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Posted: October 11, 2010 at 11:00 am

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Monday again. Some Mondays I simply need to put on a happy face and go through the day with a cheery outlook. Some Mondays I need to grumble. For those of you out there enjoying Columbus Day off, you likely fall into the former category. I normally do, too. Today? Today I fall into the latter. I think its a lack of sleep catching up to me.

You know cockroaches creep me out more than any other bug. So you may also figure that when I pick up the toilet paper tube and one falls out on me during my 2 am potty break, I lose any sense of a restful evening. Suicide-bombing-cockroaches definitely irk me. Or perhaps a bigger pet peeve is the toilet paper roll not being ON the dispenser. For which, only I am to blame.

Something else that causes loss of sleep and drives me crazy? M’s digestive tract. Does it seriously have to insist on her needing to poop at 6 am every morning? This only forces her awake to try to go in the potty and not want to go back to bed. In other words, I no longer have my morning time and start the day looking pretty rough.


Then, its breakfast time. Pet peeve #3 of the morning? The child asks for one breakfast and I give it to her. Yet as soon as she sees me making oats, she wants oats. Starving, I have to wait another 30 minutes to eat so she will actually eat what is in front of her. I promise it’s with love that she fills two spots on this list.

When my breakfast time came, the pet peeves continued. How can you make something the same as always but it turn out wrong? My oats came out all soupy, despite preparing them the same way as always. Be for real, oats!


Even better? When you decide you need a cup of coffee either to aid the lack of sleep or to relax….but find this when you open the container.


I guess on the bright side it means less of these to do.


Seriously, how do they multiply so fast? How come I can never keep up? And to this day I do not know what the people who owned this house before us were thinking with the teal tile. Blech.

The morning continued with grocery shopping. I really do not like grocery shopping. Biggest pet peeve of the day? That my store recently got a new layout for no good reason and it now takes me at least 15 minutes longer to figure out where in the heck to find everything. Why did they do this? There was no need.

Now for one last thing. You know those days where you simply cannot get full and feel you could snack all day long? Of course today would be one. I don’t like feeling hungry. I know I have eaten enough. Body, please act accordingly.

Ahhhh. Lack of sleep can make me cranky, but it feels better now. Other random pet peeves of mine?

  • commercials that make no sense whatsoever
  • people who go to the gym and only stand around talking
  • when something doesn’t taste as good as it looks
  • the sound of people picking their nails or scratching dry skin
  • misspellings of words like “their/they’re/there” or “too/to/two”

What are some of your pet peeves? Do you agree some days it just feels good to vent?


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  1. thanks for the shout-out girl! made my monday so much brighter 🙂 my biggest pet peeve right now is how morning and afternoon traffic varies so much from day to day…who are these people who are messing it all up?!

  2. Lauren says:

    Heck yes…vent all you want! I always feel better letting it out, even if I’m just talking to myself 🙂

  3. (misspellings of words like “their/they’re/there” or “too/to/two”)

    This is so right on!!!

    And yesterday I experienced the “new store layout” issue — it should have taken me 5 minutes tops to get deodorant, pay and leave the store. Instead, it took almost 15 and I couldn’t find a worker to help me either. Its sad how bad my mood gets after something like that!

    • Tina says:

      I walked around forever looking for coffee today. You know where it was? With the wine and beer. Seriously. Why? It makes no sense. Well, I guess it makes a little sense because if you drink a bunch of the wine/beer you want coffee the next day. But you don’t buy them together. LOL

      • Last time that happened to me I was looking for raisins — every other time I have bought them they are near the walnuts/choc chips in the cooking aisle. Then I thought they’d be with canned fruit…nope! Somehow I was supposed to know the raisins would be with juice. Sure they both started off as fruit, but I don’t get it…

  4. LOL – sorry to hear you’re having one of THOSE days. Ugh. One of my biggest pet peeves is tailgating. Another is coworkers clipping nails at the office. It’s just gross.

  5. Julia says:

    Thanks for the sweet mention. I’m so glad I found your blog!
    Sorry your day has gotten off to a cruddy start. I also dislike when they reorganize a store and it is impossible to find anything, and I like grocery shopping.
    Hope your day perks up!

