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“Must-Dos” Or “To-Dos”

Despite busy schedules, a lot of rambling thoughts, exhaustion, and cranky toddlers to manage, we have still had plenty of good times this week. Including our Thursday ritual of picnic lunch with daddy!


The past couple of weeks we haven’t been able to have our regular Thursday lunch meet-ups because of radio shows and dermatologist appointments (in the clear! yay!!), so I couldn’t wait for today.

Like I said – things have been slightly hectic around here lately, so I had to toss together the quickest things possible for our picnic lunch. PBJ sandwiches for them…


And a hummus, tomato, and sharp cheddar cheese sandwich for myself.


For the record – that combo is immensely better grilled with some butter. Stacy’s pita chips by the handful help make it more satisfying though. Winking smile


After lunch, came play time. Prepare for picture overload. You simply can’t help yourself but to snap pictures when you have the two cutest kids alive.


Told ya. Cutest kids alive. Open-mouthed smile

I also had some fun learning that kids are strong little creatures and would own me at their games. I tried out this funky sliding monkey bar thing…and could only ever get halfway across. How do kids have endless energy for this stuff?!


And we can’t forget Peter’s “Me Tarzan. You Baby B.” moment either.


Classic. And now, bring on the “I can’t believe you would do that with your 9 month old baby you horrible, horrible parents” comments. I can take ‘em. Ninja

It was the perfect little afternoon.

“Must-Dos” or “To-Dos” to Make The Day Count

Lately, I have thought a lot about how I fill my time. You know I am a doer. I incessantly have to-do lists running through my mind. Yet, I know that in order to live a fulfilling life I have to take the time to focus on what truly matters.

Then one day it hit me. I have to shift my focus from my “to-dos” of laundry, dishes, organizing, emails, etc to the “must-dos” of loving others, taking a breather, caring for the health of my body, my mind, and my relationships.

Now, I have my to-do lists, but more importantly I have my “must do” list that trumps anything else for the day. I tell myself that if my "must-dos” happen, I accomplished all I needed to for that day. Sometimes things like laundry and emails can wait if you don’t get to them. Your children, your body, and your spirit can’t. Give it a try sometime. It’s pretty freeing. Smile

  • What is the last thing you did outdoors?
  • What would be on your “must-do” list for a day?

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I Should Have Sent It Back

Evening, friends! I hope you all had a good day. I certainly had a good one here. It was one of those days that felt extremely productive without feeling overwhelming. That always marks a good day in my book. What else makes a good day in my book? Blogging! I valued all the discussion on what makes quality content in blogs.

I would love for you to give your point of view too!

Funnily enough, tonight’s post is actually a prime example of one that I would have likely skipped over before changing my blogging habits. I would have told myself “oh, it’s just another standard weekend day in the FFF house”. But why shouldn’t I recap some of our weekend fun if I enjoyed it and feel like giving you a peek into our Saturday? Why not is right. Which is why I’m here now.

After Saturday’s mother-daughter shopping time and getting other errands accomplished, we picked up the boys for some family bonding. I bet you can guess what our family bonding experience included…


Time in the sun at the park! Go figure. Winking smile 

We have to soak up as much park time as we possibly can while the weather is so perfect for it. You can’t beat anywhere in the high 60s to low 80s for park fun. If I can get my kids outside playing and expending energy without freezing to death or stewing in my own sweat – I am there! Plus, it is so fun watching Makenzie play now. She has become quite the little adventurous one.


I have to keep a close eye on that one. I think she forgets that she is an itty bitty. Yet another way she is like her mommy – wanting to run around and explore everything.


Then Braedon sits over there taking after his daddy.


A people watcher to the extreme!


After enjoying the great outdoors for a little over an hour, the two adult units decided they needed some grub. It should come as no surprise that grub on a Saturday night involved dining out a la group deal. Groupon all the way!

This particularly deal was for a new to us restaurant called “The CooCoo’s Nest”.


It looked like a happening place with a jam packed parking lot. After being seated, I quickly ordered a Blue Moon and some water. I was craving a beer like none other on Saturday. I think long runs do that to me. Seriously!


Then, I got to work on deciding what to order. Uh-oh. The menu didn’t seem very promising. All of the food was your standard bar fare of chicken tenders, huge burgers, nachos, and the like. Nothing at all stuck out to me as sounding all that great. I eventually settled on the fish tacos. Along with a side of mango slaw, which I actually really enjoyed.


The fish tacos, on the other hand?


I should have sent them back. And I probably would have had we not used a group deal and had to get going. At least they didn’t taste as unappetizing as they look, but they certainly weren’t even close to good. I actually took at all but one piece of fish per taco and mainly ate the sweet potato fries they accidentally brought out extra (thank goodness for that mistake!) and the slaw. I also helped Peter finish off his Sweetwater 420. A dinner of beer and sweet potato fries can’t be all bad, right? That’s at least what I will tell myself. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess!

  • Do you have trouble sending back food?
  • Were you more adventurous or observant as a kid? As a kid, I was more observant, but I definitely like DOING now.

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