30 days of self love – gifts of the body 2

Posted: September 9, 2010 at 8:00 am

Before getting into today’s 30 DSLR post, I want to take a moment and declare my gratitude for all the warm comments and support I felt from you after last night’s post. I do not know where those dark forces came from to try to make me doubt this initiative. Going into this project, I only placed on myself the expectation to write what I felt strongly about. Any amount of support, participation, and reach from that would come as a blessing.

I still feel just as strongly about the 30 Days as I did when it first grabbed hold of my heart. If possible, I would never want it to stop and to carry on reaching people in some way because I believe in it so much. I don’t know what got into my mind to cause me to fret over such trivial matters. I have overcome it and realigned my focus. Now let’s get to what brings us here and what we all need – an uplifting moment. After all, a big reason I shared all those thoughts last night was to show that I need this just as much as anyone else.


Last week, we began the first installment of the weekly "Gifts of the Body” posts. To view that post – click here. I decided that every week needed a day to take a closer look at our bodies and appreciate the blessings they provide us. Critiquing our bodies comes easily to many of us but finding praise in our physical attributes can pose a challenge. For this reason, I believe we must make the effort to change how we view our bodies.We need to shift the qualities with which we define them from aesthetic ones to purposeful ones. Hopefully, after completing 4 rounds of this exercise and having to come up with 12 different parts of ourselves we recognize as a gift,  we will grow to love our bodies more and more. Are you in for today’s challenge?

Today I will focus on three parts of my body I recently have questioned appearance wise thanks to the body changes from pregnancy.

My Legs


Thank you legs for giving me the ability to walk and move! Not everyone has this luxury and I need to recognize exactly how much you give me. You support me and carry me through life. Not only that, but the two of you are pretty strong too. You endure thousands upon thousands of squats, lunges, cardio hours, and kicks. You still hold me up even when I try to tear you down. You help me carry out a part of my life I could not live without – fitness. Thank you, legs.

My Butt


You reflect my mom and my sister…and even miss M. We all have the same badonkadonk and that fact alone has provided us many laughs and bonding over the years, like shaking it to Sir Mix A Lot. Without you, my legs wouldn’t have the capacity to serve me either. You play an integral role in my life. You also have a way of alluring my husband and that’s never a bad thing. Even when larger than I like, you still fill out a pair of jeans nicely. Most importantly though, you are a part of me and I love you.

My Breasts


You add strain to my back, get all tender, and overwhelm my body for a reason. To one day feed my child, just as you blessed me with the opportunity to feed M. You reflect the battle scars of one of the most beautiful things I have ever done – pregnancy. I also thank you for being the only place I tend to get those “battle scars” of stretch marks. Thank you for also giving me curves and displaying my body’s feminine beauty.

I hope all that wasn’t too uncomfortable to read. 😉 Take a few moments to think about 3 new things you appreciate about your body. I would love to hear about any of them!

Quote to Reflect On
Beauty in things lies in the mind which contemplates them.
~David Hume

The first question I ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful is why do I think it's not beautiful. And very shortly you discover that there is no reason. ~John Cage

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78 Comments to “30 days of self love – gifts of the body 2”
  1. Love this!! Three things I love about my body:

    1) My eyebrows… I got them from my mom and my daughter has mine 🙂

    2) My shoulders…. they’ve done a good job carrying the stress of my life… plus they are small and petite and I love em’

    3) My legs… they carry me everywhere 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    My fingers… ’cause I love to write (as in type) – I’m not that great with pen and paper, but I love to just let the fingers fly to write poems or short stories or blog.

    My teeth…because in the past they embarrassed me by being big and the two front ones are slightly crooked. Now they bring me great joy because they make my smile all the bigger for people to enjoy.

    My ears…because they allow me to hear all the wonderful things my children say and because I LOVE to hear a good joke.

  3. Eliza says:

    (sorry I missed a few days- its been crazy up here!)

