6 Steps For Getting Back In The Workout Groove

Posted: May 26, 2011 at 9:27 am

I know. I know. I just shared a post on blogger responsibility last night and here I am posting “6 Steps for Getting Back in the Workout Groove”. Well…simply remember that I’m not a professional. This topic simply coincides with my life this week and I want to share about it and how I handled the challenge. Mmmmkay? Good.

So. Workout grooves. I have had some struggles finding mine again this week. I honestly missed my regular workout routine while away at Fitbloggin and felt excited to get back to it come Monday. However, once Monday rolled around I did not have the same motivation I previously felt. I knew I had to take some proactive steps to make sure I didn’t suddenly end up facing my race next Saturday without any training the prior weeks. And seriously? Next week is my race?! When? How?! But back to my post…

Step One: Find a workout that excites you.

I planned a spinning workout for Monday with my favorite instructor. Getting to see her again and have her kick my butt sounded good and all sorts of fun. Any other workout might not have gotten me out the door. Spinning can always motivate me to get moving!

Step Two: Plan ahead for a workout time that you will least likely skip.


I know that if I put my workout off until the evening I have a much harder time finding the energy to power through a session. Unfortunately, I could not get my gym time in on Monday morning. It almost deterred me from going to spin Monday night. Good thing I love spinning so much that it got my butt out the door. Needless to say, it reminded me why it is so important to choose a time that works for you! Don’t make getting back into a groove hard on yourself by choosing to workout at 5 am when you hate the morning or at 6 pm when you know you will want to die of exhaustion. 

Step Three: Find a Buddy.

FitBloggin Day 2 Final-34
this image doesn’t REALLY fit in this post but I LOVE it too much and had to slip it in - carriedphotography caught this one of Katy & I during the conference

I’ll be honest…one of the biggest things that motivated me to hit spin class on Monday night was you all. Blogging sure provides a heck of a lot of motivation sometimes! I know you all wouldn’t feel disappointed in me or anything ridiculous like that. Workouts are just my best blog brainstorming time! If blog brainstorming so you have something to discuss with blog buddies doesn’t motivate you, then find a “real life” pal to drag along and make things less miserable.

Step Four: Ease Back Into It.

Confession: I picked up this step in hindsight. After attending a conference that also focused on fitness I got a little gung-ho on my weights workouts of the week. I completed the following two workouts.

MONDAY: PLYO, CHEST, TRIS, & ABS WORKOUT (done as a circuit)

Move Sets x Reps Weight
push – ups 3 x 15 bodyweight
burpees 3 x 10 bodyweight
plated chest press 3 x 10 30 # per side
power kicks 3 x 20 per leg bodyweight
triceps kickbacks 3 x 12 12# per side
stability ball crunch 3 x 15 holding 10 # med ball
planks 3 x 45 seconds bodyweight

TUESDAY: HAMSTRINGS, BACK, SHOULDERS, & BIS WORKOUT (done as 3 different supersets)

Move Sets x Reps Weight
barbell deadlift 3 x 15 60 #
wide grip lat pulldown 3 x 10 75 #
back extensions 3 x 15 bodyweight
narrow cable row 3 x 12 65 #
cable side lateral raise 3 x 10 10# per side
cable bicep curl 3 x 10 20 # per side

Ahem. My body hurts. Ouch. Not the smartest move on my part to go back in so forcefully. Take note that easing back in would make things much easier to keep up with and more natural in getting that groove back.

Step Five: Be Realistic and Adapt As Necessary.

reality check

Along the same premise as step four, I quickly learned that I would have to openly adjust my workout plans so as not to sideline myself with intense soreness. Wednesday my training plan called for a 5 mile tempo run, with my tempo miles at an 8:43 pace. Ha! Hahahaha! My legs said no way and I had no problem adjusting that run’s goal to simply completing 4 miles, screw the pace. If I had tried to push it, my workout groove would have quickly turned into creating a nice groove in my couch cushions instead. You know…since I would not have a shot in the world of moving from said couch cushions.

Step Six: Just Do It.

