Posted: January 3, 2011 at 8:08 pm

First Monday of the New Year. I expect most of us spent today working our way back into regular routines and schedules. I hope the transition went smoothly for those heading back to work after time off.

I also imagine today included lots of people starting up the actions for the resolutions and plans to meet resolutions and goals. My gym membership is currently on hold, but I can imagine the crowds of people. Yesterday, people packed our church. When I headed to the grocery store, fitness books/magazines sat in display cases and weight loss shakes or diet foods greeted me as I walked into the store. A plethora of commercials about becoming debt-free sounded through my speakers in the car. It’s obviously the time of the “resolutioners”.

The sudden urge to make changes for the better at the start of the year used to frustrate me to no end. Now, I actually feel proud of every person out there hoping to better his or her life. Who am I to judge the person checking out in front of me with lots of fresh foods and sharing a weight loss goal with the cashier? Who am I to roll my eyes at all of the people sharing workout status updates on Facebook? Who am I to secretly think “yea right” when I hear about business ventures of a particular someone?

The new attitude hit me while at church. More people attended and resolutions likely had something to do with it. But how amazing that people were there, wanting to bring something so positive into their lives! And isn’t that what all resolutions are for? A positive change in one’s life?

While I don’t believe it necessary to wait until the arbitrary date of January 1st (…or Monday…or “tomorrow”), I have come to appreciate the atmosphere of motivation found in so many people geared to accomplishing something new, exciting, and fruitful. I hope everyone achieves each and every goal set that can better the person. I may not care for some things that accompany so many resolutions, like expecting a quick change,  but I can still support those attempting them. Maybe it’s the cheerleader in me…


For example, instead of cringing at a friend’s unrealistic weight loss goals and thinking how she will just give up in a few weeks, why not share some support and ideas for healthier living? Instead of grumbling about the new gym goers taking up space, why not strike up a conversation and let them in on one of the best classes or a fun workout idea? To put it simply, lend a helping hand any way you can. Maybe a lack of support leads to resolutions left behind. And maybe we can change that for someone.

Question of the Evening – What types of things pop up around the start of the year that typically annoy you? And did you have to get back into the swing of a normal routine today?

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57 Comments to ““Resolutioners””
  1. Meg says:

    Oh you totally hit the nail on the head when you mentioned new gym goers!

  2. Lauren says:

    I think it’s great that people start fresh at the start of the year. I love your idea about talking to people about their goals – it may help them actually stick to them. Having a friend to workout with or stay accountable to always helps me stick to something.

    • Tina says:

      That’s kind of how I thought. Support is so nice, yet it seems we have gotten to the point where we look at people with resolutions that aren’t a continuation of previous goals as a joke. Kind of sad.

  3. I used to HATE my gym after New Years. Their parking situation sucked as it was, but then you add all the “resolutioners” and I could never find a spot. Made me crazy. I mean, I was there every day regardless, and here they are getting in my way. lol thats why I dont belong to the gym anymore. 🙂

  4. Great perspective! I say this as I am contemplating how late to show up at the gym tonight in hopes that some of the “resolutioners” will be gone…

    I do make resolutions/declarations/decisions for the new year, but only as a way to reassess where I am in life and where I want to be. I’d love to come to a day when I didn’t need improvement, but on the other hand life without growth and challenges would be quite boring!

    If the gym is still crowded when I get there, I resolve to be nice…and helpful even…rather than irritated that there is too long of a break between sets waiting for people to get out of my way!

  5. I think it is great people are trying to better themselves. I don’t do resolutions, but I really want things to be better this year. I didn’t set a date to accomplish these things, but I definitely have a new mental outlook that started right at the end of the year. I have focused far too much on the negative and I really want to focus on the positive this year.

    • Tina says:

      I think thats how I am approaching it too. I don’t have very specific goals and dates, but things I want to be mindful of and focus on. Hopefully it will bring us great things. I think it will. 😉

  6. what a cute cheerleader you were! i’m still on vacation but next week will start my regular routine again. I get a little annoyed with all of the new people at the gym sometimes, but then again I am happy for them and hope they stick with it!

  7. Cynthia says:

    I really hate all the fitness magazine articles about losing holiday weight or losing that weight quickly.

    I actually started getting back in my routine of exercising on Saturday (the 1st). I have goals, but my routine isn’t going to change that much from last year. I’m still trying to be as healthy as I can every day.

  8. Aw, I like resolutions 🙂 I think it’s refreshing and exciting to lay out the direction you want your life to go in in the new year!

    Of course, perhaps that is the cheerleader left in my from high school, too 😉

  9. Kristina says:

    The oh so packed gym of people who I would love to say started a healthy habit and will stick to it-however they sadly don’t and instead the gym is overpacked and smelly! No fun!
    Love the cheerleader pic:)

  10. This post is spot on Tina!

    I am annoyed by the overcrowding at the gym this time of year…thank god for at home workouts 🙂

    and what you call resolutioners, when i was a kid growing up, my grandma called those people Christmas Catholics or Easter Catholics, i.e. they only went to church on those two holidays. But like you, and my grandma, small steps..whatever works to bring a better life for them!