    1. My lips: I can’t remember which man, but one of them, once told me that I had perfect lips. I remember that we were in bed, and I remember that all my life I had wanted someone to notice the small details about my body and to appreciate and love them. Like in the movies when some actress has a nose wrinkle that drives the love interest nuts, you know? Who ever said it is long gone (obviously) but I remember that feeling, I must have been in my very early twenties, I would guess, and to this day I adore my mouth. I know these are supposed to be things I appreciate about my body, but back then there weren’t many and finding out that there could be was pretty revolutionary thinking (if that makes sense).

    2. My butt. This particular feature, on the other hand, has garnered me lots of complements over the years, both wanted and unwanted. I’ll never forget the man who told me that it was my best feature- I was offended, I recall, and said something like, “you mean besides my face?”
    Perhaps its partially because of all those compliments, but my butt is one thing that makes me feel sexy. I don’t feel that way often, I’m more of a giggly, fun, or thoughtful and introspective sex kind of person. Straight up sexy isn’t something I really do, you know? But the right pair of jeans, or a dress that clings, and I feel hot. It really is a great ass.

    3. My knees- I know a lot of people who have had knee problems/surgeries. And it really sucks. When I was younger I was kicked in the knee by a horse, and a few weeks later an opponent at a soccer match stepped on my knee while I was down. For years after my knee would twinge in pain when I hiked or ran. When I gained weight my knee seemed like it might not make it. But now I can bound up and down mountains and sprint back and forth on the soccer field and run for a very long time, and no knee pain! Oh, other parts of my body get sore and feel weak, and I had to wear ankle braces when playing soccer this summer, but not my knees. They are tough old birds, and will hopefully be with me for many years to come.

    • Tina says:

      I understand the lips thing. It’s nice to remember that first moment you felt truly beautiful over something unique about yourself and cared for for YOUR special qualities instead of the ideal.

      • Eliza says:

        I randomly found your blog from a Healthy Tipping Point link, and it was right around the time I decided to start my own. I’ve really enjoyed these topics- for me they feel like writing prompts, and open up a whole new path of thinking. I also really appreciate you taking the time to respond- it feels very validating. I know you probably won’t get many hits from it, but I did add your button/link to my site, just in case. Thanks for your support and all your effort on this project- I think its a great idea

        • Tina says:

          I’m glad it helps you write and express yourself on your blog. And thanks for adding the button. It doesn’t matter how many people come here through that. Simply you sharing it means a lot and has it available for someone who might not otherwise see it. 🙂

  4. Fab post as always!

    I apprechiate my feet, for being able to carry my body around everyday and for being amazingly blister resistant while training for my half marathon!

    My hips – for giving me shape, for being wide and hopefully ‘child bearing’ one day!

    My arms – for being stronger than I ever thought possible, for displaying my hard work in the form of muscles and for looking good in sleeveless tops!

  5. AWESOME post!! I am thankful for my baby place. I know that the baby is growing healthy and strong no matter how much weight I gain. I love the roundness of my belly, especially now that there’s life inside!

  6. 1) My hands and fingers, because they allowed me to reconnect with my fabulous orchestra colleges last night!
    2) My right knee. Because even if my left knee is flaring up, I have a leg to stand on. 😉
    3) My teeth. For chomping on some wonderful grub.

  7. Susan says:

    Okay… three new things…

    My shoulders. Weighlifting has given me defined and strong shoulders. Even though it sometimes feels like they carry the weight of the world, they have never given out on me.

    My cheeks. When I smile, I get this little crease on my cheeks, just like my father does, and just like my Grammie. My cheeks are always ready to spread out and laugh at almost anything.

    My bottom. For making sure my backside looks good when I’m too focused on what the front of my body looks like 😉

  8. Jess says:

    I love this! And love the things you love about your body – not uncomfortable to read at all 🙂

    My body three gifts for today?
    1 – My legs that are feeling stronger after allowing myself to sleep in, skipping the AM run in favor of a PM run instead. They are strong and able to recover from muscle strain and soreness. They keep me going every single day of my life.

