6 Steps For Getting Back In The Workout Groove

Posted: May 26, 2011 at 9:27 am

I know. I know. I just shared a post on blogger responsibility last night and here I am posting “6 Steps for Getting Back in the Workout Groove”. Well…simply remember that I’m not a professional. This topic simply coincides with my life this week and I want to share about it and how I handled the challenge. Mmmmkay? Good.

So. Workout grooves. I have had some struggles finding mine again this week. I honestly missed my regular workout routine while away at Fitbloggin and felt excited to get back to it come Monday. However, once Monday rolled around I did not have the same motivation I previously felt. I knew I had to take some proactive steps to make sure I didn’t suddenly end up facing my race next Saturday without any training the prior weeks. And seriously? Next week is my race?! When? How?! But back to my post…

Step One: Find a workout that excites you.

I planned a spinning workout for Monday with my favorite instructor. Getting to see her again and have her kick my butt sounded good and all sorts of fun. Any other workout might not have gotten me out the door. Spinning can always motivate me to get moving!

Step Two: Plan ahead for a workout time that you will least likely skip.


I know that if I put my workout off until the evening I have a much harder time finding the energy to power through a session. Unfortunately, I could not get my gym time in on Monday morning. It almost deterred me from going to spin Monday night. Good thing I love spinning so much that it got my butt out the door. Needless to say, it reminded me why it is so important to choose a time that works for you! Don’t make getting back into a groove hard on yourself by choosing to workout at 5 am when you hate the morning or at 6 pm when you know you will want to die of exhaustion. 

Step Three: Find a Buddy.

FitBloggin Day 2 Final-34
this image doesn’t REALLY fit in this post but I LOVE it too much and had to slip it in - carriedphotography caught this one of Katy & I during the conference

I’ll be honest…one of the biggest things that motivated me to hit spin class on Monday night was you all. Blogging sure provides a heck of a lot of motivation sometimes! I know you all wouldn’t feel disappointed in me or anything ridiculous like that. Workouts are just my best blog brainstorming time! If blog brainstorming so you have something to discuss with blog buddies doesn’t motivate you, then find a “real life” pal to drag along and make things less miserable.

Step Four: Ease Back Into It.

Confession: I picked up this step in hindsight. After attending a conference that also focused on fitness I got a little gung-ho on my weights workouts of the week. I completed the following two workouts.

MONDAY: PLYO, CHEST, TRIS, & ABS WORKOUT (done as a circuit)

Move Sets x Reps Weight
push – ups 3 x 15 bodyweight
burpees 3 x 10 bodyweight
plated chest press 3 x 10 30 # per side
power kicks 3 x 20 per leg bodyweight
triceps kickbacks 3 x 12 12# per side
stability ball crunch 3 x 15 holding 10 # med ball
planks 3 x 45 seconds bodyweight

TUESDAY: HAMSTRINGS, BACK, SHOULDERS, & BIS WORKOUT (done as 3 different supersets)

Move Sets x Reps Weight
barbell deadlift 3 x 15 60 #
wide grip lat pulldown 3 x 10 75 #
back extensions 3 x 15 bodyweight
narrow cable row 3 x 12 65 #
cable side lateral raise 3 x 10 10# per side
cable bicep curl 3 x 10 20 # per side

Ahem. My body hurts. Ouch. Not the smartest move on my part to go back in so forcefully. Take note that easing back in would make things much easier to keep up with and more natural in getting that groove back.

Step Five: Be Realistic and Adapt As Necessary.

reality check

Along the same premise as step four, I quickly learned that I would have to openly adjust my workout plans so as not to sideline myself with intense soreness. Wednesday my training plan called for a 5 mile tempo run, with my tempo miles at an 8:43 pace. Ha! Hahahaha! My legs said no way and I had no problem adjusting that run’s goal to simply completing 4 miles, screw the pace. If I had tried to push it, my workout groove would have quickly turned into creating a nice groove in my couch cushions instead. You know…since I would not have a shot in the world of moving from said couch cushions.

Step Six: Just Do It.

Nike is onto something…

Remember all the reasons you love working your fitness. Then, get out there and go for it. Try not to make excuses because every bit of delay will make it that much harder to return later. Consider the goals you hope to accomplish, that approaching race (cough cough), the wonderful sense of accomplishment you feel after a workout, or the health you enjoy. Think about what got you to the gym or out pounding that pavement before your break. Use those same things to motivate you now and just do it. Getting started is 99% of the challenge for me! The other 1% is my sore legs. Dang you Fitbloggin trampoline workout and deadlifts!

  • What ways do you get your workout groove back in action?
  • Does blogging ever motivate you to do a workout?

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  1. This post shows how much important is not to stop training every day.

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