  6. Meg says:

    I agree on the cockroaches one. *shudder* Thankfully, I don’t have them here, but when I visit my family in Alabama they always creep me out. I do get earwigs though. Ick.

    Aw, that is the saddest face! If it makes you feel better, I’ve been bonking my arms and legs on the door frames all morning. I’m real coordinated like that. 🙂 See, you’re cheering up already.

    • Tina says:

      We don’t typically have roaches, but we’ve seen a few the past week or so. I don’t know where they came from. I do know they will die for being here though.

  7. Courtney F says:

    Good thing you were on the toilet when the cockroach scared ya! haha I would have squealed!
    One of my pet peeves is the toilet paper sitting next to the paper rack. How hard is it to put it on the holder?!
    I wish there was a dish fairy or even better a laundry fairy. You think you get caught up and the next thing you know you have 3 loads taunting you!
    I hope your day gets better!

  8. A bit of a sad face to start your day! Come over here. My neighbor seems to think that signing opera at the top of her lungs is appropriate during the work day! 🙂 That’ll make ya smile.

    Pet peeves….oh dear….
    1. Leaving lights on when you leave.
    2. Leaving laundry on the floor instead of in some container. Doesn’t matter what, just somethin!

  9. Aghghgh!!! Your roach story is making my skin crawl!! Eek!

  10. Dawn says:

    Hope your day turns around soon. I’m having a case of the Mondays too – I just can’t seem to get enough sleep lately.

    My biggest pet peeve is when my coworker sings along with the radio at work – loudly and off-key. Arrrgh … I don’t understand why being professional at the office is so hard for some people!

    • Tina says:

      LOL I wonder if people have told her she should try out for Idol and she thinks she’s good. I know I can’t sing so try to avoid gracing anyone with that sound.

  11. Cynthia says:

    One of my pet peeves is also the grocery store thing. My grocery store just moved everything as well, so my husband and I spent 10 extra minutes or so figuring out where stuff was last week. Ugh.

    Also, Whole Foods has been out of my favorite soup (365 organic Creamy Tomato Basil) for TWO weeks in a row. So frustrating!

  12. I had one of those always hungry days on Saturday… it was craziness.

    people that chew with their mouth open. and talk. grody.

    selfish drivers. and bad ones.

    sorry about the cockroach. 🙁

  13. Marg says:

    Since I drive so much to and from work I would say slow cars in the left lane. With 4 lanes you think it wouldn’t matter, but the slow ones like to go in the left and blocks up everything.

    • Tina says:

      I think this is my husband’s biggest pet peeve. And I also think I used to be one of those cars until I saw how much it irked him. LOL

  14. Mama Pea says:

    Oh my stars. My college dormroom was infested with cockroaches, so just imagining being startled by one in the middle of the night is terrifying!

    Love my girls, but it’s my pet peeve when they mix together pack up all of their toys in random backpacks and bags and leave them planted all around the house. I’ll go to pack a bag and it will be full of toy soup, which I then have to sort and put away before I can use the bag. Gah!

  15. Leashieloo says:

    YES! Some days are just ridiculously bothersome and you must let it out so that it doesn’t fester internally!

  16. Heather says:

    Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew! Cockroach? Ew!!
    Oh-the lack of coffee thing would go far beyond pet peeve status….that’s in another category altogether!
    My number one pet peeve would be ANY kind of grammar/spelling misuse. ESPECIALLY on professional signs,brochures,books,etc.
    My current one is big obnoxious ugly blowup yard decorations.
    Seriously people?!

    • Tina says:

      LOL And you have a few more solid months of those with all the holidays. I don’t like the huge blow up decorations either. Keep it simple.

  17. Aw Tina, don’t worry, the day will turn around. And if not, tomorrow you can start afresh! Plus, you’re pretty awesome so you’ve always got that at the end of the day 😉

    • Tina says:

      I’m good. I actually find my morning kind of humorous now. Also the fact that I really don’t know how to pout. I look like I just ate something sour. Haha!

  18. emily says:

    what a morning…..soupy oats and no coffee….yikes!

    I have to have my morning exercise, oats, coffee, and my prayer time to get me going for the day!

    I hope the rest of your day is super wonderful!