    2 – My arms that allow me to show my love and affection for those around me. My favorite place in the world is to wrap my arms around my husband in a hug, first thing in the morning, first thing when I walk through the door at night, any chance I get, I just love that feeling of warmth and comfort and love and safety. Without my arms, I would never feel that or be able to share that with someone I love.

    3 – My butt. Because it is an area of my body I used to despise in so many ways. But through lots of hard work and focus and a desire to turn a negative feeling into a positive one, I now view my butt as an asset (no pun intended!!) – not just because of its appearance per se, but also because its a strong muscle that gets me through hard workouts too. I mean it IS the biggest muscle in our body, right??

  9. what a great post Tina, i loved the picture of the barbie on the couch. that’s exactly why i don’t compare myself to models, i mean, am i really gonna compare myself to .05% of the population?? that makes no sense. i gotta be happy with me, love my body and treat it with respect. it well deserves it 🙂

    i love my legs because i can run. i love my collar bones because they make me feminine. i love my eyes because they tell the world who i am 🙂

  10. I am grateful for my legs, they allow me to walk, run, get from a to b and take me all over the world, where ever I want to go. At times I question their appearance, but I need to focus on how lucky I am to be so mobile, just like you said. Thank you for reminding me of this.

  11. Marcia says:

    THese posts are the hardest for me to do for some reason!!
    Taste Buds! 🙂


  12. Penny Lane says:

    Praise Jesus all those dark thoughts have been brought to the light and days can continue as they were intended!

    I am thankful for my feet. You were created bigger then I would have liked, but with this size you give me that ability to hike, walk and run. Without you my endeavors into my exercise wishes would not be possible.

    I am thankful for my legs. Thank you for sticking with me through years of swimming and times of sitting to continue to carrying me through life and provide me with the strength to run and play with the children at work.

    I am thankful for my arms, without you I would not be able to swim. But more importantly you provide me with the strength to give family and friends bear hugs. To lift my nephew up and hear his giggles as he catches some air and then catch him safely and shower kisses upon his little face.

  13. First off: your legs are just gorgeous 🙂

    I have struggled with loving my legs for a very very long time. I am 4’11” and my legs are more shapely and short then long and lean. But oh they are so powerful. I did 65 pound barbell squats the other day: same as the men in my workout group. I ran a fast 5K and saw every muscle popping out under the pressure of that run. My legs take me where I need to go and always lead me back home. I know someone who lost one of his legs and so whenever a bad thought creeps into my head, I will think of him – I have nothing to complain about and he actually does, but he doesn’t.

    • Tina says:

      I went to school with this kid who had no arms or legs but became this star wrestler and even wrote a book! It’s crazy how seeing your body for what it can do for you really gives life.

  14. Marg says:

    I am thankful for my thighs, they have always been strong and keep me going.

    I am thankful for my hips, for letting me shake it in Zumba class.

    I am thankful for my mouth, it allows me to express myself with more than just words.

  15. My Teeth

    I grew up with buck teeth, and an older sister who liked to do nothing better than to silently taunt me by making a beaver face at me, sticking out her front teeth, mocking something I had no control over, and my parents had no money or insurance to correct. My mom said once, when she was bald with chemo, that rather than having children at the school where she worked question her lack of hair, they asked her what was wrong with her teeth. Get braces, she told me. When you are my age you will wish you had. So I did. She died of breast cancer not long before I got them removed, and the day of their removal I sat in car and bawled because I couldn’t go show her my new teeth, my new smile. She was my champion, and the only one in my life who would understand how it felt to be able to smile widely without the self consciousness I had carried most of my 40 years.

    My eyes and lacrimal system (two body parts!)

