every two weeks already?

Posted: November 11, 2010 at 8:01 pm

Hello, hello! Are you all having a good day? Today has gone much better for me. M is no longer sick. Peter was home to help out. I have a more carefree time ahead of me for the next few days, which I plan on enjoying. All good stuff.

I also had my 30 weeks doctor visit earlier today. I can hardly believe I’m in the final 10 week stretch. 75% of the way through!


The visit went really well once again. I am measuring properly. My blood pressure looks good. Baby B’s heart rate is strong. Everything checks out. 😀 Expect to hear a lot more of these updates from here on out. I now go in every two weeks instead of every four. Something about that switch makes the time pass by so quickly. I’m not complaining! Maybe this pregnancy is going faster than I thought?

When prepping Q + A questions from you all, I noticed that there were quite a few relating to baby stuff. I will share some of those now. 🙂

How did you decide on your daughters name?? How will you decide what your little boys name will be??

I always loved the name Makenzie. It goes as far back as when I played with dolls and Barbies. When I mentioned it to Peter as an option, he loved it as well and we were set!


Choosing Braedon’s name was a bit different. We had no clue on boy names! We actually picked it out from a kid on Peter’s (much) younger brother’s baseball team. He suggested it. I like it. We had another winner.

Will you be having more children after Baby B is born?

Not that we plan on! You never know how things may change…or if God has a different plan. But, as of now, the answer is no.

What kind of car do you drive?? Do you think you will get a van now that you have two children??

I won’t disclose more than the fact I drive a compact four door. A van is my dream car. I never thought a day would come that I would say that. But c’mon! The room? The automatic sliding doors? Car seats not on top of one another? Yes, please!

How long did you breastfeed M for? Do you plan to do the same with Baby B?

I breastfed M for about 7.5 months. At that point, my body would not keep up no matter how much pumping, fenugreeking, and suckling I went through. She got frustrated and lost interest as well.

I plan to breastfeed B for as long as possible. Actually, one of my biggest worries is he won’t breastfeed well. I love it! I know I will do all I can to make it successful and that’s all I can expect. I will feed him ideally for a year, hopefully for at least 6 months, and realistically for as long as it works well for both of us.

Do you think it is okay to work out while you are pregnant?

IMGP7518 (Custom)

Always, always speak to your doctor and go with his/her personal recommendation for you, but in general – yes, I do. Completely! Working out during pregnancy can alleviate some of the body’s pains, fatigue, etc. It can help prepare the body for the workout of labor – believe me, it’s a workout! It can also help with returning to fitness and exercise after the baby. The key is to not try anything new and adapt to your body’s current level of fitness. I never exert myself too much and continue workouts I have been doing for years. I trust my body and it hasn’t failed me.

  • If you want kids, what are some of your favorite names? If you already have kids, how did you choose their names?
  • What would be your dream car?
  • ASK ME ANYTHING to keep the Q + A series going. I have quite a few more good ones I am excited to share.

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66 Comments to “every two weeks already?”
  1. I love the name Makenzie too. I’m a huge fan of classic names, and I want to name my kids after me and my husbands’ family members. I’d love a John after my dad and an Elizabeth after my grandmother!

  2. Tatianna says:

    I want to name my future baby (if its a girl) after my mama. Her name is Bianca, and she it to me as my first name as well. I think its really beautiful, and also really cool to pass it down the family tree!

    I just wanted to say that you look absolutely amazing in the photos! I think pregnant women are adorable (please don’t take that the wrong way!) and you seriously have that whole ‘glow’ thing going on 🙂

    Now, my turn for a question! Do you have a short form form Makenzie? I would be so tempted to call her Mak!

    • Tina says:

      We call her Kenzie a lot. Or just M, like I do on the blog. I won’t do Mak though. Mainly bec my sister and Peter’s brother think it would be so funny to nickname her Easy Mac. LOL

  3. Melie says:

    Haha! Pregnant and all, your yoga posture is still better than mine! 🙂 If and when I have a son, his name will be Dimitris after my Takis, my grandfather 🙂 And my dream car is a mini cooper. Obviously, that son part is not happening any time soon! 😉

    • Tina says:

      My husband would LOVE a mini cooper too. That’s not happening anytime soon with small kids. And I love the name Dimitris. It’s so classic, unique, and handsome sounding.

