Mother daughter Date

Posted: September 24, 2011 at 6:06 pm

I loved today. Why wouldn’t I? We had no plans so I could spend the day in a much more relaxed state. Well, comparatively relaxed. I still took the extra time to get a few things done that I knew would never happen during the week.

For starters, I went through and organized all of Braedon and Makenzie’s clothing. I packed up clothes that are now too small for them and brought out the jeans and long sleeves to have easier access to them as the weather cools down. I definitely still left some summer wear out too, though. I know we aren’t done with the 90s yet here in Georgia!

During the afternoon, I actually had time to sit and relax with some blog reading. Usually I am rushing to do a million and one things during the week. It makes for a hectic week, but I always appreciate it come Saturday. Now, I have just returned from a shopping date with Makenzie. We went to a kid’s consignment store to pick up some extra clothes for Makenzie since I didn’t find much at consignment sales for her earlier in the year. Of course little miss girly-girl loved every minute.


I scored big time. I got Halloween costumes and Christmas outfits + pajamas for both kids, then 13 shirts , 6 pairs of pants, a pair of tights, and three sets of pajamas for Makenzie. All for $78!!! I love shopping consignment. I wish I could do all my shopping that way for myself. And that they had adult sizes of this gem.


Like Mother like daughter, that’s for sure! Winking smile 


And it’s that time again. FFF Features of the Week! I never expect you all to keep up with every post I write, so each week I play catch up with my favorites. Find the posts that I enjoyed writing the most, that sparked the most discussion, or that had the most cuteness…as well as one of my favorite blogs for you to check out. Have a great night!

FFF Features

Featured Personal Post: The Jeans


I made some new Body After Baby progress – fitting into these jeans for the first time in 2 years! Who needs a scale?

Featured Blogging Post: Increasing Blog Readership


I definitely am not an expert, but shared my thoughts and experience. So glad you all seemed to appreciate it!

Featured Workout Post: I Signed Up For My Second Half Marathon!


Runner-Up: New Treadmill Interval Workout

Featured Food Post: Flashback To My Meals In My Competition Days

It’s still painful for me to look at!

Featured Fun Post: Seeing Wicked At The Fox Theater


Runner-Up: Going On A Radio Show

Featured Body Image Post: Barbie – Yes or No?


Oh, did I love hearing all of your thoughts on this topic!

Featured Cuteness: Two Videos Full of Cute - Makenzie eating “peanut butter fingers” and then M & B playing peekaboo together. Also, this picture of B loving on a rabbit that I never got the chance to share. Love!


Featured Reading: Running To The Kitchen


I fall more and more in love with Gina’s blog with every post I read. She shares amazing recipes, showcases great photography, provides inspiration, and adds a lot of fun to my Google Reader as well. I bet you will love her too!

  • Are you good at finding bargains in one specific “area”? I stink at things like couponing, but kid’s stuff I rock the deals!

  • Did you ever have special dates with your mom or dad when growing up? What things did you typically do? I do the library and shopping with M.

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22 Comments to “Mother daughter Date”
  1. Rebecca says:

    Awww, B with a bunny!! So cute!!

    When my sister and I each turned 13, my dad took us to do something special. He took me to the MOA to see Underwater World. We made a day of it. He took my sister to a basketball game or something.

  2. Aww sounds like a great afternoon 🙂

  3. Well THAT was a surprise as I was scrolling down the page! I feel honored, thanks Tina 🙂

    As kids, my mom and my best friend’s mom would take us to a kids consignment store a few times a year and all I remember is coming home with tons of new clothes (all neon 80’s colored of course) and playing dress up. I loved that place! Consignment stores are a win win. Moms get great deals and kids get tons of clothes 🙂

  4. Umm, I’ll take that shirt in my size, too! 😉 Glad you had some extra down time today!

  5. Hilary says:

    Aww…looks like such a fun day…and looks like you had some great posts this week that I need to catch up on! I loved going shopping with my mom…and talking to the “ladies” (aka mannequins) in the store, and when she would put some of her lipstick on me to make me feel special and grown up. I wish I was better at coupons/bargains…I sometimes get pretty good clothing deals though.

  6. What a fun date with Mackenzie! Growing up, my dad worked nights a lot so I always remember my mom and I eating foods my dad didn’t like on the nights he worked! 🙂

  7. Love bargain shopping. well, love shopping period LOL. M is just such a doll. Too cute for words. My mom isn’t a shopper at all, but recently has decided she likes shopping as long as it’s with me. love those days.

  8. Loooove bargain shopping. I got 3 pairs of pants from a cosignment shop last month for $10!! Wahooo!

    • Tina says:

      I seriously need to find an adult consignment in my area. They have to have them. Well, besides Platos Closet. That’s all just teen stuff here.

  9. Makenzie is so stinkin’ cute. Great job on all of the good deals! I’m definitely a bargain hunter too – love it!

  10. Khushboo says:

    Wow great bargains–> best kind of shopping! Do you think Makenzie will mind parting with that t-shirt…I kinda want it 😀

  11. Amy says:

    You go girl, sweet deals! Love your mother/daughter day and I think all parents and kids should be lucky enough to have them too! Maybe make it a holiday! mother/daughter or son father/daughter or son! That would be nice… le sigh.

  12. wow wow that is a seriously great price for kids’ clothing!! 0_0 usually they cost an arm and a leg, sometimes even more expensive than my “on sale” outfits haha 😛 That’s so cute…I hope to someday be a grrrrrreat mother like you as well. Unfortunately, I never really got to spend much “date/quality time” as a child with my parents b/c they were always busy, but I love them so so so much and now I’m wanting to be more intentional and have that time with them. 🙂 Funny how life works.

  13. peacebeme says:

    I’m a pretty good bargain-er at everything. Working hard on improving grocery budgeting even more!

    I thought your post on the jeans was so interesting. I am WAY more triggered by the fit of my jeans than by the number on the scale. It seems very opposite of most people.

    • Tina says:

      Wow that is interesting. I think that is the first time I have heard someone more triggered by the fit of clothes over the scale. Just goes to show we each have to do what works for us. 🙂

  14. Efka says:

    I love bargain shopping, we dont have good consignment stores here but we have weekly market and thats is one great place 😀

  15. I love those special times with my mom or dad! 🙂

  16. Amy Lauren says:

    My mom and I used to go shopping together, and even when I came home from college, we always went out to McDonalds (I know that sounds sad, but we live in a small town and that’s our only fast food place) for ice cream and we laid around and watched TV on Saturday nights. I really miss spending quality time with her like that, but a few weeks ago she came to see me and we went to the mall, so that was fun.

    That shirt is so cute! And the consignment store sounds amazing- we don’t have anything like that here, I don’t think. Plus those are great prices! You could barely buy a couple of outfits for that at a department store.

  17. lindsay says:

    Mother daughter dates are so special. I remember them growing up and I know that M will too. What a special day. and of course, CUTE CLOTHES!

  18. I love the idea of mother daughter dates. And I love Gina 🙂 Love that you featured her!

  19. […] Mother Daughter Date […]

  20. janetha says:

    You guys are two peas in a pod. M is lucky to have such a great momma and role model.

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