Body After Baby: My “SMART” Approach

Posted: December 23, 2010 at 1:13 pm

You all are into the Chobani! Keep those entries coming. And HELLO to any new friends who came across the site. I hope you stick around for awhile. We have a good time here. 🙂

In my last “Body After Baby” post, I shared my overall goal of reaching my body’s “happy place”. Feeling physically fit and strong. Feeling healthy because of proper nutrition. Feeling confident because I know I am caring for myself in all ways.

When setting goals, often times we hear the recommendation to use the “SMART” approach: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, & Timely.

While my overall goal is very vague and measured just from my personal thoughts, I still agree with the SMART approach. Goals should be those things, especially realistic. Today, I want to share other goals I have outside of what I will strive for overall next year.

10 Extra Goals on the Path to the One Overall Goal

Complete unassisted pull-ups again. These epitomize strength in my mind.

Squat 135# (the man bar + one big plate on each side). I love, love, love squats. I could easily do this at my happy place for 3 sets of 10. It was fun getting looks from the men in the weight room!

Bench press 100#. Yet another I could easily do at one point. I would also do pushups with a 25 pound plate on my back. What can I say? I adore strength training!

Run a 5K Race. This one really excites me. I was starting to truly enjoy running before I got pregnant. It’s a fitness challenge that has always intrigued me, but I have never embraced out of fear I would stink at it. Who cares if I stink? I want to give it a shot and experience my first race!

New workouts. I would love to try out some new things. Like my first yoga class in a studio, Insanity & TurboFire DVDs, and anything else I may come across.

Stretch, yoga, foam roll OFTEN. It is so easy for me to let flexibility slide. I want to focus on it fully to help with my other fitness related goals.

Cook more and try new recipes. I would love to aim for one new recipe a week. I need to branch out and grow my cooking skills.

Less processed foods & way more veggies. I want to get back to the style of eating I know I feel best with. That includes focusing on those two factors.

More balance with food. Continuing with that idea, I don’t want to become restrictive in any sense. However, I also know I could use more of a balance with carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Also between natural foods and my “treats”. Once these pregnancy sugar cravings lose their hold on me.

Daily prayer & positive affirmation. I want to focus on loving myself. I still pray regularly for God to help me see myself through His eyes. It’s a very powerful thing to remind yourself of and I want to keep that going.

As you can see, I have things related to fitness, healthy eating, and overall emotional well-being. All three are important to me. These are not the definitive list, but just an idea of things I plan on working towards in a more specific nature. I fully believe all of these things will help bring me to the overall place I hope to achieve…and keep me feeling wonderful throughout the process.

Question of the day – What are some goals you hope to work towards?

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52 Comments to “Body After Baby: My “SMART” Approach”
  1. These are great goals! I’m working on building up miles so I can run a half marathon in the spring!

  2. I want to work toward eating intuitively. I think I’m on the right track …

  3. I have several goals (NOT resolutions) for the coming year. One is to trust myself more and follow through on my self-care needs.

    • Tina says:

      I prefer goals over resolutions too. I think its funny the end of my pregnancy coincides with the new year because the whole resolution thing normally bothers me. I would have these goals regardless of the time, just like you do.

  4. you know i’m a fan of the SMART goal mentality 🙂 i’d have to say that i just want to have FUN with what i’m doing…in all aspects. and watch what we spend so we have control of our money again!

  5. Nice! I think I’m gonna start getting into more strength training next year as well, I’m sure you’ll have a ton of great tips!

  6. A goal I am working on is doing hot yoga three times a week (to help with some tight hips) and also meditating for at least 10 minutes a day (help with mental clarity) and beating my old 1/2 marathon time this Feb in the Sedona 1/2.

  7. A goal of mine (sort of directed towards getting back on track after the holidays) is to definitely get more veggies back into my diet! I feel like the carbs have taken over…

    Not that I have anything against them, but my nutritional value is getting lopsided!!

  8. Tatianna says:

    You are one very ambitious lady 🙂 Those are all amazing goals.. I just can’t believe how many you have! Surely you have some sort of timeline? Or are you just planning to slowly pluck away at them?