  19. Ohmygosh I HATE when my grocery store changes its layout!!

  20. Mmm…dirty sinks. Like, food crud left in them after dishes are washed.

    As for obnoxious commercials? The taco bell one for chalupas is KILLING ME. The baseball coach pulls him out b/c he says he can’t finish it, BUT HE HASN’T TAKEN A SINGLE BITE. I don’t know why it bothers me so much. But, my husband has taken to referring to it as “my favorite commercial”…which…may be peeving me, as well. 😉

  21. Yes, it always feels better to vent! This is your platform sweetie, let it all out! If I did not have so much to do today, I would totally come over and clean your dishes! I hate it when they change up the grocery store. I seriously think they do this to force you to go down different aisles. It is a marketing scheme! That especially stinks when you have kids with you and you are avoiding the junk food aisle! I hope your day gets better! May I suggest a pumpkin pie blizzard. If you should go, enjoy a bite for me!

  22. Anjelica says:

    Biggest pet peeve is hands down incompetent drives. Your roach story reminded of a time when I sat down on the toilet to find a frog in the toilet bowl! I ran out of the bathroom screaming. It was a terrible start to the day.

    Hope your afternoon turns out to be brighter!

  23. Ooh, I like this topic! My peeves:

    – the word “pet peeve” itself (not sure why)
    – I ALSO don’t like when people mess up to/too, they’re/there/their… and also, it’s lose, not “loose”; “loose” is when something isn’t tight — “lose” is when you no longer have something
    – when I get slammed as soon as I start my workday but the rest of the day quiet (can’t it be more even?)
    – cell phone texts sent en masse
    – when I pick a short line at check out but it turns out to move the slowest
    – when people are more than 5 minutes late without a legitimate excuse
    – when there are meat and dairy free options at large events/when people question me like I’m a freak due to my food choices/when people still try to give me fish thinking it’s not a “meat”
    – why does running have to even hurt in your toenails sometimes???

    • Tina says:

      I almost used the word pet peeve as one of mine too. I don’t get it either. Pets are usually cute so why is it associated with something annoying? And the check out line is a big one of mine too.

  24. Oh man…the cockroach sitch would have made me come un GLUED!
    Hope your day gets better, friend!!

  25. Emily says:

    Yikes! Sorry for the rough Monday, Tina! I hate it when grocery stores rearrange, too. Its always such a hassle to find everything. I end up getting pretty frustrated.

    I think another one of my pet peeves is when people chew with their mouth open. Its gross and totally unappetizing! Phew, it does feel good to vent. 🙂

    Hope that your afternoon gets less crazy.

  26. Biggest Pet Peeves:

    Michael leaving his dry cleaning hangers in the bathroom

    a messy kitchen

    tray tables blocking off the living room…and even worse, tray tables with a laptop,l plugged in blocking off the living room so I almost kill myself tripping on the thing…..grrrrrr

    Oh, and I totally agree with you about Skinny Bitch, I bought it bc I knew what it was about, nit because I wanted to be “skinny” during my pregnancy. More so bc it was a vegan eating guide for pregnancy, and wanted to see what they had to say…even though I am NOT vegan, just try to eat that way as much as poss. They DO say in the beginning of the book how you will NOT be skinny during your pregnancy, that it is just their brand and a way to sell books, but how we all gain weight, and need to gain enough weight, etc, etc. Just thought I would let you know….I can totally see how it would turn someone off though, if I didn’t know what it was about it would do the same for me!

    • Tina says:


      I really hope you didn’t think I thought you were trying to aim for skinny during pregnancy with that comment. I know you have a very healthy attitude and that was not intended to you at all.

      I’m also glad to know that they discuss that at the beginning of the book. Although, the image could still probably be more healthy pregnant looking.

      • OMG! Not AT ALL, my dear 🙂

        I just wanted to say I agree with you, and was intrigued because I knew what it was about..and when I was in Barnes & Noble one of the first things I read was how they are NOT promoting being “skinny” during your pregnancy, despite the title. Otherwise the book would of annoyed me off the bat as well 🙂

  27. Lori Lynn says:

    Probably being late, when cars that are turning don’t use their blinkers (or that driver’s that turn out in front of you and then go really slow).

