The Bug Has Bitten

Posted: December 20, 2010 at 9:12 pm

It’s happened. The bug has bitten. The nesting bug. That’s a very good thing because it gives me more motivation to get things done – like clean the bathrooms. It’s also a very bad thing because plenty of things that you used to look past now appear bothersome. And not bothersome on an “oh, how annoying” level. Bothersome on an “It’s the end of the world!!!!!” level. Apparently the drama queen bug has bitten as well.

Seriously, though. When you live with a toddler things can get very sticky. Literally.


That candy cane? Well, first she opened the box in the store while grocery shopping. And proceeded to tell me how “Kenzie don’t like candy cane”. Which was true. She groaned the one time she tried one. I now realize it was all part of her devious plan to reach in and grab one for herself to enjoy on the car ride home. And inevitably leave her a sticky mess, with me on the verge of a heart attack from the possible mess. I won’t deny my over-reacting to the possibility of sticky hands touching things which I just. had. to. clean. yesterday. or. I. would. DIE!

That’s when I knew the nesting bug had bitten me badly. I guess other indicators were when I wanted to flip out on the check-out lady for not bagging my chicken separately.


Or when I had to grit my teeth because the playroom was “such a mess”! Quoting from my neurotic head there.


Seriously? That isn’t half bad compared to the norm. Plus, I know there’s no point trying to keep a toddler’s playroom in order!

I even cleaned out the junk drawer. What is that about? It’s called a junk drawer for a reason!


It doesn’t end there, though. Oh no. I even nested for the blog. How? I picked up quite a few spreads for prettier food pictures, like my lunch.


Because when taking photos for my Chobani post I suddenly became aware of a dire need for prettier backdrops for my photos. Yes, a dire need, despite the fact I don’t even do much food blogging to begin with. 

Here’s to hoping this is the start of the end of this pregnancy. And also, here’s to hoping my car will stay so nice and tidy.


Oh, yes. I went there too. Or, more correctly, Peter did with my frantic pleas to clean out my car. I wish I was kidding. I told you the bug had bitten.

Question of the night – Are you a neat freak? What types of things bother you when out of order? Normally, its just the kitchen I like orderly. Lately? Everything!

PS – I am completely bummed that BlogHer Food conference is coming to Atlanta in 2011…the SAME weekend as FitBloggin which I am already registered for. A conference finally comes to Atlanta and I can’t go. Not cool. Not cool.

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55 Comments to “The Bug Has Bitten”
  1. lindsay says:

    oh too funny! I am a big time neat freak. Its bad. But the junk drawer might need some cleaning. Care to clean mine? hehe.
    Love the yellow back drop, nice touch!

  2. I have waaaaay too many junk drawers. It’s a sad, sad sight.

  3. I am not a neat freak at all- my family kids around that I’m type A when it comes to school and such, but totally not about messes!

  4. chelsey says:

    I am a neat freak about EVERYTHING! The Husband gets so mad at me. I like everything to have its place – I’m a bit neurotic!

  5. I’m a lazy neat freak. I want everything to be neat and tidy, I even have my clothes hanging by color. But in other areas, like the shoes, a huge disaster.

    • Tina says:

      That’s how I normally am too. I have places I want clean and neat and other things I really just don’t care about.

  6. I’m definitely not a neat freak. I have messes all over the place … so much so that I wonder if there’s something to that whole “Clutter inhibits weight loss” thing. Guess some cleaning couldn’t hurt my efforts any.

  7. Heather says:

    too funny! I am pretty clean but do have my “I dont care” moments. I do have a hard time going to sleep if my room is messy though!

  8. Karen says:

    I’m like Monica on Friends…I’m a total neat freak but I have a closet that is completely unorganized and filled with junk. I always want to go through it and clean it out but I usually get distracted with other things.