    I have always loved the color of my eyes. They are gold. Not brown. Not hazel. Goldish. But more than the color I admire their ability to reflect the compassion I am sometimes hesitant to verbalize, or act upon. Sometimes I have been embarrassed by the ease at which my eyes tear up, but I respect their honesty. I wish I could speak words so honest, without censor, without pride, without fear…

    Tina, I want to say thank you so much for taking on the challenge of 30DSLR. You are making me look at myself in new ways, and you are giving me the opportunity to realize I am not alone in my insecurities. Each morning I read your post, and write my reflection. Then in the evening I return and read the reflections of the other’s, and visit websites of those participating.

    There are so many great (young) women out there! I would have loved to have this opportunity to connect with others when I was struggling with indecision while I was in college, or when I was in my late twenties and was a young mother. You are a blessing with your honesty and compassion.

    • Tina says:

      Thank you so much for your heartfelt well wishes and support.

      Also, the story about your teeth and the braces made me tear up a bit. What a beautiful reason to appreciate your smile and teeth. Share it with the world!

  16. Lauren says:

    Wow…I don’t know if I’d ever be brave enough to post a picture of my butt on my blog. You go, Tina! 🙂

    I am thankful for…

    My eyes – I always get compliments on their color, and even though I’m blind as a bat, when I have my contacts in or glasses on I can’t read without them being there, which I love to do.

    My hair – I’ve embraced its frizzy, wild, thick, tangled curly nature and run with it. I am thankful I don’t have to blowdry it every day when I get out of the shower – I just wash and go.

    My arms – I’ve always been self-conscious about them being flabby, but I have been strength training more lately and can feel them getting stronger. They’ve helped me lift boxes every time I’ve moved, do planks, and help me carry the groceries in from the car 🙂

  17. Tina I just now read your post yesterday. (((BIG HUG))) You are a wonderful mother and please try to not feel guilty for taking your child to the doctor. It makes me sad to see M’s face like that and I’m glad you got it checked out. What a sweetheart.

    Thank you for what you wrote: I sometimes feel so unbelievably insecure in myself as a person, a wife, a sister, an employee, a blogger, a friend, a neighbor, etc. And it is honestly overwhelming. I want to do more and I want to be more. Take it a day at a time and do what you can. Give yourself time to grow. Sometimes I feel like I am running around screaming at an oak tree seed yelling at it to grow: that is what I do to myself. I get upset that I am not moving fast enough or becoming the person I think I “should” or “could” be. I’m getting off topic here. But know that the 30 DRSL is helpful to me and countless others. Know that you are doing good by posting these thoughts.

    3 things I appreciate about my body:

    My lips: to kiss my husband and show I appreciate him
    My hands: to hold my husband’s hand, to prepare a lovely meal, to type a message to a friend
    My back: for holding up my body and literally supporting my every move

    • Tina says:

      Your little oak tree seed analogy actually really made sense for me and I could relate to it so much. Thanks!!! It helped. 🙂

  18. Hot damn I love this post!!!! 🙂

    I think this exercise ties so perfectly well with everything that we are talking about here. Especially yesterday’s post on perfection. What you brought to my attention yesterday was that not only does perfection NOT exist but I have to NOT want it! Gosh that is powerful. It is a combination of refusing something but also refusing to desire it. That takes more than telling yourself that only 8 out of 3 billion women look like supermodels. That takes you recognizing that you have the most incredible body and that you love it, adore it and embrace it. Without ever losing faith in it.

    So, without further rambling, my gifts.

    1. My hair. Likely one of the more unique attributes of my physical body. Soft and full of waves and curls, you are a a fabulous part of me! I love how my husband loves my hair. As he says, your curls are part of what makes you the crazy blonde Texan that I love!

    2. My belly. You are soft yet strong and curve at the most perfect places. You will allow my children to grown and be nourished.

    3. My toes. You were the part only part of me that I could recognize as attractive years back when I began to learn how to love my body again. You are part of what carries me forward in every step and allow me to walk thousands of miles in my life.

  19. your legs, your bum, your chest – embrace it all because youre BEAUTIFUL!!! <3

    the things we hate are clearly the things we need to say we love the most and is more reason to wake up and force ourselves to see the beauty.

