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Posted: October 8, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Work week = over! I’m sure quite a few of you have donned your dancing shoes to dance for joy at the arrival of the weekend. I know I love a good weekend. Especially when the past couple of days have been slightly hectic.

Last night, I had visions of sugarplums pumpkin stuffed french toast for breakfast. Then, M woke up early yet again and acted cranky once more. She has had a somewhat upset stomach all of a sudden today…and required my attention to say the least. So, my lovely breakfast visions got ditched for a bowl of oats. Since you don’t need to see another bowl of oats, I’ll share an image of my lunch instead.


I love when dinner leftovers taste better than the night before! A tofu veggie stir fry with baby corn, water chestnuts, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, brown rice, and tofu. I think I love the ease of leftovers even more. I needed easy today.

Despite dealing with another stressful day, I felt a lot more laid back today. Maybe talking about my hopes and dreams helped me keep my sights on the larger picture of life. Maybe my post on gratitude for the Self-Discover Series stayed on my mind today. Or maybe yoga just makes me happy.

IMGP7518 (Custom)

I guess all three. Something else that makes me happy? The picture above. Fitness Magazine asked me to get a few shots of myself working out to send in over the weekend. They have something coming up on how a love for fitness “clicked” for individuals and are apparently planning to use my “when it clicked” story. I’m not saying its a definite (I don’t want to jinx it), so only time will tell!

I would love if it did, though. Even though I experienced my fair share of issues with food in the past, working out has always been a good place for me. I rarely abused my love of fitness or treated it as a punishment. I won’t say it never happened, but on the whole working out always made me feel energized and helped me appreciate my body a bit more. It all began the summer after my sophomore year of college. After my required fitness class for graduation ended, I realized I actually missed working out. I began doing workout DVDs at home with my sister and had so much fun.

I continued trying new things and now have many activities I adore – kickboxing, spinning, all weight lifting, yoga, hiking, high intensity cardio drills, step DVDs, and more. Once I realized fitness could be fun and found activities I liked, I couldn’t get enough. There’s more to my story than that, but I’ll save it for Fitness. Now, I’m off to the gym to take photos of myself in the group fitness room. Wonder how many crazy looks I get? 😉

  • When did exercise become an enjoyable and regular part of your life?
  • What meals make great leftovers to you?


46 Comments to “when it clicked – fitness mag”
  1. i LOVE thatpicture of you tina! you look so truly happy like nothing in the world matters but you in that moment. its so georgeous. Exercise clicked for me when I realized that it wasnt something i HAD to do but rather something I enjoyed doing. If i was stressed, it helped with that, if I was having a bad day, it hekped with that. It has given me self confidence, goals and I have met so many fitness minded people who I am so thankful for!!

  2. that’s awesome tina! so exciting that you MIGHT (fingers crossed!) be in that issue! i would say that my love just clicked several years ago and i have loved exercise ever since. it became a way to feel strong and NOT a way to just burn calories. it’s been fun ever since!

  3. feener says:

    turkey bolognese is great leftover food.

    exercise became part of my life 2 years after my second child. i finally got to the gym and i finally felt good, 1 hour out of the 24 where i was suffereing from ppd….after that i signed up for my first sprint tri and it has been part of my life since. i can see how cranky i get if i missed 2 days….i love that.

  4. I love pasta in leftovers for some reason!

  5. I can remember my high school boyfriend’s mom telling me about how much she enjoyed working out and I thought she was INSANE. I didn’t “get” the gym then. Something started clicking for me in college, but it was after I graduated that I started to really get into fitness and overall wellness. Thank goodness!!

  6. I’ll keep fingers crossed for you… that would be awesome.

    I’m loving your recent photos… you are happy and glowing! 😀

  7. Maren says:

    wow congratulations on that, FITNESS is a great magazine. Sometimes easy day just HAVE to happen. Hope M feels better soon.

  8. Lisa says:

    Omg thats so awesome Tina! I hope you get in the magazine. That would be so amazingg! =)

  9. Katrina says:

    You look strong, healthy, and ADORABLE!

    For me, it clicked when I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 30 after I had lost some substantial weight. It hit me then that exercise, specifically running, was going to be part of my life from then on. I couldn’t control the disease I was given, but I could control how I took care of myself. As Grandma said, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and move on like nothing is standing in your way.

    • Tina says:

      I don’t think I realized you were diagnosed with diabetes. But at least we have ways to care for ourselves as best possible, which you obviously do.

  10. Emily says:

    Your leftovers look so good – I think that ALL leftovers are awesome. I love bringing them to work with me for a hot lunch. There’s nothing better!

    I think my love of exercise really clicked when I was in college too. I loved going to the gym and running on the cross country team.

    P.S. You look so cute doing yoga. 🙂

  11. missy miller says:

    OOooh! I hope your (is that a pigeon pose?) pic and story gets in the magazine…*fingers crossed*

    My appreciation of exercise really clicked when I started swimming because, unlike the treadmill, it truly made me feel awesome and I fell in love with it! It wasn’t about “working out” or “burning calories” anymore it was about…swimming! Cause my body can. So finding what you enjoy to do is key.


  12. steph says:

    What a great pic!

  13. Lee says:

    That’s awesome that you might be in the magazine.

    I really like running. Well, not while I’m doing it, but i really like training for and running races.

