A Treat Of A Day

Posted: February 14, 2011 at 10:11 am

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Happy Valentine’s Day! You all are my bloggie loves and I wish I could send you a little treat. Instead, I will just share with you my treat of a weekend.

We had quite the busy day Saturday. I did my final C25K workout of the week and took my 1 month progress pictures in the morning. Then, we had to get going for a family filled day. We first ventured out to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a little birthday celebration. 

braedon & grandpa braedon and stephen braedon snuggle
with Grandpa, Peter’s (much) younger brother, and just a cute pic of B

Our niece turned 12. Twelve! Makenzie will get that big one day? I can’t believe it! I already can’t believe my baby turns THREE this year. But back to the birthday girl…

vanessa birthday

We hung around for awhile and then had to bolt right after eating the traditional Grandma’s fettuccine and salad late lunch.

fettuccine grandma salad

We didn’t even have time for birthday cake. Which, I didn’t mind. The birthday cake had no icing. No icing? Not interested!

After the birthday fun, we returned back to our house to visit with my family. My younger brother is in town from Arizona for the week. We decided to bring back one of our favorite pastimes: ordering Chinese food and having a game night!

with tommy 2

For dinner we ordered a few dishes and some sushi rolls to share. I had 1/2 a spicy tuna roll, 1/2 a rainbow roll, 2 steamed potstickers, and a small sampling of beef with vegetables and spicy garlic chicken. ‘Twas delicious!

 moto dinner plate spicy tuna and rainbow rollschinese dinners

Then we settled in for game time. My brother Tommy brought a game I had never heard of before – Smart Ass.

smart ass game

It’s basically a trivia combined with 20 questions sort of game. It was fun to play all together. I still don’t think it beats Cranium though. Cranium rocks! Perhaps because my sister and I are freakishly on the same wavelength and always win. It’s kind of scary how quickly we can guess each other’s acting/drawing/humming.

Before ending the night, we topped it off with a little nightcap. Another Dairy Queen blizzard! I have been craving these things lately!

truffle blizzard

It ended the night perfectly before having to say goodbye to my brother until Tuesday night. Then, we get to hang out again. Maybe I’ll request a game of Cranium? 😉

Question of the Day – What’s your favorite board game? And…doing anything for Valentine’s? Not us. Just another day around here.

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65 Comments to “A Treat Of A Day”
  1. Melodie says:

    We love Blokus, Battleship and Sorry 🙂 I love Valentine’s Day! I am making a “red” theme dinner with little heart cakes for dessert. This is one of my favorite holidays 😉

    How nice that you were able to spend so much time with family! Take out Chinese sounds sooo good!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  2. Again, I love, love your body confidence. You’re such an inspiration!

  3. Angela says:

    What a fun celebration! My favourite board game is probably Life. I also LOVE Taboo, but I’m not sure that counts as a board game. Sushi looks delicious!

  4. Erica says:

    What a great day! The fettuccine looks so yummy 🙂 Favorite game- apples to apples. Valentine’s day plans- we mini celebrated yesterday and will continue another mini celebration tonight. We don’t do anything too crazy! Just spend time together

  5. Scrabble is my favorite board game. I celebrated yesterday – no plans today!

  6. What a fun time with your family 🙂 we aren’t really doing anything for v-day but are excited to just hang out and snuggle! Best thing in the world!

  7. I love game nights! Even in college, my friends and I would have those instead of “going out”. Wild ones, I tell ya.

    I enjoy Scattegories or Taboo the most.

  8. Right now, the only board games I play are with a 4-year-old. We play lots of “Silly Sentences” and “Candy Land.”

  9. Dang you make me want Blizzards. Good thing there are no DQs around here! Happy Valentine’s!

  10. P.S. Next time you go, try chocolate with Tagalongs. Sooo yummy! Aaaand officially missing DQ now! 🙂

  11. What a great weekend Tina! We love scrabble here.

    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day here. We show our love everyday…we don’t need a holiday to do so. I hope you have a great one!

  12. I love card games — sadly I don’t know the real names — when we get together with either side of the family we break out the cards and never really call the game anything. But other than cards I like Pictionary or movie trivia games, Monopoly or Trivial pursuit (even though I am sooo not good at this game!)

    Valentines Day — we had a nice dinner last night and tonight we’re having leftovers and I’m making us chocolate souffles. Should be fun!

  13. What kind of blizzard is that? It looks amazing! I used to LOVE those as a kid! 😀

    I’m doing nothing for Valentine’s Day. It’s just another day for me.

  14. My favorite game is TABOO, by far! It’s awesome!

    I am missing my sweetheart today, but we did get to celebrate last weekend. 🙂

  15. Spending time with family is so much fun!! We don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day either – maybe some candy or dessert, the way I see it that’s the best part of this holiday 🙂

  16. Stephanie says:

    I love game nights! My favorite board game is Balderdash but nobody ever wants to play that with me.

    Today is also my son’s birthday so this Love Day is always special to our fam. We started off with birthday/love day breakfast and will have dinner OUT as a fam tonight. Showing myself some love by not having to cook or do dishes!

    Have a LOVEly day Tina and fam!

  17. I really like Taboo, too! And, for Vday, on Saturday we used free passes to the art museum and ate out at our local pub. Very low-key, we don’t tend to celebrate.

  18. I love ALL boardgames!!

    Mmmmm…that blizzard is calling my name! I think that blizzard-cravings are amongst the most strong you can have 🙂

  19. Definately a treat day..and totally deserved. glad it was a good day for you =)

  20. Sarah says:

    Nothing particularly special around here. We’re planning on sharing some wine and I want to make something especially yummy to eat, but that’s it, really. (I still haven’t decided what to make! Any suggestions?)

  21. oh my tina–baby B is getting cuter EVERY day!