  28. Brooke says:

    the old ladies at the pool drive me nuts – they complain unless its as warm as bath water. then when i get in to swim its so hot i can barely breathe!

    i feel ya on the grocery store one. mine remodeled a couple of months ago and i’m still not sure where everything is.

  29. Dorry says:

    I’m so glad you vented to us! It is therapeutic just to get it out of your head and into the open. I cannot stand being in a grocery store when I don’t know my way around – especially if I’m in a hurry. It’s like being a contestant on supermarket sweep without a prize! And I’ve been feeling ravenously hungry the past 2 days – think mine is hormonal but I can’t seem to feel satisfied. An apple + nut butter usually does the trick! xo

    • Tina says:

      I used to love that game show!!! That one and Shop Til You Drop. My sister and I used to watch it together. Thanks for the flashback. 😀

  30. OMG — you ARE having a bad day.

    My first apartment out of college had roaches. Yuck.

    As for my pet peeves, the homonym thing gets to me too. (It’s the copy editor in me!)

    I also hate having slow drivers get in front of me (or, as I like to complain, “in my way.”)

  31. Camille says:

    Bad grammar makes me want to rip my hair out!
    I am one of those people who will correct you if you say that your day is “going really good.” No, it isn’t “going good”, it’s “going well”.
    Learn it, world!

  32. Jaime says:

    Totally agree! And why does all of this nonsense have to happen on a Monday? My daughter is the Queen of taking my meals! If she doesn’t take it, she has to have a bite. I don’t share well when it comes to my food, but since she is my blood, I guess I have to 😉

  33. Totally hear ya. Some days it’s like everything goes awry.

    The WORST is when you’re out of coffee. During the week, I usually have hot tea in the morning. So when I get ready to make my weekend cup of coffee and there’s no coffee because I forgot all week?!?! Ugh.

    My thing is when it’s congested traffic and people don’t use blinkers. It’s like, “dude- if you are going to cut me off anyways, please at least let me know with a little blinker action…”

  34. Seriously, were we living parallel lives last night? I could NOT sleep b/c I saw something that looked like a roach. Freaked me out. At midnight, I was up w/ bugspray, spraying the perimeter of the house.

    The coffee thing would likely send me over the edge. My #1 pet peeve is when you see someone driving and talking on the cell. You can tell they are not focused on driving at all! ACK!

    I hope your day gets better. I’m so going to try your pumpkin stuffed French toast (read in voice of girl from 40 year old virgin). 🙂

  35. Becca says:

    Oh, yes. Just this morning in class, one of the other students was grumbling out the way her week started–plumbing issues of some sort. Their bathroom is not working or something. Plus her car wouldn’t start and all this other stuff. Yuck!

    A few of my biggest pet peeves include:
    –bad grammar. (I spotted a “then/than” mix-up in a chapter of one of my books yesterday. !?!?)
    –when people don’t push in their chairs. (Don’t ask why; I just don’t like it.)
    –stupid commercials. (The one with the little boys racing home and the one gets in the van = what the heck??)
    –when people don’t use their turn signals; also, when they don’t turn into the right lane. (Seriously?)
    –being late. (I leave my house a half hour before my classes start, even though I live like ten minutes from the school!)

  36. Ela says:

    Your pouty self-portrait is just the cutest! Sorry you had a triggering morning… Interesting how the little ones often latch onto and exacerbate this kind of thing.

    I hope your days gets better. It’s an interesting topic, the ‘venting’ one. I wonder whether it’s a male vs. female thing. My husband thinks that it’s better not to give those kinds of things any energy at all, just to put your energy elsewhere. But I often think that you really need to acknowledge where you are at before you can move on, otherwise you just continue to deceive yourself and be bamboozled by your own efforts.

    Pet peeves? People who aren’t transparent, or who say something’s ok when it isn’t. People who don’t use their turn signals. My own self, when I don’t maintain my emotional poise, especially when I get annoyed with my husband in front of my mother-in-law (yeah, smart move that!)


  37. Katie says:

    I’m positive I would not be able to even fall asleep after a cockroach fell out near me!! EEKKKK! The thought gives me the heebie jeebies lol! Aww sorry you had it rough! xoxoxoxo Yuck to the bugs though!