Nike is onto something…

Remember all the reasons you love working your fitness. Then, get out there and go for it. Try not to make excuses because every bit of delay will make it that much harder to return later. Consider the goals you hope to accomplish, that approaching race (cough cough), the wonderful sense of accomplishment you feel after a workout, or the health you enjoy. Think about what got you to the gym or out pounding that pavement before your break. Use those same things to motivate you now and just do it. Getting started is 99% of the challenge for me! The other 1% is my sore legs. Dang you Fitbloggin trampoline workout and deadlifts!

  • What ways do you get your workout groove back in action?
  • Does blogging ever motivate you to do a workout?

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64 Comments to “6 Steps For Getting Back In The Workout Groove”
  1. As I was reading your post I was thinking “Just do it!” is one of the ways to get back in the groove, and then BAM! There it was on your list. I also think having a plan set out is helpful, and then checking it off when you complete it…I find that sort of thing satisfying 🙂

    • Tina says:

      We’re really on the same page then. In my post I wrote for tonight I have something about checking things off being super satisfying. LOL

  2. Amanda says:

    Great post! I found myself slipping little by little the past few weeks especially after doing a 10k but I’m ready to just get back into it!!

  3. Angela says:

    Blogging totally motivates me because I like to post my workouts occasionally and it’s boring if they’re always the same! Another thing I do to keep my workout groove going is to constantly change things up, and surround myself with like-minded people, photos of fit celebs or fitness models etc (even if a little unrealistic), whatever it takes to make me want to push myself!

  4. Blogging motivates me for sure — I do not like writing about how I skipped a run (when it is for the sole reason of being lazy, obviously for other reasons – like being sick – is ok) and seeing how other bloggers keep up with their schedules pushes me to keep up with mine and not give into my lazy habits.

  5. “nike is on to something” LOL

    Great tips – especially the ones bout easing in and about setting a realistic schedule! Thanks for this post!

  6. I don’t allow myself to question when I workout. I have a dedicated time for it and I do it. Now, that being said, I have to read the signs for how hard I work out. Like today, I’m still not recovered from lack of rest this past weekend. I have worked out hard Monday-Wednesday, but today I did slow-robics. It felt great and it gave me energy to start my day.

    • Tina says:

      Yes. I love having a dedicated time. when I don’t get my workout in during that time I have a HARD time getting to it.

  7. Great tips Tina 🙂

    Typically I love to be active so it isn’t hard for me to be motivated to do something. However, I definitely get into phases were I only do one activities for a while which is certainly not good. Blogging has definitely made me accountable bec if I need to incorporate a particular workout into my schedule then I tweet or mention it in my blog. I know my readers will hold me to it! 🙂

  8. I love the last one the most…when it comes down to it just DO something! Even a short walk is better than nothing at all and it will help you get back in the groove!

  9. I have a lot of trouble with self-motivation, but doing a workout video or working with an instructor always gets me moving!

  10. Kat @ Living Like the Kings says:

    you must have read my mind. I’m trying to start running and lifting again- but it’s so hard!!!!!

  11. The way I stick with it is not doing so much at once and breaking up my workouts. I use to lift for 45 min then do a long cardio workout after. Hellooo burnout! My workouts are quick but super efficient now, leaving me sweaty in no time. Circuit training with minimal breaks is my new favorite–big workout in a small amount of time!

    • Tina says:

      I love circuits! I can get all of my weight workouts done in around 20-25 minutes and can bang out a challenging cardio session in 30 minutes. That was my workout today in fact.

  12. Thanks Tina! I needed to read this today!

  13. Lauren says:

    I love your tips! I’m always motivated to go to spinning because I know the instructor will push me, and I’m addicted to spin. Blogging motivates me when I read about other’s great workouts for the day.

  14. Brenda says:

    Thanks so much. I REALLY needed to hear this today. I have been in a slump and just the reminder to “Just Do It” (cause it’s my motivator), sparked me to get back up and get planning.

    I love your blog so much and look forward to reading it daily. You are such an inspiration and I’m thankful you are using your gifts to help others!


    • Brenda says:

      That was supposed to be a smiley face. Don’t know what I made…looks like I’m yelling or something. haha.

