Posted: June 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm

I may have been missing for a bit there, but now I am back for a few days. Yay! I missed blogging a bit, but it was honestly so great to just enjoy time with good friends and nothing on the schedule. I did miss knowing how you all are doing though. I hope all is well. Things are decent on my end of things right now…but I am missing my friends already. Makenzie is missing her friend as well. All day she has been asking for “B”. We all had so much fun together. And I guess now is the time to fill you in on my Indianapolis vacay. It was a blast!


We woke up at around 4 am to quickly get dressed and put some last minute things in the car to head out. The trip was pretty uneventful. We had to stop for Makenzie a few times, she refused to sleep, and we had an hour delay thanks to an accident on the highway but nothing exactly unexpected when traveling long distances and with a kiddo.

We arrived shortly after three and it was so good to see our friends Mandy and Jerry. We hadn’t seen them in 9 months! Here are some pictures from the last time – look how small M was! Mandy & I are the same person and it is no wonder we bonded so well and have become extremely close friends through a fitness forum.

P1080999 (Large)IMG_2842 (Large)

After getting settled, we spent the afternoon at the park before heading to Qdoba for dinner and to the store for some food for the weekend.



Friday morning we spent at the Minute Clinic office in a CVS because Makenzie had a fever of 102.3 on Thursday night. We figured it was an ear infection since “B” got one from driving through the mountains when they came to visit us. It turned out, though, that Makenzie had a mild virus that is contagious through direct contact so we would have to spend our days watching the girls like hawks and trying to limit sharing germs as much as possible during their playing. For the record, that is way harder than it sounds.

Thankfully, Makenzie was still cheerful and the virus wasn’t super highly contagious because we were able to spend some time walking around at the children’s museum in Indy. We couldn’t go into the playzone because M was sick, but there were still many cool exhibits and things to see.

P1140213 P1140215 P1140218

I was missing my DSLR camera thanks to leaving it at her house and had low battery power in my little point & shoot I luckily did have, so the pictures aren’t as many or as nice as I would like. I ended up missing out on lots of photos this weekend (even one of Mandy & I together!) because we were just so caught up in doing things. I’m bummed on the lack of photos though, since I know it will be awhile for us to get together again.

The remainder of Friday was spent hanging out at the house with some lean beef burgers on sandwich thins and sweet potato fries with chili seasoning. Deliciousness! We also watched the movie Shutter Island, which was much better than I expected.


We woke up and were thrilled to see that the morning rain had already passed and more wasn’t coming in until late afternoon. We had plans to go to the Indianapolis Zoo and didn’t want to miss out. We spent the morning there and I had the camera in tow for some great picture taking of all the animals – from penguins and a dolphin show to baby giraffes and cheetahs.

IMGP4624 IMGP4634 IMGP4642 IMGP4643 IMGP4647 IMGP4650 IMGP4657 IMGP4658 IMGP4668 IMGP4678

I don’t think the girls were tired at all after that, do you???


After the zoo, we came home for naps and to get showered before heading out to dinner in a cute, artsy part of town called Carmel. We went on a little stroll on a paved, shaded trail when first arriving…


…to work up an appetite for a pizza dinner. Extremely good, even though it was way too cheesy. I’m not a huge fan of cheesy pizza so I had to remove half of the cheese. I still enjoyed every bite of the two square slices I had though.


Another good part of the night was Mandy was able to snap some amazing photos of us.


She is a professional photographer in Indianapolis, so if you are in that area you have to check her out. She is fabulous!


We woke up, ate breakfast, said our goodbyes, and hit the road around 8:00 am. When we got home we went for a quick stroll around the neighborhood to stretch out our legs, and then just relaxed the rest of the night. Or as much as possible. I did NOT sleep well because the inside of our house is 84 degrees thanks to the broken A/C. It doesn’t help the nausea either.


I have been having a bit of a rough day. I really feel like I am missing my mojo. I just don’t feel like myself and I hate that. The exhaustion from not sleeping well and having a busy weekend, coupled with the heat have made me feel pretty nauseous, tired, and headachey all day. I haven’t been able to do much of anything and then I feel guilty for not being as playful as normal with Makenzie and as put together as I prefer to be. It also doesn’t help being in the chubby looking pregnancy stage where my body is all swollen (the heat certainly making it worse) and not being able to workout. I can’t take Makenzie to the gym because her virus is contagious for the rest of the week and I refuse to be that parent, but I can’t workout at home like I normally do because I would honestly pass out or throw up. I’m not wanting to workout to lose weight or stay skinny during pregnancy, it honestly just helps me feel better to be doing something physical for myself. And now I feel unlike myself because I’m complaining about such silly things. I look forward to lots of walking on the beach and fresh food next week and then coming back and being able to get into the normal swing of things after that. Not feeling like myself kills me and I will end my pity party there.

  • How was your weekend? Let me know what you’ve been up to!
  • What do you HATE to go missing?

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23 Comments to “Missing”
  1. Holy cheese! That is a crazy amount on one pizza! I’m more about excess of toppings, not the cheese…

    And one thing that seriously upsets me and totally cramps my mood is when I forget my camera or when the battery dies. It happened when I had a friend in town and I seriously sulked about it for an hour… grow up, Amy… :p

    But the trip looked like fun! So glad you had a great time!

