Eating Well & Self-Love Revisited

Posted: January 16, 2011 at 12:00 pm

On one hand, I can’t believe its already Sunday! Then, on the other hand…that means baby B is only 5 days old and it seems like he has been here forever. Crazy how time works.

Yesterday was a fairly busy day. After getting things situated around the house in the morning, we headed out for a couple of errands. We had to stop by Babies R Us to stock up on a few essentials…like diapers. They had a deal this weekend for a $15 gift card back when purchasing 2 boxes. You  have to take advantage of things like that.

After our Babies R Us trip, we headed over to Peter’s parents’ place for a birthday celebration. My little niece, Avi, is now 7 years old!


We had lunch while there. The Italian family always dines on pasta at get-togethers, so my lunch consisted of a small bowl of fettuccine alfredo and some salad.

IMGP9934 IMGP9935

Normally I am a hater of alfredo…but when breastfeeding, you eat. I was starving! I even managed to down this plate of dessert (scoop of icecream and a brownie) plus another brownie before leaving.


Even after that, I still felt hungry. Breastfeeding hunger can rival pregnancy hunger. I guess that will happen when your body is fueling itself for a kiddo that likes to eat every 2 hours on average throughout the day. I don’t mind. I think it helps him sleep for those longer stretches at night.

I continued to eat well with dinner last night. Remember when we bought a share of a cow from a local source to get higher quality beef? We pulled some steaks out for dinner last night with my parents before they leave today. I had a small filet alongside a baked potato with chives & plain Greek yogurt, some sautéed mushrooms, and a small salad.


I have to say I could get used to people cooking for me. It helps us so much!

A New Idea – Your Thoughts?

Before I sign off this post, I wanted to let you all in on an idea that struck me this morning. In September of 2010 I shared a series of posts called the 30 Days of Self-Love. I adored writing these posts and reflecting on the various topics.

I know many of you were around during that time, but I have had some new readers (hi friends!) show up around these parts. Quite a few have emailed me or left comments about the 30 Days and shown interest in the series. I quickly learned during the posting of that series that these topics were fairly heavy to reflect on each day. The thought struck me today, however, that I would still like these messages to hold a special place here on FFF.


For that reason, I am going to see how it goes posting one of the messages each week (on Sunday night) as a topic to reflect on for the week. Hopefully this will allow us to continue thinking about and discussing such topics, but not overtake FFF with super serious topics day in and day out. If you have already gone through the series I hope you don’t mind seeing these posts re-published once a week. If you’re new, I sincerely hope they bring a message to brighten your day as they did mine. I think it will be rewarding to go back through them again a bit slower and more informally. I’m excited for it, in fact! Look for the first post to go up tonight!

Question of the Day – What do you think would be the BIGGEST help to you after something like having a baby, being ill/injured, etc?

Were you around for the 30 Days? Thoughts on the 1x/week republishing of these topics?

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64 Comments to “Eating Well & Self-Love Revisited”
  1. I was not around when you did the 30 Days of Self- Love so I would love to see them re-posted! 😀

  2. CIndy says:

    Tina, I found the best place to get diapers is through Sign up for their Amazon Mom’s program, and you get 15% off. In addition, if you sign up for Subscribe N Save (both are free), you get an additional 15% off, plus free shipping. They also let you “clip” coupons…I got my last box of Pampers for under $30!! The best parts…you don’t have to pack up BOTH kiddos in the car (in the cold) and you don’t end up spending extra at BRU for things you never knew you needed!!

  3. Lauren says:

    I wasn’t around for the 30 days, but I would LOVE to read them!

  4. I am new to the blog and would love love the 30 days posts. Beginning of a new year is a great time to start showing some self love!

    When Im sick, having someone cook for me is heaven!! Hold on to that one as long as you can 🙂

  5. You’re niece is so cute! And yes I think the repost of the 30 days is a great idea 🙂

  6. Jess says:

    I love the idea of 30 days revisited. That was my favorite series and really forced me to reflect and look for the positive even when I was having a very down day or two. I loved it!

  7. I think re-posting the 30 Days posts is a great idea. That way I could catch up on any of them I may have missed.

  8. I wasn’t around either, but it sounds awesome! I’d love to read them though! 🙂

    And that brownie+ice cream looks DELISH! 😀

  9. I was around for the 30 days…how can I forget 🙂

    It’s a great idea to re-post thoughts from the 30DSL each week! That was such a great series!!

    Glad to see things are going well. I am seeing everyone around me have their babies and I CAN’T WAIT to hold baby Ella!!!!

  10. I wasn’t around for your 30 days of self love, either!! And I would LOOOVE to be a part of it and reflect on it 1x/week! What a great idea!

