30 days of self love – perspective

Posted: September 7, 2010 at 8:00 am

Welcome back from the holiday weekend! I look forward to hearing from all of you who unplugged again. Playing catch up? Here are the 30 Days posts from Saturday through Monday.

I hope you take a look at these posts. If you can only pick one, I would say click the “love from others” one. It seemed to really resonate with everyone, including myself. I cried when writing it. Want to catch up with my life from the weekend? Click HERE to hear all about it and see all the fabulous, insanely good, food I ate.

Something else to check out? Michelle from Eating Journey and Heather from Then Heather Said both asked me to write a guest post featuring the 30 Days of Self-Love. Please give them a look!

Now that I have bombarded you with given you links to have some fun with ;), let’s move to today’s topic!


Every day upon arising, we begin a journey led by one choice after another. Those choices add up to the sum total of our lives and whether or not we can claim to live in joy. What is that I hear you saying? Oh…you think that’s ridiculous and that we can’t control everything. You know what I say? You’re right. We can’t control everything. We can, however, control our perspective.

As I discussed yesterday, sometimes we choose to put more emphasis on our body at the expense of fully experiencing the world around us with pleasure. We determine whether or not we live in that manner. In the same fashion, we choose whether or not to succumb to other forces in this world hoping to weaken us. That choice lies in the perspective we adopt.


When a pair of pants fit too tight, you act out your choice whether you demean yourself the entire day with negativity or actively seek out ways to care for your health. When an insecure friend wants to tap into your insecurities with snide comments, you choose whether or not to listen (or stay friends for that matter). When a challenge arises, such as a lost job or illness/injury or broken heart, you can choose to continue living with the belief it will make you stronger or grab a shovel to dig yourself a hole of regret and self-pity.

Our perspectives don’t always have to shine with rainbows and glitter. No shame should occur in feeling pain, hurt, anger, sadness, etc in particular situations. We’re human and those emotions should not be glossed over or ignored. Sometimes we need such feelings to cloak us like a heavy garment and really feel them before moving on with our lives. Nevertheless, we still control those feelings and keep the perspective in tact.


All of the above relates to self-love because part of loving ourselves comes in providing the best life possible. That life consists of seeing the glimmers of hope in dark places, the pain of others in their attempts to cause pain, the waste of time in fretting over matters we won’t remember in a few months, and the ongoing list of similar situations. The authority to provide a “best life” comes in a little package called perspective. It’s your choice whether or not to open that gift.


How do you witness the power of perspective in your life? Do you currently face something where your perspective could make a difference?  

Quote to Reflect On
Be careful how you interpret the world:  It is like that.  ~
Erich Heller

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.  ~Anaïs Nin

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76 Comments to “30 days of self love – perspective”
  1. […] Perspective was the topic of 30 Days of Self-Love today, and I must say it’s a fickle thing. Perspective can either work for you or against you, determined by your attitude. However if you can recognize and accept your perspective is pessimistic and negative, then you can morph it into a more optimistic, positive outcome. […]

  2. […] I already believed in the power of our thoughts and how they affect our approach to life. I even included “perspective” as part of the 30 Days of Self Love in September. I regularly focused on keeping things in perspective when facing difficult days. Many times, […]

  3. […] to living our best life and loving ourselves fully in the process. We discuss aspects of our minds (perspective), our bodies (trusting their intuitive nature), and our hearts (love from others motivating love […]

  4. […] theme is no different. Perspective: It all comes down to that, doesn’t it? Every day upon arising, we begin a journey led by one […]

  5. Deborah says:


    I had to ponder on this for a while to really consider areas where my perspective needs a shake up. Once I started writing I kept thinking of more and more things: my black/white thinking; my catastrophising; my fear of failure; and dread of criticism.



  6. Kinley says:

    This really struck a cord with me today. Just last week, I was feeling absolutely miserable at my job and totally hating every day and felt trapped and like I had nothing good to look to at my job. But then I actually sat down and thought up a list of the GOOD things about my job and after reading and reflecting on those things, I realized that for where I am at in my life right now, this job is a great opportunity. By shifting my perspective from “I Hate This Job” to “This Job is Really Better Than I Give it Credit”, the week went surprisingly well and my stress level has decreased significantly! It’s amazing how absorbed we can become in the negatives of something and forget about all the positives!

    Thanks for this post (11 months late :))!!

    • Tina says:

      But hey – it still seems like it came at just the right time. That is so awesome! Hope you have another great week this week. 🙂

  7. […] theme is no different. Perspective: It all comes down to that, doesn’t it? Every day upon arising, we begin a journey led by one […]

  8. […] week. Now, we’re teaming up for a giveaway!  More on that in a moment – first, today’s reflection on self love – ‘How do you witness the power of perspective in your life? Do you currently face […]

  9. Xandria says:

    In my perspective, for some reason, if I am not complimented by someone I love or care for deeply, I’m not worth much. I need to change my perspective and appreciate how they make me feel on a normal basis. Because the way they treat me reflects how they see me.

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