  4. Jay is named after my father-in-law and Max we picked out his first name and his middle name is after my husband’s uncle that died in Vietnam. I love the name Mackenzie, that is actually my baby sister’s name and one of my other sisters and I came up with it and my mom liked it!

    I want a Mini!

  5. I’m really far away from marriage and kids, but I definitely have names that I like… I feel like it’s a natural girl thing to do… 🙂

  6. Great questions and answers! I love both names you have selected. They are so unique and pretty.

    I want to name a baby girl Sarah because two of the women I most admire are named Sarah. I also want to name a baby girl Anna-Maria, in honor of my dad’s father–who suggested that name to my mom during both pregnancies, and my mom’s mother–whose name is Ann Marie. If I have a boy, I guess I’ll consult my husband.

  7. Heather says:

    dream car for me is an old-time woody wagon. LOVE those things!

    • Tina says:

      Haha! That’s awesome. An extra bonus? You know you are causing all sorts of excitement in family cars as you drive around bec they see you and have to do the “WOODY!” punch game like punch bugs. I hope you know what I’m talking about. LOL

  8. chelsey says:

    Such great questions! I do love the name Mackenzie – however, I have a thing about sharing names that I love. I just won’t do it. 🙂

  9. Allison @ Livingoneday says:

    Awh!!!!! Such a great belly. My sister is about 5 months pregnant and it’s so fun watching all of the changes!!! I love the names Daniel and Lucas (no girls names picked!!) and my boyfriend likes Troy and Jackie. Ugh. Sad. I need nicknames for my kids! My future niece will be named Addison and I can’t wait for her to arrive!

  10. Today we’re thinking Josie (Josephine) or Robbie (Robert)? Ask again tomorrow, ha! And PG announcement should be up tomorrow, too. Yay! Finally!

  11. I like Lily and Christine for girls and more classic names for boys: Christopher, Matthew and Benjamin. 🙂 I have a long ways to go, though!

  12. Becca says:

    Oooooh, I have SO MANY names that I really like. For my Psych 2 “Life Project” in high school, I came up with Aleta Faith (Aleta being from the Greek word for truth). I also had Daniel Ethan because in my Life Project, my husband’s name was Ethan. Lol! (Daniel is Hebrew: God is my judge; and Ethan is Hebrew: strong or enduring.)
    Later on, I wrote down this list:
    David Roger (youth pastors’ first names)
    Morgan Grace — Morgan Rae now (for my best friend who died in the car accident and my sister, whose nickname is Ray-Ray)
    Bethany Hope (friend, and hope)
    Brian Jay (friend; father’s middle name—what everyone calls him)
    Susan Lucille (Narnia)
    Peter, Edmund, Caspian, and Phillip could be good, too.
    What? I like Narnia. 😀
    I also like James Jay. (James is my grandfather’s middle name.)
    I have this thing about the meanings of names… Call it a quirk. 🙂

  13. Shady says:

    My goddaughters name is MacKenzie. I call her Kenzie, Kenz or Mac.

    I don’t really want kids and I still know what I’d call them if I did have them. Abigail Beatrice. Bea was my nans name and I love that its old fashioned and classic sounding. For boys I like Jake.

  14. So glad the appt went well and that all is well. I probably will not have children, but I have thought of names.

    Emma Rosa (names on my mom’s side)
    Sarah Jewel ( my sis’ name and name of friend who has passed)
    Nicholas Joseph (dad’s side names)

  15. Astrid says:

    My favorite names are Zoe and Angus. I want eclectic kids! My dream car is an awesome jeep wrangler.

  16. Lee says:

    Jason and I both like the name Makayla (or some spelling of that) but other than that, we totally disagree on kids names.

    I have a Civic which I really like. Honestly, my dream car is a new Civic. What can I say? I’m practical.

