Hidden Treasures

Posted: December 15, 2010 at 8:07 pm

Even being under the weather, today was a great day. Before leaving for my lunch with the birthday boy, I found a special package on my doorstep. Chobani!

IMGP9062 IMGP9063 IMGP9064

I had to dig through a lot of packing peanuts to get to the treasure – 12 containers in a variety of flavors of Chobani Greek yogurt. I am an upcoming featured blogger for their blog, so they sent me some yogurt to play around with for holiday treats. Exciting! And yummy!

Time for lunch. I adore Groupon. Not only do I adore Groupon for the deals they share, but also for helping expose me to new restaurants. A lot of places they feature are fairly local, yet small enough to where I haven’t heard of them before. We visited such a place today for Peter’s birthday lunch - The Kozmo Gastro Pub.


They had a wide variety of options on the menu. Quite a few of the appetizers sounded really tasty to me. However, Peter was the birthday boy and he did not want hummus or parmesan truffle mushrooms, which I gladly would have split if dining with my sister – or one of you who I’m sure those sound good to as well.

Instead, the birthday boy went for classic fish and chips. And I chose a slight twist on a classica horseradish chicken salad sandwich, with a delicious side salad.

IMGP9071IMGP9070 IMGP9072IMGP9069

Any place that serves a side salad consisting of more than iceberg lettuce, carrot shavings, and croutons gets a gold star in my book. I devoured my lunch. The. Entire. Thing.

The last hidden treasure of the day is the best one of all. My man. I cannot fathom life without him. Kind of crazy to think because 5 years ago I was listing off the qualities that would make me even consider marriage…and believing that man did not exist. So, clearly I would never get married. Funny how things work out.

Peter, on your birthday I want to thank you for the wonderful man you are. A man with values and a strong faith, who works with me as a team to build each other up into the people God created us to be. A family man who puts his family above all else, no matter what. A determined man who works hard to care for and provide for his family and can take pride in his quality work. A man with just as quirky and goofy a sense of humor as my own. A man with the utmost patience when I’m moody and cranky and pregnant. Or just having one of those days outside of pregnancy. A man who will happily stand beside me and cheer me on with any dream or goal I hope to pursue. A man who will try new things, because he recognizes what they mean to me. A man who will care for his achy and sick wife, even though its his birthday. A man who gives of himself and loves fully. I love you, Peter. Thank you for being you and happy birthday!

  • What qualities do you expect from someone as a significant other?
  • What are your favorite things to do with yogurt?

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55 Comments to “Hidden Treasures”
  1. You, my dear, made an absolutely beautiful bride! I love the arch that you’re under! I’m glad you had a great day and got to celebrate your husband’s birthday!

  2. katie says:

    BEAUTIFUL words about your husband!!! Love you girl!!! You are amazing and such a role model!

  3. I saw that box of greek yogurt and literally said, “Ohhhh” out loud! Totally jealous! 🙂

    Happy Birthday to Peter!

  4. Tony was the kindest person I had ever met. He still is to this day! He shows me respect and understanding. Honestly, I could not ask for more.

    I love making pound cake with yogurt! It makes it so moist and dense. Have a great night Tina!

  5. Tatianna says:

    Awww.. this post makes me so happy! I love seeing couples like you two who are so devoted to each other. I’m nineteen and I’ve never had a boyfriend so I obviously have no insight on the matter… but I won’t pretend it doesn’t give me some hope!

  6. Emilie says:

    Hi Tina! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    Sounds like you’ve got a good man by your side! Congrats! They can be hard to come by 🙂

    I think I would explode with excitement if that much Chobani showed up at my door!!

  7. Your words about your husband are beautiful! I look for someone who makes me laugh, who I’m comfortable around, and who is honest.

    I love yogurt with nut butter, of course!

  8. Kelly says:

    What sweet words about your husband. Happy birthday Peter!!

  9. G says:

    This made me cry…
    Love is such a beautiful thing…

  10. Maura says:

    Chobani is my fav! What a beautiful tribute to your hubby. I like the part where you originally never fathomed getting married. It gives me hope that our future surprises us when we least expect it!