  14. You look so adorable in the yoga picture! I really hope they use your story!

    When did exercise become an enjoyable and regular part of your life?
    I used to play sports in HS but it became a regular part of my life in my sophomore year of college. I got a little carried away, as you know, but I was able to find a balance with it, and I’ve never stopped exercising.

    What meals make great leftovers to you?
    I agree that stirfry makes great leftovers! I just made chicken soup this week and it also makes great leftovers. It tastes better the second day actually! Chili does too!

  15. emily says:

    homemade soups and chillis are always better to me the next day!

  16. Exercise became enjoyable for me in high school, but then I kind of forgot about it in college and feel back in love when I graduated.

    I hope they use your story, I love your picture!

  17. Loriana says:

    How exciting, hope you get in the issue!

  18. Natalie says:

    Your lunch looks delicious! I like soup leftover, it definitely gets better the longer the flavors meld.

  19. Your lunch looked delicious!

    I hope your story gets into Fitness! I love that magazine.

    I think I have gone through various periods of my life where fitness just clicked. Lately, I am enjoying varying up my workout between cardio, weights and yoga and that helps me get to the gym and have fun while I am there. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after a workout and the burst of energy.

  20. How exciting! That’s an awesome picture of you 🙂

  21. Shannon says:

    You are just awesome! I wish you all the best in the world. Not many bloggers come across as you do, completely genuine. Thank you for being willing to open up and share so much of your personal hopes, dreams, fears and insecurities. You are an inspiration.

  22. That photo of you is awesome! I started loving fitness when I actually FELT the difference in my body. I began feeling less tired, more confident, and just better about myself overall.

  23. When I was 12 I started working out and loving it. I haven’t stopped since! I love beans for leftovers! They are the perfect part of any meal! Enjoy your weekend Tina!

  24. Camille says:

    When I stopped running for weight loss and started running to ebb my competitive spirit, that’s when “it clicked”.

  25. Allie Finch says:

    How exciting! I can’t wait to see your story in there!
    I have always had an on&off relationship with working out; it finally “clicked” when I started rock climbing. I was getting in great shape without feeling like I was “working out” — it was fun! Not only that, but I have gained so much presence & peace from the activities I love. Loving myself & my body was/is a huge part of having it “click”. Now that I have performance goals & everything doesn’t revolve around “looking a certain way”, I am finally excited about the rest of my “training”. Weights no longer bore me; I love yoga classes. I am discovering & creating my own niche or style. Now, I LIKE working out hard — like HIIT [high intensity interval training]; I thrive off of challenging myself.
    Good luck Tina!

    • Tina says:

      Agreed! When it becomes more about the personal challenge and love for the activities, instead of looks, it really becomes part of life. That’s a big part of why I love it.

  26. I suppose exercise has always been a part of my life. There really has never been a time that I wasn’t doing something whether it was dance, aerobics, running or lifting (or all the above).

  27. Crossfit “ruined” my life a little over a year ago. I went to a free class and haven’t looked back since. I train 6 days a week 3 on 1 off and even though I have my days where I really don’t want to go I enjoy being uncomfortable on a daily basis. It has helped me become a more fit person in general, but also doing daily life tasks like moving…picking stuff up …life is just easier now that I crossfit.

  28. ashleigh says:

    Umm that is SO cool Tina!!! I hope it works out!! Great picture of you too 🙂
    I’m a lot like you… once I found really fun classes to go to I got into a routine. I used to belong to a gym with sooo many classes so I had something to do every day. Once I switched gyms due to money and a move I haven’t been doing as many classes and have started to dread my workouts a bit. My training for my 10k is over on Monday and I plan to start checking out more of the classes at my new gym because that’s where my fitness heart lies!

  29. Courtney F says:

    That’s great about the magazine!
    I tell my clients if you enjoy what you are doing, exercise doesn’t have to be something you dread! Variety is key too!
    Great picture!

  30. I feel the same: food has often (okay more than often) been an issue for me, but I LOVE and have a healthy relationship with exercise. My only problem is that since I don’t like eating or have much of an appetite, I didn’t fuel my workouts properly. But the actual working out part is something I enjoy and totally focus on for the mental benefits. It makes me happy. Now that I can’t work out very much or very strenuously because of my nerve disease, it is the hardest thing in the world. But honesly, I physically feel better because I am eating virtually the same amount of food but it more matches my activity level.

    Yay for you for the fitness mag thing. 🙂

  31. Hey lady! Congrats on the Fitness magazine submission. Wildly enough you and I are both submitting photos! I hope we get a fun spread right next to each other! I am taking my pics tomorrow. Eek!

    Exercise has always been a part of my life since I was in highschool but it wasn’t until recently that it became FUN! I used to go to the gym to burn cals and find that body I always thought I didn’t have. About 2 years ago I discovered TurboJam and everything changed! I began to love my workout time. I felt energized during and even better afterwards. It was revolutionary for me!!!!

    Awesome post!

  32. Tina, I can’t get over how amazing you look. 🙂

  33. Ameena says:

    I love this photo of you and I hope that you make it into Fitness Magazine…how awesome would that be??

    You do look amazing and happy and content despite your stressful day. I hope that you get a chance to relax this weekend!!

  34. dvd fitness says:

    fitness magazine…

    somewhere throught thesentencesyou managed to make me a believer but Justfor a very shortwhile i like this articles, hope you visit my blo…

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