am i a redhead?

Posted: November 21, 2010 at 5:50 pm

Did you all have an enjoyable weekend? I’m finishing mine out on a very high note. I feel exhausted and Peter kindly figured out a way for me to have some time to relax this afternoon. I need it too after a busy rest of the weekend. At least it felt busy to me. In fact, everything was pretty low key.

Last night when dinner time rolled around I craved a burger and fries. Apparently my body goes through phases where I can hardly fit anything in my stomach for days…followed by days on end where I feel I can endlessly eat. I’m in one of the latter phases. A burger and fries sounded incredibly good last night. So, what’s a pregnant-hungry-picky-about-her-beef girl to do? Pat herself on the back for being prepared for such an occurrence with the perfect Groupon.

Awhile ago I purchased a Groupon to a place called The Counter – a burger joint with numerous toppings, sauces, types of burgers, etc to customize your perfect burger.

IMGP8531 IMGP8534

Even better? They serve only 100% natural, hormone-free, humanely treated beef. I may not ever become a vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be picky about the meat we buy and be thrilled when a restaurant serves similar. I really looked forward to dining here. I even loved the decor.


Sadly though, the rest of the night didn’t quite live up to my expectations. The service was very slow and poor. For example, we never got refills on our water/soda and received our sides of sweet potato fries at least 10-15 minutes before our burgers came out. I will say that the food tasted great, minus the fries getting cold by the time we ate most of them, and I loved the variety of options. I ordered the beef burger with blue cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce, and a roasted garlic spread on the multigrain bun.

IMGP8538 IMGP8546

Luckily burgers out don’t normally appeal to me so I doubt we will ever want to return. Peter actually found it surprising I craved a burger. I guess so much so that he wanted a picture of me eating mine?


Attractive, no? And oddly enough this picture reminded me of something I have noticed recently. After dying my hair back to its natural color and letting it grow out, I keep seeing more red. I’ve never noticed red in my hair before because I have had highlights for over a decade.

Well, I had more to talk about but I will just save that for another post. I’ve had some mental games recently related to food and body image I want to share with all of you, but don’t feel like adding it all on here. The beauty of blogging flexibly. 😉 Funny how it works out that when I say I plan to cut back I end up with tons to say and need more posts to do it in. That’s how it always happens though, isn’t it?

  • Am I a redhead??? Do you see it too or is it just me?
  • For what type of dish would you love to have a build-your-own restaurant with loads of options? My first option already exists – self serve fro-yo. It would also be cool to have a design/build your own sushi place!

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  1. I am so sad you had a bad experience with The Counter! I have been in there when they were slow though and when you are craving a burger, every second counts! Unlike you though, I crave burgers and fries all the time, so I make sure my beef is “the good stuff”.

    I would love a build your own authentic fish tacos place.

    • Tina says:

      I can handle slower service when I know I’m getting fresh food but this was more the waiter ignored us completely. He would serve the 2 tables on either side of us and then rush off before we could get his attention…and it wasn’t even that busy.

      We would maybe give it another shot if we had another deal for it. Hmmm??? Wonder if that caused the bad service?

  2. I haven’t been there before. I hate slow service in general…it really makes for a horrible situation with hungry kids too! Have a great Sunday Tina!

  3. You are definitely a redhead! I like it though 🙂

    Bummer about the Counter. We had one here and I meant to try it out but they ended up closing a few months back, guess I know why.

  4. Nichole says:

    Sometimes you just crave a big juicy burger, bummer it wasn’t out of the park. I do see a hint of some red there…does your hair change at all during pregnancy?

