a day of birthdays

Posted: September 19, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Check out this weekend's 30 Days of Self Love posts!! Stop Fat Talk (including my personal experience from yesterday) and Loving Others.


To say yesterday was a busy day would be quite the understatement. By 2 pm, I had been through two kiddie birthday parties, leaving me stealing catnaps in the car that afternoon.

That morning was all about the playground, bugs, and friends. We visited a local park for little man E’s birthday fun. I think M enjoyed herself, don’t you?


You should see the smiles they had plastered on their faces! We’ve set the wedding date for May 14, 2035. That is if Peter doesn’t get to him first for stealing his baby.

In between all the hand holding and puppy love, we enjoyed some food. I just munched a small sandwich since I had a late breakfast and wasn’t too hungry.


We also played on the playground and picked up buggies for prizes. Or attempted to pick up buggies for prizes.

IMGP6982 IMGP7002

Little Miss Priss didn’t want to touch the things. She is all girl. Does that mean baby B will be all boy? I don’t know if I can play with bugs. I hope he’s like his daddy. Ouch. What does that say about Peter?


I kid! Peter – I mean that I hope he is calm like you. You’re a man’s man with your love of cars and tools. And your need to learn football from your wife. Er, sorry. That slipped out.

Annnyyyywaaayyysss. After the boyfriend’s birthday, we met up with the family for my nephew’s party. It was nice to visit for a couple hours and celebrate yet another year for one of the many kiddos in the clan.


I seriously cannot believe he is already one! Which reminds me…M’s birthday is in a month. I need to send out invitations soon. And see if my daughter’s future mother-in-law minds me stealing her location for a party. I prefer the thought of 15 kids running around at a park over my house. But back to the party. More specifically, the cake. My sister-in-law made this apple spice cake for the party. It was from scratch, naturally sweetened, low-fat/low-sugar..and incredible!!


I told her she needs to start a food blog. Everyone, say “Hello Marie! Please start a food blog!” 😉 If that doesn’t work, maybe she will let me “borrow” the recipe to share with you all. And to supply dessert for my sweet tooth when the candy corn pumpkins go bye-bye. Wait. That’s getting depressing. Although not as depressing as Peter possibly leaving me when he sees that picture. I think its time to bring this post to a close. Look for the rest of the weekend’s recap tomorrow. “Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars (shooting stars)…I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)” ……… Please don’t hate me for that.

  • What was your favorite childhood birthday party? Mine was my 4th birthday. It was a My Little Pony theme and we even had a pony come for a little while for the kids to ride in the backyard. I felt like such a princess!
  • What bug freaks you out the most? I cannot and will not deal with cockroaches! At a sleepover in 4th grade one crawled in my hair while I was sleeping on the floor. It woke me up and when I scratched at my head from the tickling, that nasty bug fell on my pillow. Eeeeek!!!! Plus, they don’t die! And there’s something just wrong about that.

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36 Comments to “a day of birthdays”
  1. Lisa says:

    Omg, your sister in law needs to start a food blog immediately! That looks crazy good! Please post that recipe as soon as possible. And that picture LOOKS LIKE a postcard. That is so adorable!

  2. Penny Lane says:

    I despise crickets! Where we live they are everywhere and they somehow crawl into the fan above my toilet and make the suicide mission hoping to land on the floor so they can set up house in my already occupied room. They have created a plan to get us to move, they will jump on me at my most vulnerable times, when I am going potty and when I am lying in bed preparing for a blissful 8 hours of sleep. This 8 hours has been shortened dramatically from those hairy little tenticale peeking over the side of my bed preparing to jump on my prone body. Oy! I hate crickets!

  3. Apple Spice Cake is my favorite cake of all! My mom makes it for me every year for my birthday cake. It’s so delicious..mmm… now I really want some. Glad you’ve had a wonderful family filled weekend. Some of the best ones!

  4. That cake looks amazing … I’d love to see the recipe!

  5. A My Little Pony Party…lucky you!!!
    I was big into figure skating when I was young, so my fav. birthday party was when my Mom rented thewhole rink for my grade 8 class and we got to spend the afternoon skating around and drinking hot choco. Good memories.

  6. They are far and beyond the cutest couple I have ever seen. Just seeing that picture plasters a huge smile on MY face! Thanks for sharing!

    Once there was a huge, fat, scary cockroach IN my classroom WHILE I was teaching. THAT specific bug is the bug that most freaks me out. Shiver.

  7. I hate hornets/wasps/things that can bite or sting. I have goosebumps just thinking about it.
    M and her fiance are so cute! 😉

  8. When I was in first grade I had a swimming party (which is hilarious because my birthday is in January! My parents rented out a hotel pool). I still remember the amazing bunt cake my mom made me and decorated like a swimming pool. She even made tiny innertubes for Teddy Grahams to make them look like they were swimming!

  9. My favorite childhood party was my 9th birthday — my golden birthday. My mom took my friend Rachel and I to the Mall of America (it had opened that year) — we rode the rides and had a great time. Then the 3 of us stayed at a “fancy” hotel. It was the perfect “girls night”!

    I hate all bugs. That is all.

  10. carlee says:

    I love your new blog! and your little girl is just adorable!

  11. Becca says:

    (insert “squee” here) M and E are SO. CUTE. =D
    Sounds like a busy but fun weekend!

