me. want. bed.

Posted: August 6, 2010 at 3:40 pm

I’m so tired my grammar has left me! We spent a solid 12 hours in the car. From about 10 pm to 10 am. Well, technically, I’m typing this at 10:50 am still in the car because we can’t check in until noon. I have such devotion. Or just need a way to kill time before lunch.


I handled the drive much better than anticipated. Rocky patches still came up, but we survived. Peter drove the first four hours while I attempted to sleep. Key word being attempted. Who knew there were so many distractions in the car.Peter has a cough that would wake me up. My body froze because we had to keep the A/C turned up cold so the person driving would stay awake. I contracted an even more serious case of ADD than normal and kept popping awake from the songs that played on the radio. “Hey Peter. Did did you know Heather (my sister) had no clue Adam Lambert sang this until last week?” “Eminem still sings!? When did he come back?!” And so on. I reached that crazy, silly, happy tired stage relatively quickly.


Wow! Camera flashes are not friendly. Since I was awake, I drove for 2 hours while Peter napped, allowing tunes from the 80s and 90s to energize me. If you like Pina Coladas…and getting caught in the rain. If you’re not into health food and like the taste of champagne. Perhaps I shouldn’t blog on so few hours of sleep? My apologies for torturing you with the most random mumble jumble known to man. And for using words like mumble jumble.

The remainder of the drive went smoothly. I managed a decent amount of dozing. We stopped for some breakfast. I had a very lackluster bowl of fruit and a biscuit. I learned that Northern toll roads are insanely expensive. And that pumping your own gas is not allowed in some areas. Who knew? I wish I could actually SEE Philly for all this traveling. That’s right. We’re starting a new trend to drive 12 hours to the suburbs of an amazing city and not get the chance to go in. 🙁 I made the executive decision to scrap our 5 year wedding anniversary cruise plan to travel instead to somewhere nifty in the US. It bothers me I’ve seen more foreign countries than states.

Back to the day. Since we weren’t able to check in until noon we hit up an early lunch. I grinned when we came across a Panera. Yay for the half and half combo – strawberry poppyseed salad and chicken salad sandwich. Deliciousness.


Upon checking in, we quickly headed up to our room, dumped our bags, and climbed in for a 2 hour nap.


A chorus of angels opened up and sang at that moment. Now, I am about to leave for tonight’s wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.


I have a feeling I’m going to miss wine. At least there will be dessert. And then bed. Ohhhh….bed!!!!

  • What is the least amount of sleep you have had to endure? I think last night left me more tired than the first few weeks after having Makenzie!! I know I had a lot less sleep back in my party years, but that was different.
  • What is your favorite part about weddings? I love the actual ceremony, but as for the rehearsal and reception I admit to being all about the food! LOL Unless I know a lot of the people and then it’s about letting loose and having a good time laughing.

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39 Comments to “me. want. bed.”
  1. i pulled one all-nighter in my life and cried like a baby that was the worst! i love everything about weddings (which is why it’s great to be a wedding photographer on the side :)), but I have to say that a reception with lots of dancing is always a blast! in the ceremony i love when the bride comes in…as i’m sure most girls do 😉

  2. Probably working as a counselor at a camp for 6th graders and bunking in a cabin with the girls. Who knew pre-teens were so chatty? Oh wait…

  3. Glad you made safe and sound (even if sleepy). Hope you have a good evening and get some sleep!!! Not really sure what the least amount of sleep I’ve functioned on. May depend on your definition of functioning.

  4. Hallie says:

    You are SO funny. I love it. And your dress is so pretty! I really need one like that, I think it’d be flattering on me (even though I’m not pregnant, haha) My favorite part of weddings? Open bar…followed by cake. Hey, just being honest. I love all the mushy love stuff too.

    • Tina says:

      Well, the dresses aren’t maternity so I bet they would look great on a lot of people. I just bought a size bigger than normal. So comfortable too.

  5. Love your dress!!!!!

    I’ve stayed up all night a few times and I’m always worthless the next day!

    I love so much about weddings! The food, the CAKE, catching up with people I haven’t seen in awhile, dancing, pictures…

    Have a nice time!

  6. Mellissa says:

    36 hours after some airport debacles.

    You look really cute in your dress!

  7. You look pretty in your dress!

    When I was younger (ten years ago!) I could go all night long without sleeping and just partying. That makes me so tired, even to think about it 😀 I love my sleep!

  8. You need sleep! I am glad you got there and got a little bit of rest! As for the lack of sleep, I can’t remember the last time I got a small amount of sleep since having kids, the times all seem to blur together!

    Have fun tonight! You look super cute!

  9. you are a brave soul for being trapped in the car for 10 hours! yikes! you look pretty for the wedding…where is your baby bump!? you can’t even tell you are pregnant!

  10. Heather says:

    I’m a useless walking zombie on anything less than 6 hrs of sleep. I’ve gone on about 3 or 4 when my daughter was really sick.
    Otherwise, even as a teenager I was the first asleep at slumber parties.

