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Posted: May 12, 2011 at 9:09 am

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Busy. Hectic. Crazy. That would sum up this week so far for me. It would also likely sum up myself, especially the crazy part…but we won’t go there. The sad thing? I don’t even really know why it has felt like such a mad rush all week. We haven’t had too many more things on our plate than normal.

We have had play dates with friends at story time.

story time

We have visited the pediatrician for a 4 month check-up.

doctor office

Although don’t even get me started on the times they schedule well visit appointments. Losing nap time does not make a very happy Tina. Or Braedon. Or Makenzie. Sounds fun, huh?

I felt like a high school student cramming for an exam. Well, kind of. I had to cram a bunch of planning and prep work for the final exam review tutoring I have coming up in the next few weeks. Over 500 Spanish vocab words turned into online flashcards and practice questions. Me hace loca!!!!

I have also made sure to stay on top of my fitness routine. Tuesday I went to the gym for a run on the treadmill and weights. I completed 4 miles at a steady 9:30 pace and then hit up the weights to make my hamstrings, back, and biceps want to cry.

Move Body Part Reps Weight
One Legged Squat legs 3x15 15# db in each hand
Dumbbell Pullover back 3x10 30#
Lying Hamstring Curl legs 3x12 40#
Wide Grip Cable Row back 3x8 60#
Upright Barbell Row shoulders 3x12 40#
Seated Bicep Curl biceps 3x8 15# db in each hand

Then, yesterday I mixed up some cardio DVDs for a little fun variety cardio workout. I did about 30 minutes of a Turbo Kick workout and then the intervals of the 30/30 HIIT Cathe Friedrich DVD. It added up to 50 or so minutes of cardio madness fun.

Amidst all of that, I have had a toddler going through some teething. Her back molar is coming in on one side and its made for a little added crankiness. Thank goodness the kid loves green smoothies.

m drinking

Smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, eggs, and macaroni and cheese are about all I can get her to eat because her mouth hurts her so bad. Poor kiddo!

And then, there’s baby B deciding to switch up his normal routine suddenly. Kids are little tricksters. They get you comfortable with how things are running so smoothly and then switch it on you. Bring it, Baby B. Momma can handle you! 😉

So, nothing too over the top – but enough to diminish my desire to cook up fancy meals from scratch. Okay. I can’t fool you. I never whip up fancy meals from scratch. But I do try to make the most of easy meals. Like with my trusty standby of sandwiches. Which inevitably makes me crave soup. Who cares if we hit the 90s? I can always eat soup.

 soup and sandwich

My craving led me to scrounging up a can of vegetable soup, which I spruced up by adding a large handful of spinach to wilt into it. I also added some sliced up Trader Joe’s Jalapeno chicken sausage for an extra little fill factor.


It worked…but not as well as my sandwich. I spread Chavrie herbed goat cheese on some whole wheat bread with sautéed mushrooms and tomato slices. Then, I cooked it panini style of course.


Goat cheese makes me happy. It helps me breathe for a moment. Just a moment though. That’s all I get in the life of a mom. Now, time to get going again! Have a great Thursday my friends! And stay tuned for a heart pumping giveaway later today! 😉

  • Can you eat things like soup or ice cream year round, despite the temps?
  • Did/do you cram for exams? I always did! I worked better under pressure. It must have worked sine I only got one B all through college. <—Nerd alert!

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49 Comments to “Busy Busy”
  1. I won’t even tell you how much of a nerd I am. And I’m a total crammer despite my nerdy tendencies.

  2. Mellissa says:

    I was always such a plan ahead person, I never did much cramming and would prep and study weeks ahead. Yes. I was one of those over achievers!

  3. I definitely eat ice cream all year round. And I love goat cheese too. I buy the goat cheese rounds that are individually packed from Trader Joe’s, then I just use one round for salads or on top of pasta – so good!

  4. Poor M! I remember when my niece was teething. 🙁

    Ice cream and soup (not together, ha) are good any time of year!

    Yes I crammed for exams, often staying up way too late the night before a test. I always did fairly well so it worked for me!