    One of my goals is to start yoga. I’ve been really hesitant to do it because I really don’t know how to get into it… but I think my school is going to offer classes so I am hoping to get into that 🙂

    • Tina says:

      No timeline for them at the moment. I don’t want to put pressure on myself. The food ones I know I want to get on top of as soon as I can post-baby since right now my tastes are all over the place & I refuse to force things at the very end of pregnancy. Then, the fitness ones I will just continuously work towards with workouts and set some sort of timeline later when I see how things are going. I like being flexible, but still focused.

  9. I love these goals! So great! And hey, if I’m ever in your neck of the woods and you want to run a 5k, I’m game.;)

    My goals are: to strengthen up my hips to reduce the pain in my IT bands, start lifting weights again, do more core work, continue to work on a healthy relationship with food, finish undergrad a semester early, and work on my relationship with God.:)

  10. lindsay says:

    I’m totally with you on the stretching and yoga, plus I’d like to start a daily devotional with my hubs. 🙂

  11. I love your goals! They really made me think about what my goals will be for the upcoming year and making sure they are realistic! I think sometimes I make the mistake of All or Nothing goals.

    As for the 5k, I found that with each race I care less and less about everyone around me and really do it for myself. They are so much fun (and very addicting)!

    Hmm of few of my goals really are to focus on having a healthy and happy upcoming year. I’d really like to set some specific strength training goals (my weakest area) as well as make more time for fitness. I used to walk out of my weekly spin classes feeling on top of the world. I haven’t been to a spin class in months! I always have “something” that seems to get in the way.

    It sounds like a silly goal, but I’d really like to try to bring my lunch to work all 5 days a week. In the past few weeks I’ve been buying lunch daily which ends up being so expensive, unhealthy and unsatisfying!

    I’d also really like to focus on all the relationships in my life. For the last year when I was going through some tough times my family and friends were the most amazing support system I could have asked for. I’d love to really reach out and be the same person for them.

    I’m not sure yet how to turn this into a goal, but I’d love to focus again on spirituality and service. =)

  12. chelsey says:

    Love the goals! Definitely listen to my body when it’s tired, hungry, etc…

  13. Those are great goals! I want to do an unassisted pull-up and I would like to be able to do 100 push-ups in a row from my toes. I haven’t set a timeline for this, though. Also, I would like to run a 10K in under 60 minutes, but this means I have to commit to running regularly, and I truly don’t know if I want to. So it’s not really a goal … more like an idea about a future goal. Actually, that’s what pull-ups are for me right now.

    Never mind.

    PS. Running races if fun even if you don’t place in a high percentile, especially if running with friends. It’s the energy of the crowds and the spectators!

    • Tina says:

      I would definitely do a race just for fun and to try something new. I don’t ever foresee myself having a competitive nature with running. I already know the weight room is where my heart is.

  14. Tina I am so excited for this part of your life to begin! I would love to do pullups and just get STRONG.

    My goal for 2011 is to be the best I can be and to look the best I can. That includes eating well (and much better than I have lately!), cutting down on caffeine, getting enough rest, focusing on strength training but still including cardio, running my 2nd marathon and spending quality time with Jason.

    Have a Merry Christmas Tina + Family!

  15. Stefanie says:

    Awesome goals! My goals also include a 5k and maybe even a half-marathon! Eek, we’ll see! I would definitely recommend trying Turbofire–I love it! 🙂

  16. These are great goals Tina. I’d love to give you support for the 5K race if you push me with the strength. We are two opposites. I’m afraid to fail in the weight room.

  17. Jess says:

    I LOVE your goals! They are great, and are so smart (no pun intended haha), you will kick the crap outta those goals, girl! PS. Can I add to your list of new workouts to try: Intensity, STS Total Body, High Reps and Lower Body Blast please? 😉

  18. Heather says:

    Is getting pregnant a goal? Then yes, that’s mine 😉

    Merry Christmas to you guys! xoxo

  19. Jolene says:

    Those are GREAT goals! I LOVE strength training too. It is so invigorating. I hope to learn to swim so I can run a triathlon! I also am thinking of another half marathon…we’ll see 😉

  20. Great goals! I agree about unassisted pull-ups – to me that equals hard core! 🙂

  21. Shannon says:

    Great goals! I need to get into stregth training. I’ve never liked it. I do love running and am back up to 35-45 miles per week since Noah was born. I hope to do another half this spring.