    3 things i can definitely appreciate are my long legs, my eyes, and my lips.

    3 things i need to appreciate more are my hair, my bum, and my feet (i have wonky toes- need to love them)


  20. i love my fingers…they’re long and thick and strong. they help me do everything i ever need to do. i love them.

    i love my shoulders. who cares that they’re the reason i can’t fit into certain size shirts? they’re strong and athletic. i love those too 🙂

    i love my feet. I love that they help carry me everywhere. i love that they’re strong and balanced. i love those suckers too 🙂

  21. Good post! My ‘new’ 3 things:
    1) My eyelashes – I inherited them from my dad’s side of the family and they’re super long. People often ask if I’ve got mascara on – but I don’t!
    2) My loooong torso – Actually, I have a love hate relationship with it. It makes it very difficult for me to find tops long enough, but I love it because it is what makes me as tall as I am!
    3) My butt. It used to be super flat (runner’s butt – LOL!) but all the squats and lunges are finally paying off! 🙂

  22. 1. I am thankful for my eyes. They are bright green just like my dad’s and they have freckles in them like my mom has! Plus, they have allowed me to take in so many wonderful experiences.
    2. I am thankful for my legs. Even at my heaviest they are fit and toned and I always feel confident showing them off! They have carried me all over this world and have allowed me to do many things as an athlete.
    3. I am thankful for my hands. The power of touch is something I strongly believe in!

  23. Camille says:

    I love my feet. They are completely torn up and gross, but they have carried me over so many miles including a marathon.
    I love my eyes because they look exactly like my Mom’s.
    I love my big thighs for having enough muscle to allow me to distance run!

  24. I’ve been having too many negative thoughts about my pregnancy thighs and butt lately, but I think I should thank them for carrying me around and supporting all me day!
    And I’m also thankful for arms, because I love giving hugs and with out arms, hugs just wouldn’t be as good 🙂

  25. Okay
    I thank my arms for pulling me up and letting me play and letting me help. For helping me shoot a basketball or throw a football. For letting me play in the jungle gym even as an adult

    I thank my stomach for staying flat no matter what I do. I look forward to all the yummy food I put in you. I also look forward to the day you will someday hold a baby.

    And my ears. They are tiny little ears but they still can really make a fashion statement with a simple earing

  26. Crystal says:

    3 things I love about my body:
    1) My chest. I used to be SO self conscious because I have super small breasts and would get teased growing up because of it, but it’s just part of my petite-ness that I am starting to love about myself. Companies like the IttyBittyBra Co. make it a lot easier to be comfortable with them also.

    2) My knees. I have had knee problems since I started running and gymnastics in middle school (a loooong time ago!). They have taken a lot of injuries and pressure but haven’t given up on me yet. I also have a cool boomerang-shaped scar on one from a car accident senior yr of highschool. It’s a good conversation starter.

    3) My butt. For vanity reasons. I just like it, haha.

    • Tina says:

      Hey…vanity reasons count too! Own it! 😀

      And I have a scar on my elbow from a senior year car accident too. They are good convo starters, huh? LOL

  27. I love this exercise! Awesome idea!

  28. I absolutely loved that picture about the supermodels. So true. And why dont all barbies look like that woman?! Maybe that would help young girls!!

    1. I love my lips. They are full and pretty and just luscious. They kiss and words come out of my mouth and they are my favorite part of me.

    2. My shoulders. Athletic, strong. I can lift things because of these strong shoulders.

    3. My heart. Heart has kept on beating, my “heart” and “drive” have gotten me through some tough times.

  29. Brooke says:

    i’m a little late to the game but i LOVE this idea. i blogged about it (here’s my link http://smartstrongsexy.blogspot.com/2010/09/gifts-of-body-part-2.html ) i did 4 things instead of 3 and i had to use pictures i already had taken since i didn’t know about the challenge until this morning (and hubby has the camera)

    i’m a new follower to your blog and i look forward to future posts!

