So Long, Farewell…

Posted: June 8, 2010 at 6:09 pm

auf weidersehen, good-bye…Song of Music, anyone?? This will be my last post for this week, but I will be back for a few posts at the beginning of next week before heading out for trip #2. So, please…don’t cry for me Argentina bloggie readers, the truth is I never left won’t leave you. Okay, okay. I’m done with the musical lyrics. Be thankful you can’t hear me sing them. That would assure you would never come back here ever again and I don’t want that because…

Now, I’m really done! If you can’t already tell, I’m feeling a bit better today. I don’t know what is up, but the past couple of days I have been feeling way more energetic in the morning. Normally I wake up already fatigued, but this week that has not been the case. I think it may be because I am succumbing to naps and getting more hours of sleep at night. If it allows me to feel like my normal self until lunchtime I will be certain to get that extra sleep! I do still feel like crap by 3 pm and still have taste-buds that are all sorts of wonky, so it’s all relative.

Just because I am not at my best, however, doesn’t mean I can’t still always do my best under the current circumstances. It would appear that since being pregnant I have just succumbed to the “eat whatever I want and not give a tiny rat’s @$$” mentality. Well, I guess that would be partially true, because I do always eat what I want and what I enjoy over what I “should” anyways. Now, the things I want (or to clarify, anything that isn’t on the “I simply CANNOT eat that right now” list) aren’t always as wholesome and nutritious as I like. So, what’s a gal to do? Recognize that it’s okay and still choose the best options of those that appeal to me as often as possible. I never believe in force feeding yourself something for any reason, pregnant or not.

Since the “I simply CANNOT eat that right now” list I mentioned above is fairly limited, I have been eating pretty much the same things day in and day out for the past few weeks. And there is some sort of semblance of healthy living in the meals, so I go with it. It helps balance out the Mexican & DQ so I’m not in maternity clothes at only 2 months pregnant.

Joes-Jeans-Socialite-Secret-Fit-Bellytm-Signature-Pocket-Boot-Cut-Maternity-Jeans.jpg (280×280)

Although, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. They may not be the most attractive, but those stretchy waistbands are heaven! Moving on now…

A typical day for me goes something along the lines of waking up at 6:00 hahaahaha 7:00 and reading my Bible/praying before rolling out of bed in time to get Makenzie up. Then we quickly get dressed and eat breakfast. My breakfast of choice lately? A honey wheat bagel with cream cheese and some homemade local grown strawberry jelly…thanks to the sis-in-law. Oh, and the requisite prenatal vitamin on the side.


After breakfast, I determine if the gym is a go. I always get dressed in my gym clothes so that way it is easy to head out to the gym if I am feeling up for it. Since my get-more-sleep revelation, I have been making it to the gym per my normal schedule. Yesterday I did spin, today I did Power, and tomorrow I am hoping to get in some Kick. After the gym, I come home and refuel with a big banana.


Bananas are typically one of my least-favorite fruits, but not now. I HAVE to have one a day. Mmmm, bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I couldn’t help myself!!!

I spend Makenzie’s morning nap getting my blog post organized for the day and doing other little household chores. Then, once she wakes up it is time for some lunch. My lunch adoration these days? Grilled cheese and soup.


Yes, it is crazy hot outside in Georgia most days right now, but I still want soup. I am in L-O-L-O-L-O-L-O-V-E with soup. They may not be homemade (I may be crazy to eat it, but I’m not stupid enough to be slaving over a hot soup pot in Georgia heat people!), but they will do for now. In all their sodium-laden glory. And it is a way to get some semblance of veggies in there. While we’re at it, I even get some veggies in with my one daily handful of these babies.


I kid. I kid. I know potato chips aren’t a veggie! They still are good though. And salt + vinegar chips speak to me these days. I don’t feel bad. One handful won’t kill me. Just like one bowl of cereal a day for my afternoon snack won’t kill me either.


Mom’s Best Naturals Cinnamon Squares is the cereal of choice right now. I don’t know why, but kiddy style cereal is a nonstop craving of mine during pregnancy. I don’t foresee this bowl going anywhere anytime soon.

