come in 3’s

Posted: July 26, 2010 at 6:03 pm

It’s common knowledge that good things and bad things come in threes. Well, I decided to share some threes of my life with all of you. I know I always love reading posts like these when others do a similar concept, so here it goes. My life in 3.

Current foods I crave
- Tomatoes! I am sure once these tomatoes from my sis-in-law’s garden ripen they will be gone in a few days.

IMGP5461 (Large)

  - Fruit! I eat it numerous times per day. Anything lemon flavored can be included here as well…like a Lemon Zest Luna bar.
IMGP5453IMGP5462 (Large)  - Hearty and saucy meals. I crave FOOD when pregnant. Not snacky meals like my normal. I want a hefty meal. BBQ, Mexican, and Chinese top the list. To keep the balance I limit those options to once a week.

People I love..all three of which I will be enjoying a Chinese dinner with tonight 😀
- Peter
- Makenzie
- my sister, Heather

Things I would buy if I won the lottery
- A house on the lake with a boat.
- A personal chef to make me nutritious meals all day, every day.
- A trip around the US and the world.

My favorite TV shows
- Friends. I may know every episode by heart, but I will never stop watching. - So You Think You Can Dance. I just love it. The routines are always so awesome.
- Chopped on the Food Network. I may not like to cook, but I love seeing other people whip up crazy things.

The best compliments I could ever receive
- “You exhibit God’s love”. It is part of my life’s ambition.
- “Can you help me?” In my mind, that means the person trusts me and respects me.
- “You are a great mother.” It will be even more amazing to hear those words from my kid’s mouths.

My biggest pet peeves
- When someone complains about something but refuses to do anything to change it.
- Dog hair. It is everywhere. 
- Peter’s junk corner on our counter. I clean it and turn around and there is a shambles again. 

Things I currently love
- My life. I don’t think I could be happier if I tried.
- Writing. It may not go very far, but it sure is fun to me.
- Maternity clothes. I may be just under 4 months along and my regular clothes may still fit, but I have a ton of maternity stuff on hand from Makenzie and its more comfortable. Why not rock the elastic bands?IMGP5459 
Workouts I’m digging
- Power, even with my instructor constantly “keeping an eye on me”. I love the feeling of lifting weights.
- Spinning. Normally kick would top spinning, but it is easier to accommodate spinning for my body right now. I still love kick, but there are some parts of the class that get a bit frustrating to not be able to do.
- Yoga. Love. Mental and physical strength all in one.

My favorite physical features
- My eyes. They are a distinct green and big.
- My legs. I think they have great definition.
- My smile. I always hear it is welcoming.

My favorite personal traits
- Honest and open. I will always share my true thoughts and opinions.
- Good listener and supporter. I love sharing advice and helping others.
- Goofball. You may not get it from here, but I am quite the quirky gal. I have an odd sense of humor that only a few people “get”. You should see me and my sister together. It’s scary. P1080534

My current fears
- That I won’t be able to breastfeed this next baby. It was the most rewarding thing I have ever done besides giving birth and I know it won’t necessarily happen just because I could breastfeed M. I would be heartbroken if I couldn’t.
- That I will end up like my dad. I know from experience anxiety and depression run strong in my family. I know my dad suddenly hit a switch when I was growing up where it became so much worse. It scares me to be anything like him or that happening to me.
- A car wreck. For as long as I remember, I have always had this gut feeling that one day I am going to be in a very serious car wreck. It is always in the back of my mind in the car.

My hopes
- To share a positive message with others.
- To have a happy marriage for life.
- To become a certified personal trainer or group fitness instructor.

Things I hate about pregnancy
- I can’t have sushi. I miss that the most.
- I miss my intense workouts. I seriously can’t wait to get back to my “normal” gym moves.
- Unsolicited advice from so many people.

Things I love about pregnancy
- Feeling the baby move
- That pregnancy glow
- Special treatment.

My firsts
- Sport = dancing. I did it a few years before getting into gymnastics and cheerleading.
- Love = Brett. Bad relationship, but I learned a lot. All I have to say is thank goodness for Peter, otherwise I would not be surprised if I was still unhappy with him.
- Binge = on peanut butter in March of 2004. It took me 4 years to overcome that first experience.

