you would think

Posted: October 25, 2010 at 7:00 pm

You would think after such a busy weekend, that my 2 year old daughter would sleep in longer this morning from all the exhaustion. Instead, she is awake and ready to play at 6 am.


You would think that I don’t care about my looks or how I present myself in public when I choose to leave the house looking like this.


You would be right. It was rainy, chilly, and all together gross outside when we headed to the grocery store this morning. I didn’t exactly feel like showering to get poured on. I’ll happily don the sweats look and shower later.

You would think that with Halloween bark, fudge, and special chocolate chip cookies inhabiting our house I would lack will power and sit around to eat it all day. You would be mistaken. The bark is going in “Boo” goody bags. The cookies are going in the freezer because we still have too many to eat while still fresh. The fudge…well, the fudge will stay out for one small piece after lunch at a time. 😀 I think the Maple Walnut is the best fudge I have ever tasted.


You would think that a pregnant woman can give you a run for your money in the eating department. You have never experienced pregnancy heartburn then, have you? I have very little appetite and honestly don’t eat much. Even this weekend, with all the food I appeared to indulge in, the portions were pretty miniscule and nothing compared to the room I would have had for them if not pregnant.  I constantly feel full. I had to force myself to eat lunch today in fact. All I wanted was this…


The first Honeycrisp apple I have ever tasted. Oh my deliciousness! Then I decided one, albeit large, apple could not suffice for a lunch. I choked down a pb sandwich to try to get as many calories in the smallest form possible. I foresee a lot of nutbutter in my future. I know I need the calories for helping baby B grow, but cannot fathom eating anything high volume right now.

You would think I am trying to grow a fur coat. I haven’t shaved my legs in over a week and honestly have no desire to do so. It hurts and can be difficult to bend to reach certain sections. I know I need to give in though when little M touches my leg and says “Roxy fur!! Mommy leg Roxy fur!” For the record, this is Roxy…


I can go to the store in sweats, but I have more pride than having myself compared to our dog, even if done by my two year old. I can understand those women who schedule a waxing session at the end of the pregnancy. I’m too cheap.

You would think I would have more to say…but I don’t. I need to go tutor and then come home for dinner and relaxing with my husband. I hope you all had a great Monday! See you tomorrow. 😀

  • Have you ever had a professional wax? I’ve done eyebrows of course and I did have to do the bikini thing for my competition. It actually wasn’t so bad!
  • What are some low volume, but calorically dense (and healthy) food options? They may be all I can stomach soon. I have no room in my belly and its only going to get MORE cramped!
  • Don’t forget to ASK ME ANYTHING for the November Q + A series!
  • Lastly, Atlanta Blogger Meet-Up THIS FRIDAY! If you're interested but haven't gotten details yet, please let me know!

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67 Comments to “you would think”
  1. oooooooh, i don’t know about the food thing! sorry, i’m not super helpful there! i haven’t ever had a wax, but i’ve always wanted to do the string thing at the mall for my brows 😉

  2. Lisa says:

    I admire your willpower for sweets! Definitely need some of that for myself!

  3. Heather says:

    I have had my eyebrows waxed, but that is it. I am too much of a wimp to do anything else!

  4. Julia says:

    I’ve only had my eyebrows waxed. Cost is mostly what has prevented me from doing the legs.
    Avocados are a great calorie dense food with plenty of healthy fats and calories – you could put them on a sandwich with some lean turkey or chicken and whole wheat bread.
    I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately – with some protein powder of nut butter those could pack a good calorie and fat punch.
    Hope that helps and hope you get some good rest after that weekend and early wake-up call!

    • Tina says:

      Those are great ideas. Thanks. Definitely adding avocado and smoothie to my meal rotation….coming up next week after I get to the store again.

  5. Katy says:

    I had my first Honeycrisp apple today too!!! SO DELICIOUS! 🙂 I’m in love!

    Your daughter is a-dor-able! Her smile melts my heart. 🙂

    I’ve had my brows waxed but I’m too scared to get anything else done! :-O

  6. Jae says:

    You should try some bars if you want calorically dense. 🙂
    I know they’re very sweet and all, but they might help…. I’m talking about the clif, luna, and **Moms In The Raw**<— SOOOO good… not too sweet, all natural, and about 230 cals each. pretty much amazingness in bar for (even though I love luna cookies n cream like no other)

    You could sub these things with an apple and a smidge of nutbutter 🙂

    And this is completely weird, but I dont need to shave. All my friends do, and when i tell them I dont, they're completely jealous. 😀 My hair is almost nonexistent.