  11. homecookedem says:

    Glad you made it there safely!! You look so pretty in your party dress! 🙂

    My favorite part about weddings is CAKE and dancing!! 🙂 I have a little trick… I get a slice of wedding cake and Andrew gets a slice of the groom’s cake. Since he can’t have gluten, I eat both slices, hehe! 😉

  12. Glad you made it! I’m a terrible night time driver – you’re a trooper!
    I’ve only pulled one all-nighter, which was when I was 16, and I proceeded to sleep (albeit terribly) for about 6 hours as soon as I finally got home. Scrap the bad night driver comment – I don’t do late nights well in general!
    My favourite part about weddings is when the bride comes in, and the cake cutting (well, actually just looking at the cake, but that’s the foodie in me!)

  13. Im so glad to hear from you!! Glad you made it

    and you look smokin and beautiful in that dress!

  14. Ilana says:

    In college I was the queen of all nighters – sooo unhealthy. I know I’ve gone at least three days without sleep – and I was CRAZY by the end of it. Literally not with the world and hallucinating!! But I got all A’s that semester … I guess it might have been worth it??

    I love two things about weddings – watching the bride and groom, and FOOD!!

  15. I love your dress. The color looks great on you.

    I love everything about weddings but the thing I like the most are the vows, so romantic.

    We drove overnight from San Francisco to L.A. before. I was not the driver, I was the passenger and resting. When I woke up, I saw the driver spraying water on his face to stay awake. I felt so bad 🙁

  16. Lee says:

    I need sleep. I cannot survive on less than 4-5 hours. I think that’s really the least I’ve ever gotten. I’ve never stayed up all night!

    I think I like the food at the weddings the best too. Or cake.

  17. Glad you made it ok — you look gorgeous in your picture! What a cute dress!

    I love the ceremony at weddings, I get all teary eyed thinking about my own wedding. And I love the food and the CAKE.

  18. Kimberly says:

    Glad you made it safe and sound!

    I think my favorite part about a wedding is the moment the groom first sees the bride coming down the isle. It always makes me want to cry just watching the grooms face–so sweet 🙂

    Have a GREAT time and enjoy the FOOD–LOL!!

    • Tina says:

      I can’t WAIT to see that moment! The groom is my good friend and we’ve known each other since 5th grade. I know he is so happy and I can’t wait to see his face.

  19. Yikes!! That must have been a tough drive. My sister lives in Philly – you really should go in!

  20. Becky says:

    You look amazing! Tired, but still one hot mama!

    I cannot sleep on long car rides. It’s terrible. I stay awake to make sure the driver is OK, then it’s my turn to drive and I’m exhausted! Fun songs are a road trip necessity. Enjoy the festivities!

  21. JamieS49 says:

    Where in the Philly burbs are you? That’s where I live!

    • Tina says:

      Doylestown. It’s such a cute little town. We are actually hoping to make into Philly for lunch and a few hours tomorrow.

  22. Sarah says:

    Tina, you look great in your rehearsal dinner dress!
    My favorite part about weddings HAS to be the dancing:-).

  23. This sandwich maid me hungry.

    I don’t like weddings very much, I get a little bored. Dancing is nice and of course alcohol 🙂

  24. Oh girl, you’re such a trooper! I definitely couldn’t drive so far while pregnant! Maybe I could have but not now for sure.

  25. Wow…that sounds like a rough ride…glad you got through it!!!! Wheres the wedding???? I live in the burbs…you’re in my neck of the woods it seems 😉

    your dress is so pretty, you look great!!!

    I do not do well on little sleep. I have went on 4 hours before, but crashed HARD!

    My fav part of a wedding is the dancing 🙂

    Have a great time!

  26. Yeah–that is a long time to be in a car…I’d go nuts! It is a bummer y’all are checking out Philly. I’ve visited twice and really like it—you get your fill of city but aren’t overwhelmed like in NYC.

  27. I’ve definitely pulled some all nighters and red eye flights. I don’t function so well on 3-4 hours of sleep 🙁

    I love weddings–I’ve been in four this summer and they all make me cry. They just remind me of my love for my hubby!!

  28. I love that dress! but sorry about the sleep deprivation lol

    I’m kind of strang when it comes to how I feel with/without sleep. If I go without any sleep at all I feel pretty horrible, no doubt. But if I can squeeze in 3 hours, I feel like I’ve slept a full 8! And then if I go over 8, I feel groggy again…

  29. You look so pretty in your dress!

  30. Me-Linh says:

    Love the dress! And all nighters suck. I always end up giving up and sleeping. I love sleep!! I’m a cranky baby without a good night’s rest.

  31. glad to hear you arrived safe and sound 🙂 and yes, 90’s music energizes me too!

    oh man, right now i keep sleep a priority but when i was younger, say early 20’s, i’d sometimes live on 4 hours. mind you, i also worked at a restaurant where openingi shift began at 5am (not fun.) my favourite part of weddings is probably the eating. it’s such a long day, by the time you get to eat dinner everything tastes like the best thing you’ve ever had 🙂 hope you have a great weekend!

  32. You look fabulous in that dress! Seriously gorgeous! I’ve had my share of all-nighters on the road before. It does help to trade off though.

    My favorite part of weddings are the vows. I’m a romantic sap, so I always well up with tears when the vows are said. It’s a beautiful thing when two people can get up in front of all of their friends and family and profess their life-long love and commitment to one another 🙂

  33. Mac says:

    My favorite part of the wedding is when a good crowd of people (bride & groom included) start getting their groove on, on the dance floor! I’m also a sucker for the vows, I tear up every time!

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