  17. Sarah says:

    I want to name my children after my favorite characters in books. I want to name my daughter Amy (Little Women) and James (Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre) and Darcy for a girl (Mr. Darcy from P&P). Now all I need is a man and a ring…

  18. Thank you for sharing your pregnancy with all of us. I am thirty weeks pregnant as well (as of this past Monday) and think it is so neat to “watch” someone else going through the same thing. Yay for every 2 week appointments!

    • Tina says:

      Isn’t it great? Time is really going to fly now. And I’m hoping my midwives are right that it will probably be more like 8 or 9 weeks left for me. 🙂

  19. Julie says:

    I had a pretty easy time with names.
    For the boy: Jack was the ONLY name that my husband even thought about approving, so I was lucky it was one of the first I came up with.

    For the girl: I wanted to name her Milo and Steve said that was a name fit for a dog…so I shortened it to Mai.

    I like that you shared the name with us. I can’t stand it when people won’t share! BUT…I know people can say some weird things to you when they find out your choice. I almost slapped a couple peeps…including the MIL 😉

  20. Morgan says:

    Aaron is named for my hubby’s grandfather who passed and his middle name Dov is for my grandfather who passed as well.
    congrats on 30 weeks, the rest will fly!

  21. I want to name my daughter Melania, and call her Anya short. That was my grandmothers name, I love it! For boys its tricky, but I like unique and strong names for boys!

  22. Never again will I share my favorite names. When I was pregnant with my daughter we told everyone a list of names we were choosing from. We got more opinions than we bargained for. The only name that didn’t get any negative feedback is the name we chose. That’s no way to choose a name! 🙁

    Can I just say that you look fantastic? You look amazing!!

  23. Awww! You are such a cutie prego! I swear, between you and Laury at The Fitness Dish, you could have a show;)

  24. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tina Reale, Tina Reale. Tina Reale said: every two weeks already?: Hello, hello! Are you all having a good day? Today has gone much better for me. M is n… http://bit.ly/d4Dq3l […]

  25. I LOVE the name Makenzie. Its actually one of the names thats been in the back of my mind for when I have kids.
    I have a name picked out for my daughter – you know, when I have one – and I was devastated when a girl I was friends with in high school used it for her daughter. I’m still using it of course. And I have a few ideas for boy names, but nothing that Im as set on as my girl name.

    • Tina says:

      There are two Braedons in our play group and one who is only a few months old. Even though I was pregnant when she had her Braedon, I’m still naming my boy that. You have to go with what you like. Good thinking! 🙂

  26. We have a mini-van and I kinda have a love-hate relationship with it. The doors are wonderful. Amazing. So handy. But, I drive a mini-van! I feel too young and that I don’t have enough kids (we have 2) to justify a minivan. But, it is paid off, so we’ll be driving it until it no longer drives. I’ll just keep focusing on how awesome the doors are….

  27. We’ve been talking about baby names lately, since I’m expecting again! We obviously haven’t settled on any because I’m just over 4 weeks. But some of our favorites are: For a girl: Evangeline, Mylie, Milania and Savannah. For a boy: Sawyer and Weston.

    • Tina says:

      Oh yay!!!! Congrats!!!! I saw you mention about checking out a post of yours but was out of town and didn’t pop over to your blog yet. I’m guessing this was what you hoped I would see. SO happy for you!!!!

  28. Natalie says:

    You must be excited that you’re nearing the home stretch! Have you noticed a lot of differences in carrying B?

    I have so many baby names picked out, but I think it’ll end up being a game time decision for us when we finally see what he/she looks like! We’re both a little indecisive, so I think it may be a challenge!

    • Tina says:

      The main differences I have noticed are ones that are typical for a second pregnancy – I’m a bit bigger, more aches/pains, more tired (from having a toddler this time around), etc. Nothing too dramatic though.

  29. My first child I named “Elizabeth” after my grandmother. She was to be a “Beth” but it never happened. She was a “Lizzie” all the way. When I had my second daughter, I named her “Emily” because I LOVE the name “Emily Elizabeth” as in “Clifford The Big Red Dog”

    My son is Jacob because well, I just liked the name and his middle name is “Prescott” after my grandfather. I could just imagine a little boy saying “my name is Jacob Prescott” LOL

    I don’t really have a dream car. I guess I have my dream car. A loaded Toyota Sienna. I got all the perks because over the past 5 years we’ve spent a LOT of time in our car daily. I drove my daughter 40 minutes each way to a private school. Being a lot of car time for the little ones, I wanted something comfortable for them also. It even has a DVD player in it..something we’ve hardly ever used…ah well!