  2. LOVE the family photo at the end! the best part of my weekend was going on a date with my sweet husband…but this reminds me we really wanted to go to the zoo for a date this summer! hopefully soon!

  3. Your family is so beautiful!

  4. I completely understand that feeling of not feeling like yourself. I get that way too when I don’t get to exercise for a couple days. It’s no fun!

  5. I am so glad you are back for a few days!! That picture is fabulous…I love that it is in black and white. I love black and white pictures!! Try to get some R&R! You definitely need it and hope your mojo is back ASAP! 🙂

  6. homecookedem says:

    Looks like a wonderful trip!! So sorry that M got sick. 🙁 And I totally know how you’re feeling right now. Even though I’m no longer working out for weight loss/calorie burn, it still makes me feel yucky when I’m not able to be as active as I’d like. Just remember that these little “funks” are always followed by rejuvenation and eventually we get back to ourselves.

    I love that black and white pic of you and your family!! You are just soooooo pretty!! 🙂

  7. Hey lovely lady – glad you had a great trip. So sorry to hear about M getting sick though. Love that family picture!

  8. Lee says:

    That’s a great family photo. You’ll get your mojo back – promise!

  9. Sorry to hear about Makenzie’s fever! 🙁
    You are such a beautiful family 🙂

  10. I love the family pic of the three of you! Beautiful!

  11. Shannon says:

    What a fun trip, despite M being sick. Its got to be fun to have friends with kids the same age. I need to find some of those 🙂

    I’m sorry you aren’t feeling like yourself. I’ve struggled with that a lot. Its like my body isn’t my own! Even when I want to do something, I sometimes can’t and its frustrating.

  12. Hayley says:

    It sounds as though you had a great trip! I loved all the pictures, and the one your photographer friend took of you and your family is beautiful. You look great! That is definitely a LOT of cheese!! I’d say cheese with some pizza dough on the side.. 🙂

    I hope you and M start feeling better soon! The heat certainly doesn’t help things right now…you may not feel great but I promise you look it! Take care of yourself..

  13. Mandy says:

    I am happy to read stuff from you again, but so sad this means you are so far away again 🙁 It was so great to see you. Love all the zoo pictures, you got some great shots!! Makes me wish I would have brought my big zoom lens! Next zoo trip, I must 🙂

    haha That was a lot of cheese… too bad I actually like it LOL… *holds head in shame*

    Sorry you are feeling blah today. I completely understand!!


  14. Sounds like a great time!! I hope you feel better!

  15. Great catchup post!

    It sounds like you had a really great time! The pics are fabulous and your little one is adorable!

    Have a great day!

  16. Lindsay says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! The pics of the animals are incredible. You guys are such a cute family!

  17. Jessica Lee says:

    Hey gorgeous. Looks like you’re just having a great time w/ your family as you should. That b/w picture is beautiful!!

    I feel like I’m missing my mojo lately too. I have zero motivation to work out and I dont ever feel like “doing anything” because I dread getting dressed. Sigh….so silly I know.

  18. Cardio Pizza says:

    Great to hear from you! Glad you had a nice time! 🙂

    M is super cute in those pics!

    I hope you start feeling better soon, I know I’ve been feeling a bit ‘off’ lately as well. It’s no fun!

  19. Nicole, RD says:

    Your trip looked wonderful! The girls are SO cute together, I love it! 🙂 I also love that you guys met in a fitness forum – that’s awesome! I’ve met so many great people through blogging, I officially view the internet as even more wonderful because of it, too! Welcome back! Feel better soon!

  20. Katie says:

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures! You are truly blessed! 🙂

    We miss you…But the guest posts have been awesome! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your blog…There are a lot of awesome ladies out there! 🙂

  21. I am so sorry to hear about Mackenzie but besides that your weekend looks spectacular. Especially the zoo. There is always something magical about zoos.

  22. Kati says:

    Sounds like ya’ll had a great trip!…minus the bumps in the road :/ I remember following BOTH of yall’s pregnancies on O2! And funny thing, I lived in Indiana with a friend the summer of 2005. I worked at a gym in Broad Ripple called Cardinal Fitness. And I’ve been to Carmel! Also, Ryan and I took a vacation last winter to Indy and saw the Broncos/Colts game. We went to Christmas at the zoo too! (sounded a lot better than it actually was) :> I hope your AC gets fixed FAST. I know how miserable that can be. Once it does, you’ll feel better!

  23. Holly says:

    I am so sorry M got sick, and that you don’t feel like yourself! I hope both pass quickly. I know it has to be hard, not quite feeling like yourself. Hopefully the walks on the beach next week will work their magic on you. 🙂

    I’m so glad you had a great time in Indy! Was that the Monon? I always used to do my long runs there! And I LOVE the Children’s Museum. Far better than most “adult” museums, in my eyes!

    That picture of you 3 is absolutely beautiful. You DEFinitely have that glow and look absolutely gorgeous!

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