Things that aren’t quite up to par with healthy living, food blogging but I’m not ashamed of
- I ate McDonald’s this month. I only ever eat this junk when pregnant. I don’t know what it is but I CRAVE it. So I listened one day.
- I have no desire to try certain things popular in the blogosphere. Like overnight oats or nutritional yeast.
- I chose a vacuum over a cool spiralizer. 😉

  • Give me three things about yourself. It can be a list of three like one of mine above all in one category…one from a few different categories…or your own creation! I want to know YOU!


59 Comments to “come in 3’s”
  1. Dorry says:

    Fun post! It’s great to get to know you better. 🙂

    1. I’m getting married in 2 months!
    2. I have 2 older sisters and 3 nieces – lots of girls!
    3. I’m going to Lake Tahoe this Thursday to visit friends

  2. you are SO cute! i know if we lived closer we’d be such good friends 🙂

    1. I adore Mo Town music. Like, to a fault. I can sing and dance to Earth, Wind, and Fire with the rest of ’em 🙂

    2. I want to have babies YESTERDAY!

    3. I feel like I have two homes…Texas and Colorado. It would be impossible to pick a favorite between the two!

    • Tina says:

      Put on the funky stuff and let’s groove together!! Although I won’t make you wear a princess crown like M does to me. LOL

  3. I feel the same way about Friends! I can’t NOT watch it… ever!

    1. I am less than a week away from my half marathon.
    2. I am less than a week and a half away from a little family getaway to DC!
    3. It’s only a month and a half away from a good friend’s wedding!

    Clearly, I’m very busy at the end of this summer… lol

  4. Holly says:

    Oh my gosh, Tina…you are beautiful! I LOVE your bump, and that glow. 🙂

    Three hopes I have…

    1. To find a job (soon!) which hopefully I love, or at least one I can stand. 🙂
    2. To be a mommy one day – a good mommy (like you!) at that.
    3. To be able to run a full (or a half) marathon again one day.

    I loved this post!

  5. Meg says:

    Ok first the bad, then the good? I have all of those fears. I haven’t even had a baby but I’ve had bad dreams about not being able to breastfeed. Anxiety runs in my mom’s side of the family. I totally have an irrational fear of car wrecks! I’m afraid I’ll get in a horrible one someday too!

    1. I used to be allergic to peanuts, tomatoes and oranges as a kid. I grew out of it.
    2. I have dual citizenship (US and Canada)
    3. I’ve been on a total sushi kick! (You can live vicariously through me?)

    • Tina says:

      That is crazy we share the same fears. So weird! And I will certainly live vicariously through your sushi indulgence. 😀

  6. Madeline - Greens and Jeans says:

    I loved reading this post!
    1. I’m working very hard to find a more fulfilling job than the one I have now
    2. I have lived in 3 countries other than the US
    3. I am training for my first marathon!

  7. I love this b/c I love getting to know you better.

    1. I am terrified and over-the-moon excited at the same time for this Road Trip.

    2. I am afraid of house fires (never been in one).

    3. Miss ballet.

  8. Oh, this was an awesome post! I’m proud of being a goofball too 🙂 Life is too short to be prissy and by-the-book.

    The best compliments I have ever received were:
    1.) You always know just how to get me to do what I’m terrified of.
    2.) You’re the only teacher that actually acts like she wants to be around us and cares about what we think.
    3.) You always have a reason to smile!

    • Tina says:

      I loved receiving comments like that too when I was teaching. It goes to show that kids really do notice how their teachers react to them.

  9. Sarah says:

    I really enjoyed this post. So much fun, and I feel like I got to know you better:-).
    Three things I’m thanking God for these days:
    1. my husband
    2. all of the amazing women I’ve been able to form relationships with recently (both on and offline). Great relationships remind me that God knows how to take care of me:).
    3. the fact that God says “no” and sometimes he doesn’t say anything at all (for a while) in response to some of my requests. he really knows me and loves me better than anyone.

  10. homecookedem says:

    Cute, cute, cute!!! I too am craving fruit like crazy!! Strawberries, peaches, and red grapes top my list right now!! 🙂 Also, I’m totally with you on the maternity clothes thing. I LOVE elastic waistbands… makes peeing a million times a day so much easier! 😉

    3 Things I’m Thankful for:
    1. Growing a healthy baby boy in my belly!!
    2. Andrew, my family, and friends
    3. Health

  11. Hi! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!!! I love yours as well. This post was so fun to read…I love learning more about other blogger’s lives. That peanut butter pic of you is TOO CUTE, hehehe!

