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Posted: February 7, 2011 at 12:36 pm

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Last week Julie did a PSA on her blog because she wanted to clarify some misperceptions of perfection about her relationship with her husband, Ryan. After some comments and emails over the past week, I want to clear the air with my own PSA of a different topic: my workouts.


(warning: some parts of this discussion may have TMI as it is a post-partum topic)

I have received plenty of concerned remarks about how soon I have started working out again, they types of workouts I have chosen, how often I work out, etc. I do not doubt that the concern is genuine. Not at all. I do not write this post as a defensive one. With what FFF stands for, however, I want there to be no misconception  over whether or not I am trusting my body or approaching my Body After Baby journey in a realistic, healthy manner. So, this is my PSA to say you do not have to worry about either of those two things.

The American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists states that women can gradually return to exercise as soon as they feel comfortable. My personal doctors/midwives felt 100% okay with me returning to exercise sooner than my 6 week post-partum appointment. They know my level of fitness. They also know my predisposition to things like depression, including post-partum, and that exercise helps me. They said to keep an eye out for increased bleeding and any pain/discomfort. If neither of those occurred, the exercise I completed was perfectly healthy for my body.

I rested a full two weeks after delivery, which during that time my post-partum bleeding almost completely stopped. It has not gotten heavier than the occasional very light spotting I had before picking up exercise. It has, in fact, continued to decrease. I pay close attention to my body and if anything felt uncomfortable, I would have no problem lightening up. I have not encountered a need for that. I honestly feel great with each and every workout. I feel appropriately challenged and energized, never fatigued or uncomfortable in the least.


Please remember, I have worked out regularly for close to a decade. I have trained for two fitness competitions. I maintained regular exercise during pregnancy. No one can compare what my body can comfortably manage right now to their own bodies or their own ideas of what is right. I have spent years working on getting more in tune with my body because I do not want to do it harm like I have in the past. I have listened to my doctors, but most importantly I have listened to my body…and it tells me that I’m doing just fine.

Once again: please note this message does not come from a defensive stand point. I appreciate every person who shows concern and know you all want the absolute best for me and my health. I just wanted to clarify that, while I do want to get back in shape, I will never push myself too hard or too soon.Thank you for listening!

Question of the Day – Is there anything you feel very strongly about with your reputation and sometimes feel the need to clear the air? I hope you all recognize the importance I place on loving our bodies and also, for me personally, in being genuine and honest (like I did with the scale dilemma).

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  1. Good for you! Unfortunately I think it is so easy to judge people and for it to seem like they’re “doing too much” but the truth is to each her own body and workouts!
    You’re an inspiration for me as I hope to one day (NOT NEAR FUTURE 🙂 ) have a healthy, exercise filled pregnancy!

  2. Good for you Tina. I love your honesty, and the great thing is: You are doing what you know is best for YOU and YOUR BODY and YOUR FAMILY. Keep doing what you’re doing. We are all here supporting you!

  3. Hi Tina. It almost bothers me that you have to explain your position on this. I mean that even if others were saying it out of concern, this is yet ANOTHER example of how women lose our intuitive relationship with our bodies. Sometimes we are so worried about other people thinking we are doing the wrong thing, that it takes a lot of effort to proudly know you are listening to what is best for you and you alone (as you are doing). I do this all the time…like how I can’t eat gluten and I still do it sometimes because I worry that people will think I am on a “diet” or following a “trend”. That is a daily battle for me. I just want to choose MYSELF and know that I don’t want to feel sick!

    Each person is very individual. Good post!

  4. I have to kind of agree with Katie – it sucks that you should have to explain yourself. However, I think you did so in a way that can be beneficial for people as well. I love that you always try to educate rather than just “tell” someone something. I think you are smart, you’re listening to your body first and foremost, and my hat off to you!

  5. I think it’s great that you feel comfortable working out! I hope it continues to go well for you 🙂

  6. BIOCHEMISTA says:

    You are such an inspiration. I am absolutely going to take the healthy approach to pregnancy you’ve wonderfully showed when I’m preggers (someday, far from now haha)

  7. Go Tina! I 100% agree with you! If YOU felt like you were ready for working out again then chances are you were! You inspire me everyday and I learn something new from you each week!
    Keep it up 🙂

  8. Holly says:

    Awesome post Tina! I say GO YOU! There is absolutely nothing wrong with listening to your body & I think you are doing it perfectly!

  9. Chrissi says:

    you go girl! i am impressed by your hard work & want to be just like you ….one day 😉

  10. Go Tina! I have no doubts that you will treat your body well, and with respect. The thought didn’t even cross my mind that you were pushing yourself too hard! You set a great example for others that way.

    I do fear that I will get a lot of flak when/if I get pregnant for continuing to run or work out. I hope I can run and work out while I’m pregnant, for as long as it is safe.