Amidst eating all of this, M & I do lots of playing before the 3:00 slump rolls around. Then we resign to the couch with piles of books and 20 minutes of Elmo’s World. I am so proud of her. She knows over half of her letters now. A, B, C, D, F, H, I, J, L, M, O, P, Q, S, T, W, X, Y, and Z! I guess pregnancy sickness does have it’s benefits because she just soaks up time with her mommy and her favorite alphabet book. All I have to do is answer her on each page when she asks “Whassat?” and she gets it so fast. I love my little bookworm!

After all that fun, and the occasional torture of reading Panda Bear, Panda Bear What do you See? a thousand times in a row (the most repetitive, dull book EVER but she loves it), it is time for dinner. Last night we opted for lasagna and I snuck in one of the 3 or 4 veggies I actually like right now -- sweet potatoes, corn, tomatoes (OH TOMATOES!!!), and peas.


Not too long after dinner, I chill on the couch and then go crash in bed. There you have it! It may not be perfect and I know there are better foods and options for things, but I’m giving my best effort and feel good with it. Now, it is time to say goodbye since I will be packing all day tomorrow and heading to bed early for our early start to Indy. Have wonderful weeks and I will see you all next Monday! 🙂

  • Can you eat soups or traditional cold-weather foods during warmer months? Or what about eating icecream in winter?
  • What is your favorite flavor of potato chip and your favorite kiddy cereal?

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27 Comments to “So Long, Farewell…”
  1. hey tina!!! loving your comforting meals! i love bananas too and used to not be a huge fan of them either! but for the past year or so i have been obsessed and have one a day! or most days at least!!

    I am not a huge potato chip fan, I know the horror..I much prefer tostitos or popcorrrnnn mmm

    favorite kiddie cereal was rice krispie TREATS cereal!!

  2. It is kinda hard for me to eat soup in the summer, but I am trying to fight that and made a giant pot of chili. 😉

    Have a great time!

  3. Jessica Lee says:

    have fun on your trip!

    it’s great that you are eating what you want too. even if its soup when its hot out. i can do the same because realistically, it’s hot/warm in my house depending on the season (ac/heat) anyways so it doesnt really affect my taste.

    fav. cereal as a kid was applejacks!!

  4. It so fascitnating to me to hear about cravings when you are pregnant. I have heard so many people say that they want things they normally don’t really like…case in point with you and bananas. I find that so cool and totally amazing! My favorite kiddie cereal was Honey Nut Cheerios and I definitely still have a soft spot for it in my heart. As for chips…I always a sucker for nacho cheese Doritos or Cheetos. Do we seem a theme…haha!

  5. Lee says:

    That’s great that she’s learning her letters!

    I pretty much like any sugary cereal. I don’t eat them now, but I like them.

  6. I actually made grilled cheese and tomato soup the other day and I really enjoyed it. But it was colder than ever out. I just love cold stuff in the summer and warm, carby stuff in the winter. It’s just what my body craves.

  7. homecookedem says:

    I had the best grilled cheese and tomato soup today at J. Christopher’s!! It was a grilled pimento cheese… I’d never had one of those before, but ooohhhh wow was it good!!!!! I love soups all year round. One thing I’ve really been wanting lately is brunswick stew. Oh how I love it!!

    I really like nacho cheese doritos! And Pringles too!! My favorite cereal as a kid was Apple Jacks. I totally forgot about them… hmmm, uh oh, I may just have to pick some of those up next time at the grocery store! 😉

    Have a wonderful trip!! 🙂 I will miss you!!!!!!

  8. Have a good trip and can’t wait to hear back from you about how it was!

    I’ll pretty much eat ice cream all year round. The warmer stuff during the summer is less common for me, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t buy chili from our cafeteria in the middle of summer before. I see it as a comfort food. And sometimes comfort foods are just necessary. 🙂

  9. Ahh I hope I have as positive a mindset as you do when I’m preggers! And your breakfast looks really delicious. Especially that vitamin! haha =P
    My favorite potato chips are kettle chips for sure! i like bbq and salt & vin (good choice!).