  22. we aren’t doing anything for vday, just exchanging some gifts thats all! Sat night was our night out, even though it wasn’t just the two of us

  23. Robyn says:

    We had good friends come visit us last month and played a dice game LRC. It was fun and didn’t take much concentration.

    The Hubby and I are making French Bread Pizza for supper and drinking some wine.

  24. Happy Valentine’s Day Tina! looks like you had an awesome weekend! XOXO

  25. Becca says:

    Life used to be my favorite. Now that I’ve played some different board games courtesy of the youth pastor, I really like UpWords (like Scrabble but BETTER) and Morphology (new!). Morphology isn’t necessarily a board game, though, I guess. You use a board to move your game piece, but… It’s kind of like Pictionary, but there are objects in the box that you use and depending on what number you roll, you play the game a little differently each turn. It’s a lot of fun!

    I have to go to Speech class today (oh, it would be a treat if it were cancelled) and then I suppose I should clean my room (as a treat for my parents) and then I work. Typical day around here.

  26. Mellissa says:

    I’m a big geek and love card games! Cribbage, Euchre, Rummy. For boards games I like sequence and apples to apples.

  27. Shannon says:

    What a fun weekend! We got to have a date night compliments of my mom! It was great to have some alone time. Unfortunately, we started sleep training this weekend so we had to come home to that. Lots of progress in 3 days of sleep training though… I might actually catch up on sleep!

    Happy valentines day!

    • Tina says:

      So glad you got a night out. I know how special that feels. We haven’t had one just the two of us yet. Need to schedule that soon. Fortunately we have lots of family closeby.

  28. Yep, she’ll be 12 one day. It will go by quick, I’m sure! =)

  29. Becca says:

    I”ma huge scrabble fan!!!

    Happy Valentine’s day! 🙂

  30. Heather says:

    Cake with no frosting???!! WHAT?!
    Nothing exciting going on here today – normal as usual. 🙂

  31. Just another day here too! We love board games and all games. My most recent favorite is monopoly deal – it’s like monopoly but much faster and more fun!

  32. That picture of B is so so cute! His hair is so long! It almost looks like it has a reddish tint in that picture.

    I got my dad that game for Christmas one year – wasn’t impressed!

  33. What a great, but busy day!!!

    My favorite board games all revolve around Disney trivia. 🙂 Or they revolve around not playing monopoly with two 6 year old boys! 🙂

    For the Valentine’s day, I am making the boy pancakes as they have been asking. Thought it would be a special treat.

  34. Kacy says:

    It’s just another day for me too.

    The fettucini looks amaaaazing!

  35. I am honestly not a huge fan of board games, although Scrabble and Scattergories I’m okay at. I hate Trivial Pursuit and always request to be card reader (which I actually really enjoy, lol!).

  36. Holly says:

    You look FANTASTIC in your progress pics, Tina!!!! I agree, I think pics are definitely the best way to show progress – even if you only use them for yourself. It’s amazing to see you transform right before our eyes!!

    Ehhh, I agree…I’d have no problem turning down a cake with no icing. 😉 However, our family had cake with the most amaaaazing icing last night that I couldn’t refuse, so of course I had to have two pieces.

    I have a V-Day date at the gym. Hey, works for me! 🙂

  37. Dorry says:

    Great picture of baby B! So cute. I love Scrabble. And Billy and I can get into a good game of Monopoly every now & then. Tonight we’ll cook dinner at home…and eat chocolate. We do that most Monday nights. 🙂

  38. i played smart ass over the christmas holidays! i thought it was really fun – i love trivia games! 🙂

    my sister and i are that same way when we play taboo. our boyfriends have banned us from being on the same team because sometimes it takes just one word and we immediately know the answer! i love that.

  39. One month old already-gosh, how did that happen so quickly?

  40. Lauren says:

    I guess they’re not technically board games – but I love Apples to Apples & Bananagrams. My Valentine’s plans are a surprise dinner somewhere!

  41. We love Cranium too! And Apples to Apples is always fun. 🙂

  42. Amanda says:

    We played Smart Ass on NYE! It is a fun game but there are much better ones out there. Happy Valentines Day!

  43. No big plans, we’re a low-key couple. We have a couple chocolate-covered strawberries to eat and I got my husband a smallish gift. We went out to dinner Saturday just to feel special! And I did! Woo hoo.

  44. What a fun weekend with family!

    Some of my favorites are Scrabble and Huggermugger. The rest of the family doesn’t appreciate word games as much as I do, so some family favorites are Apples to Apples and Life.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  45. I didn’t get a chance to comment this weekend, but wanted to let you know that you are looking so fabulous! Your progress pictures are really amazing.

    I don’t have one favorite board game, but I do love playing.

  46. Baby B is absolutely adorable! You had my favorite kind of weekend…one filled with family. 🙂 I haven’t played any board games in quite a while, but I used to love them when I was younger. I’ll have to dust some off and bring them out again.

    My boyfriend is away on business this week, so we celebrated with a dinner at home on Saturday night.

    Wishing you a day filled with love, today and always. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  47. Melissa says:

    what a fun couple of days!! Lots of love in those pictures:)

  48. Mandy says:

    I love Cranium, also! But have you played Pop5? It’s by the makers of Cranium and is just a faster version. Definitely fun! And I totally love Blizzards too! They are the best cheat food ever!

  49. Courtney says:

    I LOVE Apples to Apples! 🙂

  50. Just another day for us too! I’ve never heard of this game either! I heart cranium, apples to apples, Things, Balderdash, scene it – you name it – games are the bomb! So funny about you and your sis winning every time. 🙂 BTW – love how you post to your previous ones in case we miss it – awesome! I wouldn’t have seen your amazing progress pics otherwise.

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