    Hope you have a great evening! xoxo

  12. Lee says:

    This was fun to read. I’ll just give you some random things.

    1. I gave up meat but I really miss sushi.
    2. I really want to get another dog and name him Alex Trebek.
    3. I’m scared that I oversold myself in my job interview and don’t know as much as they think I do.

  13. Three Things I am looking forward to in life:
    1) Becoming a mother
    2) Biking longer and longer distances (especially now that my husband is biking too!)
    3) An afternoon of lounging in the hammock, reading, and sipping fresh strawberry lemonade. This might not be a “long term goal” but it certainly is something that I look forward to on a very regular basis, and the small things make life a great place in the day to day.

    • Tina says:

      Simple pleasures like that totally make life worthwhile. I would look forward to that as well. Sounds heavenly.

  14. Emily says:

    I loved this post! So great. I smiled several times and am so happy to have found someone else that loves Chopped. I really felt like I was the only one!

    My list will be things that I’m simultaneously scared of and excited about:

    1. Moving in to my own apartment this weekend.
    2. Climbing up Mt. Washington later in the month.
    3. Completing and then defending my MBA thesis in September.

    Phew! Big things. 🙂

  15. My hopes:
    1. To remember what my wedding is all about and not get caught up in the little stuff.
    2. To start a family with my amazing fiancé once he becomes my husband.
    3. To start off this teaching year with enough passion and excitement to get me through the inevitable tough “first year teaching” times!

    Great post!! Fun to read! 🙂

  16. My hopes:
    1. To remember what my wedding is all about and not get caught up in the little stuff.
    2. To start a family with my amazing fiancé once he becomes my husband.
    3. To start off this teaching year with enough passion and excitement to get me through the inevitable tough “first year teaching” times!
    Great post!! Fun to read!

  17. Kimberly says:

    Great post! I love getting to know other bloggers 🙂

    Three things I love to do:
    1. I love to encourage others and see the smile on their face.
    2. I love seeing my teens grow into mature adults.
    3. I love spending time just being quiet.

    Three foods I love (all of which I am not supposed to have-hehe):
    1. ice cream
    2. chocolate
    3. oats

  18. I really enjoyed reading this post! 🙂

    I’ll share three things that made me smile today:

    1. Attending a fun new class at the gym.

    2. Cooking dinner with my husband.

    3. Singing praise and worship songs at the top of my lungs while driving home from work.

    • Tina says:

      I do that all. the. time. I may not be able to sing well, but I know it doesn’t matter to God. And I can’t help but bust out when certain things come on. They just move me so much.

  19. Ohmygosh–I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t have the desire to try some of the more “popular” things in the health blogosphere! 🙂 Also, is that pic of you now? If so, girrrrl, you are looking fabulous for being four months along! You definitely have that glow! 🙂

    Three things (I mixed and matched):

    1. I LOVE teaching. It’s the most emotionally-stressful, but rewarding job I’ve ever worked.

    2. Some days, I don’t have enough time think let alone cook a fully organic and healthy meal. Sometimes Dominos Pizza is necessary 🙂

    3. I’m really loving blogging right now. It has become an amazing creative outlet for me and I’ve had the opportunity to connect with other wonderful bloggers!

    Great post–I’m glad I found your blog!

  20. Mellissa says:

    A few things about me:

    I live my life for me and try very hard not to let other people bring me down

    I am TERRIFIED of spiders

    I love cheese, it makes me happy 🙂

  21. Love this post!! I’m going to pick the 3 things I agree with the most:

    1. I’m not ashamed to admit that I LOVE McDonald’s every once in a while! can’t remember the last time I had it, though…
    2. I’m dreading not being able to eat sushi when pregnant.
    3. Loveee SYTYCD! Haven’t been keeping up very well this season, though!

  22. Mandy says:

    Great post. I always love reading about you 🙂

    3 things I think I am good at:
    1. Listening
    2. Photography
    3. Giving hugs 🙂

  23. you look absolutely glowing in that preggo pic! seriously, the skin is gorgeous!

    3 things I’m learning this month

    1. old friends are important and you should try to keep in touch with them.

    2. life is what you make it. good, bad, whatever. it’s all in the attitude.

    3. that im in love with sean and it feels great!