  5. I feel the same way this week…crazy town! I can do soup year round, but not ice cream. I can’t stand freezing to death. Good luck on the exam review. I hope you have a calmer day with a perfect naptime!

  6. I am one month away from my Final so this should be the moment when I start to freak out. But I don’t. I hate to put myself under presure. Begin studying weeks ago and I’ll just recap.

    Actually, I hate feeling under presure so badly that I run away from my coleagues when we get out from an exam just so I can’t hear what they wrote :). And I asked my family not to support by calling to ask how I did and not to make such a fuss.

    Oh, and I’m also ADDICTED of chesse.After hubs, fruits and chesse are the two thing I can t live without.

  7. julie says:

    *high five* from the nerd crew. It just comes naturally! My kids love green smoothies, too! It’s the end of the school year for us, too. I’m not in school, but my oldest child has projects and presentations and all KINDS of activities that keep us running around like crazy. I’m ready for summer!

    • Tina says:

      Isn’t it amazing how busy life gets with kids? I wonder how I filled my time before. I always felt busy then…but WHAT did I do??? LOL

  8. I can eat ice cream any day, any time, any weather. 🙂

    Soups – I really only like hot soup in the cold. I do like eating cold chili, gazpacho, melon soup – and other chilled soups in the summer!

  9. Oh I can anything anytime anywhere 🙂 and I totally crammed! But I was a nerd and would go back and study again after the test to learn the material…yikes 🙂

  10. Angela says:

    Phew that is a busy day! I really wasn’t a good crammer in school and was much more of a planner! And ice cream? Yes, definitely ate that year-round! I used to love candy cane ice cream at Christmas time!

  11. don’t know if this would ever help when you’re feeling really busy, but I am really jealous of your busyness! 🙂

    I drink hot tea or hot chocolate every night before bed regardless of the season !

  12. Any type of grilled cheese makes me want tomato soup. Goat cheese grilled cheese is a genius idea!

    And your kids are gorgeous, ps. 🙂

  13. oy, that made me tired just reading it! You are truly a supermom! I love soup no matter what temp it is outside!

  14. Lauren says:

    I cram the day before usually because I work well under pressure too. The day of, I usually do not like to study because I have to relax before the exam. I’m distracting myself and relaxing before my last (and hardest) exam today by reading blogs and stretching.

  15. Errign says:

    I will eat anything, any time of year, but I definitely crave cooler foods in the warmer months and vice versa.

    I am not a studier or a crammer. I have (I’m pretty proud of this) never pulled an all nighter for anything school related, and my gpa is pretty bueno. Pretty sure the use of bueno was from you talkin’ about Spanish 🙂

  16. I have been frazzled this week too, finals are slowly killing me, but I am almost done 🙂 I tend not to procrastinate, I get so anxious otherwise!
    I can have ice cream ANY time of the year, I don’t ever care how cold it is hehe

  17. Nah, I’m pretty seasonal, but I definitely crammed. And…definitely didn’t get almost straight A’s. But I blame that on going to a very highly ranked school that actually curved DOWN so that everyone couldn’t do well. How wrong is THAT. That you get a 93 and it’s a C? Seriously screwed up. (Still ended up w/ a 3.4, which I’m proud of, but GRRRR)

  18. I was most definitely an exam cramer! And yes, I can eat ice cream no matter what temp it is outside. It’s an addiction. lol

  19. Allie says:

    Aww, little M is adorable at story time! Love it! Sorry you guys had to miss your nap time 🙁
    I am a total crammer LOL

  20. Goodness gracious your life is full! Thank goodness your kids are so cute!

  21. Becca says:

    I’m not a good stud-ier. I pay attention in class (I’m a note-taker), but when it comes to studying for tests, I’m terrible. If anything, I need to study more. Sometimes it depends on the class, too, how much I feel I need to study. But sometimes I just don’t feel like reading stuff. And when I do “study,” it’s probably not enough time–a quick cramming right before I leave the house or something.
    Oops. :\

    I will eat ice cream no matter what the temp is outside. Last night I had a malt at church! 🙂 It was warmer than usual yesterday–we skipped Spring! 😮
    But yeah, I eat ice cream year-round. Soup… not as much. I’ll eat it if my parents are making it, usually, but I’m not going to just bust out the tomato soup when it’s 90 degrees… Haha. 🙂

  22. Brenda says:

    I absolutely love that you take the time to make nutritious, delicious wholesome meals for yourself during the day. Not a fan of canned soup but who has the time to make fresh. I like the idea of adding fresh ingredients to it. This is a must try for me. Thank you.

