Like A Moth To A Flame

Posted: August 19, 2011 at 5:50 pm

Where to even begin? I guess with breakfast, huh? This morning after waking up and chilling in the room for a little while, I headed down to the lobby Starbucks to get my morning post published and have breakfast. This is what a blogging conference looks like when there is no internet in the hotel rooms…


No surprise that I went with the perfect oatmeal with dried fruit, nuts, banana, and a touch of brown sugar. I also finally got my hands on a Mocha Coconut iced coffee. Suh-weet!!!


Once I filled my belly with energy and caffeine I wanted to get a move on. Lisa and Diana felt the same way, so we headed out to tour some of Philly for the morning.


Besides chilling with some 200 year old friends, we made a visit into the Christ Church where apparently many of the signees of the Declaration of Independence worship and are buried. It was pretty cool to see…

 IMGP0621 IMGP0625IMGP0623

Although the tour guide apparently had picture taking issues as this is the only group shot I got while there. Nice, huh?


We walked around a bit more before finally stopping in to see the Liberty Bell.

 IMGP0638 IMGP0643

I didn’t get the chance to see it last year when in Philly so I was really happy to have the time today to walk around and see more of the city and iconic pieces like this. And I needed to soak up as much time as possible with Lisa since we have waited THREE YEARS to meet in person. She is one of my closest friends, even outside of blogging.


When we got back to the lobby we thought we would have a few minutes to go to the room and relax…but not quite. A giant crew of fellow bloggers awaited in the lobby for our lunch date plans. Relaxation would have to wait so I could spend some time with even more friends!!!


It ended up being such a large group that we had to split into two groups. I went with the original planned stop of Govindas – a vegetarian and vegan sandwich shop. I ordered the Chimichanga (anyone else think that is so fun to say?!) – a wrap with jasmine rice, black beans, cheese, and salsa.


And of course we had to follow it up with some frozen yogurt. Bloggers are like moths to a flame when it comes to fro-yo!


I dished up some peanut butter and coffee flavors topped with white chocolate and chocolate chips and peanut butter cups. A great little reprieve before the never-ending day continued with check-in, picking up the swag, and meeting with my fellow panel gals to discuss our presentation. I think we have it together. I hope you come check us out! 😉


Time to get all purty for the party tonight! I hope you all are having an awesome Friday!!!!

  • Do you go for fruity/tart fro-yo or sweet/candy/chocolate fro-yo?
  • Stealing this question from Courtney’s morning post: Would You Rather – stay in a hotel with no internet or  with no air conditioner?

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37 Comments to “Like A Moth To A Flame”
  1. Love you gals! Great photos! Thanks for sharing! Philly is only a driving distance from me, however, I couldn’t score tickets…even trying to purchase 20 minutes after tickets were available online:( Oh well, wasn’t meant to be. Next year, for sure! Glad you gals are having an excellent time! I hope to meet you and Lisa one day:)

  2. I like fro yo any way I can have it…well when I could have it. Um, I would go with no internet. The heat would kill me.

  3. Lisa says:

    Sweet/candy fro yo wins hands down for me!

    I don’t know which I would choose out of no internet or A/C…but either way, you know I wouldn’t be in my room much!

  4. What a fun day, wish I was there! I’m definitely a sweet/candy flavored fro yo girl….I can’t ever get into the fruit, I always want chocolate all the way! 🙂

  5. Gah! I wish I was there too! Oh well, next year 😉

    and the first picture of everyone blogging in Starbucks is too funny!

  6. I guess I would take the hotel with no internet — but I cannot believe the hotel picked for this event has no internet! That makes no sense!

    I’m glad you’re having a great time!

  7. Kinley says:

    For sure chocolaty fro-yo!

    And I would like to have both but there is no way I could sleep without a/c so I would have to go for a hotel with no internet… a day without internet is definitely more doable than a day without sleep!

  8. jobo says:

    You look great Tina! Love that dress!! you are glowing 🙂

  9. Laura says:

    Looks like a lot of fun!
    I like a mix of sweet & tart, always fruity 🙂

  10. Looks like such a good time!!

    I’d pick the no internet. I have my blackberry for when I get the withdrawals, but if its super hot out, air conditioning is necessary.