  9. I get on neat freak kicks…and it’s because i overlook things then they drive me INSANE!!!!! I am hoping the nesting bug hits me hard in January, because I have A LOT of work to do around here to prep for the baby. My 950 sq foot condo with 1 bedroom and a den needs to become very well organized. The den that is my office needs to be turned into a baby room, and I have SO MUCH STUFF that I have NO idea where it is going to go. LOL, i have to laugh at the “junk drawer” I though my family was the only one that did that…I have 2 junk drawers in this tiny place, lol

  10. I’m not a neat freak but I do remember the nesting stage of pregnancy. Take advantage of it now because you won’t feel like doing any cleaning once your new little one arrives!

  11. Oh my gosh, the SAME weekend!? At least you know you’ll have a fun Fitbloggin roomie 😉

  12. Oh the good old nesting bug! Thats a good thing because that means your little one is on his way 🙂

  13. The only thing that truly bugs me is my kitchen. I like the counters clean, dishes done and put away, and everything just so in case I decide to bake. 😛

  14. Natalie says:

    I think I need the nesting bug 😉 I like things to be clean, but I’m one of those “clean on the surface” gals. I will shove everything into a drawer just so it’s out of the way. Bad, I know!

  15. The child in me is jealous of that great playroom. My sister and I tried to convince my mom to turn our formal living room into one, but she declined.

  16. Marcia says:

    I wish I was a neat freak! I think that most of my closest friends are- I am the odd ball! I sometimes think I will change my ways and be neat and organized…but then I think that it sounds like too much work! 😉

    I keep the kids things neat and tidy, but that’s about it! 🙂
    Show me your ways!!

  17. I am REALLY picky about the kitchen, thatis my one big one. Second is bathrooms and vacuuming.

  18. Lee says:

    You can come clean my house if the urge to clean hits again!

  19. I can be a HUGE neat freak! That’s why I can’t have a roommate!

    I wanted to go to the BlogHer Food conference or FitBloggin but when I looked at the price I almost had a heart attack… I’m a poor college student… Oh well, I’m saving my pennies for Healthy Living Summit 😉

  20. Julie says:

    I completely gave up on trying to have anything clean or unstained once I had kids. It’s not worth the effort…or the aggravation.

    However…I did clean my car (inside and out) yesterday and I feel so much more relaxed in it now. Everyone likes it clean. Mai says she’s going to go out to the garage and lay in my clean car and read a book. Apparently she can’t recall when it was ever this clean (which hasn’t been since the day I bought it two years ago!)

  21. Lindsey says:

    I’m such a neat freak. I have also cleaned out my junk drawer!

  22. Kat says:

    Toddlers are Varsity at stickiness. It’s a skill.

    I’m glad that we get to take part in the nesting as well 🙂 Your spread looked delish!

  23. Camille says:

    I am a complete neat freak. Like, to the point of insanity. I need to work on this 🙂

  24. Melie says:

    Well, at least the house is clean now? 🙂 I am a fake neat freak. I need the kitchen and bathroom to be always clean and the desk needs to be organized. But apart from that things like mopping the floor or window cleaning are kind of a luxury, right?

    • Tina says:

      Window cleaning? What’s that? LOL

      I don’t do the deep cleaning stuff near enough. And the nesting bug hasn’t hit that bad…yet. Although, wait. I did scrub the fronts of the cabinets and the legs of the kitchen table. Don’t ask. Haha!

  25. i am totally a neat freak when it comes to anything work-related…but at home i relax and only clean if needed 🙂

  26. Anna says:

    I can handle some disorder to a degree but once it reaches a certain level I have to fix it. I think I have become more of a neat freak when I moved out on my own and was responsible for keeping everything clean and tidy 🙂

  27. Maren says:

    You are too funny. This candy cane madness is hysterical.

  28. Tatianna says:

    I am more of a ‘tidy freak’ 😛 I don’t like cleaning, as in actual dusting and mopping, but I do like putting everything in order and tidying up. It’s kind of cheating, because even though my room usually looks really clean it’s actually really dusty.

    That candy cane shot of your little girl is so precious. I know I always say that… but I think she just keeps getting cuter!

  29. Heather says:

    I’m not much of a neat freak. I just don’t like a lot of “junk” (mail, little toys, etc) laying around.
    I’ll be at FitBloggin, too!

  30. I get like this often, things won’t bother me and then right before I need to leave for work it will be so incredibly annoying and I have to clean it.

