My Healthy Habits

Posted: December 9, 2010 at 11:59 am

Earlier this week, Janetha shared a post that stuck out to me. It talked about the many healthy habits we can adopt. The habits she mentioned covered a wide range and did not limit themselves to eating and workouts.

Not having the option to workout and feeling less desire for my standard dining fare sometimes leaves me with the belief “I’m not very healthy right now”. Well, that simply is not true. I cannot forget the many other healthy habits I still maintain and that matter just as much.

#1 = I listen to my body. The reason I’m not working out right now has nothing to do with laziness and everything to do with taking care of myself. I need rest and I honor that with stopping workouts for the time being.

#2 = I still eat my veggies. I may not eat the same variety and volume as I normally do, but they are still a regular part of my diet.

I make an effort to include some with every dinner and just make sure to choose options I still like. Although, it’s perfectly okay if pizza & Blizzard nights happen without a veggie in sight too.

#3 = I pray. I firmly believe that spiritual wellness impacts overall wellness greatly. I begin every morning with Bible study, devotional reading, and prayer. Then, pray throughout the day as needed. It helps reduce my stress levels and builds my happiness, which are very healthy things.

#4 = I surround myself with loved ones. I have numerous quality relationships – my husband, my kiddo(s), my sister and mom, other family, my friends from church/mom’s group/past/blogging, and more.


Without a doubt these relationships make me a healthier person. They allow me to do everything from laugh to cry.

#5 – Food doesn’t control me. I no longer face overwhelming guilt related to the food I eat. I no longer binge. Food is separate from emotions. I am in control.

#6 – I take care of dental hygiene. Flossing, brushing, mouth rinse washing are all standard parts of my daily routine. Who cares if it comes from fear of the dentist? My teeth are cared for!

#7 – I have good sleeping habits. Even though my nights are not the most restful, I don’t forget the importance of having a regular bed and awakening time. I think keeping that schedule helps me get more sleep than I could otherwise.

#8 – Stretching. Whenever I sit and play with Makenzie I try to always take a few minutes to stretch out achy muscles. I may not be able to work out, but I can still mind my flexibility.

How’s that for a flashback picture? I conceived baby B around that time. LOL

#9 – I vent. I no longer hold emotions in and try to hide them under a “perfect” shell to present to the world. That only led to depression before. Now, I like to think I do a good job at recognizing, pinpointing, and overcoming negativity in my life with the vent sessions I openly embrace. You all know about those.

#10 – I guzzle water. I have a gallon jug in my fridge that I refill every night. I use that jug to refill my Camelbak water bottle throughout the following day. I typically drink at least the full gallon. I love my water and its never a challenge to get in enough H2O.

  • What healthy habit are you proud of consistently being in your life?


55 Comments to “My Healthy Habits”
  1. i love that i always make sure i drink tons of water and get sleep…two things that i KNOW i need 🙂

  2. However hectic things get in my life, I always make time for exercise, and I always eat tons of veggies. It keeps me healthy and SANE!! 🙂

  3. This is a great post and one I may copy over on my blog if you don’t mind. 😉

    I make sure that I drink a lot of water daily, not only for my health and running, but to also keep my vocal chords wet 24/7 so I can sing!

    Ignoring this past week, my sleeping habits have been pretty good. I get between 7-8.5 hours a sleep a night.

    I also eat a lot of veggies and try to incorporate them in every meal.

    Food is beginning to NOT control me. I am still taking baby steps, but it is getting there. 🙂

    I need to work on opening up to people more and not let things stew in the pot for too long. I tend to internalize things too much, which pushes people away! 🙁

  4. I love this! Such a good reminder.

    I am pretty proud of the fact that I ONLY drink water. Soda and sugary drinks never cross my lips. It would be okay if they did, but I just don’t have a taste for them. I think I am healthier because of it.

    P.S. Your dentist’s mask is cracking me up. My Dad is a dentist… I’ll have to tell him about those. 😉

  5. I’m a water guzzler as well and definitely keep up with oral hygiene (it’s actually time to schedule a cleaning!) I also make sure to rest my mind with relaxation and prayer.

  6. I always get 8+ hours of sleep each night, I always take my vitimins, I always make sure to meditate or do yoga when I am stressed to make sure my stress levels are never to high, I listen to my body and do what it wants for food and exercise and I guzzle water like it is going out of business!

  7. Tina – I love how you have such a positive attitude! It is so refreshing to read about!

    Healthy habits for me? Eating regularly throughout the day, getting in lots of fruit/veggies and exercising regularly.

  8. Angela says:

    These are great healthy habits to have! I guzzle water (even though sometimes it’s not just water and has to have some lemon or flavour to it!! baby steps, right!?) and I make sure I get to bed early since my schedule requires me to get up really early. I could definitely do with a little more relaxation, and it’s going to be one of my resolutions for 2011! 🙂

  9. I have to say, your healthy habits are practically a mirror of mine! I’ve really come to appreciate listening to my body, and then praying really does wonders. I drink water like it’s my job, so if I ever have a baby I’m hoping my bladder is already prepared… 😉

    • Tina says:

      I think no matter what the bathroom needs to always be within reach when pregnant. I seriously go every 30 minutes. Haha!