    Also, I think one of the biggest things you can have coming out an injury/illness/(and probably pregnancy too, even though I have yet to experience it) is a strong support system. My guess is that mentally you’ve been itchin’ to be active for a while, but physically you’re not where you mentally want to be. So it takes time. And in that time will come frustration and setbacks, so it’s important to have people you can rely on to help you through it. I’m sure it takes a lot of time to fully get back to where you want to be, too… so the more support you have, the more quality time you can focus on yourself so you can get where you want to be faster.

  11. Seriously, I knew no hunger like the ones I had after nursing! That was the craziest time of eating I ever had. I actually had to eat something while I was nursing Max. I had way too much milk that time around! I am so glad things are going so well for you! If definitely helps when people cook for you when you need help. There is nothing better than a great hot meal when you are exhausted!

  12. Shannon says:

    It’s amazing how much food I pack away while nursing! I joke about how I am goingbto have to rein in the desserts one Noah is weaned! After he was born, I most appreciated people helping me keep things tidy. I like my house clean, especially with visitors, and I really appreciated family picking up for me as I recovered.

  13. The amount of food I ate while nursing was craziness! I was always hungry! I always loved it when my family helped out after each baby was born. They were such a help with meals and cleaning and taking care of baby 1 when baby 2 was born!

    Can’t wait to see the 30 days revisited!

  14. Katie says:

    Happy birthday to your niece! I have a 7 year old niece as well…they’re so fun!

    I kind of can’t wait for breastfeeding hunger! My appetite has been so wacky during pregnancy – sometimes I just want to feel HUNGER without crazy food aversions and nausea. Happy Sunday!

  15. marcia says:

    After having a baby, the biggest help would for sure be cooking for us! And then cleaning and then keeping the other kids entertained! 😉 BUT, even though I had none of those things after having Miles; I made it work somehow! You just figure it out and it seems normal. (whew!)

    I was around for the 30 Days….. I would LOVE for you to republish though….It really helped me to look deeper inside of myself and it helped me to learn more about myself too. 🙂

  16. Jolene says:

    LOVE the idea of posting the 30 days again once a week. Reflecting for the week is a great idea. Love that!

  17. Stephanie says:

    I would love for you to re-visit the 30 days!

    If anything, I would just love to have someone around that’s willing to hold/take care of baby when they weren’t hungry but I still needed rest. I had three c-sections and just recovering and walking when I got home was immensely difficult.

  18. Self love idea is genius! So many of us take things for granted even the little things! All the negativity we bring into our days-perfect concept!

  19. I think family would be most important in helping me after a big event. I was around for the 30 days, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it again!

  20. Amy says:

    I wasn’t around for the 30 days, so I would love to see some of the topics revisited.

    I’ve never had a baby, but something I really appreciated when my fiance had surgery was friends bringing us meals. Not having to worry about grocery shopping and cooking made things a lot easier. I’ve tried to “pay it forward” to friends who have just had babies or other big life events now, because I know how much even a simple meal can mean.

    • Tina says:

      I always bring meals when i can too. I realize just how nice it is and its something small to do usually for the person helping, but such a big difference to the one receiving it.

  21. i think having family come help out a bit would be the best help with a new baby/injury/etc. also a supportive husband/boyfriend/s.o. is always extra nice in a rough situation.

    i first found out about your blog when you started the 30 days series. i loved it and i would definitely be happy to see them posted again. they were all about important issues, and it’ll be nice to have a whole week to reflect on them this time! 🙂

  22. I’ve been eating a ton of food lately, too! The slight difference, I GUESS, is my lack of child.

    Reflecting each Sunday is a lovely idea. I would love to reflect more (personally and on my blog), but, at this lowish point, I need a push to actually do it.

    • Tina says:

      Feel free to take the topics discussed and reflect on them more on your blog. 🙂 I hope it brings some positive energy to you.

  23. I would love for you to revisit the 30 days series!! Looking forward to it 🙂

  24. For me, having homecooked meals delivered, for sure! Glad you’re honoring your body’s signals by eating.

  25. Ameena says: is the best for diapers! And they ship free. How convenient is that?

    I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a while! A very belated congratulations to you and baby B. I’m so glad that everything went well! I can’t believe you are already back to blogging on day 5. You are truly amazing!

  26. I love the idea! And you are pretty amazing lady for going to Toys R Us and a Bday party with a 5 day old!

  27. Katie says:

    Happy Sunday, your niece is so adorable! Yeah those brownies look yum, I would of taken another too!!! Hope you have a great Sunday relaxing : )

  28. Karen says:

    I was not reading your blog when you originally did the 30 Days of Self Love. I would be very interested in revisiting the topics!!

    Hope you have a great Sunday!

  29. lindsay says:

    I’m totally up for that. It was such a great series and I would love to see it happen again post baby!

