Parties, Bachelorette Sightings, & Runs

Posted: August 20, 2011 at 8:38 am

Party time!!!


Last night’s cocktail party was such. a. BLAST!!!!

With the roomies – Courtney, Lisa, and Julie.  

I feel like my voice should be hoarse after talking so much. I got to meet so many incredible women and catch up with so many friends.

IMGP0665 IMGP0666 IMGP0667 IMGP0670

Quickly after arriving I nabbed a glass of wine and a small plate of munchies – some cheeses, dried apricots, candied walnuts, a mini slice of pizza, a date, and some tomatoes.


Would you believe it took me over an hour to eat that plate? All because my mouth was too busy talking. I made a point to walk around and comingle because I love this community so stinking much!

IMGP0671 IMGP0672IMGP0668 IMGP0664

It’s all kind of weird because we all know each other, but not really…but we do. It may not make much sense, but we all always connect and have an amazing time.

That little dinner plate didn’t do much for my hunger…nor did it for a few others of us. So would you believe that I ended up eating frozen yogurt for the second time in one day?


I went the fruity route this time with coconut fro-yo and mango, blueberries, mochi, and mini white chocolate chips. We also had a side of Ashley and JP….


Yes, as in from the Bachelorette. Kind of crazy.

What’s also kind of crazy? Going to bed at 1 am and getting up to run at 6 am. But I like crazy…

The Finish Is Worth It??? Uhh….I guess…

I met up with a group of about twelve for a run around the city. It took a bit to find a good path but once we got going we covered a decent 4.5 miles. It went by really quickly for me while chatting with Tanya, Kelly, Anne, Kath, and Clare. Success for the early morning and to help wake me up a bit before the long day ahead. Although, I do need coffee. To calm my nerves at the very least.

Now, wish me luck!!!! I have to speak this afternoon. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. I will just calm my nerves by spreading the Love Grown granola love. Come find me or look for the mini-giveaways today and tomorrow!

  • How much sleep do you need to function well?
  • Have you ever seen any “celebrity”?

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43 Comments to “Parties, Bachelorette Sightings, & Runs”
  1. So jealous that you met JP! Good luck today…you will be fabulous 🙂

  2. I forgot Ashley lived there! Thats so fun – Good luck today!

  3. Alexandra says:

    What fun! That’s amazing you met Ashley and JP too! Best of luck today, I know you’ll totally rock it 🙂

  4. khushboo says:

    Fro yo twice in a day is never a bad thing! Great job on the run and good luck with the day- you’re going to nail it!

  5. I saw Mario Batali acouple weeks ago in an airport and Justin Bieber in NYC a year ago 🙂

  6. Stephanie says:

    Good luck today! You’ll do great! I haven’t met any celebrities. I did see a minor celebrity once, couldn’t place him but knew that I knew him, said “hey!” loudly and waved and then was annoyed when he didn’t seem as excited to see me. It was only later that I realized…oh yeah. He doesn’t know me.

  7. UGH running on only five hours of sleep sounds like bad news bears to me, but I’m glad you enjoyed it!! 🙂

    Have a great time and rock that presentation lady!

  8. Kelly says:

    HAHA! So funny you got to meet Ashley and JP!

  9. That’s so cool you got to see JP and Ashley, I was rooting for him and they look just as cute and in love in that picture with their arms around each other 🙂

    Good luck today, I know you’ll rock it! 🙂

  10. How fun is it that you saw JP and Ashley?!

    Props to you for running on 5 hours of sleep! I need about 7.5 to 8 hours to feel completely rested the next day.

  11. You’ll be Great, Tina!! Glad to see you’re having such a good time!!

  12. Lee says:

    If I saw JP and Ashely, I would have absolutely no idea who they were! Now, if I saw someone from the Real World (any of the seasons), I’d probably freak out.

  13. girl you are crazy…i need at least 6 hours or i’m dead all day! although you’ll probably be running (literally and figuratively) off of adrenaline all day!

    good luck! i so wish i could be there with ya 😉

    • Tina says:

      I wish you were here too!!! 🙁

      I have a feeling I will be a zombie tomorrow after I realize how behind on sleep I am. I think I only got 5 hours a night every night we were there. Eep!

  14. AHHHH! HLS looks like so much fun! Glad you are having a great time, Tina! I love your running shirt – where’d you get it?! 🙂

  15. So much fun! Good for you…getting up to run!

  16. Rebecca says:

    Looks like you’re having a good time! 🙂

    I need at least like six or seven hours of sleep or I’m not a happy camper.