    • Tina says:

      I’m completely jealous too!!!

      And bars are a great idea. I can’t believe I didn’t think of them. I used to be a bar fiend.

  7. Loriana says:

    I had my first waxing experience last weekend-eyebrows & bikini. I’m with you, it wasn’t that bad! I hear legs hurt worse..

  8. I can never get out of sweats when its rainy outside. And Ive only had my eyebrows waxed:)

  9. allison says:

    Hahah the “roxy fur” is hilarious (though my legs get like that and i dont have pregnancy to blame it on)

    Eat lots of avocados and bananas! Filling but packed with vitamins:)

  10. I am right there with you on the heartburn and not being able to fit much in my tummy these days. The baby takes up more and more room and there is less and less for food. I dread going to sleep at night knowing I am going to wake up in pain from the heartburn.
    Honeycrisp apples have been a huge craving of mine during this pregnancy. I started craving them back in August and had to wait until October to find them. I am so happy to have a stock in my fridge at all times right now 🙂

  11. Camille says:

    I would definitely stick with the nut butters. You can even just eat them off a spoon!
    Maybe some energy bars? Lara Bars are healthy and somewhat calories dense. If you can choke down 2 for lunch it is at least a decent amount of calories.
    Good luck! It will all be worth it when you have a new little boy in the family!

  12. Dawn says:

    Love honeycrisp apples! wish I could find them close to home.

    I’d go for granola or trail mix as healthy nutrient-dense food. At least I always manage to eat way too many calories that way 🙂

    I have my eyebrows waxed every now and then, but I’ve never had anything else done. The bad thing about it is, I never really worried about my brows before but now that I’ve started having them waxed, I feel like a cavewoman when I haven’t been to the waxer in a while. Almost wish I’d left ’em alone.

  13. I am a big fan of waxing, without getting to personal. 🙂 I don’t do my legs though, I always thought that hurt the most. Do you like smoothies? I can think of some yummy ones that you could make calorie dense.

    • Tina says:

      If waxing didn’t cost so much I would so go once a month. I actually loved the bikini wax because it really wasn’t so bad. Smoothies are a great idea! Thanks.

  14. I feel like I have less room to eat now too…it’s so different from the 2nd tri when you can’t get enough FOOD! ha ha.

  15. ashleigh says:

    Peanut butter?! I also agree with the avocado comments.. So delish!

  16. What about Greek yogurt with small bit of PB and fruit? Or cottage cheese with blueberries and cinnamon? Guess just lots of smaller meals perhaps…. sorry can’t be more help

  17. Sarah says:

    I would recommend nut butters especially with apples (love honey crisp). Or maybe full fat cheese sticks/slices (brie and pears topped with honey and almonds. Avocado is a great source of healthy fat too!

  18. If I could stay cozy in sweats all day, I would!

    I get my brows waxed regularly. It hurt in the beginning, but now I’m just used to it.

    And I didn’t know your dog’s name is Roxy! So is ours. =)

  19. First of all, that picture of Makenzie at the beginning of this post is ADORABLE!! You may be getting up early every morning, but doesnt that sweet face make it worthwhile?

    Second, I shave my legs so rarely that my boyfriend uses them to itch his arms.
    I was excited for the cold weather to come because it meant I could finally sleep in pants and leg shaving was entirely unnecessary.

  20. Dorry says:

    Little M in her Elmo outfit and HUGE smile just made my night! What a happy little girl. 🙂 I leave the house in ridiculous ensembles certain days…with dirty hair usually revolving around workout schedule and weather. Oh well! Nut butter, hummus and avocado…by the spoonful. 🙂

  21. The Elmo slippers and the Elmo shirt are more than I can handle. She’s such a doll.

    As far as foods go, I’m thinking perhaps veggie soup…

  22. Oh my gosh – honeycrisp apples really are the best. I used to be kind of skeptical, but now I’m a believer. I’m semi obsessed with them.

    Sorry you’re having eating issues. I’d agree with you on the nutbutter. Also, hummus and pretzels or homemade guacamole with…well, anything! Go healthy fats:)

    Hope things get better!

  23. Janae Jacobs says:

    You look AMAZING!! Who needs showers and getting ready when it is rainy and gross outside. That fudge looks so good. I still need to try a Honeycrisp ASAP. I am sorry about the heartburn, 6 AM wake-up and constant fullness. Have a great day tomorrow and hopefully you will get to sleep in a little longer!

