It Would Be Easier…

Posted: August 9, 2011 at 7:00 am

It would be easier to not share my progress journey so publicly and avoid the commitment, chance for negative comments, and weird feelings about discussing my body’s changes in an open forum…

 (from the shirt shop!)

…but then I wouldn’t have the chance to receive such encouragement from all of you! Your comments and support in my recent Body After Baby progress post made my day yesterday. Thanks!

It would be easier to not be a mom, so I could have more free time, only have to work things around my schedule, and not have two individuals’ welfare dependent on me…

IMGP0250 IMGP9988

…but then I wouldn’t get welcomed with the biggest grins every morning, receive the coziest cuddles every night, feel my heart bursting with love on a daily basis.

It would be easier to eat frozen pizza for dinner every night…


…but then I wouldn’t provide my body with all it needs and care for it with proper fuel to run efficiently and effectively. Plus, who wants to be deprived of twice baked protein potatoes on the menu for dinner tonight?

It would be easier to not be a Christian, so I wouldn’t have to find ways to set aside my natural selfish desires for more selfless ones, work on growth in my faith through study, trust someone over myself, or wake up early every Sunday morning to facilitate class…

…but then my life would lack the encompassing joy and peace that I have only ever known in a relationship with God through Christ. He saved me from my volatile self and the difference is night and day.

It would be easier to skip a workout to have an extra hour in the day…


…but then I wouldn’t know the strength, power, and beauty my body has to offer when I adequately care for it and challenge it.

It would be easier to not be a blogger so I could keep my thoughts to myself, not have to spend my children’s nap times typing until my fingers hurt, and entertain myself with manners that include far less responsibility…

…but then I would find a void in my soul where my dreams and passions used to reside.

I heard this random survey on the radio today - when asked if women would like more money or more time, 70% said more money. I would so have chosen more time. It would be easier to not do a lot of things and find that extra time, but at what cost? It would be easier, but it wouldn’t satisfy. Bring on the hectic life and challenges, for I know the richness they breathe into my days.

  • Your Turn: It would be easier to _______, but then _______________.
  • More Money or More Time? Which would you choose?

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72 Comments to “It Would Be Easier…”
  1. Another great post – love reading your positive and always real messages Tina! 🙂 I pick time over money – can’t get time back…

    If would be easier to say that seems impossible — than to actually try to do it! (surfing, blogging, baking…)

    xoxo from Trinidad

    • Tina says:

      Oh, I like that one. Definitely easy to just say its impossible than to try. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes – “the only certain way to fail is not to try”. 🙂

  2. Christy says:

    More time, for sure!!!

  3. lindsay says:

    Oh I would have asked for more time too! More time to pursue our passions, more time to spend in prayer, more time to ENJOY life. It would be easier if we had a steady income and a 9 to 5pm job but then where would we learn to trust in God to provide ?
    By the way, I meant to tell you…..YOU LOOK AMAZING!

  4. I would be a lot easier to walk 4 miles than to run 4 miles, but I run anyways!

    P.S. You look AMAZING, Tina. Seriously, you have a killer body right now

  5. It would be easier to eat meat, but I wouldn’t feel as good about my choices as when I eat vegetarian! 🙂

    I think I’d pick more time – you could always spend it doing things to make more money too if needed.

    You are inspirational!

  6. More time for sure, money fades and belongs to God, memories that time bring always last. Great post 🙂

  7. Lee says:

    It would be easier to eat fast-food and junk all the time, but then I would not be as healthy.

    I’m going to say money. It’s the truth for me at this point in my life.

  8. It would be easier to not move back to AK for antoher year, but then I wouldn’t gain the experience and growth of testing myself, or find the true appreciation for the people and life I leavein MI.

  9. more time, always more time! when i was younger it was more money but now i just want to spend more time with the people i love doing the things i love 🙂

  10. Khushboo says:

    Such a creative post! It would be easier to stay in bed all day but then I wouldn’t ever feel a sense of productivity!

  11. It would be so much easier to give into all of my decadent dessert cravings, but then all of the hard work I do in the gym and the effort I put into eating healthy would go to waste and I’d probably blow up like a blimp. If money could buy time that would be fabulous- that way I’d have more time and money to pay off my huge amount of student loans 🙂

  12. Kelly says:

    I am going to say more money! I know that makes me sound superficial but while money doesn’t buy happiness it helps to make your road to happiness less stressful and a little easier.