    You look wonderful..glowing! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. 🙂

  30. Shannon says:

    We had so much trouble with boy names. I was all set for a girl… Liliana, after my grandmother, lilyan. Noah James came to be becausecwe simply loved the name and how it sounded with our last name. I call him by his first and middle name still because I like the sound of the names together so much!

    Congrats on being so close. From the outside, your pregnancy has flown by! But that’s what others said to me and it felt very long!

    • Tina says:

      Yep…pregnancies always fly by when its someone else. I remember yours seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. And I love love love Noah James for a boy name.

  31. I don’t have children yet, but I’ve named plenty of characters for my novels … and a few pets. A few of my favorites:

    Bradley James
    Michael Aaron
    Damien Kyle
    Erin Marie (close to my own name)
    Destiny Erin (my cat, and a character in a short story)

  32. It was on New Years Eve last year and Steve and I stayed in with a pizza and a couple of movies. We decided that night to start making lists for the girl and boy names that we liked (at this point we didn’t know we were having a girl). We each made our own lists and then swapped.. and it turned out that Sophie was on the top of each of our lists for a girl name. It was pretty much set from there! We played around with a couple other names but always went back to Sophie.

    Her middle name Victoria is after my Grandma and I. My Grandma’s first name is Victoria and my middle name is Victoria.

    I’m like you, I would love a van or an SUV type vehicle. I would love 1 or 2 more children so we will need a bigger vehicle someday!

  33. Btw just wanted to say I love that first picture of you in the red shirt. You look so good.. you are glowing girl!

  34. Jen says:

    Once the every two week appointments start, it goes so fast!!! Baby #1, we were stuck on two names, so we used one for the first name and one for the middle name. #2, my husband picked her name and the middle name is mine, my mom’s, grandma and great grandma’s middle name, #3 was the number 1 baby boy name for 2007 and we loved it and his middle name is my husband’s middle name. I drive a mini van right now, I’m not sure what my dream car is.


  35. You have one the cutest pregnant bellies I have ever seen! Seriously! You look amazing!! M is so stinking cute in that picture 🙂 Love her super cheesy smile!

  36. Kristy says:

    Very much enjoyed all these personal details 🙂

  37. Sooo happy to hear you and baby are healthy and doing well! I love M and B’s names! We had a hard time picking our son’s name… I swear, boys names are so much more difficult. It was the only one we both agreed upon and loved! If we have a girl in the future, we both love the name Juliet. (That’s what we were going to name Little H if he was a girl).

    You look amazing at 30 weeks!

  38. Sarah says:

    I want kids:). I have no boy names picked out, only girls. As for names, I’m a fan of Teagan, Elliette, and Selah.
    I really like your choice of names, too:).

  39. Chrissi says:

    My hubby wants a van so bad…and we don’t even have kids – HAHA 🙂 You look great!

    I think working out during pregnancy is fine as long as you have worked out (regularly) PRIOR to the pregnancy. Hubs is a trainer & he works out with pregos all the time…I think if you’re doc clears it, it could have a lot of positive impact on the momma and baby.

    Happy Friday :)))

  40. Growing up, I never met another Alayna even once! It’s becoming a lot more popular now though and I hear of young girls with that name every once in a while. Because I appreciated having a name that was just my own, I want to give my kids equally unique names. My favorite female name is Iola, pronounced EYE-ah-lah. It’s a Greek root word for violet. I’m not as solid on boy names but I like Oren and Wyatt.

    • Tina says:

      That is pretty! And I like the boy names too.