  24. Meg says:

    Honeycrisps are so good! I wish they weren’t so expensive though. 🙁 I was cracking up at your unshaven legs and little M thinking it was like the dog. Don’t worry, it’s getting colder and I’ve been going a week without shaving mine too– and I’m not pregnant! 🙂

    I don’t fear waxing. I’ve had eyebrows, lip and the whole enchilada done (regularly) and it’s no big deal.

  25. Hallie says:

    My ovaries hurt when I see photos like the first one of M. She is SO stinkin cute!!

    I thought MOST girls were regular waxers? Sounds like not. Girls…you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but if you do, TRUST me it’s not bad. One-two-three and you’re done! I wouldn’t do legs though, mostly because I feel like that’d take a long time!

  26. Haha, as a hairy German I could probably grow a fur in few months 😀 I’ve had my bikini line waxed and I can assure you that after that experience I have come up with another solution for that place. HAHA. My friend are raving about sugar treatments for legs, bikini line and arm pits.. I’m thinking of trying that!

  27. Maura says:

    I waxed my eyebrows for a wedding once and was scarred from the incident…phsyically and emotionally. Never again! The things we do as bridesmaids…

    P.S. If you haven’t shaved because you’re preggers and it hurts to bend down, what’s my excuse for not doing so in a week?

    • Tina says:

      It’s not really an excuse. Pregnant or not I probably wouldn’t be shaving regularly anymore. The pregnancy just makes me even less likely. LOL

  28. ive had everything waxed, lasered, shave, you name it, Ive tried it. Not into hair other than on my head so I am not afraid to take care of business 🙂

    in pregnancy, i was either having braxton hicks from 30 weeks on, in back labor from 30 weeks on, puking from weeks 0 to 30, had insomnia, heartburn, you name it…girl. I dont know what I lived on. Crackers I think. It was rough. I feel for you!

  29. OH your little girl is so adorable and those slippers are just too cute! Love it! We are taking Meghan to Sesame Street Live next weekend and she is so excited–I might have to look for some Elmo slippers for her. 🙂

    I didn’t have pregnancy heartburn. Do smoothies work? Lots of ways you can get a ton of healthy calories with smoothies.

  30. I know right, Honeycrisps are amazing! I am a shave everyday kind of gal. I have never gotten anything waxed…I am too cheap too. Sorry about the heartburn. You are definitely on the downhill slide. Just be glad the cooler months are coming and not the heat of the summer. It keeps the swelling down for sure. I liked doing pasta dishes at that point in my pregnancy. Quinoa would be good too! I hope M sleeps in this morning and you get a little you time!

  31. Felicia says:

    loveee honeycrisp!

  32. Your belly is so cute! So excited for you!
    I think nuts are the best calorie dense and nutrient dense foods! They make you the perfect amount of fullness! Nut butter is the best!

  33. At least you have an excuse not to shave your legs…it’s been awhile since I did mine and I’m just pure lazy 🙂 I actually really don’t mind waxing at all, except for the price!!

  34. Lee says:

    I get my eyebrows (and in all honestly, upper lip) waxed like once every two weeks. My hair grows fast!

    I’ve gotten a bikini wax before but I don’t do it regularly.

  35. “I know I need to give in though when little M touches my leg and says “Roxy fur!! Mommy leg Roxy fur!”” this is amazing. i LOLed

  36. Angela says:

    I love honeycrisps too! Lara bars are fairly calorie dense and low volume, and are squeaky-clean in terms of ingredients so maybe those would be a good option? We don’t have the cookie dough flavour here in Canada but I hear it’s delicious!

  37. Shannon says:

    I was always full too when I was pregnant. There was just no room in there! I spread peanut butter on everything just to up calories. I love to eat, so it was frustrating 🙂

  38. Courtney F says:

    Yes people do think a pregnant woman can eat you out of house and home, but there really is no room. I would eat like 12 times a day, but a handful of something at a time! I ate lots of bars and fruit.
    I love the elmo get-up!! Too cute.

  39. I’ve never GONE anywhere to get anything waxed, but I’ve done my own legs a few times, and…ugh. It’s hard to convince yourself to keep pulling!