    • Tina says:

      Thanks so much for coming by my blog!! I love finding other inspiring women to connect with. I have trouble commenting on Blogger blogs that don’t have the Name/URL choice but wanted to let you know I did read your fabulous post. Your wedding picture is gorgeous. And isn’t embracing loved ones the best?

      Can’t wait to hear from you again. And I will share your post in tomorrow’s 30 Days of Self Love post. 🙂

  30. Kelly says:

    3 things….

    1) my knees – I’ve finally learned to appreciate you. Thank you for carrying me through tough workouts and back and forth to work. I promise to continue my PT exercises to keep you strong and healthy.

    2) my shoulders – I have down right sexy shoulders. Thank you for putting up with my insane workouts from pushups to presses. I promise to keep you as sexy as you are today.

    3) my mind – I know this isn’t a body part necessarily but still. Thank you for being mentally clear. I’m able to think through problems and come up with solutions. I promise to keep you as sharp as possible.

    Again, another stellar post. I’m sorry you were feeling down last night. I don’t typically read blogs once I leave work. Anyway, you will reach those people you are intended to reach. That said, those of us who are reading are getting a lot from each and every blog post. So thank you for all of your time and effort.

  31. Nice post! I was pretty judgmental about my body until maybe the past year or so (especially because my arms tend to carry disproportionate size, chest not well-endowed, etc.). But really, I think I look fine, so I now walk around confidently. =D

    I generally like my legs, even if they are short, which makes me short. =) According to my female friends, I have a nice rear and thighs… lol. I’ll take it!

  32. Goals « says:

    […] Totally head over to Tina’s 30DOSL post. Love this movement   […]

  33. I have a total love/hate relationship with my hips. They’re big (hence the hate) but over the years I had so many laughs about them. They are a trait I share with my mum and make me look womanly – so with time I’ve learned to love and appreciate them too :).

    • Tina says:

      My hips and butt have always been the areas that receive the most critique for me. With pregnancy I became thankful for my hips…the butt still takes time though for me. I do like to think of all the fun times it brings though. Which sounds totally wrong!!! LOL But like jokes and laughs with my mom, sister, husband.

  34. homecookedem says:

    I’m very hard on my legs… I have always thought they were chubbier than the average woman’s. But they are such a gift. How awful would it be to be in a horrible accident and lose the use of my legs. I really need to fight those negative thoughts more often instead of letting them win.

    I’m actually hard on my belly right now too… even knowing that it has a reason to be big. I worry if it’s the “right size” for how pregnant I am and that it’s not perfectly rounded. But it is the perfect home for my healthy baby. That is reason enough to LOVE it.

    My love handles/hips also get a lot of eye rolls from me. But like Andrew (very lovingly) says, it’s just more for him to grab when we cuddle. He always has a way of making me feel better about things like that. If only I saw my body through his eyes… 🙂

  35. KristenV says:

    I like my hair – its always been really thick and has a natural wave to it but I can also straighten it out.

    I like my chest. Its perfectly proportioned for my body and makes me feel like a woman.

    I like my nose. Its my Dad’s nose too, which is another reason to like it! Its, also, proportioned just right for my face with a little round tip!

    I love the Barbie poster, btw! What a great quote – never thought about it quite like that before!

  36. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I have been feeling super insecure about my body lately because I have regained some weight. I am still thankful that my body is healthy and I am capable of moving and thinking and breathing. That is the best I can do right now, but I plan to give it some thought 🙂

  37. Shannon says:

    I just recently found your blog and you spoke to me in your first sentence. Reading more made me feel like I had just made a friend. I struggle a lot with issues with my body. Some of it is just issues of insecurity. Some of it comes from me dealing with PMDD. I was diagnosed about 6 or 7 years ago. I look forward to reading so much more. I am so glad I found your blog!!