  38. I totally agree with you on SO many of those!! Especially the spelling. Poor smelling and grammar are huge pet peeves of mine. HUGE!
    I used to work at a bank, and when we got robbed they brought in a counsellor to talk to everyone. He gave a speech to the group of us, and he kept saying “as well too”. It is either “as well” or “too”. Its not both. Drove me crazy!

  39. Shayna says:

    Ugh, I hate when people pick their nails (or cut them at work, what the hey? Really?), come into my personal zone really close to talk with me (I may or may not have a co-worker who does this), and people that don’t use turn signals (they aren’t in the car to accessorize it, people!).

  40. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tina Reale, Tina Reale. Tina Reale said: pet peeve kind of morning: Bloggers of the Day (chosen randomly from your comments) Jogging My Memory – Julia is a… […]

  41. Robyn says:


    Don’t feel bad about being crabby due to lack of sleep. My husband and I had that same conversation this morning. I HATE when I have sleeping issues.

    Hope your Tuesday starts out w/ yummy oats, full coffee container and accessable toilet paper!


  42. homecookedem says:

    I days I need to vent also! One of my pet peeves is when people step on the back of my flip flops, haha!! I’ve bite Andrew’s head off every time he does that!!!!! 😉 With love of course! 😉 Oh and I’ve totally been there with the cockroaches in the middle of the night… ugh. I hate those things!!!!!!!!!

  43. homecookedem says:

    I mean I HAVE days I need to vent also… 😉 Oh preggo brain is getting worse and worse these days!! 😉

  44. Nichole says:

    You are welcome to hop on your soapbox anytime. I agree with a lot of the same things you do! Life is full of those little nagging things sometimes.

    I hate sitting in traffic when there is no accident, not specific reason, just a bunch of morons on the road.

  45. janetha g. says:

    Sometimes pouty faces are mandatory! Especially when cockroaches are involved. Eep.

  46. I’m sorry for the domino effect of pet peeves today. I have days like that and I feel like there’s gotta be a hidden camera somewhere because these things just don’t happen all at once.

    It will get better soon, maybe the dish fairy will come tonight?

    Ugh, one of my pet peeve is happening right NOW! My co-worker is cutting his nails in the office and I can hear it. I don’t, it just grosses me out the he does it here at work and not at home or in the bathroom. Eewww!!

    • Tina says:

      It seems like thats a common pet peeve. Eww. I don’t get why people wouldn’t want to do that in their own bathroom either.

  47. Wow. That really sounds like a rough morning. If after all that I found no coffee in the container, I would have poured my soupy oats in a to-go mug and been on my way to dunkin donuts in 10 seconds flat.

  48. ahh did you scream when the cockroach fell on you?? I have found a couple in my apartment and I screamed so loud. I feel for you!

  49. ashleigh says:

    I hope you day got better!! Cockroaches are the scariest things!! OMG! I found three in my old apartment and I was so creeped out each time.. Yuck!
    I have a ton of pet peeves, but I can’t really think of any right now.. I am sleepy!

  50. I would not have completely understood the emotion involoved in the cockroach pet peeve until last week.

    I was vacationing in Charleston. I got back to my hotel (and I admit it was the least expensive hotel in the historic district so I guess I was asking for this…) around midnight. At 12:30 I went to wash my face, and out from under the washrag scoots a cockroach. I didn’t scream, but I did say a particular F word multiple times as I scampered backwards.

    I knew I couldn’t sleep in that room with that giagantic bug (we have big spiders at my house, but size wise they didn’t even compare to this bug) so I took off my flip flop and smashed it. Gross black stuff exploded onto the counter. The bug dropped to the floor. I got wads of toilet paper, picked it up and proceeded to throw it in the toilet. It wasn’t dead and dropped out of the TP, crawled up and around the tub. Dang. Hit it again. Washed it down the drain. At 2:00 another bug was spotted above the door. Easily (and humanely) knocked it out the open door. Stayed awake all night. Changed rooms in the morning. “You mean you’re scared by a lil Palmetto Bug?” I was told. YES. Don’t like them!

    So, yes, right now cockroaches are my pet peeve.

    But I do love Charleston.

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