  31. I think all of my drawers are junk drawers… Out of sight out of mind, right?

  32. Not a neat freak here. I think I likely would be, if I lived alone. 🙂

  33. I am clean-messy. Everything is always clean, but I’m not freaked out my disorganization, especially on the batthroom vanity which I find impossible to keep organized. I had a friend use my guest bathroom over Thanksgiving, which was sparkle clean, but very unorganized in the drawers. A few days after she left I received a package in the mail. Surprise! She sent me a bunch of little baskets to keep my under-sink area organized. I guess she thought I needed to nest a little. It bugged her more than me. Is your nesting limited to your own house and car, or is it spilling over into everywhere you go?

  34. I wish I were a neat freak, but the sad truth is that I AM A SLOB! I’m trying to get better though.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog 🙂

  35. Jess says:

    OMG you are so funny!! I love the play-by-play of all the things you were annoyed by or NEEDED to clean THAT VERY INSTANT. Sounds like me on a normal day, ha! I am suuuch a neat freak. I hate when things at home “feel” messy – my husband always teases me that I say the house is “such a mess” when literally there isn’t a thing out of place. I just miss the “clean house/cleaning product” smell from a day or two ago. Yes, I’m weird.

  36. Yay, the nesting bug! Now I am really excited for you! It is almost time!!! I am an neat freak about the kitchen. I can’t stand messes in the kitchen. I am also not a sticky fan and according to my mom, never have been. My husband can’t stand the laundry to be a mess. He actually took over the washing of clothes and I now fold. I get overwhelmed easily by large tasks and I was taking on ALL of the home stuff. Tony decided recently to take over that part and it is a huge weight lifted off me. Have a great day Tina!

  37. Angela says:

    Wow, what a productive day! I am very much a neat freak and have a ton of little quirks and things that have to be a particular way or they bug me. I use my kitchen a lot, and it’s been known to get verrry messy, but I can’t just leave it like that – it always has to be clean at the end of the day!

  38. A clean junk drawer is impressive! Can you come to my house next? 😉

  39. Haha… I enjoyed reading the thoughts in your head! (I often have the same ones!) I am definitely a neat freak… especially when it comes to the kitchen, my desk, and the bedroom.

  40. Marg says:

    I’m messy and my boyfriend is a neat freak. It’s always a struggle with us, but it has made me a cleaner person which is a very good thing!

  41. I do the same thing – once I get something in my head that needs to be fixed, cleaned, etc, it must be done at that moment. Husband, look out! 🙂

  42. I wish nesting would hit me at other times besides pregnancy! I remember going ballistic and vacuuming my bed, box springs, ceilings . . . I thought The Lover would have a heart attack. I was supposed to be on bedrest. Oops.

    Seriously, I HATE when baggers mix the meats w/ other food. Last week, she put it on top of my veggies!

  43. I am really not a freak when it comes to cleaning…but I don’t like the kitchen to be dirty or cluttered…especially the island. I don’t like anything on it. If there is something on it, I will move it to another counter and then I am okay.

    I never got the “nesting” with either of my kiddos. I wish I had! By the end I was just tired and cranky and everything got on my nerves!!

  44. Rachel says:

    I’m definitely a neat freak. But I’m not a clean freak. I just want everything to be tidy and put away.

  45. I’m a neat freak – what’s even better is that my husband is even more of a neat freak, which equals to our house always being in order! My purse is the one thing that is not always in order and my desk (at the office) is the one thing that ALWAYS has to be in order!!!!

  46. I inherited my mother’s neatness in that I want things in their proper place and things to at least appear to be clean! (I used to be better but right now with all the animals and our mess, if it just appears to be neat and tidy and orderly, I’m OK.) 🙂

  47. re: Fitblog and Blogher Food. I saw that!!! :/ I sold my ticket to Fitblog. Blogher Food is more expensive [especially ticket and hotel and flight], so I have a feeling I won’t be able to attend. Sounds like so much fun.

  48. Lauren says:

    I’m usually neat, but when I get busy, I get messy. Then, I can’t get work done if my room is unorganized, so I go on a cleaning frenzy instead of studying.

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