  22. I completely agree about the pull-up too! I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do one? You can so do a 5K! I’ve done several, so trust me, you can totally do it. You’ll love it! There’s nothing like crossing that finish line!! 😀

  23. Angela says:

    great goals tina! i’m also working toward the pull-up and have been really happy with my progress lately. other goals for next year are mainly to do with intuitive eating, achieving a couple of fitness goals related to strength training, and spending more time with friends and family.

  24. Melissa says:

    Girl you and me have so many of the same goals!!
    I really want to do unassisted pull-ups and chin ups plus I want to get back into lifting heavy again! And meditation/prayer has definitely been on my mind lately:)
    I love the foam roller..feels so good on sore muscles!
    My goal is to have more defined abs!!

  25. Melie says:

    Love love the strength train challenges! If you have a training plan for these please share. I’d love to try them too! I want to do the unassisted pullups so bad. I only do the assisted ones now, but never really tried on my own. Too scared I guess. I bench press 75-80# on a good day and I really enjoy the looks on the people’s faces too! What? Am I only supposed to lift the pink dumbells? 😛

    • Tina says:

      I don’t have specific plans, but will certainly be sharing my weight training routines here on the blog. They got me to that place before, so hopefully with consistency they will again. And as for pull-ups…when I finally got to doing them on my own, it was after I finally left the assisted machine. I would do negatives or have some very light assistance from Peter to build up the strength more. It worked!

  26. Anna says:

    Two goals I have been working on are adding exercise back into my schedule and going to bed earlier.

  27. Lauren says:

    You should definitely run a 5K! There’s a ton of fun 5K races, and it always feels good to finish a race.
    One of my goals is run another half-marathon this spring and add strength training into my workouts.

  28. Camille says:

    Gotta love the SMART approach!
    Right now my biggest goal is to keep in shape while still allowing my knee to heal before another year of races!

  29. Oh SMART goals…brings me back to my business classes. Ugh.. Anyway, I think those are great achievable goals! As for the running, woohoo!!! Be warned though, it’s ADDICTIVE! I’ve also heard amazing things about Insanity.

  30. cortney397 says:

    Love love love the smart approach! I have my goals on cute cardstock hanging on my bathroom mirror. It reminds me of the big picture but what my smaller goals are too! Some of them include having a healthy bmi, running a half marathon and going to the gym and trying new classes!

  31. I love the idea of making 10 small goals that will all add up to one big goal…I’m going to keep that in mind for my New Year’s resolutions!

  32. Unassisted pull-ups!! It took me so long to get there and such a PIA but I am so excited for you to get there! Love strength training 🙂

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  34. I like your SMART approach 🙂

    I’d like to get back into a more regular Bikram routine and also try the Bar Method!

  35. Ela says:

    Those sound like awesome goals (although completely intimidating to me). I especially love that you’re asking God to help you see yourself through his eyes: that’s a beautiful way to surrender.

    My goal: all tied in with my good news that I shared on my blog today. And I probably need to _set_ a goal around the body image stuff, because it’s still making me miserable.


  36. amy says:

    I need to do more praying that I see myself through Gods eyes too. I’m always down on myself. I’m not strong enough, toned enough. And to be honest i’m having a hard time with faith right now my hubby lost his job, we’re struggling to put food on the table and i’m falling back into my anorexic patterns while still weight training and also upping my cardio. i ppray that God will help me through this, show me faith and hope again and bring some peace and love into my life.

    • Tina says:

      I will be sure to say a prayer for you and your husband. Stay strong in what you know will help carry you through this time -trusting that things will get better, taking true care of yourself, and love between the two of you. Hugs!

  37. such great goals! you always seem to have such a balanced and mature approach to health and i really admire it a lot. I just moved back to America yesterday so it’s time to learn how to navigate shopping and cooking and eating on my own in the States for the first time–so many unhealthy options I have decided to give up meat besides fish to help me really focus on centering my diet around plants for the rest of my life. I hope it goes well!

    • Tina says:

      How exciting it must be to be back. 🙂 That’s so thrilling! I’m sure you will get back into the swing of things fast.

  38. Fabulous goals, Tina! A really good balance. There will definintely be days when Mommy Duty calls but what’s great is that you can focus on some of them no matter how busy you are and just roll with the punches.

    My goal? Be kind to myself. It means a lot of different things, but that’s my overall plan. 🙂

  39. Mandy says:

    I am just getting caught up on your blog after the holidays.. but love these goals 🙂

    I have some new goals for myself in the New Year too. 🙂

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