      Guess what? M’s middle name is Alayna – spelled the exact same and everything. 🙂

  41. Camille says:

    Makenzie is a beautiful name 🙂
    My boyfriend and I are agreed on a girl name when that day comes, but we are a bit more split on boys. For a girl, we both love the name Charlotte. I want to call her Charlie he he wants to call her Chuck (it’s from the show Pushing Daisies and he thinks it’s the cutest name ever).
    For a boy, my favorite name has always been Finn. I have an obsession with Celtic culture (it’s a bit of a hobby/passion of mine) and I want an Irish name. My boyfriend, however, likes the name Roland. It’s from his favorite book and not only do I hate the book, but I really don’t like the name.
    I feel like he will forfeit pretty easily when I am hormonal he just wants me to shut up 🙂 If not, let’s hope it’s a girl!

  42. Mellissa says:

    I have no idea on names, we have never really discussed! As for the car- I would love an Audi Q7 or a new Toyota Highlander.

  43. Congrats of being 75% through a healthy pregnancy!!! I love the name Braedon, too!

    Funny name story: my parents used to take us all the Fudruckers when they were choosing my baby sister’s name. Fudruckers calls out your name when your order is ready, so they’d go and give then a potential baby name every time to see how it sounded. Classy, Mom and Dad. 🙂

    (They named her Madison after the mermaid in Splash.)

  44. I change my mind every day on names…

    For girls, I like Zooey right now. Tomorrow it will probably change.

    For boys, I like Ben, Dexter, Liam!

  45. oh–Harrison is cute for a boy as well!

  46. I just read the past 15 posts….and “boy are my arms…I mean, eyes….tired.” LOL
    But I have a big smile on my face (0:

    Just a quick drop in to say:
    1. Hi.
    2. I love the name Braedon….my brother named his son that.
    3. Those PSAs were great. Much better than my PSA on my facebook yesterday about Wendy’s “Natural” Fries and how I hoped none of my friends would be fooled.
    4. I hate big utensils. Have you norticed that along with increasing supersizing, plates, chairs, park benches and pants sizes …America is making bigger utensils, too? I swear..I tell my mom…”Look! Can’t you see that it’s like a shovel! It’s like a pitchfork!” Really its crass, isn’t it?
    5. I wrote this in list form because I know you like lists.

    Love to love ya!

    • Tina says:

      Hahaha! I love #5 about the list form bec I like lists. Perfect. 😀

      Thanks so much for catching up. I have a lot of that to do after being gone for 3.5 days.

  47. Marg says:

    I love Makenzie, it’s my much younger sisters middle name. We have a tradition in the family with double M names for the girls, not sure if I’m going to carry that on or not. My dream car right now is a Lexus SUV in pearl white.

  48. Girl, you look absolutely gorgeous in that first picture! I can only hope to look that good whenever I get pregnant! Thanks SO much for sharing your pregnancy with us – We’re trying, and frankly, I’m a bit terrified about the whole pregnancy thing, so it makes me feel less scared by seeing how you handle everything. (I’m sure I’ll be a bundle of nerves whenever I do get pregnant though!)
    As for names, my husband and I have already picked one boy name and one girl name – but I’m paranoid about sharing them…but I’ll give you the background on each…
    The girl name is one that my mother actually dreamed about several years ago (in the dream I was giving birth & picked the name) My husband and I both love it, and love the idea of naming a baby that way. The boy name is a variation of my maternal grandfather’s name, Clifford Porter. He had 13 children, but none of the boys had boys so the Porter name isn’t being carried on – we wanted to find a way to keep the name going – Porter will be the middle name.
    As for my dream car- it varies! Right now I’d love to have a GMC Acadia. And if I ever got a van, it would hands down be a “Swagger Wagon”…the Toyota Sienna.

    • Tina says:

      I really hope things go well with you and trying to conceive. 🙂

      And I wanted to let you know the books came for me while I was out of town. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to start reading them slowly but surely.

  49. Dream car–The Smart Car (but very unrealistic and probably not the bet). I don’t have children but we kind of have their names picked out–Josephine and Liam 🙂 (Now I’m jinxing myself.)

  50. Katie H. says:

    I love the baby bump! You must be so excited- he will be here before you know it!

    I’ve loved names since I was a kid. My stepmom thought I was weird when I asked her to buy me a baby names book when I was ten. I used to look through the names and pick out the names of my future children, haha.

    Now, Bri and I are settled on Julia or Samantha for a girl. I’m not sure of a boys name though…

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