  11. Hang in there and follow what your heart, mind, and family tell you is best for you! You’re doing great.

  12. Way to listen to your body and do what’s right for YOU. Each person is different and reacts differently to exercise. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa. Thanks for your PSA!

  13. Tina I appreciate this post! I’m glad you are listening to your body (and doctors!) about what is best for you.

    This isn’t really about my reputation, but in regards to my family and how I eat — I get lots of negative comments about either how much I eat or how little I eat. It is attention I do not want. I’m constantly trying to find the right balance and comments about my eating just throws me off and sets me back to honest.

  14. You’re doing great- keep up the good work!

  15. I’ve said it before, but your honestly and upfrontness are so refreshing. I love how tuned into your body’s needs you are. Only you know what’s best!! Learning to listen to our bodies is one of the best things we can ever do for ourselves! Keep up the good work, Tina! xo

  16. Amen girl! I was back at it (very lightly) 1 week post partum with my 3rd. Simply because I felt good. I didn’t do that at all with my first two because I was a mess!

    For me I started so early because I benefit mentally from exercise. I’ve had PPD with all three kids and was advised by my doc to get exercise as soon as my body was up for it. Start small and work up. The chemistry in your brain after you have a child is so out of whack. Exercise can help balance all that. It’s very beneficial. Good for you for getting out there and listening to your body.


  17. I respect you even more for this post, Tina!
    I love your ability to address topics that many women may shy away from. Thank you!

  18. Melie says:

    What does PSA mean? I really don’t mind people expressing their concerns when I feel they are doing it out of care. When that is the case, they hear my point of view when I explain things to them and they leave me do as I see fit. What I do mind is when they insist and use themselves as example. That doesn’t work people! Different people have different needs and capabilities and the fact that something does or doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean that it’s the same for me too…

    • Tina says:

      PSA = Public Service Announcement (guess I should have clarified that haha)

      And I had NO problem with people showing some concern. It just would get old responding to each one with this same message so I just decided to do it up front with this post. Like I mentioned, this post is not frustration or anger at anyone showing concern. I appreciate it! I just don’t want any uncertainty that I am caring for myself. 😉

  19. Great post!

    I think if I were to do a PSA it would be to tell people that I really don’t mean to come across as stuck up or snobby – I’m just shy and it takes me awhile to start opening up to people in social situations 🙂

  20. Definitely do what you have to do for you. As long as you are taking care of yourself then do what you are comfortable with.

  21. Say it, lady!

    I totally understand how you’ve been allowed to jump back in. Your body is definitely able to handle it.

    I think sometimes I have to explain my crazy workouts outside of my blog to make people not worry. I’ve been running/working out regularly for so long. And I am following a proven plan- it’s not crazy, it’s what I can handle!

  22. You are completely right that you know your body best and w/ the possiblity of PPD, it’s a great idea for you to workout. It will benefit you and the kiddies!

  23. Heather says:

    I never even questioned your workouts because of these reasons!
    But, yes, people tend to think I eat healthy 100% of the time. I would think the 10 lbs I’ve gained over the last year would be evidence that I, indeed, do not. I splurge just as much as the next person, and probably even more. But I’m ok with it and they should be, too.

  24. I think it’s a good thing that you can be a mom and still find time to take care of yourself, that’s what I was thinking. Good for you for investing in yourself! Besides, lugging around 2 wonderful babies is hard work, you’re smart to want yourself to be strong for such an important job as motherhood.

  25. Kacy says:

    Good for you! I totally believe you’re doing the right thing. Rock on mama!

  26. I feel like everything is an open book…with both you and me. But I do love how even more open you are! This is a touchy subject, but it sounds like you’ve listened to your body well…couldn’t ask for more!

  27. Good on you! I think a lot of the time government guidelines and things are WAY over stated in order to ‘cover themselves’ legally anwyay. You just do what you feel is right!

  28. I agree with you tina! As long as you are listening to your body, then you are okay! I will probably be much like you!I get very antsy otherwise!

  29. Angela says:

    I totally agree Tina! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to exercise post-pregnancy, and I think you’re taking an incredibly healthy and balanced approach. Great PSA! 🙂

  30. Go you. Thank you for sharing and being so open. As long as you are listening to your body and doing what’s right for YOU, you keep on keeping on.

  31. I agree with you. WE are the only people who know our limits. I get a lot of comments from people telling me that I don’t eat enough, but I listen to my body and what it wants. If I’m not hungry one day, I’m not going to push a ton of food down my throat. More than likely, the next day I will be back to normal!

  32. So well said Tina.

    You are such a classy, elegant and thoughtful gal!

  33. lindsay says:

    You are the only one that “knows” your body! so do whats best. People misjudge all time, thats the sad part about blogging/emails/etc. But you are a compassionate caring person for clearing it up.
    Cheers to you!

