I Need A Money Tree

Posted: May 16, 2011 at 9:08 am

Gooood morning! I’m trying to stay chipper and welcome Monday with a smile. It has its good points…like starting a week off fresh. Right? Right! Catching up from the weekend?

So after my fantabulous long run on Saturday morning, a busy day awaited me. Funny how that always happens on Saturdays. Weekends with down time come very rarely in these parts, but that’s okay. Especially when the busy schedule includes a little bit of pampering for moi.

I got my hair all beautified up!

tina and makenzie

It needed a cut pretty badly since I try to stretch out my cuts to save some money. I love the cut and think it looks great, but I wanted a bit more of a noticeable side bang. I thought it looked shortened enough when at the salon, but now I think I wanted more of a difference than my previous cut. I may see if I can go back to get her to snip more off. You know, if my laziness doesn’t get the best of me trekking back out to the salon. And if its a free touch up since my money tree has gone into hiding.

From my hair appointment I had to immediately pick up Peter and the kids to go to another kid party. Yes, we attend one of these shin-digs basically every month. Yes, we have many friends with kids. Yes, we love every bit of toddler party we visit.

IMGP1173IMGP1163IMGP1169IMGP1176  IMGP1168IMGP1175 

Yes, birthday cake never gets old. Just like time with this crew never gets old. It’s free fun!

Once the party ended we settled into the relaxing part of our weekend. We just had our typical Saturday low-key, at-home, save-the-dough date of pizza, ice-cream, and a Redbox movie. We chose No Strings Attached and liked it well enough. Predictable rom-com is basically the only description it needs. We had originally thought about taking Makenzie bowling as well this weekend…but then we checked the prices. It would have cost about $40 for a few games! Ridiculous! When did bowling get so expensive? Now, where is that money tree?

  • What is something you came across recently and were shocked at its price?

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71 Comments to “I Need A Money Tree”
  1. Girl I need that money tree too when you find the seeds! Bowling is expensive isn’t it??? Actually, just about everything seems to be that way these days. Sigh…

  2. I watched No Strings Attached this weekend too. Totally predictable, but I actually thought it was really funny and liked it a lot!

    If you figure out how to get a money tree growing, please share the secret.. =)

  3. I love rom coms, so I guess I’ll pick up No Strings Attached pretty soon .

    I bought a snoogle pregnancy pillow ($50) and was SHOCKED that the pillow cover was an additional $30- ridic. So I skipped it and am using regular pillow covers that cover where my head lays. Cheap-o! 🙂

    • Tina says:

      I would do the same thing! It seems like baby stuff is always so $$$ because companies know people will pay whatever for certain things.

  4. Aw, so great that you guys have a community of families to hang with! 🙂 Sounds like you have a good group friends.

    Many of our dates involve a redboxed movie as well. We are always afraid we’re going to hate it when we try a new film out though… We were traumatized by a few bad choices, and hate to see that dollar go to waste 😉 You can relate, right? Need money tree now! Hehe.

  5. Your new haircut looks great! 🙂 I stretch out the time between haircuts to save money too. This time around, I’ve stretched it out waaaaay too long. A haircut is in my near future.
    We went to John’s Incredible Pizza this weekend for Pryce’s birthday. Of course, it was shockingly expensive, although I wasn’t surprised because those types of places are a HUGE moneypit.

  6. Erica says:

    Gasoline 😉 Bah! Congrats on the run! So fabulous!! And your hair looks great. I got mine done this weekend too- such a great treat. Hope your week is off to a nice start

  7. Mellissa says:

    Cute hair 🙂 Bowling was something that surprised me at how expensive it has gotten and groceries. I really noticed how much food prices have gone up in the last few months- a tiny box of Kashi Cereal is really expensive!

  8. Your hair looks great! I always wait forever between haircuts and I often go back for a little touch-up if it’s not perfect a few days after the cut.The stylist always styles it differently than I do so when I wash it out and style it myself it ends up not being exactly what I wanted.