  10. Those meals don’t sound too bad! Gotta go with what you’re craving sometimes.
    Props to you for making the workouts so often:)

  11. Glad you’re getting your energy back. My hubby loves ice cream in winter. Funny. My favorite chips of all time are Cheetos. MMMMMM

  12. Katie says:

    hahaha…gotta be honest…i’m a little excited about the day i can wear stretchy waistbands!

  13. Ameena says:

    You day and your meals sound a heck of a lot better than mine! I won’t even bore you with the repetitive foods I eat. I can definitely eat foods out of season. Beggars can’t be choosers around here!

    Have a fantastic time! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you get back.

  14. Lisa says:

    I’ll miss you and have fun!

    That’s great that you are getting some energy back…bring on those naps.

    Funny you said that, I actually had chicken noodle soup for lunch today and it’s 100 degrees outside! haha. sounded good to me!

  15. my go to “hot” food during the winter is homemade split pea soup – so comforting! i also love hot oatmeal and sweet potatoes during the winter ( but i do like those year-round as well).

    my favorite kiddy cereal was definitely cocoa puffs.. chocolate addict from a young age. i liked that they turned my milk chocolatey!

  16. I have to say I was really skeptical at the beginning of my pregnancy about whether or not I would like the full panel maternity pants. The first time I tried them on they were indeed heaven. Love them!

  17. Morgan says:

    Initially I was so creeped out by maternity pants with the panel like that, now I’m obsessed! I also ate a ton of those chips first trimester!

  18. Mandy says:

    See you SOOOOOOOOON!!! YAYYY!!

  19. Jess says:

    I just have to say – how on earth do you manage Kick while pregnant and so fatigued?? I find that class to be SO hard (even when I’m not teaching it, ha!), i can’t even imagine giving it a go while not at my most energized. I applaud you, girlfriend!!

    My favorite chip? Those Lays Kettle style chips, salt and pepper flavor, just discovered them. SO GOOD, but ohhhh so dangerous. LOL. Favorite kids cereal? Hmm maybe Cinnamon Life or Honeynut Cheerios??

  20. Have a great time! I can eat hot things on warm days but it’s hard to eat ice cream on cold days!

  21. girl, i can eat anything at any time 🙂 i don’t love cereal, but i’m a HUGE fan of bbq chips and cracked black pepper…YUM!

  22. Haha – I love hearing about your random cravings. And I still eat soup in the summer as well, sometimes you just crave it (even when you’re not pregnant). Glad you are feeling better. I say just trust your body and what it wants. And I think it’s so interesting that you don’t like bananas normally, but now you eat one almost everyday!

  23. Holly says:

    I have (obviously) never been pregnant before, but I have had the stomach flu about 20 times (please know that I know morning sickness is MUCH, much, worse – but it’s all I have to go on right now) 😉 and I am a FIRM believer in eating whatever sounds good at the moment, because you never know when that window will close and the nausea will return. I think you are doing a WONDERFUL job!

    I absolutely eat ice cream and yogurt in the winter and soups/oatmeal in the summer….I am always cold, anyway, so I figure what the hey?!

    I am actually not a huge potato chip person….but every now and then, I LOVE me some Pringles! And fave kid cereal = Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 🙂

  24. Holly says:

    Oh, and have a great time on your trip!

  25. Have a wonderful vacation!! You are so lucky!! Enjoy it!! Have fun!!!!!!!!!

  26. My favorite flavor of chips is definitely sour cream and onion (Kettle Cooked!). Although, I must say that I’m not a *huge* fan of chips. Cereal, on the other hand? YES PLEASE. My favorite kiddie cereals are definitely Cap’n Crunch and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Thankfully they both seem to come in a healthier version these day! Kashi Honey Sunshine, anyone? 🙂

  27. Hayley says:

    You’re still eating a lot better than I was during my first trimester! The only nutritious food I felt like I was eating was fruit…I couldn’t stomach veggies at ALL! I felt horrible that all I was consuming were cereals and bread, but I know you know you’ll be feeling more “normal” in a few weeks time. I really hope you feel better soon and are having a great trip! 🙂

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