  11. Can you believe I’ve never tried chobani??? I’m kind of boring with yogurt. I just like plain Greek and I add my own things to it like blueberries and cinnamon or granola with bananas. I sometimes add it to hummus to lower the olive oil amount – makes it creamy with less oil. Love the wedding picture. Gorgeous!

  12. chelsey says:

    One thing I have heard my pastor say before, and one thing I do is EXPECT my Husband to act a certain way or do certain things.. which does set me up for failure most of the time. I have to work more on not having such high expectations, so when something nice does happen, I wasn’t already “expecting it”. That’s my goal!

  13. I like making sour cream from it, blending it with frozen berries to make a homemade frozen yogurt (with added shaved dark chocolate on top) and just eating it plain!

  14. Look at that GORGEOUS bride!

    I love greek yogurt! The pineapple & pom are my fave in Chobani. Lucky girl you are! 😀

  15. Lauren says:

    This was so sweet to read! I love my boyfriend because it is easy to talk to him about things and SO easy to have fun with and be silly with!

  16. Dorry says:

    Love your wedding pic! I feel so blessed to have Billy as my husband – he teaches me something everyday and is an example of how to live life to the fullest without worry and negativity.

    I love cinnamon apples with vanilla yogurt and some granola or cereal on top for crunch.

  17. Awwww love this post and your wedding picture. Supppsedly I am asking for too much in a man but I like to think I am not completely jaded and one day he will come along. I guess time will tell.

    Too funny about the Chobani, I’m hosting a giveaway if you want to win an extra 12 lol. Groupon is just fabulous. I spent last night printing out all my groupons and figuring out when I am going to use them.

    • Tina says:

      Never think you are asking too much. If things are important to you, don’t settle for less. Someone is out there that can fit your needs.

  18. Wow I am salivating for those fish and chips!
    And that is a really nice wedding picture.

  19. Awww, such a sweet post! Happy birthday again to your guy!

  20. Lee says:

    Happy Birthday to Peter!!

    I like to mix my yogurt with nuts and banana slices.

  21. Katie says:

    I teared up at your “Peter tribute” 😉 . What can I say, I love love, as my aunt says. I also love your wedding photo!

    My relationship in my boyfriend is strangely what taught me what I really value in a man. I love how you said, “who works with me as a team to build each other up into the people God created us to be”. I couldn’t have put that better. I value most about my relationship how we are a team together, we are partners in life. We fight against every hard thing that comes our way and share in all life’s joy. I think that is the most important thing to me, being true partners in this world. I also value our communication, just being GOOD to each other, and his neverending patience with me, and how he never judges me for anything, ever. He constantly shows me how to love myself and live life to the fullest.

    Happy Bday to Peter!

    I don’t like yogurt, is that okay to say?! Well I guess I would say my favorite way to have it is as frozen yogurt!

  22. Oh you’re SO lucky to get all that Chobani! So jealous 😉
    So sweet to see a healthy, happy marriage. Happy Birthday to your husband!

  23. Allie says:

    Aweeeeeeee you are so thankful for your husband! AWESOME! I’ve never been to a gastro pub.. LUCKY! Your food looks delicious and the container that holds the water is pretty fancy/cool!

  24. Ahhhhhhhhhh that Chobani!!!!! I am jealous! 😉

    This post was so sweet! I am so happy that you have a great man! My (future) husband must be sweet, understanding, and funny…oh and be able to deal with my crazy addiction to health and exercise! 😉

    I love making yogurt messes in the morning with a variety of ingredients. I also love to (attempt) to bake with it…I always mess up the recipe though!

  25. happy bday, peter! scott’s bday is on the 19th!

    things i need/must have in my partner: patience, sense of humor, acceptance of me and what im all about, and now…being a great father to our child is 100% top of the list!

  26. Natalie says:

    I like mixing my yogurt right into hot oatmeal. It adds a ton of protein, and gets kind of melty…SO good 🙂

  27. Priyanka says:

    Happy b’day to your husband, such a beautiful post. You are a lucky girl.

