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And The Irony Continues

Ohhhh, I can’t get enough of today. Let’s backtrack a bit…

Full circle means it should have ended there right? Ha! Hahahahahahaha!


Good thing I can laugh at myself!

After things settled down from the oat and bug fiasco, I got the kids and I packed up. We had someone special to visit.

I have the BEST husband in the world! Peter offered to use his lunch break to watch the kids and let me get my run finished earlier in the day. That way I wouldn’t have to go after he gets home from work and we could have more time together as a family. You better believe I scooped that offer right up!

I picked him up from work and drove a couple minutes down the road to a park and running path – a path similar to the one I run on regularly by house. A one-way, out and back type of path. A path you should not get lost on.

Me? I got lost.

After about 2.5 miles, I came to a few forks in the path. I thought it was weird since these trails are usually out and back, like I mentioned. I followed the “Greenway” arrow and went along my merry way. Suddenly things started to look familiar. Too familiar. When I hit the same parking lot I just passed, I knew I did something wrong.

I went the opposite direction when the path forked again…but it took me up to the main road and away from the greenway. Oooookkkaaayyy.

Try again. And I’m back at the parking lot again.

Apparently the path ended in a loop and I had no idea, so ran around in circles a good four times. #winning

lost diagram

At least I had a good run!


I apparently needed those four extra laps because my run ended right at 6 miles. Plus, I hit six miles in under 50 minutes for the second week in a row! Party smile

By the time all was said and done there, the kids needed naps. I came home and got them settled down. I showered, stretched, ate some lunch, and grabbed my netbook to settle in for some work.

Then…in one of those slow motion moments, I watched my netbook leap from my way too clumsy hands and drop to the floor. Noooooooo! 


After putting the battery back in and giving it a look over, I started her up. Things seemed okay…but nothing worked at first. NO Windows Live Writer. NO Picasa. No Internet Explorer. NO other programs. EGAH!!!! I tried restarting it and a miracle occurred. Everything seems to work fine again after the restart. Thank goodness! Here’s hoping I don’t suddenly have it crapping out on me. And that my fingers decide to develop some sort of traction so I can actually hold onto things! Sheesh! What a day. But, it was funny. And it was good. Smile 

  • Can you easily laugh at yourself?
  • Do you have good or bad directional skills?

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The Musical Fruit

In case you haven’t guessed, this post will talk about gas. Farts. Toots. Stench bombs. Whatever you want to call them. If you have more class than I do and want to skip over, that’s just fine. If you have your own musical qualities in which to relate or share, let’s bond. It will be a grand ole time!

Did you realize that the month of July had five Saturdays. I did. Not because I’m some freak of nature who can mentally figure out dates in her head. Although, that’s true too. I mainly paid attention to the five Saturdays in the month of July because it meant I had to spread our monthly grocery budget across five weeks instead of the usual four. Say what, kemosabe?!

After our grocery bill rang up last week and I realized we still managed to come in under budget, I patted myself on the back as I left the store. Then I learned that my budget meal shopping could end my marriage. Let’s just say when looking for cheap meals many of my favorites involve beans. We had lots and lots of beans this past week.

White Bean Salad

bean salad

Breakfast for Dinner Quesadilla with Black Beans

quesadilla 2

Veggie Pot Pie with Black Eyed Peas (inspired by Meghann’s recipe)

veggie pot pie

Even the night I planned to resort to clear out items we have stocked in our freezer, I ended up with beans…

 morningstar burger

Morning Star Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger…with hummus (extra beans!)

Peter wouldn’t touch me with a ten-foot pole for fear of me intoxicating his nostrils after all of those meals. I won the budget game, but certainly didn’t win the digestive game. Oh, yes. I’m going there. Beans truly are a musical fruit with me. And I have such difficulty keeping tabs on it! I get incredibly bad stomach cramps if I try to hold in the “bombs of stench” as Peter so kindly has called them.

I amaze myself sometimes, so I really do feel bad when things just slip. Okay, I don’t feel so bad when things slip around Peter. He knew what he got himself into when he chose to marry me. But around others….EEEK! I usually just succumb to suffering gas pains for fear of people avoiding me forever. Yet, I cannot lie. It happens sometimes.

Like this past week. In spin class. During a climb. Those poor souls behind me. It must have been like a missile! Then, at the grocery store. Only myself and one other person in the aisle. And I know she knows I did it, yet I still walked away nonchalantly. Then avoided contact the remainder of my shopping. Oh, how embarrassing! Hey…I know I’m not alone. Right? Right?!?! 

  • What staple foods do you use when shopping super cheap?
  • Do you ever have to “let one rip” in public? What do you do? 

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