    No celebrity sightings for me, but I know a couple of people who’ve seen a few…

  17. Kinley says:

    I am one of those people who does better with less sleep…most nights I get about 5-6 hours and I am good to go… more than that and I go into sleep coma and feel tired all day long!

    And my sister and I saw Jimmy Fallon in New York this past winter. We were walking around the corner to try to find Johnny Wehr skating on a morning show and low and behold – Jimmy was filming some TV segment!

    And that frozen yogurt bowl looks so good! Mochi was oddly delicious – but I am trying to figure out if it is gluten freeish…

  18. I have actually had several celebrity run ins! Most notably: Matt Nathanson, Ed from the Bachelorette (Jillian’s season), Hanson, and the American Idol season 10 finalists.

    Though the last two were organized meet & greets. 🙂

  19. Emily says:

    I’m slightly envious of you for seeing JP and Ashley! I was rooting for them all the way on the show! That’s pretty cool that you saw them eating fro yo!! Yumm!! See their normal too 🙂 Looks like you all are having a blast can’t wait to read more about your adventures!

  20. Ela says:

    Good luck!

    I just got back from my MFA program residency and I’m probably more sleep-deprived than I should ever let myself get! It’s just too tempting and exciting when you’re with so many wonderful people for a short time.

    Definitely catching up on sleep when returning home is important.

  21. Danica says:

    I need at the very least 7 hours of sleep a night to function properly, but I always aim for 8 or more-that’s just what my body needs!

  22. I need at least 7 hours of sleep – ideally, 8, but I can make do with 6…

    In one of my last blog posts I talked about how I recently saw Meryl Streep!

    Good luck later Tina!!

  23. So much fun! I can function on 6 hours but prefer 7 (don’t we all). Hahaha Good luck today, even though you don’t need it. I know you’re going to great and I can’t wait to read about how it went!

  24. Kim says:

    So excited that you ran into Ashley & JP.. I love them, haha. I just purchased my first bag of Lovegrown and it’s the best!!!

  25. Everyone seems like they’re having a great time. What a great opportunity to meet everyone you keep in touch with over the year. I can’t wait to join the summit next year!

    And fro yo twice in one day! Lucky!

  26. Ahhhh even more jealous of you all for being there and seeing Ashley and JP WHILE getting fro yo!

  27. Katie says:

    Have an awesome weekend, you deserve it! There are just no good froyo places where i’m from must be a warm weather state thing.. You’ve inspired me to hit the gym! Good Luck tonight!

  28. Bari says:

    I know what you mean about “knowing” everyone even though you’d never met IRL before. I felt the same way at Fitbloggin.

    It sure looks like you are having an amazing time. Getting to see Ashley and JP – so fun!

  29. Kiah says:

    Aw looks like you’re having a blast! I’m sure your talk was AWESOME!

  30. Looks like your having so much fun! You deserve it. I can’t wait to be there someday, this really is an amazing community. You runners are crazy! You’ll never catch me waking up at 6am to run, unless I’m running to the Starbucks line.

  31. I definitely need as close to 8 hours of sleep as possible to function well, so A+ to you for getting up to run at 6. I don’t think I would’ve been able to do that.

    I’ve never seen a celebrity “in the wild” if you will (though how weird is it that you guys ran into them after Julie’s celebrity sighting post right before HLS??), but I feel like if I ever went to a blogger conference, I would feel like I was spotting celebrities left and right. Before I started college I met a bunch of my future classmates through Facebook, and when I’d see them during Orientation I TOTALLY felt like I was seeing celebrities…that awkward, “Whoa, you’re a real person!” moment haha. I imagine going to a blogging conference would feel a lot like that (and I can totes see myself being all, “Oh my word look! There’s so-and-so! I read her blog every. day.” Hahaha).

  32. WHAT! I can’t believe you saw JP and Ashley! What an awesome treat (ALMOST as good as froyo 😉 )

  33. What an awesome night!! Lovin all these pictures 😀 So glad you are having such a great time!

    I totally wouldn’t be able to get up for a 6AM run if I went to bed at 1AM! Kudos to you!!

  34. Karolina says:

    The cocktail party sounds like all sorts of fun! The froyo looks DELICIOUS! I went out in search of some last night (i’m out of town) and couldn’t find it anywhere. BOO. How fun you got to see Ashley and JP!

  35. I got so excited reading your recaps 🙂 I’m so glad you’re having a great time! xo

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