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Posted: July 11, 2011 at 8:00 am

Typically on Monday morning I like to recap the fun events from the weekend and head into the week remembering the good times. Well, that won’t work today since I did absolutely nothing really worth mentioning over the weekend. At least that I haven’t talked about already:

Saturday consisted of normal ole stuff, running errands, and playing catch up on some things I needed to get done. I even headed to bed at 7:30 with some FRIENDS on DVD because we had nothing going on and I had a headache. Talk about a fun-filled day, huh? 😉

Sunday was another day of standard routine and ending the day by plopping on the couch and wondering where the weekend went. I typically like when we don’t have a bunch of set plans on the weekend, but this one was just…so…dull. Church on Sunday morning provided the only highlight of the entire weekend.


We enjoyed a lot of quality discussion with our friends in class, sharing about using our gifts and talents to honor God and show love for others overall in the process. Then, during worship service, our pastor continued to focus on the concept of love and how it solidifies everything in life. Love connects us to people in a meaningful way to take this journey of life and make it more worthwhile and enjoyable. I can’t agree more! Life would be so dull (like my weekend) without any love.

I think one of the biggest reasons blogging fills me with such passion and intensity goes hand in hand with the amount of love in this community. We don’t seek to tear each other down or ridicule one another. We all cheer on the goals of fellow bloggers and help offer a shoulder to lean on when needed. We also combine forces powerfully to make things happen.


Many of you have likely heard about Susan from the blog The Great Balancing Act and her recent diagnosis with lymphoma cancer. Well, the blog world has come together to raise money for Susan’s medical bills with The Great Fundraising Act hosted by the wonderful Janetha.

The Great Fundraising Act will have two parts – an online auction/bake sale as well as a page for direct donations for those not wishing to bid on items and give simply a donation.

The auction and bake sale will have OVER 100 ITEMS (!!!) from bloggers as well as packages from fabulous companies – including some of my favorites such as Love Grown Foods, Chobani, and Physique 57. I also plan to donate a batch of my Lemon Raspberry Muffins and a FFF shirt or tank of the winner’s choice.


The sale will occur Monday July 25th from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm EST.

The account for direct donations is already up and running. You can donate to Susan simply by clicking on the link.

If you would like to participate in the auction or want more details, please visit the page dedicated to The Great Fundraising Act. You can also learn more about how to promote The Great Fundraising Act yourself. Let’s get the word out and make powerful things happen. I have seen our community in action before and I have no doubt the love we all have to give will take my breath away yet again. It’s what this community does. And I’m proud to be a part of it!

  • What is the most powerful thing you have seen happen when a group of individuals come together for something?
  • What is something fun from your weekend? Let me live vicariously through you!


34 Comments to “Bloggers Are Love”
  1. It’s amazing how much can get done with people come together. I’m looking forward to being a part of this!

  2. the blogging community is just incredible. I am going to donate for that auction as well. It’s just an awesome thing.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more! I think that is why I am so drawn to this community; bloggers are always asking “How can I help; What can I do.” So selfless.

  4. When I started blogging I knew so little about it and the biggest and most pleasant surprise was the amazing community. That’s my favorite part:)

  5. yes they are love! I dont have time to do a batch of anything, but i will be donating some money and lots of prayers.

  6. Bloggers are an amazing bunch, so positive and inspiring!
    My personal weekend fun: going out with my loved ones, enjoying delicious ice cream, and buying myself a new summer dress.

  7. I think bloggers are pretty darn incredible too! I love how supportive they all are!

    I spent Saturday completely with my family. Tony actually took a day off of work and it was incredible start to finish!

    I hope you have a great week Tina!

  8. I love that Janetha has put this together — and thank you for spreading the word!

  9. Wow – thanks for posting about this. I hadn’t heard yet. The blogging community certainly is an incredible one.

  10. jobo says:

    I am thrilled to see this as well and will be participating. Feel honored to help.

  11. Yes! I blog partly for myself as a sort of journal, but I think I enjoy it the most because of the community. <3 you!

  12. I totally agree with the community thing! I think that a lot of my past blogging projects failed because I never got into the community before now.

    p.s. Now I really want a muffin! haha

  13. I went to my best friend’s wedding in Boise, Idaho. It was a blast!

  14. Sarah says:

    I went to a Royals game this weekend! Soo much fun! I will definitely be participating in this auction. It’s amazing what people can do when we all get together. I feel like this fundraiser will be very successful

  15. lindsay says:

    yes yes! i just love how bloggers come together. That is true friendship!!

  16. This really warms my heart and echos everything that is good in this world.

  17. Hilary says:

    I also love the sense of community in the blogging world! Church was good for me…we had someone give his testimony which I often find more interesting than a sermon! I also went to a great choral concert that my cousin was in (not-so-great was getting lost on the drive home)!

  18. Chelsea says:

    I’ve done the avon walk for breast cancer every year since I was 16 and THAT is an amazing experience. First day is 26miles walking and then you have to get up on day two and complete 13 MORE miles. You meet people from all walks of life and reasoning for being there. It’s a truly amazing experience. It’s a lot of money to raise to do it ($1,800) but if there’s one by where you live I highly recommend doing it at least once with a friend <3

  19. I took Peanut to the beach for the first time. Which means I wore a bathing suit for the first time since I got pregnant. I was really concerned about the line Niegre (idk spelling sorry) that is still there since I’m bf but when I looked around and saw that people were bearing their mid-drifts with way more scars, fat, etc I felt a little better about showing off mine. Now just crossing my fingers that it will go away when I’m finished with bf.

  20. Totally agree that the healthy living community is amazing. People can be really hateful over the Internet so it’s nice to see a community where the majority of people are positive and supportive of one another.

  21. Er says:

    I love the blogging community!

  22. Katie H says:

    I think it is so wonderful that the blogging community is coming together to support Susan. I will definitely be making a donation- thanks for the link!

    My weekend was fairly dull too, though I did get to relax. No living vicariously through me!

  23. I am a NYer so, I have seen a lot of people be amazing since 9/11. Just.Amazing.

    and the kids, dh, and I HIT THE BEACH, OH YEAH!!!

  24. Mandy says:

    Something fun from my weekend..we got Bella’s hair cut for the first time 🙂 *tear* I blogged about it 🙂

    As the community thing.. when I was in college, one of my sorority sisters was diagnosed with leukemia suddenly. Our whole house came together and put together a car wash in her honor — and we raised over $5000 to give to her family to help pay for medical bills. It was so amazing.

  25. Bloggers are amazing and this is just one way that the community comes together. Gosh, I feel like giving every blogger a hug right now.

  26. Amy says:

    Its so amazing all the positive that comes from the blogging community!

  27. Giving In says:

    […] also share my REAL journey back to fitness! Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginI’m a lover. I love helping others. But…I’m also a fighter. I will fight tooth and nail to not give in to particular things. I […]

  28. I love this idea too~so sweet and inspiring <33 I think some of the most powerful times for me were when I was at church and we allllllll prayed for someone who was struggling and they felt strengthened, or when i was on mission trips like India and Myanmar. We prayed together and by the love of God, literally, the lame were healed, and the people with stomach diseases and illnesses were delivered!! Not only that, but when we got the opportunity to pass out food and minister to the poor and sick! *sigh* I will never forget that!! And many more to come. In the US it does happen, and we shall continue to have faith for Susan and others who are hurtin'!

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