    • Tina says:

      Thank you for everything you said in this comment. I can’t wait to hear more from you and connect. I think the blogging community is so fabulous in how we can uplift each other. 🙂

  38. Shannon says:

    I just wanted to say that due to an unexplained internet downage (?) I have been horrifyingly without for a few days. Sorry, I haven’t been commenting and realize that this daily thought is making a difference to at least one person, me. I don’t really remember what I loved last week, so hopefully I’m not replicating myself

    I love my back for allowing me to painlessly get out of bed this morning. Thank you for giving me a good, pain free and fully mobile, so I could walk the dog at dusk, pick up my goddaughter and mow the lawn, giving my overworked mother a break.

    I love my lips for playing a part in fun, feel good and extremely intimate moments in my life.

    I love my shoulders for being strong and well-built enough to withstand the pressure that seems to weigh upon them constantly.

  39. I love your loved body parts this week. I too listed my 3 favorite for the week over on my blog.


    Hands, feet and eyes.

  40. I love my back. Yoga has made it strong and straight.
    I love my booty, too 🙂 As does my hubs! Haha!
    I love my stomach. This is the hardest one for me, but engaging a strong core helps my balance and overall strength.

  41. Michal says:

    I had to go back and check what I did last week so I don’t just repeat, lol.
    I am thankful for my fingers because they let me scratch and cuddle dogs 🙂
    I am thankful for my eyes because they are unique and I’ve always liked their color. They also let me see and therefore do so many things.
    And once again, I am thankful for my legs and feet because they carried me to a new 5K PR today 🙂

  42. I wanted to do boobs and booty, but I went back to last week and realized I already did them. Haha.

    Thank you eyes and smile for carrying the features of my grandmother. Thank you for reminding me that she is always a part of me.

    Thank you hair for regaining strength and shine as I regained my strength and shine.

    Thank you belly for being soft and rubbable.

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  44. This week, I thank my ears, nose and parts of my legs (can’t say the whole leg, because I used that last week).

    Blog post is up.

  45. Ela says:

    Whoa what a powerful post, Tina! You are an inspiration!

    I wouldn’t have been brave enough to do it again, with the body parts, without your example. I blogged about it here:


    and picked my hands, nose and lips. Maybe next time I can get my husband to take photos of the parts I pick!


  46. Three more things I love about my body…

    1. My lips. I’ve always complained about them lacking some defined shape…my cupid’s bow is quite little. Now, I see their fullness, but I also see the same little rosebud shape when my little Hannah smiles. Besides, you know when you kiss someone and it’s perfect? I wouldn’t be able to kiss my husband and feel that “perfect match” if my lips were shaped any different. 🙂

    2. My hair. It’s thick. It’s full. It tends to get frizzy on humid days…but whose doesn’t!? My hair has an awesome natural wave that I hadn’t embraced until now, and now that it’s super long, I get more compliments on it than ever.

    3. My legs. My legs have always been thinner than the rest of me, but they’ve always been naturally strong. When my mind’s been weak and falsely telling my body I can’t run, my legs carried me through hours of training and my first 5K. They certainly kicked my mind’s weak booty.

  47. PS: You have a beautiful badonkadonk. 🙂

  48. […] of the Body, Part II Posted on September 10, 2010 by tarynehanson This is the second installment of Gifts of the Body, as part of 30 Days of Self Love. I tried thinking about this yesterday, and I […]

  49. Have I told you, how much I love your blog? I promise to stop being a lurker and non-commenter… I’m working on it 😉

    This is a fantastic concept. I’ve lost 32 pounds so far and one of the things I’ve noticed that I LOVE about me, is my collar bone. Its so feminine and makes me feels sophisticated and sexy. 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Congrats on seeing things about yourself you find beautiful. And for taking care of your health. Keep up the good work and never lose sight of your beauty. 🙂

      Also, thanks so much for commenting! I love connecting with everyone and truly appreciate every single comment. Thank you!! 😀

  50. […] do so as well…and not just because what our bodies can do, like we share in the gifts of the body posts. We must also believe the term “beautiful” can be an accurate way to describe our physical […]

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