  24. Oh my I have the same fear of not being able to breastfeed this baby like I did B. I was able to breastfeed her for her entire first year and would have kept going if it was not so important for my health to get back on antidepressents (I would not take them pregnant or breastfeeding, my own hang up).

    3 things about this pregnancy…
    1) I can not wait until I can feel the baby move on a daily basis, it just makes it more “real”.
    2) I kind of hope this baby is a girl also just for the fact that my husband will be more likely to try for a 3rd if it is not a boy. I would love to have 4 kids. As long as the baby is healthy I will be happy
    3) I am kind of freaked out about “popping” so much sooner with this one than I did with B. I know it happens with the 2nd but it still freaks me out to see my 13.5 week belly definitely bigger than it was with B.

    You look great and I loved all of you “3” things! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Run Sarah says:

    What a fun post!
    3 things I’m excited about:
    1) Finishing my 3rd year of school
    2) Vacation in Mexico
    3) Working on my wedding photo album

  26. Heather says:

    Great post, and Amen to the not wanting to try Overnight Oats! I thought I was the only other person blogging who had no desire :-).

    3 things I am excited for right now;
    1. To pick up my adopted dog Thursday from the pound
    2. My trip to Chicago in 2 weekends for my friend’s Bachelorette party
    3. Just the possibilities of life in general!

    • Tina says:

      Something about eating a ton of mush just does not appeal to me. I am way too much of a texture eater. I can do the oats mixed with yogurt to cool it down thing, but not overnight. Blech.

  27. Jennifer says:

    From what I know of you, so many of these things are true like your smile being so welcoming, and you being someone that I trust and can tell anything to. You’re just awesome 🙂 Hmm three things about first love was my husband, my current favorite workout is circuit training, and my biggest pet peeve is when certain people in my gym class finish an exercise before everyone else but only because they did it wrong, and they then walk around like their the stuff….random I know. 🙂

  28. Shannon says:

    3 things I share with you (although there are many more it appears!):
    1. Pet hair is definitely a pet peeve.
    2. Feeling this baby move is the most amazing thing ever!
    3. Friends is still my favorite show. If there is a rerun on, I watch it!

  29. Awesome post! Okay, 3 things about me….

    1. I crave ice cream while pregant…but honestly, it’s something I crave even when I’m not 🙂

    2. My favorite TV shows are Grey’s Anatomy and Friends.

    3. I love to food shop. There’s something about finding the best deals that makes it like a challenge.

  30. Nichole says:

    I could hug you right now, these are absolutely precious. What a warm way to start my day.

    Three things about me right now:
    – I fell asleep in my pool Sunday afternoon and have the worst tan lines, ever.
    – I wish I could bring my dog to work with me so I could see his face all day.
    – I admire my mom, she’s manages to visit her mom every single weekend. No matter what, and she’s far away. I hope my heart is as big as hers.

  31. I love this post!!! You are such a wonderful person and this was lovely getting to know you a bit better!
    3 things about me: My hopes:
    – To find a job I love
    – To find a man that’s perfect for me
    – To be able to provide for my future children the same great things (ie childhood experiences, university education, moral values) that my parents provided for me.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  32. Holy cow…that peanut butter picture is HILARIOUS!!!! I loved this post because I love learning more about you.

    3 TV shows I love:
    1. Top Chef
    2. The Closer
    3. Felicity

  33. Rachel says:

    Great post! I love learning more things about you 🙂 Sorry if that sounds way creepy!

    3 Favorite Workouts:
    Dance of any kind
    Step Aerobics
    Anything that my boyfriend joins me during

  34. Bree says:

    You look great! I can’t fathom eating cold oats, either. No overnight oats for me.

    3 randoms:
    1. my favorite lift is the deadlift
    2. I am training for a 10 mile race in October – my first real race (post high school that is) even though I have been running since I was 13.
    3. I have never mowed a lawn. Ever.

  35. I love it when people do these posts. Your’s is beautiful because you were so honest and real. And your simile is very welcoming.

  36. Jennifer says:

    My gosh! Your baby bump is gorgeous! I wasn’t showing until yesterday – literally. I thought I’d never show. And now, all of the sudden, there’s this itty bitty bump, and I wonder where the heck it came from!
    I’m quite proud of it, really.