      How about this:


    • Tina says:

      Haha on the smiley face. It still looked happy to me. 😉

      And thank you SO much for your kind words. My readers make my blogging love complete!

  15. I’m so stuck on Step 1 right now…nothing seems to excite me at the moment. Grrrr 😉

  16. Great, great post! I’m slightly out of the workout groove – not totally – but it just feels like a chore. I just remind myself that skipping a workout will just make me feel worse. I think I really just need to shake things up a bit and find something I enjoy. I truly dislike running, and I’m not being very creative at finding an adequate alternative. I’m on the hunt, though! 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Finding something you enjoy is HUGE! And there’s something out there for everyone. Keep on looking. 🙂

  17. ah, i totally needed this post! i am sooo needing motivation to up my workouts a bit.

  18. Sarah says:

    The “find a buddy” trick is the my go-to get-out-there trick right now. If I have someone to exercise with, I won’t back out.

  19. Lauren says:

    Great tips! I especially love the first one. I never understood why people force themselves to work out doing things they hate. What is the sense in that?

  20. Regardless of how much I ease back into exercise my body is always always sore after a workout hiatus. I actually love that feeling though.

  21. Both blogging and reading blogs help me get back into a workout. Both serve as a huge motivation for me 🙂

  22. Thanks for this post! Every day I seem to find a great excuse not to exercise!

  23. Mac says:

    Blogging does motivate me to get back in the groove sometimes, especially when I read other peoples’ blogs because I get new ideas so I can spice up my routine 🙂

  24. Blogging motivates me all the time. Its not even so much because I post about my workouts, its more because I get so inspired by reading about what other people are doing. It’s helped me so much!

  25. Yep, like I said earlier this week, NIKE IS on to somethin’!

    Great tips/ideas!

  26. Tina – Love this post! I think having an exercise buddy is the best motivation!

    I haven’t been blogging in a while and I’m finally getting back into the groove of things. Just read through some of your old post! Your little ones are growing so fast and they are as beautiful as ever!

  27. Could you (or maybe you have before) do a post on starting exercise and sticking with it? I have trouble sticking with it and getting started! It’s not old hat for me yet. And have you ever done a post on weight lifting–for beginners? How much weight will help you get toned, etc.? I’ve seen a couple of books out there and have just been wondering! I just want to tone up some flabby arms! I saw this book the other day … have you read any books about weight lifting/exercise? http://www.amazon.com/Smart-Girls-Dumbbells-Judith-Sherman-Wolin/dp/1573223867/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1306436641&sr=8-1

    • Tina says:

      I haven’t heard of that book. I always hear great things about the New Rules of Lifting for Women. Women’s Health Mag also has a ibg book of exercises with good explanations and pictures to detail the moves. I haven’t done a post like those before but I’ll keep it in mind for a future topic to discuss. 🙂

  28. Michelle says:

    Blogging and reading blogs always helps to inspire me! Having a workout buddy definitely is the #1 thing that helps me. If I know that someone is going to be waiting for me, I’m definitely getting my butt out of bed.

  29. Errign says:

    The idea that I get to blog about a workout definitely does motivate me! (Like pushing myself to run a 27 minute 5k this morning when I was out on my run) 🙂

    I don’t usually get into workout ruts, but I think changing things up is key if they do occur!

  30. Jolene says:

    I love these tips! And I love your honesty, as always. I find it harder to get back into the swing of it after a rest day. Is that weird?? It’s like I’m go-go-go and then when I have a day of rest, the next day I tend to feel meh and don’t feel like it. But then I pick myself up, dust myself off and find something that will motivate me and make me feel awesome after. ALWAYS does the trick!

  31. Brittany says:

    i love this post 🙂 Too bad it wasn’t around 9 months ago when i was getting back into training for my 1st half-marathon! but nonetheless, you are amazing! Thanks for thiss =)

  32. Rofomom says:

    Hi Tina! LOVE THIS POST! What great tips. . . I am wondering: How do you keep track of your pace on a run like that? I have been finding that using apps on my smart phone is NOT accurate. . . I have tried a few different ones. . .I am also looking to increase my pace per mile on runs. . . Do you have a runner’s watch/gps that you use? I’m trying to figure out what’s going to be the best and most accurate for my training. Keep up the good work!

