Seven! Seven! Seven!!!!!

Posted: October 14, 2011 at 7:09 am

A couple of my favorite bloggers – Chelsey and Heather – have a fun little Friday tradition. Fun Facts Friday! It gives a little glimpse into their lives and I always look forward to reading them. Then, Lindsay tagged me with a Blissful Blogger award which calls for sharing 7 fun facts.


I guess it was just meant to be that I play along with Fun Facts Friday. Winking smile

The number seven always makes me think of the scene from FRIENDS where Monica and Rachel teach Chandler about erogenous zones. Seven. Seven. Seven! Seven!!! SEVEN!!! Ha. Loves it!

You should never joke about having a black eye. Karma will get ya. On Wednesday, I somehow opened my car door right into my face and busted my lip.


Thankfully, it looks only slightly bruised now. And you’re welcome for sparing you the bloody, scabbed picture.

I still love the grilled sandwich combo of pepperjack cheese, tomato, and hummus.


It looks so delicious, but it never fails that I burn the bottom half.


Who can’t cook a grilled cheese sandwich? Apparently this girl.

I want to find these pumpkin bagels.

image (and cravings) courtesy of Courtney

I can’t get them out of my head! I have searched high and low – Publix or Kroger, bread section or refrigerated section. They must live in some bagel vortex. It makes me sad. Do you know where I can get some?

I watched my first episode of Modern Family three weeks ago.


I love it. I want to find these illusive pumpkin bagels and sit on the couch and watch the entire first season straight through. That show is downright funny!

These came in the mail for me yesterday.

I’m all  kinds of excited. Peter told me he subscribed for me when he found a TWO DOLLAR subscription. How does he always find these crazy good deals?! Oh, yea. The Slickdeals website.

I’m working with Love Grown as a Love Blogger!


Have been for awhile…yet it somehow keeps slipping my mind to a) tell you and b) figure out how to get that picture into a widget on my sidebar. Ohhh, Peterrrrr!!!

  • What’s something that should be ridiculously easy to do, but you can never seem to get just right?
  • What’s a newly discovered love for you? Mine = Modern Family and Runner’s World. And front loaders.

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55 Comments to “Seven! Seven! Seven!!!!!”
  1. Yay for love bloggin’! 🙂

    And the first thing I thought of when I saw your title was that Friends episode!

  2. Khushboo says:

    Trust me on this Tina, next time add avocado to that sandwich combo…you’ll thank me later 😀

  3. I actually found one lonely package of those pumpkin bagels left at Wal Mart of all places!! I even looked at Smith’s, our normal grocery store that usually has a lot more variety, and they didn’t have them. I hope you find them soon!!

  4. I’m so, so happy I found your blog!!! Yay for moms who are finding the time to balance fitness and family!! We need to band together to start a new blog genre. 😉

    Keep up the fabulous work!

  5. I’ve seen them in Walmart – the devil, I know – but pumpkin is worth it! 😉

  6. Lee says:

    Pretty much anything that has to do with cleaning, I am not good at even though it should be easy.

    I need to stop at the grocery store today, I’ll see if mine has them and buy them for you if I can find them.

  7. I have been trying to find the pumpkin bagels and they are hiding for me too!

  8. Jill says:

    Wegman’s and Wal-Mart sell them. If I find some do you want me to get them and mail them to you? I would be happy to!!

    • Tina says:

      I couldn’t ask someone to do that. I would feel so bad! Haha! I haven’t tried Walmart yet though…and lots of people are recommending there. May have to face the crazy crowds.

      • Jill says:

        I really wouldn’t mind at all- so if you can’t find them at your Wal-Mart and I can find them….. I honestly would not mind! And I so love your vision of watching Modern Family (my favorite comedy) and eating pumpkin bagels- I would just love to help you fulfill that vision!!! 🙂

  9. Jess says:

    LOL – I LOVE that episode of Friends!! Cracks me up everytime (almost as much as the PIVOT! episode, hehe).

    I’m with you – been hearing about these pumpkin bagels but CAN’T find them anywhere. I don’t think they really exist, I think someone out there is playing a really mean trick. 😉

  10. Pumpkin Spice bagels?! Sign me up 🙂

  11. i’m a love grown blogger too…love that stuff! i got my box o’ goodies yesterday and can’t wait to dive in. and i ADORE modern family…it’s one of those shows that nate and i both love watching together and crack up the entire time!

  12. also always has ridiculous 5 dollar subscriptions to things like GQ, Glamour, Living, Real Simple…. that’s why I have SO many subscriptions…too hard to resist. 🙂

    xoxo from Trinidad

  13. I always burn my grilled cheese too..We are clearly doing something wrong!

  14. Ha! I thought of Monica too! I am not sure if I mess up pancakes or not, but I’m scared to try them despite their simplicity. New love = Old Meck Oktoberfest beer. Quite tasty – I wish I could get it year-round

  15. Kelly says:

    I often burn my toast in my Oster Toaster oven…just can’t time it right. I blame it on the oven, surely it can’t be me. Up All Night is a pretty sweet show too 🙂

  16. katie says:

    Oh dear on the lip! Ouch! Hope it heals up !

    I saw the pumpkin spice bagels at wal-mart, you will have to join the crowd of crazies and go there and get them!

    Happy Friday! Thank you for your comment! xo

  17. Those pumpkin bagels are amazing!! I found mine at Safeway but I don’t think you have one of those where you live? I hope you find ’em soon, you’d love them!

    Many people are probably familiar with this already but lately I’ve been loving cereal combo bowls a la Courtney. I love having that mix of cereals and it’s a great breakfast to have to fuel me through my workouts!

