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Posted: January 29, 2011 at 12:19 pm

Welcome to another week of FFF Features! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Featured Move: Bum Burners

My main workouts this week included walking on the treadmill at the gym and the Slim in 6 DVD circuit workouts. I certainly wouldn’t call the Slim in 6 workouts the most challenging strength training, but they do incorporate a few moves that will get you in the booty. I took the DVD as inspiration for some sure-fire bum burners to share in this video. Incorporate these tidbits for a good burn in your own routines. And as always – remember I’m simply sharing what I enjoy and has worked for me before.

Featured Moment: Going Back to the Gym


It feels like I never left. I love being back in a place I love so much.

Featured Meal: Italian Tortellini Soup


We had this soup for dinner on Thursday night. I adore its simplicity. And its taste! A healthy, hearty, satisfying dinner in less than 20 minutes? Yes, please!

Featured Quote:

“Just when the caterpillar thought life was over, he turned into a butterfly.”

Change will happen. It can be tough, but its always beautiful in the end.

Featured Cuteness: Braedon Rolling Over

Little man is incredibly stubborn when it comes to “tummy time”. He mocks us with the fact that “tummy time” should help strengthen the baby’s neck muscles and upper body. He decides to roll over to not have to do tummy time. Rolling over at 2 weeks old to avoid tummy time? Braedon is spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Featured Reading: Lisa @ I’m An Okie – Honesty Is The Best Policy


She discussed how sometimes emotional eating is okay. I loved her perspective.

Featured Fun: My “Inappropriate” Post


I’m sure you all remember that one. The stories in the comments were awesome too!

Question of the Day – What’s a feature from your week? Or do you ever incorporate any of those moves for your booty?

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34 Comments to “FFF Features”
  1. haha I LOVE this…you need to do this every week. How cute is baby B and his rolling over??!

  2. You are looking fantastic! I really love those old school leg kick move I always feel a burn in my booty from those!

  3. Heather says:

    Ut-oh! Signs of stubbornness already? You are definitely gonna have your hands full with that one! Haha!

    That stability ball lower leg move is one of my favorites!

    I saw that post of Lisa’s and really enjoyed her perspective on emotional eating. Honesty is always the best policy…with others AND yourself!

    I can’t get over those hilarious prego pics on the soup recipe page! What?!

  4. This is such a great addition to FFF, please make it a regular! It’s a really fun way to catch up, especially after a busy week when I haven’t been able to read some of my favorite blogs (i.e. FFF) as much as I would have like to. Have a great weekend, and you look beautiful in your videos!

    • Tina says:

      I always love the summary posts on other blogs too and love doing my own twist on it. It’s definitely going to be a regular thing! It’s so fun to put together too. 🙂

  5. I love learning new moves for my buns… that’s one area that reallllly suffers when I don’t work it.
    Cute video! You have a stubborn little man on your hands..

  6. He’s rolling over at 2 weeks?!! What a strong (and stubborn!) little guy! 🙂

  7. I told you – this one is going to give you a RUN FOR YOUR MONEY! 🙂

  8. Marie says:

    that tortellini soup looks awesome!

  9. Holly says:

    Thank you for reminding me that I need to work my bum (literally)…i am definitely going to be doing those moves today!

    I loved Lisa’s post this week, too. I struggled with the same thing this week due to some anxiety, and felt the EXACT same as she did. She put into words exactly how I felt.

    Rolling over at 2 weeks?!! Oh my, Tina….oh my. 🙂 But can I just say that little newborn cry melts my heart????

  10. lindsay says:

    wow, Baby B is moving FAST! I am so proud of him. He must be getting well fed.

  11. Aw, I love seeing a Vlog of BabyB!! And yes, he seems very strong-willed 😉 So glad you’re feeling back at home in the gym… you are looking fantastic!!

  12. Guess what Tina! I often talk about you to my bf (good things of course! And yesterday he referred to you as “your blog mentor” haha 😛 Wow so good to see such a healthy baby~he be blessed

  13. Ahhh! He rolled over!! So cute! (and trouble) lol

  14. I’m in LOVE with Baby B!!!! 😀 Seriously! He is tooooooo cute! 😀

  15. A feature from my week? My birthday, of course!! Especially the two awesome meals I had to celebrate it 🙂

    Remembering that strawberry toy post…too funny!

  16. Ela says:

    Rolling over at two weeks? Holy moly…

    Thanks for this post: helps me to stay in the loop. I’m off to look at your ‘inappropriate’ post.

    Congrats on getting back to the gym: you look so happy!

  17. Wow! Rolling at 2 weeks is quite impressive!

  18. Love love love this new feature on your blog! Have you ever thought about becoming a fitness instructor? The world needs better fitness instructors and you’d be great at it!

    Such a cute little man and is already growing up so fast. I don’t know much about babies, but rolling over so soon is quite an accomplishment 🙂

    • Tina says:

      I have thought about it and its something I will probably work towards once the wee ones are a little older. 🙂

  19. Leah says:

    I am so motivated by you! You have such a drive to make sure you do what you love even though your kiddos are so young. I feel like I don’t get enough “me” time and in a way felt guilty for wanting more. Do you know what I mean?

    Great videos!!

    • Tina says:

      I definitely understand. Sometimes I feel guilty heading out the gym after Peter gets home, but then I remember that my time is important. I give the majority of it to others. Taking time for myself makes me a better person and I can’t put myself on the back burner. You deserve it too. I know its hard bec we all want to be the perfect, 100% devoted mother/wife/etc…but we can’t give of ourselves that 100% if we don’t fulfill our own needs too.

  20. Sarah says:

    Loved the videos (and that particular post by Lisa)!
    Also? I was really struck by how beautiful your voice is.

  21. hahaha, i was watching the braedon video and my fiance asked me what on earth i was watching when he heard the crying! 🙂 what a stubborn little boy you’ve got.

    and thanks for the booty burners – i can’t wait to incorporate those moves into my workouts this week.

  22. Heather says:

    oh my gosh, baby B is definitely TROUBLE in the cuteness category! i love/hate squat pulses, and when I was a trainer I would do the stability ball exercise…but I would also do them on treadmills! Basically you just lay a towel down, scoot up to the treadmill, and using one leg at a time “walk” on your heels, pulling the treadmill belt toward you. Talk about a burn!

  23. Love the move you did with the ball! I bet you can really feel that one — now I want a ball!

    PS. Baby B already rolling! Wow little boy!!

  24. You look so happy and glow-y in that gym pic!! Glad it’s good to be back! 🙂

  25. Kristi says:

    I love, love, love the caterpillar quote!

  26. Mandy says:

    You are so cute!! 🙂 And I have to mention that I love M’s little run by in the background of your video LOL! Love her and can’t wait to see you all this week!!! YAY!

    I can’t believe Braedon has rolled over already!!!! Wow!!

  27. I love this feature of FFF! Keep it coming…Your little man looks like he is going to be a very determined kiddo!

  28. Hehehe showing that stubborn personality already, I love it!! 😉

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