  30. Ela says:

    So glad that you’re being well-cared for, including by your own self, and are surrounded with loving family.

    Your little niece is so cute!

    Glad you’re getting some longer sleep stretches…that can be so important. I think that for me, the most helpful thing would be just having people around, willing to help in whatever way, whether it’s fixing food or holding the baby for a minute…

    I was around for the 30 days, and posted every single day of it, here and on my blog!

    But I love the idea of you reposting those thoughts: very timely for me, right now I’m in the midst of an avalanche of self-loathing because I’m looking fatter despite having been exercising more and eating certainly no more–my body is so messed up and I can’t bear it…

  31. Reading the 30 Days series each morning before work, left me with a such a calming feeling. I still need that – so my vote is yes!

    Glad things are going well!

  32. Morgan says:

    I loved just having help, any help even refilling a toilet paper roll after Aaron was born. I usually want to do it all and hate asking for help.
    No joke, breastfeeding hunger is insane. I think I eat more now than when I was pregnant and thankfully the weight just fell off. seriously though, I didn’t know that it was physically possible to be so constantly, ridiculously hungry. I’m going to have a smoothie now 🙂

  33. I wasn’t around, so I would love for them to be re-posted!

  34. Oh we took advantage of the Baby’s R Us deal yesterday also. Diapers can be so expensive! You are so right on the breastfeeding hunger. I have a little baggy of cereal I keep next to my bed for those middle of the night feedings when I am feeling famished myself.

    Right now having someone take the baby for me for an hour or so and watching miss B so I can take an hour nap is the greatest thing in the world. Getting up every 2 to 3 hours at night to nurse the little one is exhausting.

  35. Marie says:

    I love how cute and happy Avi looks in this picture! And how skinny Philip, YAY! that my new foods are helping him! I think the 30 days of self love was very inspirational and could help let’s of newcomers out there. It can’t hurt to put something up that you feel passionate about.

  36. Rach says:

    I wasn’t here for the self love series so I’m very much looking forward to you revisiting it!

  37. I can’t wait till I’ve got pregnant/breastfeeding hunger to feed lol and I was around for the self love series – I would love to see it republished once a week 🙂

  38. Bonnie says:

    Hi Tina!

    I was around for the 30 Days of Self-Love series and think it’d be great to do it again once a week! Is this something that other bloggers could be a part of even if it’s a republication? Any thoughts on that? But yes – I would certainly “re-tune-in” for that!

    Glad to hear you’re eating well, living well, and enjoying your (extended and immediate) family so well! Take care.

  39. I think I was just starting to read your blog at the end of the series so I would love to see you revisit the topics.

    I have read that breastfeeding burns more than 500 a day so that’s where the crazy hunger comes in. My doctor told me I needed to eat more when breastfeeding than when pregnant!

  40. Oops that should say 500 calories 🙂

  41. Allie says:

    Happy Birthday to your niece! She is adorable, just like M & baby B 🙂 Glad to hear you are doing well and have a healthy appetite!! I wasn’t around for the 30 days of self love, so I would like to hear more about it!

  42. The biggest help to me after a baby was from the people who brought meals. It allowed for some visiting and also allowed the entire family to continue visiting with our wee blessing without having to worry about food. Cleaning up after my brood would have also been nice~LOL!

    I have always gained the most weight while breastfeeding. It makes one RAVENOUS!

  43. Man, that brownie and ice cream look good! I have seriously been wanting some brownies 🙂

    And the biggest help to me was anyone who would watch Karlyn while I SLEEP!

  44. I wasn’t around for the 30 Days posts – I would love to read posts like that as something to really start the week of right with!

    I think the biggest help after having a baby for me would be letting me get some sleep – or cooking for me – or just listening/giving ME lots of affection (hugs, smiles, etc).

  45. I love the idea of reposting the 30 days of self love topics. I think that the biggest help to me being sick/injured is having people bring food and movies! but I’ve never had a baby or two to take care of, so I’m not sure if I’d want the same stuff!

  46. Holly says:

    Awww….Happy Birthday to your niece! She’s so cute. 🙂

    I would LOVE if you were to repost your #0 Days of Self Love. In fact as I was reading several of them as you posted them in the fall, I thought, I probably should print this out to remind myself of this every single day. I really hope you do it, as we can all use those reminders and I think new readers would love it, too!

  47. I was not around so I look forward to it!

  48. Shayla says:

    I was not around either so I’m really looking forward to reading these every Sunday – I already love the one you just did about Confidence – it’s beautiful and reminds me of a lot of things I should be confident about in myself! 🙂

  49. Heather says:

    I wasn’t around for the original series, but I just took a quick look and would definitely be interested in seeing more!

  50. Yay! This will help me remember to try to finish my posts from the first 30 days. (o:

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