  28. one of the things that really struck me about nate was his ability to love me even though i was such a pain when we first started dating! his unconditional love was what set him apart from every other man in the world 🙂

  29. Favorite thing to do with yogurt–smoothies for Meghan! The girl loves her smoothies.

  30. Kat says:

    Lady, I think we all would have split those mushrooms with you!

    What a sweet note to your husband on his birthday. The two of you look absolutely beautiful in that picture – what a wonderful love to share.

  31. What a sweet post – I love getting to see your wedding picture!

    Before Jon and I met, I had a list of what I wanted in a husband, but I honestly did not believe that person really existed. I assumed I’d have to settle in some way or another…and I did settle by dating several other people before I met him. As soon as I met him and we spent time together, I knew he was the perfect match. There wasn’t one single characteristic he didn’t possess. My favorite thing about him is his love for the Lord, his sensitivity and how he loves no matter how crazy I act sometimes. Yay for amazing husbands!

    • Tina says:

      Sounds exactly like my experience. I kept putting up guards thinking “this can’t be true! It’s too good to be true!” Yet, it was true. And he is still just as wonderful (if not more so) today. I love hearing someone else found the same. 🙂

  32. Shannon says:

    So sweet! Happy birthday to Peter. You’ve got a spacial man there 🙂

  33. Nicole says:

    Such a sweet post. Also totally jealous of the package, I love my greek yogurt 🙂

  34. Melie says:

    Haha! I totally remember that the the first time I and my sister noticed this yogurt on the shelf, we started laughing like crazy in the middle of the grocery store. Chobani means shepherd in greek. Voskos means the same but in a more formal form of the language. Apparently, you cannot accuse the greek yogurt industry for being too creative with their naming! 😀

  35. Aw, this is so sweet!! Happy birthday to your hubs!! I look for confidence, determination, good morals, honesty and intelligence. As well as someone who will listen to me babble for hours about the Titanic, who doesn’t eat the last bite of chocolate, and who is a really good cuddler 🙂

  36. Happy Bday to your man!! 🙂 That restaurant sounds awesome. Both of your meals are two of my favorites!

    I go through phases with yogurt…I have not been feeling it lately. But when I do crave it, I love mixing in nuts or nutbutters!

  37. Cynthia says:

    Aww, that is so sweet! Happy Birthday to Peter!

  38. Jess says:

    AWW!! I loved reading about your feelings towards your husband, we’re very much on the same wavelength with our blogs that mention our relationship with our husbands this week. Funny how that happens. Your lunch looked SO GOOD btw!! And PS. Jealous of the chobani surprise! What a nice treat!

  39. Katie H says:

    That is such a beautiful, sweet photo. Happy birthday to your hubby!

  40. What a sweet tribute to your husband! Happy Birthday, Peter!

  41. such a sweet sweet post 🙂

    I believe that a family man is such an important quality! The way a guy values family says a lot about his character!

  42. Happy birthday to Peter – such a sweet post and such a BEAUTIFUL picture of you two. Love it.

    And yum – look at that treasure trove of yogurt – i’m jealous! I like to use yogurt to make sauces for my greek style recipes (add tahini and garlic – nom nom nom).

  43. jassy says:

    happy birthday to peter! you’re blessed to have him in your life…but I’m sure he’s also blessed to have you in his life 🙂

  44. Nicole, RD says:

    Aw, happy birthday to your hubby!! Lunch looked wonderful!

    I look for someone who is very simple and values the little things in life. I need someone with drive and motivation and who keeps me laughing!

  45. Becca says:

    Awww love this post Tina! So sweet!

    I think for me patience, understanding and a sense of humour are key in a significant other…. oh, and they must like hockey…. I wont suffer through another playoff season with a bf complaining about the game lol

  46. Liz says:

    Lucky you – I was a Chobani featured blogger before, but they didn’t send me any! I love baking with yogurt. 🙂

  47. Aww, happy birthday to your husband! I found my dream man too. He was everything I dreamed of and more!

  48. Ahhhh!! Look at all the Chobani madness!! I love their yogurt!

  49. […] Remember all of that Chobani I received? Well, I had to whip up a couple recipes to share on their site this upcoming week. I’m very pleased with my recipes. A dense, moist coffee cake and a chocolate peppermint mousse pie. […]

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