Posted: January 25, 2011 at 12:57 pm

Before I begin, please note that no guilt went into the making of this post.

Yesterday morning I posted about getting back into a normal routine and wanting to focus on keeping up healthy habits. I also hoped to start gaining momentum in reaching personal post-partum fitness goals. Last night, I told you all how great the day went and the exciting news of getting back in the gym. Undoubtedly those all were great things. Then, after dinner I succumbed to an old, not so great habit.

A friend from the mom’s group brought us another meal last night. The meal included some dessert – a container of homemade mini chocolate chip cookies. Aka a total weakness. Peter & I brought the container to the couch to chill with us after the kiddos were in bed. Then we proceeded to snack snack snack.

source because i forgot to take any pics

I want to be clear. I’m not upset about eating some cookies. Without a doubt I knew I would have some when she dropped them off. The “confession” I refer to is a bit of frustration over the mindless state of the eating. I didn’t overeat. I didn’t eat my emotions. But if I have dessert, I want to savor it. I would have much rather taken out an appropriate portion and taken the time to truly enjoy each bite versus eating a larger amount without really considering the taste.

I don’t feel guilty about any extra calories or think I ate “bad” yesterday. On the whole, I ate extremely well for my body’s health yesterday. The mindless munching was only a slight hiccup and does not negate the good decisions I made for myself yesterday. Could I have made a more satisfying decision in how I consumed the sweet little chocolate chip morsels? Sure. I didn’t because I’m only human. I can’t (and DON’T) expect myself to be perfect. I can only do my best.

Sometimes my best includes reacquainting myself yet again with practices I strongly believe, like eating with intention. I hope to share all those experiences because they are real. So, my point in this little “confession” is not really a confession at all. I don’t write with the hopes of justifying or castigating myself. I put my fingers to the keys to reflect that struggles, no matter how minor, do exist for everyone. But at the same time, they aren’t everything. Look at them; learn from them; move on.It’s the only way progress can happen.

Question of the Day – After receiving a few general requests, I would like to do a Q+A post on breastfeeding. What questions do you want answered?

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65 Comments to “Confession”
  1. Melissa says:

    Great outlook Tina!! I struggle with emotionally eating and then putting the harsh guilt trip on myself. I have a thing or two to learn from you:)

  2. Homemade chocolate chip cookies are one of my major weaknesses too, so I can relate to this 🙂 I actually had a similar mindless eating of cookies a couple of weeks ago, standing at my counter… eating 4 of them without even paying attention. And that’s not how I like to eat at all, although they were really good!

  3. Glad you saw the cookies as a little hiccup and didn’t feel guilty. If I eat some I want to savor, I always do it with the TV off. Otherwise, like you said, it so easy to mindlessly eat!

  4. Kacy says:

    I know exactly what you mean. The only time I ever get bothered by eating things is when I eat them for no reason. Other than that, no guilt!

  5. Therese says:

    I love that quote! And very few things beat a good homemade chocolate chip cookie. I’m with you, though, on trying to enjoy dessert and not mindlessly eating it!

  6. I don’t know that much about breastfeeding, so I can’t wait to read the Q+A.

  7. Jolene says:

    We’ve all been there…being annoyed at ourselves for eating something mindlessly. Not gorging or anything, but eating it just because not because we craved it or were hungry. I totally get this. And know you aren’t justifying or saying you feel guilt. I get it 🙂

  8. […] going to make the anxiety go away, but I just couldn’t stop.  Then I thought about Tina’s post yesterday.  About eating food but not really savoring it, and enjoying it.  I was more upset at myself […]

  9. I know exactly what you mean and how you felt! Ive noticed this myself a few time this month…you eat mindlessly on the junk…dont even savor it — eatting all those empty calories not even enjoying it..only to be frustrated because if you ARE going to “do the nasty” at least “ENJOY it while you do it”

  10. Sarah says:

    Chocolate chips are delicious! And I think it’s wonderful how you don’t feel guilt just observing that you want to eat/enjoy your food more mindfully. That’s such a huge transformation from the guilt ridden moments I’ve felt from overeating. I’m working on the mindful eating and forgetting the guilt. Thanks for being such a great inspiration 🙂

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