  11. Tina says:

    I think people forget that every morning you wake up is a fresh start! You don’t have to “wait til Monday,” or rely on the “New Year,” to make better choices. Make every minute of your life count!

    • Tina says:

      I love that attitude! I try to keep that approach myself and help others do the same. It really is about making each moment worth something.

  12. Allie says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I think God knew I needed it 🙂 I have been cranky about all of these new years commercials and propaganda… but you are totally right, I should be encouraging others instead of being annoyed! Thanks again!!

  13. I am so guilty of getting annoyed by the new gym goers, but you are so right about this Tina. I love love love your perspective on this! This post just brightened my day. I may hit the gym and smile a few newcomers.

  14. Cutest picture!

    Nothing about the start of the year annoys me. I love that everyone sets new goals! The only negative part, to me, is that people may feel overwhelmed by their goals and ultimately give up.

  15. Jess says:

    What a great way to look at those “pesky” resolutioners – you’re so right, we should be cheering them on so that they turn into lifelong health and fitness nuts (in a good way) rather than on again/off again exercisers. I’m gonna do my best to cheer those new faces on at my gym, I promise!

  16. Shannon says:

    Classes start back tommorow so I’m back into my regular routine than. I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions. I think its weather related. Here, the winters are for hibernating, not reinventing yourself. I tend much more toward ‘summer resolutions’. It fits my state of mind much better.

  17. Camille says:

    You have such a great attitude!
    I do notice, and like, that people generally seem a bit friendlier right after New Years. It might just be my imagination, but I still like it 🙂

  18. chelsey says:

    I love this post – I used to get annoyed too. Why should I though? If someone wants to better themselves, who am I to discourage them?

  19. Karen says:

    I enjoy making resolutions/goals for the new year!

    I get annoyed by the commercials on TV advertising those unhealthy weight loss supplements that promise quick results. Some of them advertise that you can lose weight by taking a pill and eating anything you want. That only sets people up for failure when they stop taking the supplement and resume their previous eating habits.

    • Tina says:

      Yea those types of things will always annoy me. Which is why I hope if given the chance and an appropriate time, I could help someone move away from those quick fixes for resolutions and support them in more lasting ways. I can’t stand the propoganda though!

  20. Natalie says:

    I remember feeling super annoyed a few years ago when I had to wait in line for a shower at the gym during the first week of the year. I feel different about it this year, happy that classes are packed and bringing new energy to the gym. It’s easy to get cynical and think that most of the people won’t achieve their goals, but I like the positive (cheerleader!!) approach too 🙂

  21. i have to say that i used to be of the mindset of being annoyed with people for having resolutions instead of just doing it all year long…but i have to say i think it’s a good thing now!

  22. Astrid says:

    I think it is a great thing for people to have huge goals at the beginning of the year. It means that they still have hope to better their lives and grow s n individual. That, at least, is a step in the right direction!

  23. Yes, I’m mean and grumpy and bemoan the rush of people at the gym in January. I find alternate ways of working out when I can (Wii, workout videos, running outside, etc.). I know it will blow over in a few weeks! I don’t mean to sound mean, but this is after years of experencing the flow and ebb of New Years’ gym goers.

    Like the cheerleading pic, btw!

  24. For their health’s sake, I hope all the newcomers at my gym continue. But the selfish part of me will be very grateful when it clears out a bit by the end of the month so I don’t have to wait ten minutes for an elliptical like I did tonight.

  25. I totally hated getting back in the grind of things today. Not only because it meant actually working 5-day weeks again, lol, but also because it means that my husbands time off for the holidays is now over. He works and lives in another state during the week and is only home on Saturday nights. It was so nice to be able to spend some quality time together during the holidays. But, I realize that the best thing for me to do right now is think positively and stay in the present! 🙂 I’ve just signed up for my first 5k in March so that should keep me entertained and busy for a while! Sometimes I do wish the holidays were spread more evenly over the entire year because I know I tend to get spoiled with all the time off in November and December 😉

    • Tina says:

      Aw, I hate to hear that! That would be really hard to do a schedule like that. Glad you have something you’re working toward and enjoy though!

  26. I’m normally annoyed by the increased traffic at the gym ,but definitely agree that it would be encouraging to be surrounded by welcoming fellow gym goers. And since I personally know a few new gym goers, I’m trying to say hi or offer a friendly smile to those at my gym…

  27. Stefanie says:

    Oh my goodness, I love this post! Mostly because of your positive attitude. 🙂 I used to be one of those people who would start a diet on Monday, or start working out on the first of the month. Now I realize that there is no time like the present! And I hope that all the resolutioners realize that, too!

  28. Couldn’t have said it better myself! While I love how people are out making changes, I keep thinking, “will it last?” Instead of doubting them, I could encourage them. Invite my friends to the gym or offer to cook them a real meal, not from the college cafeteria.

  29. Neé Neé says:

    THANK YOU! I’m so tired of reading tons of negative things about people with resolutions!! Especially from those that haven’t been exactly healthy in the past. I’ve started a blog post about this subject as well – I’m about to go finish it!