  37. What a fun post to read- fun getting to know you better 🙂 We’ve got a lot in common: love for tomatoes, Friends, my annoyance at dog hair right now, my lack of desire to try overnight oats 😉

    3 things I am looking forward to:
    Seeing my whole, extended fam this weekend!
    Going to Germany in Oktober
    Meeting my best friend’s baby, debuting in December 🙂

  38. Haha I love that you say you have no interest in trying things that you see on other blogs. I have tried a lot of the things people put up and I am like yuck what are they thinking.

    I think I’ve told you this before but I love your blog!

  39. Your fears were too familiar, so I’ll vent about mine:

    1. The family anxiety that’s starting to show in me will get worse.
    2. That anxiety is related to my mother’s recent Parkinson’s diagnosis, and it will be genetic, too. Also, that it will get so bad for my mom that she won’t be able to communicate.
    3. I won’t be able to complete the marathon I hope to run with Team Fox to raise money for Parkinson’s research.

    Sorry to be a downer. Can’t write it on my blog as it’s not fully public knowledge…so…here’s shouting it in relative anonymity.

    • Tina says:

      Oh! I will be certain to pray for you, your mom, and your family. That is rough. I am happy to be an outlet for you. Use me for one whenever you need. Hugs!

    • Stacia says:

      Hi Katy,
      My mother was also recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s. They can do so much for patients these days…..and knowing early is important in curtailing the progression.
      I know a man that was diagnosed 14 years ago, and most of the time you wouldn’t know he had Parkinson’s!!

  40. Kacy says:

    I loved this! I totally relate to your fears. My mom is very depressed and has been on medication for years. I am afraid that someday it will be that bad for me too (I struggle with it, but handle it naturally right now with faith, exercise, etc.).

    I don’t know if I’ll ever try nutritional yeast either. And if I do, I’ll probably never call it “nooch” haha.

    You’re such a cute little pregger! Love the maternity wear 🙂

  41. It’s so fun to read this and do them yourself.

    3 Things I would buy if I won the lottery:
    1. Ditto on the chef
    2. My own business (a yoga studio or bakery come to mind)
    3. A vacation home somewhere

  42. I watch Friends every chance I get! I still cry during the proposal and the final ones. Sniff, sniff!

    Ugh, I hate unsolicited advice during pregnancy & breastfeeding! I understand the worry about BFing the 2nd baby. Don’t worry. You’ve been down that road & you and your baby will know exactly what to do. 🙂

    I’m still nursing Baby Boy and he’s 21 months old. Yeah, I’m a tiny bit over it now lol. You look amazing & you totally have the GLOW!

  43. I loved this post!!

    1) I got married 2 months ago!
    2) I am moving to Dallas Texas in 3 days and am completely terrified of leaving my little home town.
    3) I teach aerobics, and it is a high like nothing else! I know it sounds silly, but when I am teaching and my class is having fun it is better than any present you could give me!

  44. I’m a new reader and just recently added you to my list of blogs I read. I really like this post. It’s like meeting a new friend.

    1. ) I recently got engaged.
    2. ) I started a new blog to serve as my online scrapbook of sorts so I can look back one day and see that no matter how busy like is, we always have a choice to eat healthy.
    3. ) I love living in Southern California, wouln’t want to live anywhere else but I love to travel and experience other places too but as a tourist.

  45. Lauren says:

    This is such a fun post! I also love when people do things like this…and I kind of want to do one just like it.
    My first sport was also dance, although most people didn’t consider it a sport and I was still always picked last in gym class. I did ballet and some other forms of dance for 10 years and loved it! I also did about a year of gymnastics but decided not to continue. I aspired to be a cheerleader when I was a kid, but my high school didn’t have cheerleading so I stuck with dance. Sometimes I wish I never stopped…it was really a passion of mine.
    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful answers.

  46. I am so glad I came across your blog! You are such a shining light with your positivity! Here are three things about me:
    1. I met my husband on my first blind date ever and never turned back
    2. I speak Russian fluently
    3. I am so excited to start a family but so scared of the whole thing too

  47. Hayley says:

    LOVE these kinds of posts!! Your new belly shot is adorable…you’ve got a nice little bump going on! 🙂

  48. […] can learn more about what Faith Fitness Fun is all about HERE and a few random tidbits about myself HERE. I hope you comment and come back to visit again. I always love connecting with other bloggers and […]

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