    • Tina says:

      I use a Garmin 205 to track my pace and mileage. Peter found a good deal on one earlier this year so we took advantage. 🙂

      • Rofomom says:

        Hi Tina! Thanks for the info! I’m on it. . . told Karl he’s got to get me one – now WHEN that actually happens is a different story. . . Thanks! Have a good weekend and thanks for all your informative posts lately 🙂

  33. Just stalkin’ your blog and came across this post. Thanks for this! I’m having a hella a time getting back into the workout groove. I am such a perfectionist and if I don’t have a set schedule on what I need to do, I don’t do it. Ugh. I need to let go of that mentality and Just Do It!

  34. […] 6 Steps for Getting Back in the Workout Groove. Faith, Fitness, Fun. […]

  35. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for the great tips. I like what you mention about finding a time that you’re the least likely to skip. We can all power ahead with high hopes of getting up super early, but if the morning is not your friend, then it’s not really likely you’ll follow through on your commitment. However, sometimes our “best” time to work out isn’t a feasible option, so we need to add a touch of your advice about “adapting to succeed.”

    I generally work long hours–often from 9 am to 630 pm or so. My “best” time to work out is typically around an hour or so after waking up, which, on a good day, would be about 9 or 10ish in the morning. However, if I factor in my start time at work, the commute, and how long I need to get ready, the morning workout looks more like a 5 am appointment with the snooze button. As such, if I’m going to try and make it out early (I’ve done it twice, high five!), I make getting up early as attractive as possible. I go to bed early the night before, I set my coffee maker on automatic brew, I lay out my workout clothes ahead of time as well as my work wear, so less time spent diddling around in the morning. I think this “adapt to succeed” idea can also be applied in this way. Whenever you decide to get in your workout, make that time slot as attractive an option as possible.

    As another example, I’ve also powered through a post-work session. Knowing that I face fatigue and hunger after a long day at the office, I pack enough nutritious food to last me through my workout as well as my day. Instead of just bringing lunch and a mid-morning snack, I also throw in a portion of Greek yogurt and a banana for my pre-game meal. About an hour to an hour and a half before leaving work for the gym, I consume my yogurt and fruit. This way, I can’t use hunger as an excuse for not working out right away. In terms of reducing fatigue, take the time to stretch often in that last hour of work. Plug in to your tunes if you can to start revving up that adrenaline. Do what helps put you in the mood to workout in the hour before the gym. Think of it as your “warm-up” time. This way, exercising right after work won’t seem like such a shock. You’re prepped and ready for it! 🙂

    Thanks again for the advice. Best of luck in your fitness journey!



  36. Nancy says:

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  40. Dianne says:

    Pour maigrir d’un endroit, il faudra donc perdre du poids partout dans le corps et ca peut parfois prendre pas mal de temps

  41. Hi Tina, I can relate to your story. I also experienced having difficulties to getting back in the workout groove. I have been working out for years but there was a time that I was too stressed at work and I have stopped working out in the gym. It took me months before finding myself and working out again. Steven

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  43. Artus says:

    The best way to avoid it is never to stop. Even when you are too busy you can do some exercises.

  44. Anne Marie says:

    Good routine Tina. I am very lazy and your posts motivated me to do more with my body and finding a buddy is a great idea because I used to do my workouts at home.

  45. Thank you for sharing the post.

  46. It is important to don’t stop exercise. Each day that you don’t exercise your body forget how it and makes difficult to keep in track. Especially after 3 weeks it is just like starting from the beginning.

  47. Many time you feel exhausted and you need some energy to complete the workouts. There are many supplements that can help and increase your desire to start again your exercise program.

  48. The key to taking your muscles from puny to brawny is to exercise every day. Make it a habit and you will see long lasting results.

  49. First of all, you have to find the motivation inside you. If you can’t find the motivation within you, look outside of you. Start setting a low bar.

  50. For each day that you missed working out, you’ll need twice to restart and recover.

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