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Self-Love Reflection: Little Letters

Hello, friends! Please start your Sunday off with a positive expression of body image thanks to Errign from the blog Errign’s Adventures! Her confidence and self-awareness never ceases to amaze me. Enjoy her contribution to the new Self-Love Reflections: YOUR Stories series.

Hi Faith, Fitness, Fun readers! I’m Errign & I blog over Errign’s Adventures about the food, exercise, travel, and escapades that make up my daily life as a busy college student.  When Tina mentioned wanting some guest posters, I jumped at the chance because I love to read FFF and I find Tina super down-to-earth and inspirational.  On my blog, I have a series I call little letters where I write short notes to things I’m lovin’ or annoyances in my day.  They’re quick, to the point, and pretty fun to write, so I want to tie them into my post over here.  I hope you enjoy my little letters to myself, and maybe you’ll consider writing yourself a few little letters once and awhile.

Dear Mind,
Thanks for making me a great student, even though I don't always get enough sleep and I never study.  I love that you supply me with useless knowledge and the ability to never forget anything.  I promise to honor you with downtime watching movies and naps, as well as breaks to do yoga or read a book for pleasure.

Dear Hair,
Thanks for being pretty and for always looking okay, even if I don't shower for a few days.  I'm sorry that I don't know how to style you, but I appreciate that you don't tangle or get in my eyes or anything.  I promise honor you by never blow-drying, straightening, or dying you.

Dear Arms,
Thanks for powering me through pushups & for not collapsing during yoga and mountain biking.  I will honor you by strengthening you & stretching my tired muscles.  I promise not to pump you up too much and to never push too hard.

Dear Abs,
I know you're in there somewhere, so thanks for supporting me through everything.  I am going to honor you by not expecting you to come out of hiding and with lots of plank pose.

Dear Legs,
You're my favorite, but shhh! don't tell.  Thank you for propelling me up and down hills and over obstacles, whether I'm running, walking or mountain biking.  Thank you for being strong, muscular, and not too hairy.  I promise to keep you strong by maintaining my running and strength training routines, stretching, doing yoga and foam rolling, and I'll always remember that you need a break sometimes.

Dear Body,
I know you're not "perfect", but who says you have to be?  You honor ME by allowing me to do all of the fun activities I like to do, whether I have a cookie cutter shape, or not.  I think that the most important thing about you, is that you are perfect for me.  I will do my best to remember this always and try to never give you negative thoughts or unfair judgments.  I promise to dance like no one is watching, do yoga for me, eat brownies with my best friends, run until I am tired and drink wine until the sun comes up, once and awhile.  I will live my life in a way that shows a commitment to respect my body.

Thanks for reading & feel free to stop by my blog sometime. xo Errign

  • What would you say in a letter to yourself?

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Body Love Song

When going through where I get blog post inspiration, I failed to mention my exercise sessions as a prime source of material. Long runs, especially. Me…alone with my thoughts…ramblings in the head for over an hour. Yea. I inevitably find something to talk about with me, myself, and I on my runs.


Yesterday morning’s running commentary in my mind went a little something like this:

Me #1 (in a sing songy voice) = La-dee-DAH. La-dee-DAH. It feels sooooo niiiiccceeee to get back in my workout groove. La-dee-DAH. La-dee-DAH!

Me #2 (in a grumpy voice) = It feels nice to you, but sheesh. Did you have to get those headaches and feel tired and fall off your game? This would probably feel better if not!

Body = Ahem ahem. Don’t I get any say in this? Let me sing you a little song…

Then Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me” came on and, believe me or not, I felt like my body and mind created a little duet right there on my run out of the song.

Body: Hey, slow it down, whataya want from me? Whataya want from me?
Yeah, I'm afraid, whataya want from me? Whataya want from me?
Mind: There might have been a time when I would give myself away
Oh, once upon a time, I didn't give a darn
But now, here we are, so whataya want from me? Whataya want from me?
Body: Just don't give up, I’m workin' it out.
Please don't give in, I won't let you down.
It messed me up, need a second to breathe. Just keep coming around
Hey, whataya want from me? Whataya want from me? Whataya want from me?
Mind: Yeah, it's plain to see. Baby you're beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with you.
It's me. I'm the freak. But thanks for lovin' me 'cause you're doing it perfectly.
Yeah, there might have been a time when I would let you step away.
I wouldn't even try, but I think you could save my life.
Body: Just don't give up, I’m workin' it out.
Please don't give in, I won't let you down.
It messed me up, need a second to breathe. Just keep coming around
Hey, whataya want from me? Whataya want from me? Whataya want from me?

For some reason that song finally convinced me that I did the right thing by not pushing the workout plans this past week and not getting caught up in the overabundance of cereal or lack of veggies. That my body had been asking for a “second to breathe” and that now it will be “workin’ it out” and “won’t let me down”. All I have to do is see that my body is beautiful and strong…and respect it. Yes, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that not only is that song on my running playlist, but also that I got such a message out of it. We’ll call it my body’s love song. It was meant to be. And I will never expect you to understand my thought processes…I just share them. 😉

  • What would be your body love song?
  • What song would you hate to admit you have on your music playlist?

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