  34. Great post! It always feels goo to be open and honest!

  35. I’m sad that you felt like you had to explain yourself for your exercise decisions. YOU know what’s best for YOU – not everyone is the same or has a uncomplicated delivery such as yourself. But you did, and you’re comfortable working out now, so I say, do it! (not that you needed my blessing)

  36. your consistent honesty is always so refreshing, Tina.

    thank you for sharing that with us! 🙂

  37. Brooke says:

    good for you! just found your blog, love it!

  38. Good air clearer! Everyone walks her own path… while it’s okay to voice genuine concern, we should not judge. Keep walking your path girl!

  39. LG says:

    The other day a co-worker looked at what I was eating at lunch, cheddar rice cakes with tuna, and said “that better not be all you’re eating for lunch!” I just said “nope”, but it got me angry because a) it’s none of her business, b) I eat 1900-2100 calories each day, and c) Darn it, I really like rice cakes and tuna! That day just happened to be a grazing day and I was grazing my way through those items at that moment. :0) It’s hard not to feel like I need to explain myself when someone makes a quick judgement.

    • Tina says:

      And its frustrating too I can understand because you likely get comments like that more often than necessary. Although, when is commenting on someone’s food REALLY necessary? Except in maybe certain health cases.

  40. I think listening to your own body is THE MOST important part about returning to exercise after any major life change. Good for you for being in tune with yourself and doing what is right for you!

  41. That is so, so, true. EVERY person’s body and situation is DIFFERENT! No two are alike and therefore cannot be treated as such — textbooks say or not! You are doing all the right things…listening to your body and listening to the Dr’s (who are also listening to you, your body and your past and current fitness levels). Everyone should have that mindset that no two are alike and each case is individual in it’s own way. The most important thing is to ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY — just as you are doing. ;o)

  42. Great post! It is wonderful that you were able to stay so active during your pregnancy and I’m sure that’s why you’ve been able to get back into your work out routine so quickly. When (if?) I get pregnant again I will be definitely coming here for inspiration to stay active! If Tina can do it, I can too!! 🙂

  43. I think people have been told certain things/myths(?) during their lifetimes and feel bad if they don’t express them to others. My parents have told me sooo many old-wives tales that I fear the day I get pregnant and they find out. I will never hear the end of it!

  44. marcia says:

    Great post Tina. I never once questioned your “early” return to exercise– probably because you and I are a lot alike there. With Amara I returned back to activity 8 days after. I was actually working ( teaching low- impact classes etc.) I also never had any set-backs or even pushed myself too hard. It was a smooth transition. Now, after Miles?? Totally different. Even though I waited 2 full weeks ( with Docs permission- this was a HARD labor) I had many set-backs. I backed off and did not resume any consistent activity for over 6 weeks! Eeek! It was hard, I must admit; but it was necessary for me to heal properly ( 11lbs of pure baby- ain’t no JOKE) The point is…everyone is different and as long as you are keeping yourself ( and have the docs approval!!) safe then
    go right ahead! 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Yea…your Miles delivery wasn’t something to fool around with post partum. LOL

      And I know many didn’t question me, but there was quite a bit…a lot of which were in the form of emails and not expressed directly on the blog.

  45. you go girl! I never questioned it either – I know you know your body and know that we’re all so different. I know you’d never put yourself in jeopardy either – you are always so one to listen to your body and take care of yourself!

  46. AmyLauren says:

    Honestly, I think it’s great that you’re working out post pregnancy- and obviously your doctor thinks it’s okay. A lot of people just wouldn’t ask or wouldn’t work out at all, because we live in a sedentary society anyway, and physical activity (especially when you’re a woman) is sometimes frowned upon. Good luck with C25K too!


  47. Thank you for approaching this with openness and honesty, Tina. That takes a lot of courage! I fully support you, and fully believe that you are trusting your body. The truth is that no one else can tell what works and what doesn’t because, as you’ve shown, every body is different!

  48. Marie says:

    Christina, it’s only been a year or so since you went to a fitness competition!!! how many women can say that? And yes you did have a baby, BUT you didn’t let your body go from then. SO you are in much better shape than most women who need 6 weeks or more before exercising! Your body is your body, and you know what is best for it!

    Sometimes I have a problem with people saying I workout too hard as well! Yes I am overweight, yes I have asthma, and yes I get red faced and out of breath when running. BUT I know what my body is capable of and the fact is that they just don’t!

  49. Jen says:

    I think you are amazing! You are in much better shape a few weeks after having a baby than I am 3 years post delivery 😉 Keep up your hard work mama, because you are awesome!

  50. I think it’s awesome that you are able to exercise–especially since it means so much to you and helps you with depression. I agree that it is important to listen to our bodies. For example, I would love to do longer workouts, but I know that shorter, higher intensity workouts are what my body can handle. To each her own!

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