  10. I also guzzle a gallon+ each day! It sure helps with energy and my skin! 🙂

  11. Water and moving! Those are the best healthy habits in my opinion. Yes, what you eat is important too, but if you keep moving and drink lots of water you have a great basis for health!

  12. Dorry says:

    Awesome healthy habits! I’ve gotten better about flossing daily. I drink a lot of water as well and very little caffeine. Sleep is definitely a priority and I make sure to get enough fruit and veggies everyday. I also wash my hands a lot, especially if I’ve been in public places like airports, malls, grocery stores, etc. 🙂

  13. My sleep has been horrible this week. With finals, and the thing, and everything else—I’m a tired gal.

    you’ve got some great habits 🙂

  14. Nicole, RD says:

    I am really good about 4-5 days a week of exercise. There are so few weeks in the past 10 years I haven’t worked out at least 4 days. There have been some weeks of 3 workouts, but I still consider that a huge success. And because of it, I love seeing my HDL number — the doc is always impressed!

    As of late, I am REALLY working on my water intake. I have a new water bottle and it is making a HUGE difference…because it keeps my water COLD!

  15. I’m proud of eating breakfast everyday- there was at time when I didn’t come close to achieving this.

  16. Nichole says:

    OK these pics were awesome.

    My favorite comment is leaning on spiritual wellness. Sometimes things are bigger than us and we need God’s help:)

  17. Oh I love this post. It is so great to focus on all of the things we are doing right…rather than what we aren’t doing enough of. I am making sure to take my vitamins EVERY day and I also really try to make sure to get enough sleep every night even if that means I go to bed at 9:30!!

  18. Oh I really needed this today. I’ve been really hard on myself for my less than healthy choices lately. But you’re right, its about so much more.
    In general I take pretty good care of myself. So what if Ive spent the last week eating chocolates. Its not a regular thing, and the world wont end.

  19. Astrid says:

    I love this post, Tina. I am proud of my following healthy habits:
    Yoga in the morning and throughout the day as needed (sounds like medication)
    I drink lots of water
    I eat fruits and veggies every day
    I take a multivitamin
    I create in some way every day. I need to be creative.
    I put my health as my priority. No more staying up all night to finish a paper or study. My sleep (and sanity) come first.

  20. My biggest accomplishment is the food which I choose to eat on a regular basis. It’s quality, whole foods without added ingredients. I also believe getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for mental, physical, and emotional health. That’s why I’m in bed at 9 pm every night! 🙂

  21. Jess says:

    This is great, I love this post. It’s SO easy to get caught up in the “obvious” thing we do to stay “healthy” from an eating and fitness perspective, but there are so many other things that make us healthy and whole. I’m with you on much of your list – I admit I do not stretch nearly enough so I’m adding that list for my 2011 resolutions – stretch more!!! A LOT more. I get a lot of sleep too, it’s very important to me. As are fruits and veggies and TONS of water. I’m a peeing machine but who cares, I feel so much better when I’m fully hydrated! 🙂

  22. lindsay says:

    I loved that post on Janetha blog. Puts a lot of things in persepctive. Like how I probably need to drink more water but at least I eat a ton of veggies. Does that even out?
    Spiritual wellness is key in my life as well. Without it, I would not have peace.

  23. Sleep is huge for me. I make getting a great night’s sleep a priority. Everything else is better if I am well-rested.

  24. It’s so important to keep reminding yourself that the no exercising is HEALTHY for you (and the little one) right now – I know how incredibly hard that is. With so many healthy habits, though, you truly are taking care of yourself either way!

    Sleep has become a big priority for me too – making sure I get at least 7 hours a night sets up the next day for me. I can feel it when I don’t and my body ain’t happy! Another healthy habit I’ve developed is self-love – when doubts and critiques creep in I immediately counteract it with a positive thought and a dose of reality. It doesn’t always work, but it’s become habitual none the less and most of the time it gets me back on the right track!

  25. Cynthia says:

    One habit that I am trying to work on is listening to my body. I have always had a hard time stopping when I am full or listening to my body in terms of when it needs a break from working out. I still feel some guilt with both, but I am getting there!

  26. Great habits! Especially love the praying, venting, and water guzzling! 🙂 Vitamins and flossing are two of mine!

  27. You are SO right! NOT working out IS actually a healthy habit for you because you are listening to your body!! Your posts are always inspiring seeing how you “talk yourself through” the situations that come to you!

    I am very proud of the fact that I include a wide variety of fruits and veggies in my diet every day. I do not rely solely on taking a vitamin to get what I need (because I don’t trust them, I look at is as “insurance”). Trying to not sweat the small stuff is another biggie!