    • Tina says:

      And I thought of the fact it can buy more time because you can pay for maids and chefs so you don’t have to take time to cook and clean. LOL

  13. First of all, let me just say how much I love this post.

    It would be easier to stay where I’m at right now (professionally and personally), but then I wouldn’t grab the opportunity to truly live out my dreams.

    And … more time. You can use the extra time to make more money, if you so desire!

  14. I’m glad you share the progress photos–I almost skipped starting my 30 day shred challenge yesterday but remembered you have to work to see results so I started last night. I was on hot, sweaty mess after, but it hurt so good 🙂 Let’s see where I am 30 days from now … thanks for the inspiration, Tina! I am glad you choose to blog! 🙂 Let’s see … it would be easier to sit on the couch and read or watch trashy TV, but then I wouldn’t be able to work towards a healthier body. I don’t have kids, so I think I could make more time if I used my time more wisely and we have some hefty debt, so I’d say more money so we can pay off the debt and have a child that will eat up my time, ha ha ha. But that would be a welcome blessing.

    • Tina says:

      WOO for getting in that workout. Awesome. I have always heard great things about that workout. I bet it was a doozy.

  15. I would definitely want more time! I feel like I never sit down and I don’t even have kids yet! EEKK!!

    It would be easier to not have to get in bed by 9:30 so I can wake up early for my morning work out but then I’d be extremely tired with no energy and would probably sleep in and skip a workout more often!

  16. Sometimes I think it would be easier to be single/not have a fiance who has two teen-aged kids, but then I’d feel awfully lonely, not knowing what it’s like to see little kids turn into adorable young adults. Those hugs and smiles are so worth it!
    At the moment I’d choose more money, as we are in a serious (!) financial pinch. So I don’t have time to workout, blog, or talk to my girlfriends every day, but we could send the kids to college without going into debt.

  17. jobo says:

    AMEN to that. I would choose more time too. Time is precious, money is not. Sure it’s nice to have, but that’s about it. Great post, and honestly, if you are getting negative feedback on your body after baby posts, I say screw em 😉

    • Tina says:

      I haven’t yet but I always have this little worry in posting. Not that someone would have anything negative to say about the progress but about showing pics in a bikini or it triggering someone negatively. In that sense.

  18. It would be easier to sleep in every morning, but then I wouldn’t get my valued alone time. Aaaah I love my alone time.

    This post is inspiring–thanks!

  19. Haley Q says:

    MORE TIME, 100%. It’s so easy to become wrapped up in money and forego everything else in your life because of it. With an extra couple hours, I would aim for more quality time spent with loved ones who work full-time and possibly be less stressed on a daily basis? I’m sure I’d always want more and more time, but I’d rather be given that than money!

  20. Kat says:

    It would be easier to drink wine, but I’m loving the little miracle growing in my belly 🙂

  21. Oh gosh, i would probably say money because i don’t have kids yet and i’m sure that will change the second i do 🙂
    Awesome post idea, you are an inspiration!

  22. It WOULD be easier to do all of these things, but these are what make you YOU. 🙂

  23. Jess says:

    TIME, hands down. If I could just have three more hours in my day (maybe those three hours I spend commuting to work everyday!), I swear my life would be pretty complete. Not that I’m complaining because it’s this job that affords me the lifestyle and ability to support my husband as he finally follows his dream and returns to his teaching roots. So I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  24. I’m with you! Time without a doubt. I didn’t even have to stop and think, lol.

  25. More time for sure! I always feel that is we have enough money to pay bills, eat what we want, and a little bit for entertainment, then we are doing okay and any extra is just fluff, because what really mattes in life is time to spend together with family, friends, and a really good book 🙂

  26. Can I say more money because then I wouldn’t have to work and have more time? Haha!

    I definitely would pick more time because I could always use more with the people I love! Yeah, that sounds cliche, but I don’t care! 😀

  27. Becky says:

    It would be easier to live in the city, but then I wouldn’t have the serenity of country life.

    I would choose more money, only because so much of my time is spent stressing about making sure we have enough money!

  28. I would love to have more time!

  29. LOVE this post. SO much. I always think about this concept when faced with a tough decision. I try to make sure that I don’t just do something because it’s easier.

    It would be easier to buy lunch every day I’m in the office once I go back to work, but then I would be spending unnecessary money and eating foods that are not nearly as delicious and/or nutritious.

    Wanted to comment yesterday on your blog and never got to it. You look SO amazing Tina! GO YOU!