  11. A hotel without internet for a blogging conference seems like an oxymoron. Looks like you’re having a great time! I would have LOVED to go sightseeing with you!

    • Tina says:

      I missed you so much! It totally felt like you should have been there. 🙁 And yea – it was quite ironic to have no internet. We made it work though. When there’s a will there’s a way. And when there’s coffee. Haha!

  12. Katheryn says:

    I always choose with my frozen yogurt. Lots of berries! Oh, and I would choose no AC. Gotta have my Internet, and I don’t mind the heat!

  13. Looks so fun!! Is this your first time going?

    I definitely go sweet at fro-yo stops. I have too hardcore of a sweet tooth to pass up all that pb and chocolate!

    And I’d go with AC. At the end of the day, I think I’d rather be cool than connected, but at a blog conference? Hmmm….tough one.

    • Tina says:

      This was my first time at Healthy Living Summit, but my 2nd conference since I went to Fitbloggin earlier this year. So much fun!

  14. Stephanie says:

    Oh no! That first picture is too much! I can’t stop giggling. Way to get out there and connect face-to-face at a conference. Too funny. And as for your group photo…I think that your tour guide was focusing on something other than your faces. Ha! Anyway, looks like you’re having a fantastic time!

  15. Denise says:

    You and Lisa look like you could be sisters!~!!! Really you do. Well the answer to the question is a no brainer – no internet !!!

  16. Yay for girlfriends! Glad you are having fun in Philly!

  17. Yay for girlfriends! Glad you are having fun in Philly… I love that city!

  18. The first picture in this post made my day. I love all of you, plugging away on your computers. True blue bloggers. So great. Looks like you’re having such a fabulous time, too! Not gonna lie: I wish I were there.

    I’d definitely, definitely, definitely choose no internet over no air conditioning. When I’m in a hotel, nine times out of ten I want to disconnect anyway, so not having internet is more of a blessing than a curse. Not being able to sleep because the room is too hot is nothing but a curse. I need my A/C.

  19. Have fun at HLS you lucky girl! Enjoy all the food, fun, and of course meeting with other bloggers 😀
    I can live without both AC and internet, neither bug me too much.. but if it was winter and i didn’t have heat, that’d be another story! I hate hate hate to be cold.
    Enjoy your time in Philly!

  20. I’m so bummed we couldn’t make it to Summit! Have a fabulous time!

  21. No internet durrr! I’d go cray-cray without the a/c 🙂 Love you and Lisa– i’m totally jealous!

  22. Karolina says:

    It sounds like HLS has been fun so far! When I get froyo I mix in lots of fruit with just a little bit of candy and chocolate on top. YUM!

  23. Heather says:

    Fruit and Candy 🙂 I wish so much that I had fro yo like that in my city. Yogurtland or pink berry needs to come to Canada!

  24. I definitely prefer chocolately stuff in my fro-yo. And I would rather have no Internet than no A/C. I can unplug from the internet for a couple of days no problem but I hate being too hot at night!

  25. Great pics! I am a fruit/tart fro yo kind of gal. I need air conditioner!! I hate being hot and sticky when its soo humid out 🙂

  26. Lee says:

    Lol at the headless picture. Reminds me of the time our waitress at Eclipse di Luna totally cut Alayna out of the picture!

    I’d definitely rather have no internet than no AC. I can sleep without internet, not without air conditioning.

    • Tina says:

      I thought the same thing…and go figure he took it held out from his body like that waitress did too. What is with people not having ANY clue how to work a camera. I wished you could have been there Lee!

  27. was SO happy to meet you FINALLY! you look great and as just as sweet in person!!! I am sorry I missed your seminar..had to head back with Ella 🙁 I heard you did a great job though!!!!

    • Tina says:

      I loved meeting you finally too Laury! Stinks w edidnt get more time to chat but you have a sweet baby there to care for which you know I understand.

  28. Aw Tina. I already miss you. I wish we could’ve talked more one on one.

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