20 Things To Keep In Mind

Posted: February 22, 2011 at 12:02 pm

Over the past few days I have done a lot of reflecting on things. I definitely focused on a few things that I hope to never forget in my life. I guess you could call these my personal mission statement. 20 things (in no particular order) in living my life to the fullest.

1. Eat what you love. We should not fear food! Life is too short to waste it eating things you believe you should and not that you desire. Try a variety to find what you enjoy and work towards a balance of healthy food you love and those treats you adore.

spice chicken 6 sydneyparty6

2. Believe you matter. Trust that you have a purpose and can have an impact in this world. Trust that others love you more than you can fathom. You have importance and much to offer. Believe in yourself.

3. Do it for your health. Treat your body with respect so it can care for you as well as possible. We too often take our health for granted. When you’re getting in that run or taking that Bodypump class – remember your health. That’s why you should do it.


4. Don’t take the little moments for granted. Reading stories with your daughter. Watching a favorite TV show. Feeling sunshine on your skin. Thinking about one little joy each day brings the moment, and therefore life, from ordinary to wondrous.


5. Pursue a passion. Find something you feel called to do and compelled to follow. Don’t hesitate to go after it and thrive in every bit of joy it brings you. Just be careful the passion doesn’t end up consuming you and act as a detriment to other areas of your life.

6. Reflect often. Whether you want to call it prayer, meditation, or whatever…take time each day to reflect on life, its blessings, and ways you can improve the quality of it.

7. Make time for relationships. People matter! Don’t let chances to connect with those you care for pass by. Try to take a few moments each day to call or email at least one special person in your life.


8. Never fully grow up. We all have obligations to handle. Yet, that shouldn’t mean we can’t hold on to childlike joys either. Smile. Laugh. Color. Play. Get excited over the simplest of things. Don’t stress. Have fun every day.


9. Your perspective can change much, but worrying can change nothing. No matter what life throws at us, we can always choose the approach we take. Hope and a dose of positivity go a long way. Worry just holds us back.

10. Prioritize. Consider what you really have to get done and the things that matter most. Do those first. All the other little things – like laundry or dishes – will get done, but aren’t worth the stress if it takes longer than planned.

11. Get outdoors. You can’t deny that there is something so rejuvenating in heading outside. Do it often.

walk with pouch

12. Take a vacation. The memories made on vacations will forever remain cherished in your heart. Don’t allow yourself to become too busy for the occasional vacation. If you can’t travel – at least take a vacation from stress with something like a massage or even a visit to your favorite bookstore. Naps make great vacations too.

13. Don’t judge others. What a waste of energy. Who are you to say whether or not a person is right, wrong, good enough? Love everyone. We all deserve that action. All!

14. Stand up for your beliefs. If something matters to you, don’t feel ashamed or hide behind others or a false image. Own your beliefs. It garners respect.

15. Never stop learning. The world holds so much mystery and wonder. We can  never reach perfection or know it all. Knowledge inspires growth. Growth is a beautiful and exciting thing Seek it with a continued quest for knowledge.

16. Don’t waste time with guilt. If something in the past upsets you, you cannot change it. Simply apply what you learned to the future. Moving forward is all we can do at any moment. Life is a never ending possibility. Don’t let guilt allow life to pass you by.

17. Forgive. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. It is the most freeing action you can take.

18. You can’t be good at everything. And that’s alright. We all have gifts unique to each of us. Take pride in those and use those to your full potential. I almost let the fear of not being good at running hold me back from discovering a new fitness love.


19. The world needs random acts of kindness. No matter how many times you make a small gesture for someone else, it never gets old. You will undoubtedly feel better and brighten someone else’s day in the process. Imagine the impact that could have if we all focused on contributing random acts of kindness to others each day.

20. Be yourself. Nobody can compare to you. So stop comparing yourself to others and love yourself for who you are. Then you have room for all the other things on this list.

Question of the Day – Which of these messages meant the most to you?

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84 Comments to “20 Things To Keep In Mind”
  1. Tracy says:

    I like that you included “don’t take the little moments for granted.” So many people do and live their whole lives for the “big things, when the little things are usually where it’s at.

  2. Rach says:

    This is SUCH a great post, Tina! Love it!

  3. Wow the take a vacation and random acts of kindness really strike a cord with me.

    I say I don’t have “time” for vacation but then I become so stressed out.

    Also I love doing little things for other people. I’m embarrassed when people do them for me but I like the smile that spread across the face with a simple gesture.

  4. I agree with ALL of these! Great stuff Tina…I’m saving this to reflect on 🙂

    The one that hits home right now is Pursue your Passion… that’s why I started my blog.. I LOVE food, cooking & fitness. Since I can’t do that at my job my blog is my outlet. I wasn’t writing on it for a long time, and I know now that I need it to stay sane.

  5. Wowwieeee Tina!! I LURRRVE your new blog design! 😀 it’s beautious. This is an awesome post, and my fave is the forgiveness one! It’s so true that it’s freeing, I hate to hold anything against others. And I think half of the time, people destroy even their physical health b/c of inner issues that haven’t been resolved. There’s a reason why God wants us to forgive as He forgives us 🙂

  6. Life according to FFF- love it! What great little tidbits. I love the one about random acts of kindness… I think the world would be wonderful if everyone spent a little more time focusing on others instead of ME ME ME

  7. All great reminders!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom as always! 🙂

  8. Karen says:

    My favorite is #20 for sure!! Love all of them though!! Thanks for sharing your great words of wisdom!! It’s great to have reminders like that every once in a while!

  9. Never stop learning and pursue your passion really speak to me today, as that is what I’m doing right now in massage therapy school! 😀

  10. Ela says:

    I love this list! Thank you for sharing and uplifting.

  11. Never fully grow up – means the most to me. I think people get so caught up in responsibilities that they forget about the things at amazed us as children.

  12. I love so many of these that I can’t pick just one! “Be yourself” definitely speaks to me!

  13. Mac says:

    I like the “never stop learning” one… I’ve always said if I could get paid to be a full time student I would do it in a heart beat! I’m a nerd and I love learning 🙂

  14. Numbers one and five — Don’t fear food and Pursue a passion, but don’t let it consume you — speak to me most.

    They’re all great, though. Thanks for the words of inspiration.

  15. Allie says:

    This was such a great read 😀 !!! I especially like #4, 16, and 20

  16. The one about forgiveness( forgiving myself) touched me the most today.

  17. I love these kinds of posts. Very inspiring. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. 🙂

  18. Lee says:

    These are all great. I especially like the don’t waste time with guilt one. I am very guilty (lol, I didn’t even mean to say that) of doing this and life is too short to feel bad about something that happened a long time ago.

  19. Heather says:

    I can’t pick just one…so many of these points speak to me! So inspiring!

  20. Michelle says:

    I reallly like this. A lot. So many great points and things to remember. Thanks for posting 🙂

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  22. Marie-Sophie says:

    Your list is so beautiful that I just wrote it down and put it on the wall above my desk and into my calendar! I need lovely reminders like this to keep me from obsessing over small things and to enjoy life every single day instead of making it a daily battle.

    I think that “Believe that you matter” spoke the most to me as I am such a perfectionist and I often (or always) forget that I can simply be myself, pursue what I enjoy and I will still be worth something in this world, for whatever purpose it may be.

    Thanks so much Tina !

    • Tina says:

      I’m so glad you liked them! Once I started, things kept coming to me and they all matter so much.

      Have a great day today! 🙂

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  24. Reannan says:

    I really like “Make time for relationships”. But the entire list is amazing. I love every one!

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

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