  30. Love this!! I would have chosen more time too. What good is money if you dont have the time to enjoy it?

    It would be easier for me to stay where I am and not go back to school, but then I would never achieve my dreams of becoming a teacher. I’d rather put in the work now and do something I love, than take the easy route and just float through life.

  31. It would be easier to buy boxed food or fast food and tv dinners that you just throw in the oven and cook than to spend more money and time preparing wholesome foods but then my family would be overweight have less energy for us to fun things together like going on hikes.
    I would love more time, especially in the summer so we could get all the boring day to day stuff done and go to the zoo or a park more often. 🙂

  32. Wow- I really like this post!
    It would be easier if I didn’t put in long runs, but then I wouldn’t realize how beautiful and amazing my body is for letting me run that long!
    and hands down, I’d rather have more time. I don’t feel like there are enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do!! There are so many people I want to talk to and so many things I want to do on a daily basis just NEVER enough time! lol 🙂

  33. Andrea says:

    I just love waking up in the morning with my coffee and reading your blog. It often gives me motivation to start the day! I know I sound like a cheeseball but it’s true!

    It would be easier for me to skip a workout and relax with my family but I would rather put the time into doing one to remember how good it feels to do it and be a happy sweaty mess afterward.

    I would most definitely choose time over money.

    • Tina says:

      Well, I’m a cheeseball right with you then because I just got all cheesy grinny with your comment. Thanks so much! 🙂

  34. A biggie for me is working out. If I didn’t work out, I would have more relaxing time with the hubby at night, or more time to clean my house – that doesn’t sound like a fun substitute though. But it’s good for me, so I do it.

    I’m not sure if I’d pick time or money. I want to say time, but I know I’d just fill it with more chores or something lame like that – in short, I’m going with $$$

  35. I love this post Tina. You are such an awesome person. =)

  36. Great post!!! More time for sure! I’d like an extra 2 hours a day so I can nap. 🙂

  37. More time! If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to stop time. Workout, read a book, and write my blog posts all in “a second” and still have time to spend with the family? Yes, please!

  38. Heather says:

    Love this post! It would be easier to drink bottled water, but I’d rather fill up my Brita every night and help reduce waste.

  39. I think I would choose time, too, however with both choices – I’m sure if we had more of either, then we’d become accustomed to the extra, and then want even more! I guess I’m happy with the time I do have:)

  40. You are so inspirational, Tina. Thanks for sharing your stories. To be honest, compared to your hectic schedule, I think my life is pretty easy! :] Keep up the good attitude! I love reading this every day. It really brightens my mood!

  41. Shelley says:

    I love this post- its so real, so inspirational. I look forward to your posts every day, and this one is my favorite so far! 🙂

  42. laura says:

    It would be easier to take an easy degree and get a job, but then I wouldn’t be delving into my true interests and find my passion.(Getting my undergrad in biology-science)

  43. More time…no doubt!! How amazing would it be to have more time to do the things you love?

  44. As of right now where I am in my life I would say more money, but if you would have asked me a month or two ago, I would have said more time! Luckily my schedule has slowed down and my days are now managable to the point I have a little extra time to do what I want! So that is the reason I’d go with more money since I am not short on time!

  45. Missy says:

    I get what you mean when you wrote the “it would be easier to not be a Christian” part! For sure!

    Here is also another way of thinking of it, though. When you don’t live up to your faith and be connected with God you are infinetely complicating your life.

    God makes existing easier.

    But, yeah, discipline is hard (0:

  46. Stephanie says:

    This is a very lovely and inspiring post. Here’s mine:

    It would be easier to not have a dog that needs to be walked, keeps me from being away from the house for more than eight hours at a time, and needs to figure into any overnight plans…

    …but then I wouldn’t have my wonderdog’s tail wags and snuggles!

  47. oh what a fab post again!!! you rock with these inspirational posts, Tina so so great!

    It would be easier to just not work, BUT I love working and feel empowered with the money I make knowing its MINE and I worked hard to get it!

  48. Karolina says:

    It would’ve been easier to not go to grad school, but then I would never be a counselor or feel that I’m living out my purpose in life. Doesn’t it seem that the most valuable things in life also add some pain and struggle to our life?

  49. You said this above already in response to someone else’s comment but I would have to go with more money b/c my logic is that it can buy the time. More money would mean I could have a cleaning service, a personal shopper, an errand runner, whatever. And then I could have the time to do what I love with who I love 🙂

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