  5. salad bars… I love them… we went to one today for lunch and it was GLORIOUS.

    fro yo also… I love the self serve 😀


  6. Becca says:

    Ooooh, you do look like you have some red there! I like it! Apparenlty we’re not dying out? LOL! =D

    Aww, too bad about the service! That looks like an interesting place! I’m not sure what my ideal build-your-own eatery would be. Cold Stone Creamery already exists! It works for me! =)

  7. I absolutely loved The Counter! (we have one in Chicago)

    Sorry the service was poor, though. I hate how one little thing like that can really ruin the whole experience…

  8. Elaine says:

    I see some red!! I like it! 🙂

  9. Astrid says:

    I often think of restaurant ideas like this. I would love the following:
    Make you own mac and cheese
    My your own oatmeal
    Make your own nachos
    Make your own pizza…but more intense than what already exists. Different doughs, sauces, toppings, etc.
    Make your own fries (you get a platter of fries and you can top them with anything!)
    Make your own cupcakes. Pick your cupcake and fill it, top it, etc.
    I will stop now, because this could go on forever…

  10. ML says:

    I love The Counter! I had a craving for their sweet potato fries last night, so I went and got some. Not very good service for the to go counter either. My fries were cold by the time I got them. Lesson learned, don’t go there for a craving if I have to get it to go!

  11. Oh I definitely see the red! I think it looks pretty:)
    That’s awesome the restaurant serves such quality beef. I love seeing that!

  12. Ela says:

    Yes, I see some red there! One of my brothers is a redhead – hard to believe as I’m so dark, but then his wife pointed out that even my dark brown hair has a slightly reddish tinge in certain lights.

    Sorry you had such bad service – that can be such a distracting downer.

    I think I’d love a ‘build your own superfood smoothie’ bar!


  13. Camille says:

    I can definitely see the red! It is more of the orangey blonde shade of red though, if that makes sense 🙂

  14. I love those carmalized onions on your burger. That’s really cool that they use hormone free beef.

  15. chelsey says:

    That burger looks delicious – and I am a vegetarian! 🙂

    I think you’re more Strawberry Blonde than red.

  16. Mmmm…the burger does look yummy! Sorry the service was bad. That really can ruin a meal sometimes.

    I like the reddish tint!

  17. You definitely have some strawberry blond action going on there girl!

  18. Lisa says:

    That restaurant sounds like an awesome placee! Its so important to eat meat without hormones. Your burger combo looks good! I love onions on burgers!

  19. Sarah says:

    I see the red and it’s pretty cute 🙂

    I’m sorry you had such horrible service! What’s up with waiters lately? I’m not pregnant and I’ve been having too many “fat” days and my waitress the other day asked if I was having problems choosing a meal due to all my pregnancy cravings? I burst into tears…not my best moment.

    • Tina says:

      Oh my goodness!!!! I can’t believe that. I highly doubt you look pregnant. Some people really don’t think…or pay attention. Because if she was paying attention I doubt she would have thought you were pregnant.

  20. Yes, I do notice the reddish tint! I’ve been highlighting my hair for years and know it’s quit a few shades darker than it is now, but I’m not ready to give up the highlights yet!

    That burger place sounds delicious… too bad the service was so bad.

  21. Looks like you’ve got a little ginger in you! 🙂

    I have been loving redheads lately–esp redheaded dudes (hello Michael C Hall and Prince Harry).

    Maybe baby B will be a ginger—if so, that’d be so cute.

  22. Heather says:

    I see the red!
    that restaurant looks so cute!

  23. Oh that is so annoying to have crummy service like that. At least the food was good. It’s even worse when both service and food are bad.

  24. you are TOTALLY a redhead! i noticed that little M is strawberry blond too 😉

  25. Lee says:

    Your hair definitely has a hint of red in it.

    Have you been to Yeah Burger! I haven’t but I’ve heard good reviews.

  26. That burger looks really good – Im not a big burger fan either, but every now and then they really hit the spot.
    Sucks about the service, thats always so frustrating!

    I see the red in your hair. I notice that a lot with mine when the light shines on it.

