A Friendly Day

Posted: April 18, 2011 at 8:09 am

Before I say anything else, I need to say THANK YOU for all the congratulations on my first race! I am still a little in shock at how well it went over. Definitely did not see that time (or award) coming my way. I couldn’t have done it without all of your support. I truly mean that. Love my blog friends!

So after starting my weekend off on such a high note, I still had more good times to come. After the race I rushed home with the family to quickly shower so we could all head back out for Makenzie’s best friend’s birthday party. I think it is so adorable she already has a “best friend”.

riley party 9  riley party 3 riley party 4 riley party 6 riley party 8

The party was adorable with a “Farm Friends” type theme. Even the food matched! I munched on some pigs in a blanket, “chicken eggs”, animal crackers, and veggies.

party snacks

To hold me over until the main attraction. You all know how much I love birthday cake!

riley party 2 riley party 5

Despite arriving a little late after the race, we got in a couple hours of quality time with our friends. It has been so nice getting to spend time all together so often recently. I already can’t wait for our next get together. Having such fulfilling friendships is such a blessing!

Speaking of friendships, we ended the night with a visit with my old friend, Nikki, and her husband, Bobby.

verde 6

We hung out at their new house for a bit and then headed out to dinner. We visited a trendy little taqueria close to them called Verde.

verde 1

Lee had recommended it to me and so I shared the idea with my friend. We decided it would be a good place to eat with the kids and try out something new. Their menu really intrigued me as it had a variety of creative tacos, much like my beloved Cheeky.

We ordered some margaritas…

verde 3

…which made me quite the happy camper. Margaritas are my all-time favorite adult beverage and these excelled. Not too sweet and definitely had a bite. Perfection.

For my dinner, I ordered three of the tacos – a buffalo tofu with celery, grilled fish with cilantro cream slaw, and BBQ pork with a jalapeno slaw.

verde 5

The buffalo tofu was pretty good, but needed a little more flavor besides the buffalo sauce. The grilled fish was a little too fishy tasting for my liking, so I only ate about 1/3 of it. I loved the BBQ pork one, though. Go figure.

After dinner, we all had a hankering for a little sweet, so we walked a few doors down to Yoforia for some self-serve frozen yogurt.

yoforia 1

Dinner might not have been the best, but you can’t go wrong with frozen yogurt. I almost went the fruity route with a mango/pineapple mix, but in the end the Ferrero Rocher flavor caught my eye.

yoforia 2

I had a mix of that flavor (which was a little bland to be honest) and the peanut butter with some white chocolate chips and Butterfinger. For some reason, I always have to have Butterfinger when I have non-fruity frozen yogurt. It’s too good to pass up! Probably because it is only my second favorite candy in the world.

By this point, the longevity of the day had hit me and I just wanted bed. I apparently needed it too. Now, it’s time to take on another week. Here’s to a hopefully good one for all of us. 🙂

  • What is your favorite candy? Favorite alcoholic beverage? Favorite part of your weekend?

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70 Comments to “A Friendly Day”
  1. My favorite candy is probably reese’s cups and my favorite alcoholic beverage is def vodka! 🙂

    Looks like you guys had a great time – I LOVE Yoforia!

  2. Karolina says:

    hmmm… favorite candy is a tough one. I love chocolate of pretty much any kind, and Mike & Ikes. And twizzlers. yum. I love margaritas as well- any flavor, I’ll take it!

  3. I’m not a sweet touth person, but I clearlly have a weakness when it comes to baked goods. Carb love !

    And since I get dizzy very easily from just a couple o sipps, I’m not a huge fan of alcoholick drinks either. I must admitt I love red wine, not to sweet, with a few bites of blue chesse. What a treat!

    Our weekends are special because we get to hang out togeder, go on groceries shopping and go or long walks.

    My favourite part of then weekend is when we go to play badmington in the park and then relax on the grass while eating ice cream and doing some photos .

    Simple things for a simple girl!

  4. Heather says:

    Sounds like such a perfect day!
    I don’t really eat candy, but I LOVE the dark chocolate covered edamame from TJ’s! 🙂

  5. The picture of the girls hugging is absolutely adorable!

    Chocolate is definitely my weakness.. and I love a good ceaser (made with clamato juice).. they are just soo good!

  6. Holly says:

    I LOVE the farm themed party!! I HAVE to remember that when I have kids!! Although I would probably go crazy & just make it all pig themed (just not eaten! lol!) …I’m obsessed 😉

  7. Karen says:

    I’m currently drooling over your picture of the margarita! I haven’t had a good margarita in such a long time!

  8. I was so happy for you that I posted it on my Facebook page! 🙂

    What is your favorite candy? See’s Coconut Special or just about anything dark chocolate
    Favorite alcoholic beverage? I like a toasted almond or a pineapple margarita.
    Favorite part of your weekend? Sunday all of it. We do church and then go to my mom’s for dinner/lunch.

  9. […] Week 2 = – 1.6 = Kept Up Normal Habits: I got back in my groove as soon as possible and it gave me results. I  didn’t do anything crazy this week, but kept up with workouts and choosing healthier options. I still had treats though! Margaritas, Mexican, and fro yo, anyone? […]

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