just posted the other day about things happening for a reason. I am sort of torn on that. Sometimes I think they totally do, then with other situations I think it’s what we have made of the situation ourselves (if that makes sense).

  4. Jennifer says:

    I am huge on believing that things happen for a reason. Nothing is coincidence with God, and I think that in all things, he has a purpose. I have had too many things happen in my past that seemed to have happened by mere “chance” but turned out to direct me on the path that I am on right now. 🙂 You seriously look so pretty with your baby bump. You could have a potato sack on and radiate because your inner beauty completely comes through in your smile and eyes! Love ya girl.

  5. katie says:

    umm I WANT TO BE YOU WHEN I GROW UP!! haha seriously.. you are amazing tho!!! seriously. you are the best mom and wife ever.. i know it! your baby bump is ADORABLE!!!

  6. Holly says:

    Tina, you look SO beautiful! There is just something about pregnant women – I think they are radiant and gorgeous. I can’t wait to see your “bump” progress!

    I do believe everything happens for a reason, though it sometimes takes awhile to see why. But it’s amazing to look back on things and see how everything works out the way it’s supposed to!

  7. Morgan says:

    such a cute bump!!!

  8. Maren says:

    Tina- thank you so much for your kind words a day or two ago regarding my injury. I’m having a really hard time with it. It’s amazing what God can do, who knows if your choice to stay later than normal and talk to your friend really did save you from an accident, but God does send little things like that into our lives to spare us. I really enjoyed reading this post, it was not too heavy!

  9. Shannon says:

    What a cute bump! I was so tired during the first trimester too. I’m not as tired anymore, but everything is harder to do because I am so round and my center of gravity is off.

    I definitely believe that things happen for a reason. There are too many things in life just can’t be mere coincidence.

  10. You look so beautiful with your bump!

    I do believes things happen for a reason. I believe that God has an ultimate plan that we cannot know or predict, so it is important to be open to all kinds of opportunities because you just never know where they might lead. 🙂

  11. Nichole says:

    Awww, look at your gorgeous bump! Like me, after a good pizza, haa. Enjoy every inch, I’m sure your pregnancy will fly by.

    This weekend the longest bike ride ever wiped me out!

    PS – I think it’s a boy;)

  12. Love the bump! You look beautiful!

  13. I love the little baby bump you have! I also like that it makes you feel confident and beautiful…that makes me smile! 🙂

  14. Karan says:

    I no longer believe that everything happens for a reason (and a gasp was heard throughout the christian community!) But I do believe this: that for everything that happens to me, when/if I place it in the hands of my heavenly Father, that He can give reason/meaning to even the worst things that happen to me. I used to believe that everything was predestined, as taught by a church I attended. But then I had a string of awful events in my life – including a divorce. That challenged my theology, as these were not things that would make God pleased! So, I was left with a choice: to believe that God orchestrated the events, or believe that man has a choice and that God is sovreign (yes the two can co-exist!). And to also believe that I have a very real enemy who desires to kill, steal and destroy in my life. So, I now believe that some events are ordained by God to happen, and some are a result of man’s choice. But in the latter case, if I happen to get ashes, then when I give them to God, He will give me beauty in return. Sorry so long, but this is a subject I have grown very passionate about – thanks for asking!

  15. I think its interesting to think about how a moment could change your life. It’s like that movie Sliding Doors right? I sometimes catch myself thinking that if I had done this instead where would I be…

  16. Your bump is precious! I think all women look absolutely beautiful pregnant! I definitely believe everything happens for a reason and that hard times are Gods way of strengthening us. The most trying time I ever went through is when my husband (then boyfriend) had reconstructive facial surgery. He was wired shut for 6 weeks! Seeing someone I love in so much pain is the toughest thing I’ve ever done. However, during that time we grew so much closer, and after that there was no doubt in my mind that he was the man I was going to marry!

    Good luck with the growing bump!

  17. Nicole, RD says:

    Wow, how scary…I would’ve thought the same thing. You just never know…I’m so glad you stayed to congratulate her! And your baby bump..you’re too cute! I can only hope I’m that cute when pregnant! I can only imagine how amazing it feels to be pregnant…that’s one thing I’m excited about 🙂 Someday… 🙂

  18. Hayley says:

    Awwww Tina you look adorable!! You’re still really small even if this is your second and you’re showing sooner. 🙂

    I definitely believe things happen for a reason, but I also think that we bring on a lot of our own “destinies” if that makes sense? I’m kind of a believer in “The Secret”…”what you think about you bring about.” If I’m constantly focusing on the negative stuff or thinking negative thoughts or blaming the world around me for everything bad that happens then I’m going to constantly bring negative things into my life. On the other hand, if I try to make the best out of a not-so-great situation (make lemonade from lemons!) or smile even if I’m feeling down then life just doesn’t seem to bad.

    Sorry if I’m rambling!

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