    Yeah…all I could think was avocados and people got that one. I know a tortilla with avocados, black beans, and cheese (heated so melty) would be dense and delicious…

  40. Here are just a few ideas for lower-volume/calorie dense but healthy… I can imagine it gets hard to stuff the stomach with a little human life in there!! 🙂
    *avocados, nuts/seeds, high(er) carb fruits – pears, apples, bananas, pineapple, salmon, peanut butter added to any fruits, etc. So, you’ll probably see a theme there (besides the single fruits)…healthy fats. Fat is denser in calories than carbs or protein – so it’s easier to rack up the numbers w/o the volume. 🙂

  41. Allie Finch says:

    Honeycrisps are my favorite!
    “roxy hair” — that is so cute 😀

    You nailed it with nuts & nut butters — as well as seeds: sunflower seed butter can be a nice change from the usual — I also agree with avocados, bananas, hummus, smoothies [this can feel light but pack A LOT of calories if made too]. Dried fruit is calorically dense [a cup of raisins has more calories than a cup of grapes], dates, figs, full fat yogurt, pasta & whole grains, sweet potatoes can easily be amped up into full powerhouse meals, coconut milk, dark chocolate ;). Hope this helps!

    • Tina says:

      All such great ideas. Thanks!!! It’s so funny because I know all these things but completely forget when staring in my fridge/pantry or at the store. Having you all remind me helps so much. 😀

  42. Ok as much as 6am is hard, that picture of your daughter is beyond adorable – there’s no way not to forgive a face like that!

    I used to wax my eyebrows but I would break out so badly for the few days after getting it done.

    Without meaning to be eating such calorie dense foods I love toast with avocado and cheese, or toast with any kind of nut butter or even Greek yogurt with nut butter mixed in. Not overwhelmingly filling but definitely calorie dense!

  43. I’ve had waxes done, but not on my legs. I’ve considered it though!

    M is so adorable in her elmo PJs with the slippers! What a cutie!!!

    Low volume/calorie dense: smoothies? nut butter? avocados?

  44. Nichole says:

    GO Dawgs, I see that shirt:)

    You would think this weather would ackright already!

    Waxing scares the daylights out of me. I was 18 when I finally let people near my brows.

    I want to ask a question!
    What’s the best form of exercise you’ve found during pregnancy?

    Hope that’s not too lame of a question :\

    • Tina says:

      I honestly think the best is to continue doing what your body is used to but at a lighter intensity/load. For me, I have really enjoyed spinning because it is low impact but still feels like a decent challenge (although not too much). I also love how yoga stretches me out and helps with some of my achy spots.

  45. Look at you craving apples – lucky lady!

    Have you ever had a professional wax? Yes – eyebrows, lip and a brazilian… OMG – never again.

    What are some low volume, but calorically dense (and healthy) food options? I have no idea!! eek!

    Can’t wait for Friday!!!!

  46. I’ve never thought about having to shave your legs. I would go the hairy route too. Plus it’s the perfect weather for it; pants all the time.

  47. Krystal says:

    trail mix, baby.

    Also, when i was all-day sick while pregnant with jordan, i ate a lot of raisin bran. eat it with whole milk in it and there ya go: whole grains, fiber, calcium, fat and dried fruit. i swear i lived on raisin bran and honeycrisps for a full 2 months with jordan. (and the kid can’t eat enough raisins and apples! 🙂 )

    sharp cheddar cheese and triscuits and seedless grapes is another good “meal” IMO.

    i have eyebrow waxed but always lose a lot of skin and get ugly scabs so i don’t do it anymore. I’ve had one bikini wax and wish i could afford to do it regularly. it’s awesome!

    feel good, sweetie. you look beautiful, even in sweats. XOXO

  48. You look gorgeous in that pic – sans make + sweats and all 🙂
    And LOL that M compares your legs to the dog – classic, hehe
    Speaking of waxing, I reaaallly need to get my brows done

  49. Kelly says:

    I love how happy M is…I swear she is the biggest “cheeser” ever! It is beyond adorable!! I am sorry that the pregnancy heartburn is so bad! UGH! Are you allowed to take any heart burn medications while pregnant?

    • Tina says:

      I’m not sure about meds like Mylanta or whatever its called, but I know you can chew Tums. We don’t have any but I might have to pick some up. I try to avoid things like that as much as possible….but its getting bad enough for me to give in.

  50. Holly says:

    Oh my gosh…honeycrisps are the BEST! I love them – they are absolutely worth the splurge every now and then. 🙂

    Hmmm….only had a bikini wax a couple of times and I agree – not too bad! If I were rich, I’d get them all the time….

    Maybe Larabars? Avocados? Anything with nut butters?

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