    Oooooh, favorite birthday? Well, one of my younger birthdays (8th, maybe?) I got a Barbie doll house. That was awesome. But one of my top birthday parties was actually my best friend’s. When she turned 13 (one week before I did! There are four of us with Bdays within a month of each other), the four of us went to a new hotel in town which her uncle manages. We were the first to go down the waterslide!! And we stayed up late watching TV (a show on Discovery about theme parks; how nerdy are we? lol!) and eating popcorn. 🙂
    For a few years, I was only allowed to have one friend spend the night. But when I hit Junior High, my three BFFS and I combined parties. We’d stay up late giggling and stuff. Good times.

    Bugs? Ugh. Anything creepy-crawly. We get these random millipeed things in our basement, and spiders. Roaches freak me out, too. One time I spotted a HUGE spider and REFUSED to be on that side of the basement for like two days in case it came back. …Actually, that was just a few months ago. LOL!
    Oh, and things that sting. Bees freak me out. I cannot help but get worried when I hear/see a bee. I think I’m cursed, too, with this red hair that they seem attracted to. =\

    • Tina says:

      A bee got into our house once and was dying in our sink. I screamed, threw a pot over it, and wouldn’t go near the sink all day until Peter got rid of it. That wasn’t even a year ago. LOL It’s cool to be a sissy. 😉

  12. I’m totally craving apple spice cake now! haha its such a fall comfort food! I LOVE that its all natural ingredients and sweetner in there! I hope she’ll at least let you post the recipe if she decides to not blog!

  13. That apple spice cake looks A-MAZING!

    I was just reading your bio and noticed that you participated in a fitness competition. What are your thoughts about it?? Would you do it again? I have thought about it before, but just not sure.

    Love your blog! Your family is precious!

    • Tina says:

      I am glad I competed because otherwise I would have always wondered “what if” and it was nice to accomplish a goal. However, I will NEVER do one again. I began to dislike working out and eating healthy because I had to do it and be strict about it. I know some people can fit it into their lives easily, but for me I got a bit too obsessive over it. And I didn’t even go to some extremes like I’ve seen in others.

      I always recommend people to do it if its something they know they want to do and would regret not doing it. However, if its just because it seems fun I advise against it. It is exhausting, time consuming, expensive, can play with your head after the show, etc.

      Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. You can get a main gist of my thoughts of it here though – http://www.faithfitnessfun.com/?p=1089

      • Thanks for your advice on the topic. I can definitely see how it can become obsessive, and I wouldn’t want it to cause me to dislike working out or eating healthy. I have thought it about, but not too seriously, so hearing your thoughts is helpful. Thanks!

  14. i actually don’t remember a lot about parties as a kiddo, but anything with a pool is usually a winner 🙂 and i can’t stand any type of bug…they’re all so gross!

  15. “By 2 pm, I had been through two kiddie birthday parties,”–you poor thing. Omg. That would suck. Beyond. Belief for me. I just dont do well in overstimulating loud environments like that. not to mention, sorry the Standard American Diet party fare of hot dogs, chips, and white cake isnt really anything I want to eat, dont care if others do, just not my scene. And the kiddie energy at those things is just sooo high! lol. Bless your heart!

    And your tips, fitness/diet etc…totally 100% right on the money with you w/ the comment you left for me 🙂

  16. Heather says:

    Aw, young love, that is too cute!

    I was terribly shy when I was little so I hated being the center of attention at birthday parties. I didn’t like everyone watching me open gifts and stuff, and I remember one birthday in particular I got a ballerina tutu. My Mom made me try it on and show everyone at the party, and I sobbed from the attention. Such a change from how I am now, I love the spotlight! LOL

    As for bugs, I get freaked out the most by anything with a lot of legs. Coincedentally, my dog brought a caterpillar inside the house today, and thank God my boyfriend found it before I did. I thought the pooch was acting oddly, but couldn’t tell what he was doing from my seat at the table. I would have died if I was the one to discover the bug, ugh.

  17. Oh my gosh… the pic of her holding hands… how adorable!

  18. rachael says:

    Adorable pictures!

    My son is ALL boy. He’s been picking up worms since before he could talk. He’s still a mama’s boy though. 🙂

  19. I don’t like spiders! YUCK! Looks like a fun day even if it was busy! I make an applesauce cake low fat low sugar that tastes sinful, but is not. The apple is such a great food! It can make miracles! Have a great week Tina!

  20. Seriously want to know that cake recipe now! LOVE the picture of M with her little boyfriend. Too cute. I was the “all girl” girl and my sister was the tomboy for sure. She loved to pick up and eat bugs – ick. My least fave has to be the centipede/millipede b/c we had those in our house (basement) and they fascinated my sister to no end.

  21. Sounds like you had a lot of bday fun this weekend. I love bdays – such a happy occassion 🙂

  22. Mellissa says:

    How do kids end up with such busy social lives, 2 parties in one day?

    I am terrified of spiders, I will go running and screaming.

    • Tina says:

      I don’t know! I think M may have a more active social life than me. Although, then again…her social life is my social life too since a lot of my friends are her friends’ parents. It works. Although it sure can be tiring!

  23. Nichole says:

    What an amazing party, way better than most adults, ha.

    I used to luhve going to McDonald’s for my parties, haa.

  24. Ameena says:

    Cute picture! I have also picked out Maya’s husband too…they will be married sometime around 2030. 🙂

  25. Mandy says:

    That apple spice cake looks amazingly good LOL 🙂

    And the pic of M and her boyfriend?? SOOOOO CUTE!!!! oxoxoxox

  26. […] after spending a day among toddler lovebirds and birthday cake, we did something I have looked forward to since spring. A hike! I love visiting the many various […]

  27. Jamie says:

    I’m deadly afraid of spiders! They are so scary.

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