    And great job with your 8 mile run!

  9. I would go bowling so much more if it wasn’t so expensive! Love the pics of you with M & B 🙂

  10. I could sure use a money tree too. I live in Michigan so I dont know if this is everywhere, but check out kidsbowlfree.com
    My kids get two free games a day during the summer (it’s already started) and parents get a discount on games as well.

    • Tina says:

      Thanks for that site! There are a few in our area but about 45 min away. It could be worth it though for one time.

  11. Your hair looks great!

    I’m shocked at how much every single little thing costs for my wedding. And people can get away with it because it’s such an important day. Bummer!

  12. If you ever find that money tree, would you mind sending one down my way? I could really use one of those suckers. 🙂

    Your hair looks fantastic btw.

  13. Errign says:

    I need a money tree too! 🙂

    Your hair looks very cute & that first picture of you and Makenzie is adorbs! Happy Monday – hope you’re doing something fun!

  14. I felt pretty much the same about that movie. Nothing outstanding, but it kept my attention.

    Pricing movers has been what’s killing me these days… ugh!

    • Tina says:

      I bet those suckers are expensive! I will never know. My husband would nevr pay for movers. He even debated paying someone to install 3 HUGE sheets of glass for our shower.

  15. Julie says:

    My brother was in town a few weeks ago and we decided to go to the movies with him. For our family of 4, plus him – it was over $50 for the tickets!!!

    My husband told me as we walked in – “I will never gripe about you buying movies for the kids AGAIN.”

    I love me some Redbox, too!

  16. Kirsten says:

    The movies. I rarely go because I prefer the comfort of my own couch & all. I’m amazed they can charge that for a ticket and then turn around and grab the other arm in case you want something to eat or drink. Amazing.

  17. That’s a super cute top you have on! Your hair looks great! They looked amazing too…it rained here all weekend 🙁

  18. I love the haircut–looks great! And your little guy is growing so fast!

  19. Bowling is expensive — and just going to a movie in general is so pricey, even if you don’t get any snacks!

    I need a money tree too!

  20. My Sunday movie ticket at 1 p.m. was $9. What?! And it cost me $72 to fill up my tank Saturday. eek!

    Your hair looks great! I got mine cut on Saturday – yessss.

  21. Kelly says:

    A money tree would definitely make life a lot easier!!

  22. Congrats on your PDR! I too think bowling has gotten insanely expensive! the movie theater prices always continue to amaze me. Or maybe it’s the people that actually BUY the soda and popcorn for the ridiculous prices that amaze me more! sneak it in people!

  23. Your hair looks great! I’m truly shocked at how much it costs to get my hair highlighted and trimmed…not that the stylists aren’t worth it, but I’d be happy to tip more I’d the prices were lower!

  24. Katie H says:

    I love the haircut- you look beautiful!

  25. Your Saturday sounds exactly like my Sunday: pizze, a little ice cream, and a Redbox movie. We actually rented No Strings Attached earlier in the week and had a similar reaction as you. Last night, we watched Love and Other Drugs and thought it was alright. It was a free redbox code, so we couldn’t complain!
    If you figure out where to find that money tree, let me know! 😉

  26. Have you seen gas prices lately? um YIKES! 🙂

    Glad you had a good weekend. My Saturday was really busy too. By the time I sat down at the end of the day, I was absolutely exhausted.

  27. Love the haircut. And I second the gas comments—holy crap…I’m gonna have to carpool to Nursing School!

  28. Mac says:

    I haven’t been to a movie theater in ages, but it’s $9 now!! You can officially go out for dinner for cheaper than the movie theaters!

  29. Nothin’ like a good, confidence-boosting hair appointment. Great pics! The last price that shocked me was the listed fare for plane tickets to Europe. I guess gas prices have made their mark.

    • Tina says:

      I flew to Europe 5 years ago and remember how $$$ it was then. I don’t even want to know how crazy it is now. I’m sure that was an ouch number to see!