  18. Thank you for the mention 😉 And now I must find those bagels too!! That is going to be top of my list this weekend. YUM. I always burn part of a grilled cheese too. One side always cooks faster, never fails. And yay on the Runner’s World. Um, way better deal than I got!

    • Tina says:

      I almost ordered one after talking with you. Completely forgot Peter briefly mentioning he found a deal for them. Glad I held off!

  19. Just got my Love Grown box too!! I’m already finished with one bag! So great!
    Love that episode of Friends too! Do you own all the discs? We should have a Friends party (complete with sleepover, ice cream and painting our toes!)

  20. Sara says:

    Modern Family and Raising Hope are the two shows I look forward to the most, since The Office makes me sad now. (Just not the same.) Glad you are loving it. Now I need to keep my eyes open for those bagels!

  21. Ooh girl, once you start watching Modern Family you won’t stop. And that grilled cheese sandwich combo looks amazeballs. Yummers 🙂
    This was a really fun post to read, heeeere’s to the weekend!

  22. Karen says:

    Hmmmm had not heard of the pumpkin spice bagel. Sounds like I need to make a trip to Wal-mart. (Lord help me…)

  23. Hahaha…love that scene 🙂 Pumpkin bagels?!? I need them!

  24. Hee – love that scene in Friends!

    Modern Family – so damn funny. I want to hang out Cam and Mitchell — and drink wine with Claire.

  25. jobo says:

    pumpkin spice bagels?! OMG, must find them too!

  26. I’ve been on the hunt for those bagels too and can’t find them anywhere! I figured it should be easy since I live somewhat close to Courtney and have the same kind of grocery stores, but nope! I refuse to enter Walmart for the sole purpose of bagels. That place rips part of my soul out every time I enter.

  27. I just got into Modern Family last season and it’s awesome!

  28. freaking PANCAKES for real. Bane of my mother trucking existance. GRRRRRR.

    I just discovered “Downtown Abbey” on PBS. SOOOOOOO GOOD!!

  29. Sarah R says:

    I was going to offer to mail you some, but it looks like someone beat me to it. Let me know if you can’t find them and I’d be happy to send some to you!

  30. Lindsey says:

    I knew the Friends reference just from the title. I still scream Seven! Seven! SEVEN!! silently to myself whenever someone uses that number. Thank you, Courtney Cox!

    And I giggle at her last name too. I’m a grown up!

  31. Jess @ Jess Go Bananas says:

    Making oat/almond flour sounds easy but I don’t know when it’s actually flour! lol

  32. I always mess up Mac and Cheese and so Billy is ALWAYS in charge of it ha. YOUR POOR LIP. I need those bagels in my life ASAP! Enjoy your magazines!

  33. Kat says:

    I <3 modern family! I've only seen a few episodes, but they were awesome 🙂
    I cannot figure out how to adjust weight machines at the gym :/ I know they are not that complicated but I just can't seem to get it! Thank God for gym buddies 🙂

  34. Haha, I was scrolling through your post and was all of a sudden like, hey, that pic looks familiar! 😉

    New love would have to be the pumpkin hot chocolate that I now cannot WAIT to try…

    And Modern Family is my favorite!! Too darn funny 🙂

    • Tina says:

      I figured it would be okay to steal your pic. We’ve been roomies. We’re tight like that now. 😉

      Sadly, if it was the other way around I probably wouldn’t have even noticed my own picture. LOL

  35. I am literally OBSESSED with Modern Family..I think your plan of sitting on your couch while eating those bagels watching the whole season all the way through sounds like an excellent idea:) haha

  36. ummm those bagels?! when you find them I need a review asap! i have a feeling they will either be delicious or really odd tasting lol

    new love for me is KETTLE BELLS!! at my new gym, we are completely immersed in learning KB training and I am loving it! my repertoire is growing and I love having so many different options for my clients!

    modern family is so funny, right?! I just love it!

  37. […] about his deal finding ways. It makes mommy happy. It makes the kids happy. And it scored me that two dollar Runner’s World subscription! It may also score me a third washer and dryer set, but I won’t complain. No, wait. I didn’t […]

  38. haaha.. seven makes ME think of wedding crashers.. “RED SEVEN, RED SEV-EN.”

    aanndd I have that runner’s world! I’m obsessed. 😉 AND yay for love bloggers! oh, yays all around. I think I’ve had too much coffee.

  39. OOOOh congrats on your new front loaders! They look glorious. Also, how amazing is Modern Family?? My bf was at a bachelor party last Friday night and I decided to take the night to watch all the new episodes of the season on hulu. So fun. The writers are just so clever and the actors kill it every time.

    Round brush drying my hair. I’ve been doing this for years and STILL can’t make it look the way i want. Whatever.

    New love = squash! Store bought butternut squash soup was my universe of squash knowledge until this season and I am now loving all the roasted squash varieties I can make from a trip to the farmer’s market 🙂

  40. I just had to leave a comment because I knew exactly that that title referred to as soon as I saw it. It’s so nice to hang out with people — even virtually — who get all those subtle Friends references. 😉

    • I was going to leave the same exact comment!! As soon as I saw the title in my Google Reader, I knew immediately that it was a Friends reference!

      I reference Friends ALL THE TIME! 🙂

  41. Emma says:

    I have been searching for those stupid bagels all week!! I actually saw them a couple weeks ago but decided I’d get them next time. Of course now I can’t remember where I saw them and have checked all my normal stores. Maybe they are just sold out, that’s what I get for waiting.

  42. Those bagels are my FAV!!!! I just had one this morning

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