    Just wanted to say thanks for your positive outlook!

  30. I hope that people are able to keep their resolutions and truly make life changes but I fear that the momentum that begins January 1 often wears off by mid-March. The gym was packed and the salad bar unusually crowded — I hope people stick with that routine — but people need to realize that diet changes can’t come and go but must remain consistent.

    • Tina says:

      Wonderfully put…how it can’t come and go, but has to be consistent. Consistency is what makes a difference. Which is why its important to help those working towards goals. 🙂

  31. what a great post! honestly, at brunch this morning, i was laughing with my fiance about one of my best friend’s resolution to do a “21 day sugar fast”. your post really just brought to my attention how silly that reaction is. i should be cheering her on to make some healthy changes in your life and offering support. it does me no good to laugh about it. THANK YOU!

  32. As a gym user, the crowds at the gym sometimes annoy me. However, as a fitness instructor, I love all of the new excited faces that come into class come January!

  33. Priyanka says:

    The whole new gym goers thing is so funny. I mean everyone knows that its going to last only for two months, although full support for people who want to make this work. Your post sounds just right!

  34. What types of things pop up around the start of the year that typically annoy you?
    -I think that the only thing that annoys me is more the let down from the holidays, and the return of the every day attitudes.

    And did you have to get back into the swing of a normal routine today?
    -I started back into exercise yesterday. Nothing else had really changed in the last couple of weeks. I have dubbed January the month of Wii Fit and Buffy season 3/4. 🙂

  35. I love the positive spin you put on it. 🙂

  36. Jenn (GH) says:

    Love this post Tina. It’s so positive. I’ve really been working on having a better attitude in my heart toward people who have different ideas than me.

  37. Heather says:

    The gym goers don’t bother me one bit – I think it’s great people are at the gym, no matter the reason! I always just hope that a handful of those people will stick with it and make fitness a part of their lifestyle.
    Great post!

  38. My gym has been a nuthouse the past two days, and while it’s great to see people working out, I wish it wasn’t just a first two weeks of the year thing. I hate that everyone descends on the gym at the same time of year, instead of going when they have a PERSONAL tipping point. Society dictates that we should “start over” in January, but people should realize they can start over whenever!!

  39. Kacy says:

    Gosh I needed this Tina. I have been kind of judgy wudgy this year about resolutioners – but you’re right. Positive changes are great even and I should support every single person trying to make them!

  40. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tina Reale, Tina Reale. Tina Reale said: “Resolutioners”: First Monday of the New Year. I expect most of us spent today working our way back into regular… http://bit.ly/e5ztSf […]

  41. I think hitting the gym and it suddenly being overly crowded is really annoying. Where have all these people been? And now their on my elliptical or my spin bike 😉

  42. People at the gym after New Years really annoyed me! It was awful trying to get a machine to workout on! I also get irked by people who start really crazy fad diets this time of the year. It’s about healthier choices, not cutting things out of your diet!

  43. It would be the new gym goers, for sure! I may or may not have avoided the gym for a couple weeks in the past to miss them. Though now my membership is on hold, too. 🙁

  44. You really got it right with the gym goers. I pulled in the parking lot at 5:30 am and it was PACKED. I then realized it’s the new year. The guy at the front desk told me that by February, it will be back to “normal”. That’s sad to me. I wish people would resolve to living a healthy lifestyle all the time.

  45. Whitney says:

    This post came at a great time for me. Driving up to the gym yesteray and seeing the plethora of cars, I quickly had a negative attitude and complained that all the “resolutioners” would be using the machines. While it usually gets back to normal around February, it really would be nice to see people stick with their goals. I am going to make a better effort in encouraging the newbies instead of being upset with them. One thing that I really don’t understand is why people feel they must “wait” until the new year to start worrying about weight. What’s wrong with NOW? Thanks for the post! 🙂

  46. haha I secretly always get annoyed by resolutioners but I appreciate your perspective in that we should be encouraging their attempts at healthy behavior! I think the biggest thing for me is that after holiday season (and schedules being out of whack), I am just SO ready to go back to my normal routine!! I feel kind of in a funk that I am slowly getting out of the farther and farther away december gets!!

  47. Resolutions tend to slightly annoy me too, but mainly because I don’t know why we need a new year to bring change to our lives! If I am unhappy or need a change, I try to wake up the next morning and get started! I do, however, commend anyone trying to better themselves for any reason at any time 🙂

    • Tina says:

      I agree with that. It does stink people feel the need to start at the New Year instead of whenever. But at least they are making a change!

  48. I get annoyed at the crowded gym. I’m used to my normal routine and lack of people in the gym. This year I’m trying to take a different outlook on it though. Perhaps talk to the people at the gym and encourage them to continue on with their goals.

    I don’t have to get back in to my normal routine until Thursday. I took a few extra days off for my husbands birthday.

  49. christina says:

    aw i love this. you are a much nicer person than me! i was so frustrated, but really i should have been proud of them instead. maybe the next time i go, if i see someone who appears lost, i will help them 😉 thanks for the reminder to be a better person.

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