  28. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by jeff alan H, Tina Reale. Tina Reale said: My Healthy Habits: Earlier this week, Janetha shared a post that stuck out to me. It talked about the many healt… […]

  29. I am proud that I now guzzle water too – even if I spend half the day going back and forth to the rest room 😉 I am also proud that daily exercise is a part of my, well, daily routine. I don’t make any apologies about that.

  30. Becca says:

    LOVE your healthy habits tina!

    I think my biggest one is actively choose to not let food and training rule my life. 🙂

  31. Karen says:

    Wowza – you have a lot of great habits! My most consistent one is that I exercise. (Not counting today, ironically.)

  32. I eat throughout the day and never miss a meal (mostly because I get WAY cranky if I don’t eat, but it’s healthy too!)

  33. Priyanka says:

    I love all your healthy living habits. A few that I do regularly are pray, eat my veg, drink water and appreciate people! I never miss a chance to tell people if I like something about them.

  34. Ela says:

    What a great post! Are you proud of yourself? You should be!

    I think I should be proud of myself that I hang in there and continue to feed myself and work on being my best, despite constant urges to do otherwise and further ruin my health!
    And better yet, I’m back in my creative writing practice again.

  35. Shannon says:

    Can I say forgiving myself is a healthy habit. As in, I forgive myself if I miss a workout or eat too much of the wrong food or opt to spend a night watching tv instead of studying. Yes it’s a mental thing but in learning that it’s ok to not be ‘perfect’ all the time, I’ve found more motivation to strive towards other healthy habits.

    As a side note, I know the last couple of weeks have been rough for you Tina and I’ve never been pregnant but a dear friend just had her 2nd and last child. She too was anxious to no longer be pregnant but at the same time she was grateful for it. She saw it as an experience she’d never again have and she also saw pregnancy as the only time in his life that ‘she’d have him all to herself’.

    Feel better soon.

    • Tina says:

      I definitely think forgiveness is a healthy habit to have!

      And I’m really trying to keep those types of things in mind as part of the blessings of going through this pregnancy. Thanks for reminding me of them tonight. 🙂

  36. Tatianna says:

    This was great 🙂 I especially agree with the one about venting, because I’ve experienced both side of the fence and self-expression is definitely beneficial to overall wellness. Better out than in 😉 Tears of sadness can be transformed into tears of joy!

  37. Great post doll!!!

    I have many healthy habits like yours, veggies, water, meditation, visualization and affirming that I am beautiful inside and out that allows me to have the self love for optimal health that I need 🙂


  38. Cate says:

    Yay for positivity! Those are all awesome healthy habits. 🙂
    I am proud that I no longer drink diet soda. I used to drink one or two a day, but about a year and a half ago I quit. Now it is pretty much all water with the occasional fruit juice. Along with other healthy changes (including some of the ones you mentioned above) I feel great!

  39. Karen says:

    Great post! It’s really nice to take a step back and realize all that you do to maintain your health!

    Drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep are the healthy habits I have been most consistent with!

  40. Lee says:

    I have good sleeping habits and I exercise at least 4 days a week, usually 5.

  41. Really needed to read this! Am having to take unexpected from work-outs for a month or so…it’s nice to be reminded that I can still be healthy without it relating to exercise whatsoever! Thanks 🙂

  42. […] December 9, 2010 by Katy Recently Janetha and Tina have shared their own healthy habits that they live by. This had me thinking, what are my healthy […]

  43. Slowly I’m working toward #5 on your list … but I’m not there yet.

    I have switched to plain Greek yogurt. I love it as a replacement for sour cream, or just with honey and oats as a snack. I just wish it was as cheap as the regular stuff.

  44. Robyn says:

    Love your Healthy Habits list. I have to say mine is very very similar.

    I am currently learning how important it is to Feel You Feelings. It is so much healthier, mentally and physically, to get those feelings out, work through them and move on with life. Keeping any negative &/or hurtful feelings in is Bad, Bad, Bad!

    Keep your chin up and your smile bright. You are so close to the end of your pregnancy and doing very well, in my opinion.


  45. WOW! A gallon of water? Several people at work carry around a jug of water all day. That’s 16 8 oz. servings of water. I just looked it up 🙂 Is that too much? I thought the rule was 8 to 10 servings. That’s a great way to measure out water! I like your list!

    • Tina says:

      That is the standard amount and plenty to drink. I drink more bec I need it when pregnant, so I’m supposed to have extra. Plus, I’m always thirsty. Same thing will happen with breastfeeding. Plus, I’m pretty sure the 8-10 servings doesn’t include extra fluids you should be getting with workouts and water loss. So, I guess that’s why its always pretty typical for me to consume that much water in a day. Doesn’t mean its necessary though for standard consumption. And yes, it is certainly possible to have too much water.

  46. janetha g. says:

    i love your healthy habits, tina! you have the most healthy spirit out of any blogger i know. seriously, i am always in awe with how healthy and in tune you are with the things BEYOND what is on the outside. i definitely look up to you!

  47. Good article. I will be experiencing some of these issues as well.

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