  27. I definitely see the red highlights there! Sorry about your bad restaurant experience. I hate it when that happens.

  28. Definitely a strawberry blond! I did the same thing recently by letting my hair grow out and not dying it and could see much more red…….but then I chopped it all off completely. Being that pregnant makes you want to get out of the long hair style as you well may know. hehe

  29. sophia says:

    I’ve heard of The Counter! Too bad it doesn’t deliver well. 🙁

    Hm…I’ve heard that pregnancy does really strange things to a woman’s body, so do you think that has to do with your hair? Though I suppose that would be a far stretch. But your red hair looks gorgeous! Like Nancy Drew! 😀

    • Tina says:

      I know it does affect hair in some ways but I’ve never heard of it doing that to color. I guess it is possible though. Pregnancy does do crazy things!

  30. Your hair is looking red!
    I think it’d be cool to have a design your own pasta place. yum!

  31. Maura says:

    I see red fo sho.

    There is a counter in LA, and my big complaint is that they do seat you. You have to stand around, lurking like a vulture, waiting for someone to leave. Super lame.

  32. I definitely see red in your hair and I LOVE it! I love the build your own fro yo places. I would also like to go to a build your own salad place. I know they exist, but not really where i live.

  33. Krystal says:

    i see the red! is it your water?

    i always do a taco bar for parties at my house, and i think a taco bar restaurant (i’m sure they exist somewhere) would be great! fish, chicken, beef, beans, cheeses, peppers, olives, lettuce, onions, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, etc. mmmm….

  34. Heather says:

    I see the red, fo sho!!

    I can’t ever pass up a self serve fro-yo place since we don’t have any in CLE yet!

  35. Ooh! I’d love such a build-your-own burger place! Don’t think we have one around here. And your hair looks VERY similar to mine in the picture. In the sense that some days I feel like a complete red-head and other days I think I’m crazy and don’t see any. Maybe something to do with the natural highlights in it? Dunno.

  36. Angela says:

    I definitely see the red! If I could I think I’d like to have a build-your-own smoothie restaurant, or an oatmeal bar with tons of toppings. 🙂

  37. I definitely see a hint of red…or at least “strawberry blonde.” I think it’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Oh YUM, I love the counter… and now I’m craving a burger, too!

  39. Totally see the red! I notice the red in my hair, too, sometimes.

    I like any and all “build your own” eateries! Burritos, tacos, nachos, sundaes, pizza, cupcakes, cookies, salad, sandwiches, smoothies, milkshakes, baked potatoes…whatever!

  40. Leashieloo says:

    Zomg, that burger place looks amazing! The caramelized onions especially are making me hungry!

  41. Sorry the burger joint wasn’t so good. I hate it when restaurants bring out sides without the main attraction. I like to eat it all together!

    I’m with you on the fro-yo, and I do see you as a redhead 🙂

  42. I think you are a redhead! I agree about being picky about the meat we buy, for those of us who are not vegetarians.

    One thing that surprised me when I was traveling through San Diego recently was how many more natural food options there were than I am used to seeing in Ottawa. I hope we catch up soon!

  43. Therese says:

    I DO see a hint of red in your hair!! I thought you were a natural dirty blone 🙂 Hey embrace it. I like being a spicy redhead!

    I have been craving burgers like whoa this trimester. Just beef in general. So bizarre!

    • Tina says:

      I always crave more beef when pregnant. I actually haven’t much cared for chicken ever since I was pregnant with M even.

  44. Cynthia says:

    I’ve never been to The Counter before, but the food looks good. Next time you are craving a burger you should go to Farm Burger. They are toally organic, only use fresh ingredients, and the food is unbelievable. They got better reviews than The Counter, which is why I chose to eat there.

  45. Nicole, RD says:

    It looks a little red, yep! I love it! And that burger and sweet potato fries look AWESOME! Sorry the service sucked — that is enough to ruin even the tastiest of meals. Being an ex-server, bad service is not okay to me!!

  46. Katie H. says:

    Your hair really does look red! I haven’t highlighted mine in a little over eight months and I swear I see some red coming in too!

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