  23. I can eat ice cream any time of the year!

    And no I was never a crammer…ever! My friends would always laugh at me when I would start studying a week before exams. Last minute studying always put me in freak out mode…I’m a weirdo!

  24. Kacy says:

    I can ALWAYS eat ice cream! I ate it in a blizzard this year 🙂

    • Tina says:

      That’s like me. Heck – I would probably eat a DQ blizzard in a blizzard…and then laugh giddily at the irony because I have an odd sense of humor.

  25. Lauren says:

    Awww poor thing! I’m so sorry her mouth hurts. 🙁 At least its that time of year when smoothies are in! 🙂

    Speaking of that, since the weather got warm, I went on a MAJOR smoothie kick. But I only seem to crave them in the spring/summer.

  26. In the winter I’ll bundle up with a sweater and blanket just so I can have ice cream. 🙂

  27. Lisa says:

    I am totally a soup eater.I eat it year round no matter what! Love it!

  28. cramming for exams is the story of my life! i always think i can spread out the studying but i just don’t work that way!

  29. I eat soup and ice cream year round and love it! As long as I’ inside, you wno’t find me with tomatoe bisque eating on a patio in ATL July heat! I’m not totally crazy;)

  30. Nicole, RD says:

    So cute 🙂 You have been a busy bee!!

    I love soup and ice cream year round, yep! There’s not much I don’t love anytime! 🙂

  31. Stacy says:

    Wow, you are busy but the kiddos look cute as always! Poor Makenzie with her molar coming in. Hope she feels better soon! And how cute that she drinks green smoothies!

  32. Amanda says:

    Your sandwich looks SO good! I am definitely going to be making one soon! 🙂

  33. A few things:
    1. Baby B is SO cute in his little car seat. He is stylin’!
    2. I love M with the Green Monster!
    3. I need that meal right now! I love soup in the summer! I think you can make it super light and it is a great compliment to fresh bread or sandwiches!

  34. I seem to always crave the “wrong seasonal foods” at the wrong time. It can be over a 100 outside and suddenly I want soup.

  35. Kristi says:

    I can definitely eat soup year round. Soup is one of my favorite foods. I think during the summer I tend to stay on the light brothy soups, and the winter maybe a little heavier soup. Either way I can eat soup. I <3 soup.

  36. Lee says:

    I ate some soup for lunch today to answer your question. And I had a grilled cheese sandwich last night too although mine got soggy from too many tomatoes.

    So, 1-legged squats? I can’t do them. Like at all. What muscle is that working? Your glutes? How would you suggest learning to do them?

    • Tina says:

      I always do them with my back foot up on the bench. It’s technically called a Bulgarian Split Squat but also called one legged squat sometimes. It does take some balance but propping up that back foot helps me a ton. It works the glutes and quads the most for me!

  37. Michelle says:

    Livie is getting her molars in right now too. Blergh.

    I can definitely eat soup year round — but not ice cream. I am really sensitive to the cold, but the heat doesn’t bother me at all (good thing, since it’s necessary her in FL!).

    I always did better on a test when cramming 🙂 I work really well under pressure though. I definitely bring my A game to the table then!

  38. Aww poor baby M!
    I hear ya – this week has been insane.

  39. Kids sure do love to change things up, don’t they? As soon as you think you’ve settled into a groove, blammo! My little is getting his top teeth in, and it’s been awful for the last 4 or so nights.

  40. Lindsay says:

    I have always been a good student. I have a 4.0, but I cannot start studying until the night before the exam. I like to cram so that all of the information is fresh. Unfortunately, I probably stress too much but as long as I continue to do well in school I am not going to change my study patterns! 😀

  41. Hmmm I LOVE soup and sandwiches! I’m cutting back on bread right now so I need to come up with something equivalent soon.

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  43. […] Featured Meal – Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwich + Soup […]

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