  30. Dorry says:

    Your haircut looks great! In my experience, the stylist will definitely shorten up your bangs with no extra charge. I’ve been fortunate enough to try several Crossfit locations, yoga studios, and other fitness clubs in Dallas through lululemon, and I’m shocked by how expensive some of them are for monthly memberships!

  31. That money tree sounds like a fantastic idea to me! I shall get on that pronto 🙂
    I know I am complaining along with the rest of the country on this one, but gas prices, ugh! It took me 42 dollars the other day to fill up my car and I have a small Honda Civic!

  32. If you find that money tree, please let me know! I’m always shocked by the price of coriander seeds. I keep forgetting to google why they’re so pricey… maybe that’s a good activity to do right now. 🙂

    Your hair looks great!!!

  33. $40 bucks for bowling?? I think John and I combined when we bowl is about $26.

  34. Ana Maria says:

    Ridiculously Priced Thing: Conference weekend at church, totally beyond student price, but probably also really worth it.

    Comment not related to post: YOU LOOK SOOOO GOOD! You’re just glowing in that picture, you look healthy and radiant and your hard work it totally paying off. Way to go!

  35. You look great!!! Love the haircut!!

  36. You look great!!! I think I was shocked at how much it costs to rent a movie! If you don’t go to redbox or use netflix it is insane to go to Blockbuster!

  37. Yeah I went bowling recently and I was blown away by the price. What happened to a good ol cheap weekend fun?

  38. jobo says:

    um, first of all, you look great! your arms are looking rocking 🙂 And I love the hair, but know what you mean. I go for side bangs/sideswept too and get annoyed if it’s not as noticable as i thought when I was there! As for stuff getting expensive…the Aquarium! I just was told by a friend that tix are like 25 bucks each! even for kids. um, wow.

  39. I love your new hair. Seriously, when DID bowling get so expensive? It used to be a cheap thing to do when I was growing up.

  40. Bowling is a huge one. Seriously, it is crazy expensive! Also, going to the movies. That is just way too expensive now. We went to see Bridesmaids and while it was good, I don’t think it was worth the $22 to go. I hope you have a great week.

  41. Kara says:

    I’m always shocked at the cost when I get my hair done, but honestly the most shocking stuff lately has been at the pump! It cost me 40 bucks to fill up my tiny Toyota Matrix and whoever used the pump before me spent 93 dollars! Insane!

  42. GORGEOUS hair!! Looks looovely 🙂 And birthday cake never gets old hehe 😉

    Expensive? Don’t even get me started on grocery prices!! 😛

  43. Maria says:

    Such an adorable pic of you and M! I love your hair cut!

    I’m always shocked by how much yoga classes are. Oh and macadamia nuts.

  44. You hair cut looks adorable! And that looks like such a fun toddler party; I want toddler parties, lol! I’m shocked at how much EVERYTHING is in San Francisco. Ha!

  45. Love your haircut! So pretty!

    And what have I found to be shockingly expensive lately?! Wellllllll…pretty much everything…LOL!

  46. We never go to the movie theater anymore because it’s so darn expensive!

  47. Priyanka says:

    Love your hair!

    I went to Earthfare to buy some fancy cheese this weekend. I picked up bag of grated swiss cheese and was very happy with the purchase, I did not know the price at this point but I did not expect it to be more then $8. To my utter shock, I found out it was $20. I almost stopped breathing for a moment, $15 for a bag of cheese…too much…agreed its organic but still..

  48. Natural food coloring! I purchased all-natural food colors at WFs and it was $17!!! Never again – that’s all I have to say about that!

  49. Ela says:

    I need a money tree too! I’ve been shocked at the price of just about everything lately. Too bad.

    Your little boy is growing so fast, it’s amazing. He doesn’t even look like a baby, hardly! And M is looking adorable–as are you, with your cut.

  50. i just bought a container of Coffeemate French Vanilla liquid creamer for my coffee in an aruban groc store…and it was $8 US Dollars. It’s about $4 at home 🙂 what can i say, i love coffeemate 🙂

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